PMP/MP4 Industry & Market Report, 2005-2006
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Globally in 2006, the average PMP price will decrease to about US$300, accelerating the flourishing of PMP market worldwide.

Due to the declining price of storage media such as hard disk and flash memory as well as the increasing numbers of PMP terminal manufacturers, PMP price will be continuously reduced. From the above figure, the sharpest drop in global PMP price occurred in 2004. Flash memory PMP and HARD DISK-BASED PMP prices both decreased by more than 10%. Hereafter, HARD DISK-BASED PMP price fall will be at this level for a period, whereas flash memory PMP would be on an obvious downward. In 2006, global PMP price will average to 300 US dollars or so, which gives an incentive to the flourishing of the world's market. PMP market will develop rapidly in a real sense in 2006 and a great many obstacles to PMP market development will be uprooted. Global PMP shipment will increase from 0.3 million units in 2004 to over 2.3 million units in 2006.

PMP products of French Archos entered into China in 2003, which stimulated the cultivation of Chinese PMP industry. Many domestic companies began to produce PMP products and far-sighted designing firms were involved in this field as well, providing customized software and hardware systems for domestic PMP products. In 2003-1H 2004, there were only a few domestic PMP brands and product models in Chinese market almost monopolized by Archos. By 2H 2004, manufactures from South Korea, Taiwan and other regions marched consecutively into Mainland China. Meanwhile, domestic brands were growing rapidly. In 1H 2005, Chinese PMP terminal market surged, and released PMP models enjoyed about 51.9% of market shares. In 2H 2005, the figure rose to 78.9% due to more PMP brands released by domestic manufacturers, far over foreign brands in Chinese market. The year 2005 is the initial year for Chinese PMP market development in a real sense.

In spite of the great surge in numbers, most domestic PMP products are low-end ones without its own features. These products almost adopt universal code. The considerably great sales volume was achieved at the cost of low price, inevitably resulting in enterprises to further reduce product price and sustainable development & follow-up services of enterprises not to be guaranteed. If such situation can not be improved, China's PMP industry will be re-acted as China's MP3 industry.

RIC forecasted the running trend of the shipment and average price of hard disk-based PMP and flash memory PMP according to the study on development history of portable consumer electronics, consumptive level and consumer behavior of Chinese market, and competition status of PMP industrial chains.

In 2005, PMP products were confined to early users and gift market. Abide by our statistics, PMP shipment nearly doubled to 78,100 units in 2005 compared to the shipment in 2004. In 2006, China's PMP market will still be confined to the early-user market and will have a 50% drop in the annual shipment growth on account of factors such as PMP price, the issue of acquiring play content, and Chinese consumers being more sensitive to product prices, etc. In 2007, PMP products will be popularized and the shipment will increase considerably in Chinese market, with a forecasted annual growth rate of more than 200%. Thereafter, Chinese market will be in its maturity. In 2008-2009, the growth rate of PMP shipment in Chinese market will decline by and by. Due to low consumptive level of Chinese consumers, flash memory PMP shipment will enjoy a more proportion in Chinese market than the world's market then and the proportion will be upward gradually before 2008, which contributes to PMP popularization in China. After 2009, HARD DISK-BASED PMP price will be declining notably and there will be a drop in the proportion of flash memory PMP product in Chinese market.  

The fast-growing PMP market draws attention from PMP parts suppliers, PMP design companies and PMP terminal makers, taking Intel, AMD, TI and Samsung for instance.

A PMP player mainly contains five parts--core chip, memory, display screen, semiconductor components and software system. Of them, core chip is the most powerful in spite of its relatively low cost. Users will be satisfied with ultimate play effects with a powerful core chip. More than ten chip manufacturers released its own products targeting at PMP. Partial manufacturers and chips are as below:

Since effortful R&D, PMP products in current market are almost designed in Taiwan and foreign countries. Being poor in R&D, most entertainment product manufacturers in Mainland China can not develop their own products independently. In the future, PMP design& manufacture will be done in Chinese Mainland via the mode of parts suppliers plus design houses. Domestic design companies can bring their strong design abilities and low operational cost into full play to sweep more market shares. So far, some domestic Design houses have worked out relatively mature PMP solutions. Partial design companies and their PMP solutions are as below:

Currently, PMP industrial chains are not well developed in Mainland China. Most enterprises in Mainland China are only involved in product designing and terminal production while parts such as chip, storage media and display screen are still controlled by overseas manufacturers and Taiwanese counterparts, hampering the development of China’s PMP industry. Although some domestic IC design companies such as Anyka Cayman and Jade Technologies released their own PMP design solutions based on handset-purpose chips, more efforts are still to be made. Of all PMP solutions released by design companies in Mainland China, most adopted chips belong to overseas manufacturers such as Sigma Design, TI, Intel, AMD, Samsung and Taiwanese Sunplus.    

In 2005, facing to competition from PSP, multi-media handset, PMP products are of better performance in its main application field (audio-visual play) than its competitors (in aspects of capacity, effect, playing time, etc.). PMP products promoted in this year are integrated with more functions like camera/video, TV program list/play, WiFi, games and GPS, etc.



1 Brief introduction to PMP
1.1 PMP definition and classification
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Classification
1.2 PMP cost analysis 
1.2.1 HD-based PMP
1.2.2 Flash memory PMP
1.3 PMP industrial chains

2 Status quo & development trend of PMP market
2.1 Current status & forecast of global PMP market
2.1.1 PMP shipment worldwide
2.1.2 Average PMP price and sales amount worldwide
2.2 Current status & forecast of China's PMP market
2.2.1 2005 being the initial year for China's PMP market
2.2.2 Shipment changes of China's PMP market
2.2.3 Running trend of average PMP price in China

3 PMP product development
3.1 PMP product configuration changes in China in 2005
3.1.1 Changes in display screen dimensions
3.1.2 Memory media and capacity changes
3.1.3 PMP high-end performance configuration proportion
3.2 PMP product functions displayed on CES exhibition in 2006
3.3 Development of PMP product functions

4 PMP core chip
4.1 Comparison between major PMP chips
4.1.1 Performance comparison
4.1.2 Cost comparison
4.2 PMP core chip providers
4.2.1 Sigma Designs Corporate overview EM851x solution EM8610L EM8620L
4.2.2 Texas Instruments Corporate overview TMS320DM270 DM275 TMS320DM320 TMS320DM342 OMAP2420
4.2.3 Intel Corporate overview PXA25X PXA27X
4.2.4 AMD Corporate overview Alchemy Au1200 Alchemy™ DBAu1200™ development board
4.2.5 Freescale Corporate overview i.MX series application processor i.MXL i.MX1 i.MX21 i.MX31
4.2.6 Philips Corporate overview Nexperia multimedia processor PNX1300 PNX1500 PNX1700 PNX0190
4.2.7 ADI Corporate overview BlackFin series
4.2.8 MagicEyes Corporate overview MMSP2 product
4.2.9 Sharp Corporate overview LH7A404 product Sharp PMP solution
4.2.10 Samsung Corporate overview S3C2440A product
4.2.11 Atmel Corporate overview AT76C120 product
4.2.12 Fujitsu Corporate overview FR-V series
4.2.13 SigmaTel Company background and technical strength Purchasing Protocom STM36XX
4.2.14 Zoran Corporate overview COACH7 COACH8
4.2.15 Sunplus Corporate overview SPCA536
4.2.16 Anyka Microelectronics Company background and technical strength AK3220M product analysis 
4.2.17 Jade Technologies Background and technical strength Operation analysis Z228 product analysis
4.2.18 Actions Background and technical strength ATJ2085/2097

5 PMP design manufacturers
5.1 China's PMP design industry
5.1.1 Features of Chinese PMP design companies
5.1.2 Problems facing Chinese PMP design companies
5.2 PMP design manufacturers
5.2.1 Ingenient Corporate overview PMP solution
5.2.2 New Chabridge Communication Corporate overview PMP solution based on Sigma Designs' processor
5.2.3 Shenzhen Bestspring Technology Corporate overview Brief introduction to PMP products
5.2.4 SEUIC Company background and technical strength PMP design solution
5.2.5 SSTvision Corporate overview PMP designing
5.2.6 Microunit Corporate overview PMP designing
5.2.7 Shenzhen Highvision Technology Corporate overview PMP designing PMP solution based on AMD platform PMP solution based on Sigma Design platform
5.2.8 ADBON Corporate overview PMP designing
5.2.9 Shanghai Shangguo Electronics Corporate overview PMP designing
5.2.10 LanSecS and Mobilesoft Corporate overview PMP designing
5.2.11 Shanghai Wellcom IT Corporate overview Product introduction
5.2.12 Shanghai TenHz Software Co., ltd Corporate overview PMP designing
5.2.13 Best Asia International Digital Technology Ltd. Corporate overview PMP solution
5.2.14 Shanghai ShengTang Technologies Corporate overview Product introduction
5.2.15 Argotech Company Limited Corporate overview PMP designing
5.2.16 Shenzhen LGUI Technology Corporate overview PMP solution
5.2.17 Shenzhen ALUKA Electronic Co., Ltd Corporate overview
5.2.18 Shenzhen Techno Corporate overview PMP designing
5.2.19 Book Digital Technology (private brand) Corporate overview PMP products
5.2.20 Shenzhen Zhonghe Xingye (private brand) Corporate overview PMP products
5.2.21Shenzhen Huanshi Technology (private brand) Corporate overview PMP designing
5.2.22 Orbbit International (private brand) Corporate overview PMP vidicon
5.2.23 A-MAX (private brand) Corporate overview PMP designing
5.2.24 World Peace Group (agent) Company background and technical strength PMP solution
5.2.25 Suoli Industry Co., Ltd. (agent) Corporate overview PMP designing
5.2.26 Silicon Application Corp. (Shenzhen) (agent) Corporate overview PMP designing
5.2.27 Asiacom Technology (agent) Corporate overview PMP solution
5.2.28 Arrow Electronics (device distributor, IDH solution supplier) Corporate overview PMP solution
5.2.29 Jetronic Electronics (device distributor and solution supplier)
5.2.30 Polar Star Internationl (agent) (Fuzhou Createvision Technology Co., Ltd.) Corporate overview

6 PMP terminal manufacturers
6.1 PMP industry in Mainland China
6.1.1 Traits of domestic PMP brands
6.1.2 Problems brought by surging PMP manufacturers Growth in raw materials and deficient supply Saturated channels and unbalanced demand &supply Chaotic prices and disordered market competition Homogenizing products and absence of brand salience Lack of visualized products
6.1.3 Product strategies of leading PMP manufacturers worldwide PMP strategies of ARCHOS
6.2 PMP terminal manufacturers
6.2.1 ARCHOS
6.2.2 Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
6.2.3 Newman
6.2.4 Micro-Star Int'l
6.2.5 Samsung
6.2.6 IRIVER
6.2.7 HMCS
6.2.8Changhong Chaohua Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
6.2.9 Shenzhen Tsinghua TongFang Co., Ltd.
6.2.10 Jiangsu Shinco Electronics Group Co., Ltd.
6.2.11 Hisense Group
6.2.12 TCL
6.2.13 Haier Group
6.2.14 LG Electronics (China) Co., Ltd.
6.2.15 Axisoft&saintech
6.2.16 Power Quotient Int'l
6.2.17 Founder Technology Group Co., Ltd.
6.2.18 Mapower Electronics Co., Ltd.
6.2.19 DMTECH
6.2.20 PAN OCEAN
6.2.21 HEDY Holding Co., Ltd.
6.2.22 Maxian
6.2.23 SICONG Group
6.2.24 Aneca Digital
6.2.25 Travelstar
6.2.26 Init Technology
6.2.27 Digital Audio Laboratory Limited
6.2.28 Bless Digi & Tech Co., Ltd.
6.2.29 Mele Digital Technology Ltd
6.2.31 Homeserver
6.2.32 MobiNote Technology
6.2.33 Mustek
6.2.34 Shenzhen Tokolong Technologies Co., Ltd.
6.2.35 Eastbell Technology Co., Ltd.
6.2.36 K&C Digital
6.2.37 Banyu Technology
6.2.38 Shenzhen Bell Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.
6.2.39 Aomg
6.2.40 Shenzhen DeGen Electronics Co., Ltd.
6.2.41 Shenzhen Owin Technology Co., Ltd.
6.2.42 IPED Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
6.2.43 Dongguan Gemei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
6.2.44 Grand Horizon International Ltd.
Cost structure of major hard disc type PMP of a typical Taiwanese manufacturer
Structure of PMP industry chains
Statistics and forecast of PMP shipment worldwide in 2003-2008
Statistics and forecast of average PMP price in 2003-2008
Statistics and forecast of PMP sales in 2003-2008
Proportion of world-wide brands in China's PMP market in 2005
PMP shipment in Chinese market in 2004-2009
Average price trend of China's PMP market in 2004-2009
Sales trend of China's PMP market in 2004-2009
Display size configuration of PMP products in Chinese market by June, 2005
Display size configuration of PMP products in Chinese market by Dec. 2005
Storage capacity configuration of PMP products in Chinese market by Jun.2005
Storage capacity configuration of PMP products in Chinese market by Dec. 2005
Comparison between mobile applications of multimedia content
Sigma Designs EM8510 series processor 
PMP-8510 complete set solution
PMP-8510DP complete set solution
Designing framework of EM8610L 
Designing framework of EM8620L 
PMP-8620L solution
PMP-8622L complete set solution
Function framework of TI TMS320DM270
Function framework of TI TMS320DM320
Systemic framework of TI OMAP2410 and TI OMAP2420
Systemic framework of TI PMP solution
Function framework of Intel PXA255
Application block of Intel PXA27X processor
Designing framework of AMD Alchemy Au1200
Au1200 processor core/MAE video decompression
Development roadmap of Freescale i.MX series
Function framework of Freescale i.MX
Function framework of Freescale i.MX1
Function framework of Freescale i.MX21
Function framework of Freescale i.MX31
PNX1300 framework of Philips
PNX1500 framework of Philips
PNX1700 framework of Philips
Real picture of Philips' Media Box based on PNX0190
Structure of Philips’ PMP solution based on PNX0190
BF531 function framework of ADI
BF533 function framework of ADI
BF561 function framework of ADI
MMSP2 system framework of MagicEyes
MagicEyes' 2nd generation PMP solution based on MMSP2
MagicEyes' 2nd generation PMP demonstration board based on MMSP2 
LH7A404 framework of Sharp
Sharp's QCIF version PMP complete set solution based on LH7A404
Sharp's QVGA version PMP complete set solution based on LH7A404
S3C2440A framework of Samsung Electronics
Samsung's PMP designing framework based on S3C2440A
AT76C120 framework of Atmel
General view of FR-V series chips
Development roadmap of FR-V processor
PMP/PMC solution based on FR-V
FR400 core framework
FR400 series MB934405
FR450 core framework
FR450 series MB93461 framework
FR550 core framework
FR550 series MB93555A framework
Systemic framework of SigmaTel STM3600
Systemic framework of SigmaTel PR818S
Zoran's designing framework based on COACH8
Z228 designing framework of Jade Microelectronics
ATJ2085 function framework of Actions Semiconductor
Statistics on PMP designing companies adopting various core chips
Ingenien's multimedia hardware designing based on TI DM2X and DM3X
Ingenien's PMP hardware solution (MP4900-BRD-DM320-20) based on DM320
MP4900-BRD-DM320-20 sample
PMP sample picture designed by New Chabridge
Systemic framework of Seuic's PMC solution 
High Vision's PMP frameworks based on AU1200 and Sigma Design EM8511s/ EM8561s
Real operation interface of Adbon's PMP sample
PMP sample of Shangguo Electronics
iCAVA constitutes of Wellcom
PMP development platform THDP-AU1200 of Shanghai Tenhz
THDP-AU1200 framework of Shanghai Tenhz
Huanshi Technology's PMP board card based on Sigma DesignsEM85xx
Huanshi Technology's PMP board card based on Intel PXA270
PMP complete solution of WPI-group
WPI-group's PMP solution based on Freescale i.MX21
Internal structure of WPI-group's PMP sample based on Freescale i.MX21
Middleware and kit of WPI-group’s 3rd-party cooperative partners
Asion-Tech's PMP solutin—Asion200(a) and Asion300(b) systems
Arrow Electronics' PMP sample based on Freescale i.MX21 platform
Top ten noteworthy MP4 brands in Chinese market in 2005
Strategic alliance of Archos with content providers
Statistics on Archos' sale in 2003-2005Q2
Sales revenue of Archos by regions in 2004-2005Q2
Sales revenue of Archos by product categories in 2004-2005Q2
Statistics on Dimei's operating income in 2000-2004
Corporate organizations of MobiNote Technology
Leading model PMP (hard disc type) BOM of a typical Taiwanese manufacturer
Current chip series in PMP products
Performance comparison amongst PMP core chips
PMP core chip price, PMP solution and BOM reference
Technical development cost of PMP core chip providers
Functional difference between Sigma Designs EM8510 and EM8560
General view of PMP-8510 complete set solution specifications
General view of PMP-8510P complete set solution specifications
General view of PMP-8620L complete set solution specifications
General view of PMP-8622L complete set solution specifications
Technical identities of TI TMS320DM270
Performance of TI OMAP2410 and OMAP2420 
Performance of Intel PXA255 
Technical indicators of Intel pxa27x
Characteristics of AMD Au1200 processor
Contact for Asia-Pacific headquarter and Chinese filiales of Freescale Semiconductor
PNX1300 performance of Philips
PNX1500 performance of Philips
PNX1700 performance of Philips
Philips' PMP designing performance based on PNX0190
Contact for Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Elaborate classification of blackfin series processor
Contact for ADI's agencies and agents in regions
MMSP2 hardware performance
Performance indicators of Magiceyes solution
Performance of Magiceyes' 2nd-generation PMP demonstration board based on MMSP2
Performance indicators for Sharp's QCIF version PMP complete set based on LH7A404
Performance indicators for Sharp's QVGA version PMP complete set based on LH7A404
AT76C120 performance of Atmel
Main functions of FR-V PMC solutionⅠ
Main functions of FR-V PMC solutionⅡ
Properties and merits of SigmaTel PR818S
Specifications of SigmaTel PR818S
PMP designing companies and their adoption of core chips involved in this report
PMP product performance of Shenzhen Bestspring
Configuration of Seuic's PMC solution
Characteristics of SSTvision's PMP solution based on SigmaDesigns EM8511s
Characteristics of SSTvision's PMP solution
Microunit's PMP-DEMO
Basic specifications and extensible functions of HighVision's PMP design based on AU1200
Basic specifications and extensible functions of HighVision's PMP design based on Sigma Design EM8511s/EM8561s
Performance of high, medium and low-end PMP
Functional definition and cost price of Adbon's various digital product solutions
Introduction to iCAVA functions of Wellcom
Wellcom's PMP/PVR performance based on Magiceyes MMSP2
Wellcom's PMP/PVR performance based on TI DM270
Traits of Tenhz's THDP-AU1200 development board
Indicators of Lgui's GPS PMP solution
Indicators of Lgui's PMP/MP4 solution
Indicators of Lgui's GPS PVRP solution
Indicators of Lgui's PVRP solution
Performance of Techno's PMP products
PMP product performance of Shenzhen Zhongheng Xingye Technology
Comparison between Huanshi Technology's PMP solutions based on Sigma Designs and Intel
PMP complete set performance of Huanshi Technology
Elaborate specifications of PMP solution of World Peace Group
PMP solution configuration of World Peace Group
Contact for organizations of World Peace Group in Mainland China
Overview of Silicon Application
Function listing of ten PMP solutions of Asion Technology
Semiconductor brands deputized by Arrow Electronics
Products deputized by Jetronic Technology
Product classification of Archos
Features of Archos' MP4 series
Performance of Archos' MP4 products
Performance of Archos' PMA products
Performance of Aigo's PMP products
Newman Audio-visual MP4 player
Performance of Newman wide-screen PMP products
Performance of other Newman PMP products
PMP product performance of Microstar
PMP product performance of Samsung
PMP product performance of IRIVER
PMP products of Hyundai
Performance of ZARVA’s PMP products
PMP products of Shenzhen Tsinghua Tong Fang
PMP products of Shinco
Corporate overview of Power Quotient International
PMP products of Power Quotient International
PMP products of Founder Technology
Performance of Mapower's PMP products
Performance of Dimei's PMP products
Performance of Pan-ocean's PMP products
Performance of HEDY's PMP products
Performance of Maxian's PMP products
Performance of Sicong's PMP products
Performance of Aneca's PMP products
Performance of Travelstar's PMP products
Performance of Init's PMP products
Performance of ANN's PMP products
Performance of Bless's PMP products
Performance of MELE's PMP products
Performance of MELE's hard disc multimedia players
Performance of SmartDisk's PMP products
Performance of Homeserver's PMP products
Performance of MobiNote's PMP products
Performance of Mustek's PMP products
Corporate overview of Tokolong
Brief introduction to Eastbell
MP4 products of Eastbell
PHISUNG series MP4 products of K&C Digital
Multi-function PMP product—DV920 of K&C Digital
Products of Bnayutech
MP4 products of Degen Electronics
PVP100 of Owin Technology
Iped overview 
Iped's PMP products
PMP products of GeMei Electronics
PMP Products of Guanhao Digital

Global and China CMOS Camera Module (CCM) Industry Report, 2020-2026

The global CCM market has been ballooning thanks to expeditious penetration of multi-camera phones and advances in automotive ADAS, being worth $22.723 billion with a year-on-year spike of 16.6% in 20...

Global and China Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) Industry Report, 2020-2025

Electronic components like MLCC enjoy a rosy prospect alongside the burgeoning electronic manufacturing, the thriving internet and the prevalence of smart hardware. MLCC was much sought after and it...

Global and China Voice Coil Motor (VCM) Industry Report, 2019-2025

VCM (voice circle motor or voice coil actuator), a part for smartphone camera, shares around 6% of smartphone camera industry chain value. Globally, popularity of smartphones such as those with mult...

Global and China Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Industry Report, 2019-2025

Chinese aluminum electrolytic capacitor market has been expanding amid a transfer of its downstream industries to China like home appliance illumination, cellphones and computers as well as automatic ...

Global and China Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Industry Report, 2019-2025

Flexible printed circuit (FPC) products make their way into consumer electronics like smartphone and tablet PC, in the form of modules for display, touch control, fingerprint recognition, etc. The vol...

Global and China GaAs Industry Report, 2019-2025

Gallium arsenide (GaAs), one of the most mature compound semiconductors, is an integral part of smartphone power amplifier (PA). In 2018, GaAs-based radio frequency (RF) seized over half of the GaAs w...

Global and China Advanced Packaging Industry Report, 2019-2025

The global semiconductor packaging and testing market is enlarging with the prevalence of consumer electronics, automotive semiconductors and the Internet of Things (IoT), with its size edging up 2.5%...

Global and China MLCC Electronic Ceramics Industry Report, 2019-2025

MLCC is mainly used in audio and video equipment, mobile phones, computers and automobiles. The prospective boom of MLCC formula powder hinges on demand: 1) The accelerated renewal of consumer electro...

Global and China OLED Industry Report, 2019-2025

OLED, a new-generation display technology, features simple display structure, green consumables and flexibility and can be rolled up, which makes it easier to transport and install without considering...

Global and China Camera Module Industry Report, 2019-2025

Affected by factors like the maturity of mobile phone markets worldwide and the prolonged replacement of mobile phone by users, the mobile phone market has undergone a slowdown in growth rate. From Q4...

Global and China Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) Industry Report, 2018-2023

MLCC finds most application in consumer electronics, automobile and industrial fields and gets beefed up remarkably with the approaching 5G era of cellphones and tablet PCs, the advances in automotive...

Global and China Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Industry Report, 2018-2023

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor, a core electronic component, is widely used in consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, industry, electric power, lighting and automobiles. Global aluminum e...

Global and China CMOS Camera System Industry Report, 2017-2021

Global CCM (CMOS Camera Module) market was worth USD16.611 billion in 2015, a year-on-year rise of 3.8% from 2014, the slowest rate since 2010. Global market fell modestly in 2016 due to a drop in shi...

Global and China Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Industry Report, 2017-2021

Global OLED market size approximated USD15.7 billion in 2016, a 20.8% rise from a year earlier. Stimulated by reports that Apple will adopt OLED screen for multiple iPhone models in 2017-2018, OLED sc...

Global and China CMOS Camera System Industry Report, 2016-2020

Global and China CMOS Camera System Industry Report, 2016-2020 covers the following:1. Analysis of CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) Industry and Market, with 7 vendors involved.2. Analysis of CMOS Camera Lens ...

Global and China Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) Industry Report, 2017-2020

The rapid development of consumer electronics and industrial intelligentization has greatly promoted the booming of passive components including multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC). In 2015, China’s ...

Global PCB Industry Report, 2015-2020

Global PCB Industry Report, 2015-2020 highlights the followings:1. Global PCB Market and Status Quo of the Industry2. Global Downstream Markets of PCB3. Mobile Phone PCB Trends4. Tablet PC/Laptop Comp...

Global and China Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Industry Report, 2016-2020

The OLED market has been developing rapidly worldwide over the recent years, and its market size reached USD13 billion in 2015. With technology and capacity construction, OLED (from small-sized panels...

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