China UPS Market Report, 2004-2005
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The report sums up the development of the global and Chinese UPS markets in 2004. Through accurate data and full elaboration, it presents the structure of China's UPS market and characteristics of the demand-supply relationship from various angles. Meanwhile, it examines competition between enterprises in different market segments, presenting assessment of leading enterprises' and growing enterprises' competitiveness.

The report especially points out the following: In 2004, China's UPS market maintained stable development; sales volume and sales revenue increased steadily. The telecommunication, financial, education and government sectors still took up a large percentage, with stable growth. Foreign brands and domestic brands compete more and more fiercely in mid-range market. Provision of total solutions has become the trend in the market.

After analyzing major factors affecting the development of China's UPS market from 2005-2009, the report presents qualitative and quantitative forecast of the development trend of the market. Finally, it provides development strategy and recommendations for leading enterprises and growing enterprises respectively.


1.Overview of the Global UPS Market in 2004
1.1 Development Status
1.2 Basic Characteristics
1.3 Overview of Major Countries & Regions
1.3.1 USA
1.3.2 Europe
1.3.3 Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) 

2.Size & Structure of China's UPS Market in 2004
2.1 Market Size
2.1.1 Total Size
2.1.2 Growth Rate
2.1.3 Quarterly Market Profile
2.2 Product Market Structure
2.2.1 By Operation Mode
2.2.2 By Power
2.3 Brand Market Structure
2.4 Vertical Market Structure
2.5 Horizontal Market Structure
2.6 Regional Market Structure
2.7 Structure of Sales Channels

3.Supply and Demand in China's UPS Market in 2004
3.1 Demand Analysis
3.1.1 Product Demand
3.1.2 Price Demand
3.1.3 Demand for Promotional Activities
3.1.4 Channel Demand
3.2 Supply Analysis
3.2.1 Product Supply
3.2.2 Price Supply
3.2.3 Supply of Promotional Activities
3.2.4 Channel Supply
3.3 Analysis of Market Characteristics
3.3.1 Product Characteristics 
3.3.2 Price Characteristics 
3.3.3 Channel Characteristics 
3.3.4 Purchase Characteristics

4.Competition Situation in China's UPS Market in 2004 & Assessment of Leading Enterprises' Competitiveness
4.1 Analysis of Competition Situation
4.1.1 Competition Situation in the Regional Markets
4.1.2 Competition Situation in the Vertical Markets
4.1.3 Competition Situation in the Horizontal Markets
4.2 Assessment of Leading Enterprises' Competitiveness
4.2.1 Product Competitiveness
4.2.2 Price Competitiveness
4.2.3 Channel Competitiveness
4.2.4 Promotions Competitiveness
4.2.5 Service Competitiveness
4.3 Assessment of Growing Enterprises' Competitiveness
4.3.1 Market Opportunities & Risks
4.3.2 Distribution of Growing Enterprises
4.3.3 Assessment of Growing Enterprises' Competitiveness Product Competitiveness Price Competitiveness Channel Competitiveness Promotions Competitiveness Service Competitiveness

5.Factors Affecting the Development of China's UPS Market from 2005 to 2009
5.1 Favorable Factors
5.1.1 Market Demand
5.1.2 Policy Changes
5.1.3 Product Technology
5.1.4 Industry Maturity
5.1.5 Consumption Level
5.2 Unfavorable Factors
5.2.1 Policy Changes
5.2.2 Product Technology
5.2.3 Industry Maturity
5.2.4 Consumption Level
5.2.5 Substitute Products

6.Development Trend of China's UPS Market from 2005 to 2009
6.1 Development Trend of Products
6.2 Development Trend of Price
6.3 Development Trend of Channels
6.4 Development Trend of User Demand
6.5 Development Trend of Services

7.Forecast of China's UPS Market from 2005 to 2009
7.1 Forecast of Market Size
7.2 Forecast of Market Structure
7.2.1 Product Market Structure
7.2.2 Price Market Structure
7.2.3 Vertical Market Structure
7.2.4 Horizontal Market Structure
7.2.5 Regional Market Structure

8.1 Recommendations for Leading Enterprises
8.1.1 Product Strategy
8.1.2 Pricing Strategy
8.1.3 Channel Strategy
8.1.4 Promotions Strategy
8.1.5 Service Strategy
8.1.6 Brand Strategy
8.2 Recommendations for Growing Enterprises
8.2.1 Product Strategy
8.2.2 Pricing Strategy
8.2.3 Channel Strategy
8.2.4 Promotions Strategy
8.2.5 Service Strategy
8.2.6 Brand Strategy

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