China Furniture Market Report, 2006-2007
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China furniture industry has made a remarkable progress as well as the whole industry level.  In 2005, the furniture output was 339.9 million pieces, rising 11.41% compared to 2004; the total production value (at current price) of the furniture manufacturing industry reached RMB 138.904 billion, and the sales revenue amounted to RMB 133.706 million, each up 27.40% and 27.43% over the same period of 2004. In 2006, the furniture industry still enjoyed a boom in production and sales, and the finished-product output, sales revenue and profit all experienced a dramatic increase. In the first quarter of 2006, the production value of China furniture manufacturing industry amounted to RMB 37.992 billion, increased by 31.78% over 1Q 2005; the sales revenue amounted to RMB 36.538 billion, increased by 29.03% over 1Q 2005; and the profit reached RMB 2.329 billion, increased by 25.15% over 1Q 2005.

As the whole industry develops, the international competitiveness of China furniture industry improved dramatically, and China has now become the powerful nation for the export and production of solid wood furniture. In 2005, China’s furniture export value reached USD 13.767 billion, a year-on-year growth of 32.98%, which ensured China to be the largest furniture export country over Italy in total amount.  In 2006, the furniture industry continued to keep a higher growth rate, and the export value amounted to USD 4.042 billion in the first quarter of 2006, rising 29.31% over the same period of 2005. And of which 57.87% was from solid wood furniture export. Actually, China’s solid wood furniture has grown increasingly competitive in the international market and its export volume has topped the world.

China Furniture Import and Export, 2005

The Chinese government put forward that prosper the rural economy thoroughly and accelerate the pace of urbanization, which aims to drive the consumption market further and expand the consumption field. The measure will definitely further promote the housing construction in China, and accordingly, the related industries will also see a progress. As a result of the development of the housing industrialization, the house, entering into the market as a commodity, has provided broad development room for furniture and the matched products. Basically, there is completed construction area of about 1.2 billion square meters every year in China, which is 6 times that of all over the Europe. And of these, the urban housing construction accounts for 500 million square meters, which can provide 5 million families with houses if calculated at 100 square meters per family. In another word, about 5 million families each year need to buy various kinds of budget furniture for their new houses, so huge potential exists in China furniture market.

After the reform and opening-up policy, the furniture industry started developing towards Guangdong, Zhejiang, Northeast, North China, and current four industry regions gradually came into being. They are respectively, South China furniture industry region centered by Guangdong and Fujian; East China furniture industry region centered by Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai; North China furniture industry region centered by Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong; and Northeast furniture industry region centered by Shenyang and Dalian.

Although the regional markets of China furniture industry are getting concentrated, medium-small furniture enterprises still take the majority, and moreover, the industrial concentration is quite low because there is no any enterprise whose market share can exceed 1% until now. This, on one hand, will offer great opportunities for the advantageous counterparts, but on the other hand, more small enterprises with poor management and weak competitiveness will be eliminated eventually.

Driven by the market demand, China furniture industry will arouse an investment heat and this upsurge will last a few years as a result of further enlarged investment scale as well as the diversified investment forms.

1 Operation Status of China Furniture Manufacturing Industry in 2006 
1.1 Operation Status in 2005 
1.1.1 Assets and Liabilities
1.1.2 Sales
1.1.3 Expense and Cost, 2005-2006
1.1.4 Production Value and Profit
1.1.5 Furniture Manufacturers 
1.1.6 Industry Structure
1.2 Foreign Trade of China Furniture Industry, 2005-2006 
1.2.1 Trade Increase 
1.2.2 Export Varieties 
1.2.3 Country to Export 
1.2.4 Trade Barrier 
1.2.5 Influencing Factors  

2 Analysis of Wood Furniture Market in 2006 
2.1 Market Position 
2.2 Foreign Trade 
2.3 Quality Standard 
2.4 Redwood Furniture Market in 2006 
2.5 Investment and Collection 
2.6 Developing Trend 

3 Bamboo and Cane Furniture Market in 2006 
3.1 Characteristics 
3.2 Individuation Development 
3.3 Developing Trend

4 Plastic Furniture Market in 2006 
4.1 Characteristics 
4.2 Developing Trend 

5 Metal Furniture Market in 2006 
5.1 Development Status
5.2 Advantages 
5.3 Developing Trend 

6 Office Furniture Market in 2006 
6.1 Market Demand 
6.2 Production 
6.3 Main Producing Area – Lecong 
6.4 Shenzhen Office Furniture Market 

7 Kitchen Furniture Market in 2006 
7.1 Characteristics 
7.2 Demand 
7.3 Production 

8 Soft Furniture Market in 2006 

9 Hotel Furniture Market in 2006 

10 Children Furniture Market in 2006 
10.1 Definition 
10.2 Demand 
10.3 Status Quo 
10.4 Brands and Prices 
10.5 Product Structure  
10.6 Product Design 

11 Regional Furniture Markets in 2006 
11.1 China Furniture Regional Economy Development 
11.1.1 Status Quo 
11.1.2 Characteristic Regional Economy 
11.1.3 Advantages 
11.1.4 Disadvantages 
11.2 Shanghai Furniture Market 
11.2.1 Overall Situation 
11.2.2 Development of Furniture Manufacturing Industry in 2006 
11.3 Beijing Furniture Market 
11.3.1 Redwood Furniture 
11.3.2 High-end Furniture 
11.3.3 Customized Furniture 
11.3.4 Consumption Increase 
11.3.5 Market Demand 
11.3.6 Market Advantages 
11.3.7 Market Disadvantages 
11.3.8 Leading Enterprises 
11.3.9 Development of Furniture Manufacturing Industry in 2006 
11.4 Guangdong Furniture Market 
11.4.1 Market Scale 
11.4.2 Industry Scale 
11.4.3 Furniture Trade 
11.4.4 Market Advantages 
11.4.5 Market Disadvantages 
11.4.6 Development of Furniture Manufacturing Industry in 2006
11.5 Fujian Furniture Market 
11.5.1 Development of Furniture Manufacturing Industry in 2006
11.5.2 Output in 2006 
11.6 Zhejiang Furniture Market 
11.6.1 Development of Furniture Manufacturing Industry in 2006
11.6.2 Analysis of Industrial Cluster 
11.6.3 Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages 
11.7 Sichuan Furniture Market 
11.7.1 Overall Situation 
11.7.2 Market Dynamics 
11.7.3 Development of Furniture Manufacturing Industry in 2006
11.8 Wuhan Furniture Market 
11.8.1 Regional Advantages 
11.8.2 Industry Scale 
11.8.3 Market Scale 
11.8.4 Consumption Characteristics 

12 Overseas Furniture Market 
12.1 Position and Opportunity of China Furniture in the Global Furniture Market 
12.2 China Furniture Import in 2005 
12.3 China Furniture Export in 2005 
12.4 Main Furniture Import Enterprises 

13 Main Factors Influencing Furniture Demand 
13.1 Income and Furniture Consumption Level in the World 
13.2 Per Capita Income and Furniture Consumption in China

14 Analysis of Furniture Consumption 
14.1 Economic Environments Influencing Consumers’ Behavior 
14.2 Main Characteristics of Consumers’ Behavior 
14.3 Target Consumption Group Position 
14.4 Consumers and Prevailing Style 
14.5 Psychoanalysis of Furniture Modality Design  
14.5.1 Commonness of Furniture Modality Design
14.5.2 Psychological Factors of Furniture Modality Originality 
14.6 Consumers Mental Price 
14.7 Factors Considered by Consumers 
14.7.1 Environmental Protection 
14.7.2 High Performance-price Ratio
14.8 Characteristics of Rural Consumers 
14.9 Characteristics of Female Consumers 

15 Furniture Circulations 
15.1 Current Status 
15.2 Problems 
15.3 Strategies 
15.4 Regional Furniture Stores 
15.4.1 Design 
15.4.2 Guangzhou 
15.4.3 Nanjing 
15.4.4 Shanghai 
15.4.5 Chengdu 
15.4.6 Wuhan 

16 Furniture Industry Structure in 2006 
16.1 Furniture Strategy Clustering 
16.1.1 Coupling Mechanism of Industry Clustering and Regional Economic Development 
16.1.2 PRD Furniture Industrial Region 
16.1.3 YRD Furniture Industrial Region 
16.1.4 CBS Furniture Industrial Region 
16.1.5 Northeast Furniture Industrial Region
16.1.6 West Furniture Industrial Region
16.2 Concentration of China Furniture Industry 
16.3 Gap between Chinese Furniture Enterprises and Overseas Counterparts 
16.3.1 Production Pattern of Furniture Enterprises 
16.3.2 Production Pattern of Chinese Furniture Enterprises 
16.3.3 Modern Production and Operation Pattern 
16.3.4 Modern Production Process Layout Pattern 

17 Competition of China Furniture Industry 
17.1 Competitive Elements
17.1.1 Design 
17.1.2 Price 
17.1.3 Brand 
17.1.4 Execution 
17.2 Core Competitiveness 
17.3 Furniture Enterprises Facing Market Competition
17.3.1 Bargaining Power of Consumers 
17.3.2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers 
17.3.3 Competition of Alternative Industries 
17.4 Market Competition Strategy of Furniture Enterprises 
17.5 Typical Analysis – Shunde Furniture 
17.5.1 Current Status 
17.5.2 Development Course 

18 Furniture Enterprises 
18.1 Guangming Group Furniture Co., Ltd 
18.1.1 Company Profile 
18.1.2 Business Scope 
18.1.3 Operation Status 
18.2 Markor International Furniture Co., Ltd
18.2.1 Company Profile
18.2.2 Business Scope 
18.2.3 Operation Status 
18.3 Shenzhen Changjiang Furniture Co., Ltd 
18.4 Shenzhen Dahaoxingli Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd
18.5 Tiantan Furniture Co., Ltd 
18.6 Huari Furniture Industrial Group 
18.7 Hong Kong Lamex Holdings 
18.8 Heung Kong Group 
18.9 IKEA Furniture 

19 Marketing Strategies for Furniture
19.1 Sale Strategy 
19.2 International Furniture Marketing Reference 
19.3 Brand Strategy of Furniture
19.3.1 Brand Marketing Flow 
19.3.2 Brand Construction and Industry Chain Operation 
19.3.3 Brand Marketing Case – QuMei Furniture 
19.4 New Mode of Furniture Marketing 
19.4.1 Franchise 
19.4.2 Customized Marketing 
19.4.3 Experiential Marketing 
19.5 Bottleneck Factors for Furniture Marketing 
19.5.1 Marketing Concept 
19.5.2 Marketing Plan 
19.5.3 Brand Consciousness 
19.5.4 Market Management 
19.5.5 Market Positioning 
19.5.6 Marketing Team 
19.6 Marketing for Office Furniture 
19.6.1 Marketing Strategy Plan 
19.6.2 Consumer Behavior 
19.6.3 Marketing Mode 
19.6.4 Product Positioning 
19.7 Marketing Trend 

20 Developing Trends and Forecast of China Furniture Industry in 2007
20.1 First Year of Market Globalization 
20.2 Developing Trend, 2007 
20.2.1 Creativity 
20.2.2 Environmental Trend 
20.2.3 Intelligence 
20.2.4 Market Change 
20.3 Forecast 

21 Investment Environment of Furniture Industry 
21.1 Characteristics 
21.2 Growth 
21.2 Profitability 
21.3 Industry Barrier 
21.2 Policy Environment 
21.2.1 Three Error Areas of Current National Standard 
21.2.2 Environmental Labeling Accreditation Spans Green Trade Barrier 
21.2.3 Formal Implement of Tariff free 
21.2.4 Implementation of State Compulsory Standard 

22 Furniture Raw Materials Supply and Furniture Machinery Development 
22.1 Wood Import  
22.2 Wood Price in 2006 
22.3 Development of China Furniture Hardware 
22.4 Development of China Furniture Machinery Industry
Assets and Liabilities of Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec 2005 
Sales Revenue of Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec 2005 
Administrative Expense of Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec 2005
Statistics of Average Employee in Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec 2005
Pre-tax Profits/Gross Output Value Ratio of Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec 2005
Other Operation Indexes of Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec 2005
Assets and Liabilities of Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006  
Sales Revenue of Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006
Administrative Expense of Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006
Total Profit of Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec 2005 
Sales Revenue of Bamboo and Cane Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec 2005 
Total Profit of Bamboo and Cane Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec 2005 
Statistics of Average Employee in Bamboo and Cane Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec 2005 
Sales Revenue of Bamboo and Cane Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006 
Sales Revenue of Plastic Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec 2005
Sales Revenue of Plastic Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006
Other Operation Indexes of Plastic Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006
Sales Revenue of Metal Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec 2005 
Other Operation Indexes of Metal Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Dec. 2005 
Sales Revenue of Metal Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006
Forecast of China Kitchen Furniture Market Capacity 
Comparison of Ownership Rate of Urban Residents in Kitchen Furniture Between China and Occident Countries
Proportion of Kitchen Decoration Expenses in Total Consumption in Urban Area in the Future
Number of Soft Furniture Mattress Producers 
Mattress Export Areas of China by Proportion  
Proportion of Five Major Production Areas in National Total Furniture Output 
Area of Large-medium Professional Furniture Stores in Shanghai 
Production Value of Shanghai Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006 
Number of Shanghai Furniture Manufacturers Jan-Jun 2006 
Output of Shanghai Furniture Industry, Jan-Dec 2005 
Market Demand Amount of Beijing Household Commodities  
Production Value of Beijing Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006 
Number of Beijing Furniture Manufacturers, Jan-Jun 2006
Output of Beijing Furniture Industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Number of Furniture Enterprises and Employees in Guangdong, 2005
Production Value of Guangdong Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006 
Number of Guangdong Furniture Manufacturers, Jan-Jun 2006
Output of Guangdong Furniture Industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Output Value of Fujian Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006
Output of Fujian Furniture Industry, Jan-Dec, 2005 
Output of Fujian Furniture Industry, Jan-Jul, 2006 
Output Value of Zhejiang Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006
Number of Zhejiang Furniture Manufacturers, Jan-Jun 2006 
Output of Zhejiang Furniture Industry, Jan-Dec, 2005
Output Value of Sichuan Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Jan-Jun 2006  
Number of Sichuan Furniture Manufacturers, Jan-Jun 2006
Output of Sichuan Furniture Industry, Jan-Dec 2005 
Output of Sichuan Furniture Industry, Jan-Jul 2006
Number of Wuhan Furniture Production Enterprises 
Furniture Import and Export in China, Jan-Dec 2005 
Most Concerned Things while Consumers Buying Furniture 
Most Worried Things while Consumers Buying Furniture 
Consumers' Choice while Quality Problems Happen 
Channels of Consumers to buy Furniture 
Analysis of Profitability of Guangming Group, 2005-2006 
Analysis of Operating Ability of Guangming Group, 2005-2006 
Analysis of Debt-paying Ability of Guangming Group, 2005-2006
Analysis of Capital Structure of Guangming Group, 2005-2006
Analysis of Development Capacity of Guangming Group, 2005-2006 
Analysis of Cash Flow of Guangming Group, 2005-2006 
Analysis of Profitability of Markor International Furniture Co., Ltd, 2005-2006
Analysis of Operating Ability of Guangming Group, 2005-2006 
Analysis of Debt-paying Ability of Markor International Furniture Co., Ltd, 2005-2006 
Analysis of Capital Structure of Markor International Furniture Co., Ltd, 2005-2006
Analysis of Development Capacity of Markor International Furniture Co., Ltd, 2005-2006 
Analysis of Cash Flow of Markor International Furniture Co., Ltd p, 2005-2006 
Basic Conditions of Huari Industrial Group 
Investment in Business and Trade Construction of Heung Kong Group 
Per Capita GDP of China in 2005 
Forecast on Fixed Assets Investment Increase, 2005-2006 
Total Sum of Wood Import and Export Trade in 2005 
Coniferous Log Import in 2005 
Broadleaf Log Import in 2005 
Total Import Volume and Value of Log, 2001-2005 
Statistics of Import Value of Log, 2001-2005 
Statistics of Import Volume of Log, 2001-2005 
Statistics of Total Import Volume of Log in China, Jan-Dec 2005  
Statistics of Import Value of Log, Jan-Dec 2005 
Aniegre Veneer Price of Guangdong Yuzhu Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006 
White/Red Sapele Veneer Price Statistics of Guangdong Yuzhu Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006 
White Walnut Veneer Price Statistics of Guangdong Yuzhu Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006
White Beech and White Wood Price Statistics of Guangdong Yuzhu Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006 
White Poplar and Sycamore-figue Veneer Price Statistics of Guangdong Yuzhu Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006
North American Red Oak Price Statistics of Guangdong Yuzhu Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006
Merbau Log Price Statistics of Guangdong Yuzhu Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006 
Northeast Poplar Price Statistics of Guangdong Yuzhu Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006
White Pine Log Price Statistics of Shandong Dezhou Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006 
Camphor Pine Lumber Price Statistics of Shandong Dezhou Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006 
Larch Log Price Statistics of Shandong Dezhou Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006
Birch and Willow Lumber Price Statistics of Shijiazhuang Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006 
Betula Costata and Willow Lumber Price Statistics of Shijiazhuang Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006 
Red Pine Lumber Price Statistics of Shijiazhuang Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006 
Larch Log Price Statistics of Shijiazhuang Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006 
Ash Price Statistics of Shijiazhuang Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006
Poplar Lumber Price Statistics of Shijiazhuang Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006
Camphor Pine Lumber Price Statistics of Shijiazhuang Wood Market, Jan-Jun 2006

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