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According to China Semiconductor Industry Association, there were about 50 wafer manufactories, 102 IC packaging and IC assembly factories, and 457 IC design houses by the end of 2004. The output value of China's semiconductor industry was 36.4 billion Yuan (about $4.4 billion) in 2004, among which, packaging accounted for over 50%, wafer manufacturing took 30%, while IC design below 20%. The domestic market scale of China's semiconductor industry was over $30 billion in 2004, $22.5 billion of which belonged to 20 major manufacturers.

Packaging industry is the core part of China's semiconductor industry. And the packaging enterprises in China mainland all serve foreign enterprises only. Most of the top 20 semiconductor suppliers established packaging bases in mainland China – either wholly owned, or co-established with overseas partners. The clients of the largest domestic packaging manufacturers are from overseas. Strictly speaking, there are very few native packaging enterprises in China.

Top 10 packaging plants of China mainland in 2004 are listed below, among which only Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd was invested by had mainland's major investors.


Operating income of 2004million yuan

Major capital source


Major clients


Freescale (former Tianjin plant of Motorola)



Having IC packaging



RF Micro Devices, Inc (RFMD)



Having IC packaging



Renesas Stone Semiconductor Beijing, RSSB


Japan, China

Having IC packaging






Having IC packaging



Nantong Fujitsu


Japan, China

Having IC packaging






Professional IC packaging

SMIC, STMicroelectronics


STS Microelectronics


Italy, France, China

Having IC packaging



Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd



Professional IC packaging


Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics


Global Advanced Packaging TechnologyGAPT



Professional IC packaging

Huahong NEC


Infineon Technologies



Having IC packaging




China's wafer plants can be divided into four groups: first, plants whose major investors are overseas Chinese, relying on the government's support, whose technical people are mainly from TSMC, UMC, and Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS). SMIC is a typical example of this kind. Second, joint ventures. Huahong and NEC co-invested to establish Huahong NEC, and Philips invested in Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Limited. The investments of these companies are mainly bank loans, and these companies mainly serve their foreign investors. Third, Taiwan-based or Taiwan invested companies. For instance, UMC for Hejian Technology is UMC. Once the policy allows it, Nanya, ProMOS Technologies, PSC will all invest in China mainland. Four, domestic investment. The investment capitals is mainly bank loans. The utilization rate of these companies production capacity is low, or cannot be put into production due to the lack of technology.

China's wafer market has saturated, whose increase speed will slow down a lot after 2005. However, inspired by the preferential policies, there are still wafer plants being established (19 are under construction).


1.China’s Semiconductor Market 

2.Introduction of Wafer Manufacturing Industry
2.1 Wafer manufacturing techniques
2.2 Global wafer industry and major manufacturers
2.3 Policy environment of China’s semiconductor industry
2.4 Status quo and forecast of China’s wafer manufacturing

3.Packaging Industry
3.1 Introduction and future development trend of packaging techniques
3.2 Global IC packaging market
3.3 Global IC packaging industrial pattern
3.4 History and current status of China’s IC packaging industry
3.5 China’s IC packaging industrial pattern
3.6 Forecast of China’s IC packaging industry
3.7 China’s second-hand semiconductor equipment market 
3.8 Pattern of second-hand IC equipment manufacturers
3.9 Relevant policies on second-hand IC equipment importation

4.Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers
4.1 Applied Materials
4.2 Tokyo Electron Limited
4.3 ASML
4.4 KLA-Tencor
4.5 Nikon Precision Taiwan Ltd
4.6 Dainippon Screen
4.7 Novellus
4.8 Lam Research

5.Wafer Manufacturers
5.1 SMIC
5.2 Huahong NEC
5.3 Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
5.4 China Resources Microelectronics
5.5 Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Limited
5.6 Hejian Technologies
5.7 BCD Semiconductor
5.20 Fujian Fushun Microelectronics
5.21 Hangzhou Li-On
5.22 Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics
5.23 SinoMOS
5.24 Shaoxing Huayue Microelectronics
5.25 Sisemi
5.26 Semewave
5.27 ProMOS Technologies
5.28 Nanjing New & High Technology
5.29 Shanghai Honson

6.Packaging Manufacturers
6.1 ASE
6.2 SPIL
6.3 Lingsen
6.4 King Yuan Electronics
6.5 Greatek Electronics
6.6 Ningbo Mingxin Microelectronic
6.7 Norcent
6.8 GAPT
6.9 Mightytek
6.10 General Semiconductor
6.48 Yuqi Xishan Jiangsu Hongguang Electronic
6.49 Guilin Strong Microelectronics
6.50 ATC (Zhuhai)
The Statistics of IC Proportion in Chinese Semiconductor Market 
Main Clients of TSMC15 Worldwide
Main Clients of UMC 
Main Clients of Singapore Chartered Semiconductor 
SMIC’s Main Clients 
Chinese Wafer Plants’ Sales Revenue Statistics and Forecast, 2003-2009
Roadmap to IC Packaging and Testing Technology 
Global IC Packaging and Testing Market Statistics and Forecast 
Global Packaging and Testing Market Outsourcing Statistics   
Global Packaging and Testing Shipment Statistics & Forecast 
FC & Wire Bond Costs Comparison and Forecast 
Comparison of Gross Profit and Net Profit of the Top 4 Packaging & Testing Plants in the World    
the Packaging & Testing Chips Quantity and Forecast in China Mainland 
the Packaging & Testing Technology and Forecast in China Mainland  
Applied Materials’ Revenues Statistics and Forecast, 2004Q4-2005Q3  
Applied Materials’ Net Revenues Statistics and Forecast, 2004Q4-2005Q3 
Applied Materials’ Revenues Distribution 
Revenue Proportion of Tokyo Electron limited in the Fiscal Year 2005 
Sales Statistics of Tokyo Electron Limited, 2001-2005  
Annual Profit Statistics of Tokyo Electron Limited, 2001-2005 
Personnel Statistics of Tokyo Electron Limited, 2001-2005 
Regional Revenue Proportion of Tokyo Electron Limited in the Fiscal Year 2005 
SMIC’s Plants Capacity in 2005Q1  
SMIC’s Regional Sales Proportion, 2004Q1-2005Q1  
Market Share of the 4 Top Foundries, 2002-2004   
Capacity Analysis of TSMC, UMC and SMIC 
Process Analysis of TSMC, UMC and SMIC 
Annual Utilization Rate of SMIC Wafer Plants 
SMIC’s Revenues and Gross Profit Ratio, 2003Q3-2005Q1. 
Primary Consumer Electronic Products Output Statistics of China  
the Top 20 Semiconductors Suppliers of China, 2004 
Primary Semiconductor Manufacturers 
the Revenues and Increment Analysis of the top 20 Wafer Plants in the World, 2004
TSMC’s Average Price, 1999Q1-2005Q2 
Brief Introduction of 6”, 8” and 12” Wafer Plants Underway Production in China 
Brief Introduction of 6”, 8” and 12” Wafer Plants Underway Construction in China
China’s 4”, 5” and 6” Wafer Plants List  
Revenues of the Top 6 Wafer Plants in China, 2004 
the Packaging & Testing Technique Terminology 
the World Top 10 Packaging & Testing Plants, 2004 
the Top 10 Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers List, 2004 
SMIC’s Main Wafer Plants 
SMIC’s Technical Document Support 
IP Provided by SMIC 
SMIC’s Current Cell Libraries 
Intel’s Packaging & Testing Plants 
Stats ChipPAC’s Clients Worldwide 
Cooperative Relationship of Stats ChipPAC and the Leading Wafer Plants Worldwide 
ASAT’s Main Clients 
ASAT’s Main Encapsulation Types

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