China Dairy Market Report, 2006-2007
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China dairy market has developed into a modern food manufacturing industry with advanced techniques and complete varieties in the past ten years. The total output of milk was 28.648 million tons in 2005, up by 20% over last year, which is 3.3 times than that of 1995. The total industry value of dairy product alone reached RMB 88.67 billion. With the improving living conditions of Chinese people, dairy consumption market is now getting expanded and matured gradually. China will become the most potential market of dairy product in the world.

The annual world dairy consumption per capita is 100 kg, which is far beyond that of China. Great potential can be seen in China dairy market. With the constantly improved living conditions, it is forecasted that in the next five years such consumption will increase a lot, especially the liquid milk perhaps with an annual growth of 15%. Currently, China dairy consumption per capita is still at a low level with huge potential. Meanwhile, consumption of cheese, cream, blue cheese and butter takes a relatively large part in the total dairy product consumption, while only single variety of dairy products like liquid milk, yoghourt and powder milk are popular in China, which leads to fierce competition in liquid milk and milk powder markets, surging up a constant price war among enterprises.

Average Retail Price of Fresh Dairy Product in China, 2000Q1-2006Q2

Currently there are 1600 dairy processing enterprises in China, among which 30% just keep a balance between loss and profit and 30% are in loss. Competition in dairy market tends to be more rampant: price war can be seen again in milk products market, fierce competition would happen in milk source market and marketing strategies are upgrading phase by phase. Such price wars and competition even extend to the secondary and third market among the major enterprises.  Meanwhile, foreign enterprises are waging a new round of maneuver in Chinese market after years of silence. Merger and acquisition in dairy market will continue and the industry concentration will be further enhanced. Competition in the future will spread to all directions, and more than half of the enterprises will be eliminated by rampant competition by the year of 2010.

In the coming several years, China dairy industry will still be in a phase of resource integration. Chinese milk market presents great attractiveness for multinational enterprises. Presently, China dairy market is like the twilight before reshuffle. In the next five years, growth index will be kept at least two digits, a rapid growth will still be maintained. In the next ten years, the overall increase will still be seen but with a slowed down growth speed. In the next fifteen years, China dairy industry will keep a balance with the national economy in terms of growth rate. And in the next twenty years, the growth rate will be kept at about 5%. The annual milk consumption per capita is quite possibly to realize 60kg, therefore shortened the gap with that of the world average consumption level.

1 Operation status of dairy industry from 2002 to 2006
1.1 Status quo of China dairy market in 2005
1.1.1 Manufacturing status
1.1.2 Analysis of the retail price of fresh milk
1.1.3 Problems concerned in the development of dairy industry
1.2 Dairy market in the first quarter of 2006
1.2.1 Manufacturing status of dairy market
1.2.2 Price of fresh milk
1.2.3 Forecast of the development trend of dairy market
1.3 Retrospect of the operation, 2002-2005
1.3.1 Total accumulated value of liquid milk and dairy product in China from 2002 to 2005
1.3.2 Evaluation indexes of dairy enterprises in China, 2005
1.3.3 Profit and loss of China dairy manufacturers, 2002-2005
1.3.4 Debt indicators of China dairy manufacturers, 2005
1.3.5 Production and sales of China food manufacturers, 2003-2005
1.4 Forecast of China dairy market
1.4.1 Forecast of China dairy market, 2007-2020
1.4.2 Forecast of further growing space
1.4.3 Forecast of profit making ability

2 Import and export of China dairy product
2.1 Import and export of China dairy product from 2004 to 2005
2.1.1 Overall situations from 2004 to 2005
2.1.2 Analysis of import
2.1.3 Analysis of export
2.2 Import and export of China dairy product in the first quarter of 2006
2.2.1 Variety/volume of import
2.2.2 Analysis of the import countries and regions
2.2.3 Variety/volume of export

3 Segmented markets of dairy products
3.1 Analysis of the liquid milk market
3.1.1 Analysis of the liquid milk market from 2004 to 2006
3.1.2 Structure of liquid milk market
3.1.3 Competition characteristics in liquid milk market
3.1.4 Sales of regional well-known brands in 2005
3.1.5 Development trend of liquid milk in 2007
3.2 Analysis of milk powder market
3.2.1 Milk powder market in 2005
3.2.2 Sales of milk powder in China
3.2.3 Major customers of milk powder for adults
3.3 Analysis of ice-cream market
3.3.1 Overall ice-cream market
3.3.2 Main characteristics
3.3.3 Forecast of China ice-cream market in 2007
3.3.4 Analysis of the customers’ behaviors
3.4 Analysis of lactobacillus milk market
3.4.1 Introduction to overseas lactobacillus milk
3.4.2 Lactobacillus milk, the fastest growth point in China
3.4.3 Analysis of the overall situation of lactobacillus milk
3.4.4 Behaviors of lactobacillus milk customers
3.4.5 General withdrawal of foreign brands
3.4.6 Standard implement in yoghourt market

4 Regional market of dairy product
4.1 Pattern of brand in regional market
4.1.1 North China-Beijing
4.1.2 East China-Shanghai
4.1.3 South China-Guangzhou
4.2 Current development of dairy market in Beijing
4.2.1 Status quo of the market
4.2.2 Analysis of the consumers in Beijing
4.2.3 Development of dairy industry in Beijing
4.3 Current development of dairy market in Shanghai
4.3.1 Status quo of the market
4.3.2 Analysis of the consumers in Shanghai
4.3.3 Development of dairy market in Shanghai
4.4 Current development of dairy market in Guangdong
4.4.1 Guangzhou market
4.4.2 Analysis of the consumers in Guangdong
4.4.3 Development of dairy market in Guangdong
4.5 Current development of dairy market in Inner Mongolia
4.5.1 Industry scale
4.5.2 Manufacturers
4.5.3 Production
4.5.4 Sales
4.5.5 Profits

5 Market competitions
5.1 Current competition in China dairy market
5.1.1 Intensity of milk source
5.1.2 Backwardness of processing techniques
5.1.3 Adulterated milk source
5.1.4 Integration within industry not yet started
5.1.5 Competition among Bright Dairy & Food, Mengniu and Yili
5.1.6 Problems of safety affect the development of dairy products
5.1.7 Higher threshold for new comers
5.2 Excess competition in China dairy industry
5.3 Characteristics in China dairy market competition
5.3.1 Major brands dominate the market
5.3.2 Countermeasures to international competitions and strategies to create market throughout China
5.3.3 Speeding up integration of domestic and foreign capital enterprises, state-owned and non-state owned enterprises
5.3.4 Competition for milk cow bases and non milk source areas
5.4 Competition strategies to win the liquid milk market: to seek difference among the same
5.4.1 Differences in raw material
5.4.2 Differences in t packaging
5.4.3 Differences in product functionality
5.4.4 To seek difference on the basis of nutrition
5.4.5 Differences among regions
5.4.6 Differences among consumers
5.4.7 Differences brought by different consuming level
5.4.8 Different requirements on products in different marketing methods, distribution channels and networks
5.4.9 Differences caused by different milk source
5.5 Competitiveness for China milk powder to develop toward high end product
5.5.1 Changes brought about by Fuyang milk powder incidents
5.5.2 Pros and cons for China milk powder to develop toward high end product
5.5.3 First watch and then act when entering the high end market
5.6 Analysis of the competition in ice-cream market

6 Major dairy enterprises in China
6.1 Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd
6.1.1 Company profile
6.1.2 Operation status from 2005 to 2006
6.2 Shanghai Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd. 
6.2.1 Company profile
6.2.2 Operation status from 2005 to 2006
6.3 Hebei Sanlu Group Holding Co., Ltd
6.3.1 Company profile
6.3.2 Brand operating strategies
6.3.3 Profit making
6.4 Heilongjiang Wondersun Dairy Co., Ltd
6.4.1 Company profile
6.4.2 Marketing strategies
6.5 Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd
6.5.1 Company profile
6.5.2 Operation status
6.5.3 Company strategies
6.6 Beijing Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd
6.6.1 Company profile
6.6.2 Operation status from 2005 to 2006
6.7 International Nutrition Co., Ltd
6.7.1 Company profile
6.7.2 Analysis of the brand-Dumex

7 Brand channels and marketing strategies of dairy products in China
7.1 Consumption strategies
7.1.1 Consumption structure
7.1.2 Market situation
7.1.3 Product strategies
7.2 Distribution channels of dairy
7.3 Analysis of brand channels
7.3.1 Brand strategies of China dairy products
7.3.2 Strategies of Mengniu
7.4 Analysis of the price strategy
7.4.1 Dairy price all over the world
7.4.2 Price of raw milk in China from 2003 to 2006
7.4.3 Price strategy of dairy product

8 Marketing strategy of China dairy product from 2005 to 2007
8.1 Price war in China dairy product market
8.1.1 Analysis of the price war inside
8.1.2 Symbols of the price war outside
8.2 Advertisement about dairy product in 2005
8.2.1 Investment into ads changes among major enterprises
8.2.2 Main cause and the development trend

9 Directions in marketing strategies among different enterprises
9.1 Marketing strategies of regional enterprises
9.1.1 Enterprises with abundant resources
9.1.2 Enterprises to extend
9.1.3 Enterprises equipped with skills
9.1.4 Enterprises emphasize cost
9.2 Changes of the marketing strategies among leading dairy enterprises
9.3 Strategies for city dairy enterprises to enter domestic market
9.3.1 Take advantages to fight a war of annihilation
9.3.2 Medium and small scale enterprises shall show advantages of flexibility
9.3.3 Focus on major products
9.3.4 Avoid direct conflicts
9.3.5 Attach importance to management level

10 Forecast of global dairy market in 2007
10.1 Forecast of the development of China dairy products
10.1.1 Analysis on factors promoting China dairy products
10.1.2 Factors that will promote China dairy products in the future
10.1.3 Forecast of China dairy manufacturing
10.2 Consumption trend of China dairy products
10.2.1 Variety of China dairy products
10.2.2 Analysis the gap between supply and demand
10.2.3 Factors affecting the demand for dairy
10.3 Trend of acquisition in China dairy industry
10.3.1 Foreign capital can hold a share
10.3.2 Domestic listed companies acquire the dairy enterprises
10.3.3 Large or traditional dairy enterprises acquire medium and small scale enterprises
10.3.4 Reverse merger
10.3.5 Auction

11 Crises confronting with China dairy industry and the countermeasures
11.1 Crises confronting with China dairy industry
11.1.1 Domestic enterprises care much about price war and lack new competitiveness
11.1.2 Bottleneck in China dairy production
11.1.3 Quality and safety hinder the development of dairy enterprises
11.2 Countermeasures for medium and small scale enterprises
11.3 Countermeasures for domestic dairy enterprises to strictly follow
11.3.1 Diversified products
11.3.2 High qualified operation
11.3.3 Green ecological dairy is the only way to develop China dairy industry
11.3.4 Development strategy for China dairy enterprises

12 Analysis of the investment in China food industry
12.1 Characteristics of investment into China dairy industry
12.1.1 Analysis of the dairy market
12.1.2 Analysis of the growth of dairy product
12.1.3 Analysis of the profit making ability
12.2 Recommendations for investment direction of China dairy industry
12.2.1 Direction of investment in cheese
12.2.2 Direction of Investment in lactobacillus milk

13 Packaging skills in dairy industry
13.1 Status quo of Packaging skills in China dairy industry
13.1.1 Contradiction between low level in primary products and high safety requirements in terminal products
13.1.2 Special requirements for human resource but lack of interdisciplinary talents
13.1.3 Contradiction between the development pattern and lack of micro leading policy
13.2 Advancement in packaging technique and the existing problems
Provincial distribution of fresh milk by different price
Regional average price of fresh dairy products, 2005Q1 and 2006
Average price of fresh dairy product in China retail market, 2005-2006
Total industrial value of liquid milk and dairy product, 2002-2006
Statistics of industrial value in liquid and dairy processing industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Ratio of output value to profit and tax in dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Ratio of profit to capital in dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Ratio of profit to cost in dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Average sales rate per capita in dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Increase of dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Increase of enterprises in loss in dairy industry
Value of losses in dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Total asset in dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Total debts in dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Total debts in dairy industry, Jan- Apr, 2006
Debt-to-equity ratio in dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Debt-to-equity ratio in dairy industry, Jan-Apr, 2006
Marketing cost of products, 2003-2005
Marketing cost of products, Jan-Apr, 2006
Marketing expense, 2003-2005
Marketing expense, Jan-Apr, 2006
Import & export of non-sugar milk and cream, 2001-2005
Import value/volume of sweet milk and cream, 2001-2005
Import value/volume of buttermilk, ferment or cream, 2001-2005
Import value/volume of whey/natural milk, 2001-2005
Import value/volume of butter/milk sauce, 2001-2005
Import value/volume of cheese/clabber, 2001-2005
Import & export of dairy products, Jan-Mar, 2005
Import & export value/volume of sweet milk and cream, 2001-2005
Import & export value/volume of buttermilk, agglomerated milk and butter, fermented milk and cream
Export value/volume of whey/natural dairy product, 2001-2005
Export value/volume of butter/milk sauce, 2001-2005
Export & export of dairy products, Jan-Mar, 2006
Increase of major imported dairy products, Jan-Mar, 2006
Increase of major import countries of dairy products, Jan-Mar, 2006
Increase of major exported dairy products, Jan-Mar, 2006
Share of Paul's Milk and normal temperature milk to liquid milk, 2005
Sampled average income and dairy consumption expense in eight districts of Beijing
Average expense on liquid milk per capita and average income of a family per month
Total production value of Beijing dairy industry Jan-Dec, 2005
Change of Beijing dairy industry Jan-Dec, 2005
Statistics of enterprises in Beijing dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Production of enterprises in Beijing dairy industry, 2001-2006
Sales revenue of Beijing dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Total profit value of dairy enterprises in Beijing, Jan-Dec, 2005
Total production value of Shanghai dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Statistics of enterprises in Shanghai dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Statistics of production in Shanghai dairy industry, 2001-2006
Sales revenue of enterprises in Shanghai dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Total profit value of enterprises in Beijing dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Total production value of Guangdong dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Statistics of enterprises in Guangdong dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Statistics of production in Guangdong dairy industry, 2001-2006
Sales revenue of enterprises in Guangdong dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Total profit value of enterprises in Guangdong dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Total production value of Inner Mongolia dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Statistics of enterprises in Inner Mongolia dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Statistics of production in Inner Mongolia dairy industry, 2001-2006
Sales revenue of enterprises in Inner Mongolia dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Total profit value of enterprises in Inner Mongolia dairy industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Profit structure of Yili Group, 2005-2006
Profit making ability of Yili Group, 2005-2006
Management ability of Yili Group, 2005-2006
Debt-paying ability of Yili Group, 2005-2006
Capital structure of Yili Group, 2005-2006
Development ability of Yili Group, 2005-2006
Capital flow of Yili Group, 2005-2006
Profit structure of Bright Dairy & Food, 2005-2006
Profit making ability of Bright Dairy & Food, 2005-2006
Management ability of Bright Dairy & Food, 2005-2006
Debt-paying ability of Bright Dairy & Food, 2005-2006
Capital structure of Bright Dairy & Food, 2005-2006
Development ability of Bright Dairy & Food, 2005-2006
Capital flow of Bright Dairy & Food, 2005-2006
Company profile of Wondersun
Revenue structure of Mengniu, 2005
Management strategy of Mengniu
Profit structure of Sanyuan, 2005-2006
Profit making ability of Sanyuan, 2005-2006
Management ability of Sanyuan, 2005-2006
Debt-paying ability of Sanyuan, 2005-2006
Capital structure of Sanyuan, 2005-2006
Development ability of Sanyuan, 2005-2006
Capital flow of Sanyuan, 2005-2006
Growth of the average consumption of milk & dairy products in cities
Consumption of dairy products per capita
Age composition of dairy consumers in Beijing
Occupation composition of dairy consumers in Tianjin

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