China Mobile Value-added Services Report, 2006
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After 5 years of rapid growth, the total market scale of China mobile value-added services have reached RMB 41.5 billion in 2005 and will hit RMB 57.15 billion in 2006.

Market Scale and Forecast of China Mobile Value-added Services, 2001-2006

As the communication expense is exclusively enjoyed by mobile operators and around 15% of message fee also belongs to operators, so most of income from mobile value-added services is pocketed into them, while only small part of the income left for SP. Even though, SP can still make enough profits thanks to the enormous market scale.

The SMS revenue of most SP began to decline in the year of 2005 while the income of the operators experienced a steady growth. The statistics from Ministry of Information Industry show that by the end of Oct 2005, about 246.66 billion pieces of short message have been sent, the revenue from which has exceeded RMB 25 billion, increasing by 40.1% over the same period of 2004. Meanwhile, the handset users have been over 383 million and short message sent per capita reached 64 pieces. SMS is expected to hit new record in the year of 2006.

The recent three years witnessed a rapid growth for MMS but in a wavy trend due to seasonal factors and policy adjustment of operators. And MMS achieve a market scale of more than RMB 2 billion by the end of 2005.

IVR won't be greatly influenced in the early days of 3G, however parts of data services will attract IVR users along with the gradual development of 3G, which would result in a depression of IVR in 2006-2007. However, the decline tends slowly owing to IVR’s strong innovation ability.

WAP now shows huge market potentials and faces a good investment opportunity. whereas, the upcoming 3G can't bring great returns immediately for the investments in WAP. As a matter of fact, being a channel, WAP can provide most of mobile services but its development is based on the rich application contents. Therefore, WAP will see a continuously steady growth.

Lifecycle of Mobile Value-added Services


Wireless music includes mobile ring-tone, CRBT and mobile music, which are developed in an inheritable way. The market of mobile ring tone was saturated with its scale reaching RMB 2.8 billion in 2005; the market scale of CRBT totaled at RMB 5 billion by the end of 2005 though, it will decline in 2007-2008; and mobile music is expected to be the first kind of value-added service with high-speed growth in 3G era. Due to the strong market demands and the cooperation of industry chain of many giants, mobile music has presented a rapid development momentum since early 2006 and it will outpace CRBT to achieve a market scale of around RMB 8 billion by 2007.

As mobile music develops amazingly, the related 3G value-added services will start up successively, among which mobile video will draw striking attention. The market scale of mobile video can reach about RMB 1.5 billion in 2006 but its rapid growth will appear after the year of 2007. As the video communication by handset comes true, mobile video market will expand rapidly. And media playing by mobile video will be most expected in the future.

Restricted by expensive charge and undiversified forms, mobile game has been developing slowly. So such games as Java, Brew won't have a fast development until 2007 because the problem on terminal and network should be resolved first.

3G constructions will get optimized and enlarged till 2008, when more emerging 3G value-added services will come forth. It is no doubt these new services will stimulate the former services so that an interactive growth can be formed.

1 Status Quo of Mobile Value-added Service in China
1.1 Policy Environment of Mobile Value-added Service in China
1.1.1 Macro-policy 
1.1.2 Application 
1.1.3 Mobile Operator's change of Management Mode on Value-added Service
1.2 Market Scale of China's Mobile Value-added Service
1.2.1 User Scale of Mobile Value-added Service
1.2.2 Market Situation of Mobile Value-added Service
1.2.3 Revenue Scale of SP 

2 SMS Market 
2.1 Brief Introduction 
2.2 Business Type 
2.2.1 General Analysis 
2.2.2 Entertainment SMS  
2.2.3 Education SMS
2.2.4 Financial SMS
2.2.5 Medicare and Hairdressing SMS 
2.2.6 News SMS
2.3 SMS Feature 
2.4 SMS Market Scale 
2.5 Factors affecting SMS Market Development 
2.6 SMS of SP 
2.6.1 SMS Type Provided by Main SP
2.6.2 Charge Mode 
2.7 SMS Management of Operators

3 MMS Market  
3.1 Brief Introduction
3.2 Business Type
3.3 Feature 
3.4 Charge  
3.5 Market Scale
3.6 MMS of SP 
3.6.1 MMS Type of Main SP 
3.6.2 Charge Mode of Main SP 
3.7 MMS of Operator 
3.7.1 China Mobile 
3.7.2 China Unicom 

4 IVR Market
4.1 Brief Introduction 
4.2 Business Type 
4.3 Feature
4.4 Charge 
4.5 Market Scale 
4.6 IVR of SP 
4.6.1 IVR Revenue of Main SP 
4.6.2 IVR Type of Main SP
4.6.3 IVR Marketing Patterns of Main SP
4.7 Characteristic of Operator's IVR 

5 WAP Market 
5.1 Brief Introduction 
5.1.1 Development History 
5.1.2 WAP in China
5.2 Classification 
5.3 Feature  
5.4 Charge  
5.5 Market Scale
5.6 WAP of SP 
5.6.1 WAP Type of Main SP
5.6.2 WAP Charge of Main SP
5.7 WAP of Operator

6 Mobile Ring Tone
6.1 Brief Introduction 
6.1.1 Definition 
6.1.2 Format and Classification 
6.2 Market Scale 
6.3 Development Trend of Mobile Ring Tone Market 
6.4 Copyright Analysis of Mobile Ring Tone
6.5 Mobile Ring Tone of SP 
6.5.1 Profiting Patterns 
6.5.2 Comparison of Main SP 
6.6 Industry Structure of Mobile Ring Tone

7 Color Ring Back Tone (CRBT)
7.1 Brief Introduction of CRBT Service 
7.1.1 Definition 
7.1.2 Type 
7.2 Market Scale of CRBT
7.3 Development Trend of CRBT Market
7.4 CRBT of SP 
7.5 Industry Operation of CRBT
7.5.1 CRBT Operation Patterns of Service Providers 
7.5.2 CRBT Operation Patterns of CP 
7.5.3 CRBT Operation Patterns of Disc Companies 
7.5.4 Operators' CRBT Policies and Operation Pattern 
7.6 CRBT Operation Analysis by Provinces 

8 Mobile Music 
8.1 Brief Introduction of Mobile Music Service 
8.1.1 Definition 
8.1.2 Characteristics 
8.2 Market Scale
8.3 Development Trend
8.4 Operation Strategy of Operators 
8.4.1 Operation Strategy of China Mobile 
8.4.2 Operation Strategy of China Unicom

9 Mobile TV
9.1 Brief Introduction of Mobile TV Service
9.1.1 Definition 
9.1.2 Realization Patterns
9.2 Development Phases
9.3 Market Scale 
9.4 Current Laws, Regulations and Policies about Mobile TV
9.5 Attitude of Relative Government Departments on Mobile TV
9.5.1 The Sate Administration of Radio, Film and Television
9.5.2 Ministry of Information Industry of P.R.C.
9.5.3 Central Department 
9.6 Development Strategy of Operator 
9.6.1 China Mobile
9.6.2 China Unicom
9.6.3 SMG 

10 Mobile Game(JAVA&BREW)
10.1 Brief Introduction of Mobile Game Business
10.1.1 Definition 
10.1.2 Classification
10.1.3 Characteristics 
10.2 Development Phases
10.3 Market Scale 
10.4 Development Trend in 2006
10.5 Operation Analysis of China Mobile

11 Mobile Phone Payment  
11.1 Brief Introduction of Mobile Phone Payment Business 
11.1.1 Definition
11.1.2 Realization Method
11.1.3 Business Patterns
11.1.4 Expense and Draw of Mobile Phone Payment
11.2 Status Quo of Mobile Phone Payment Market
11.2.1 Development of Global Mobile Phone Payment Business 
11.2.2 Development of China's Mobile Phone Payment Business
11.2.3 Barriers for China's Mobile Phone Payment
11.3 Market Trend of Mobile Phone Payment
11.4 Business Analysis of Mobile Phone Payment
11.5 Industry Structure of Mobile Phone Payment
11.5.1 Industry Chain with Operator as Main Body 
11.5.2 Industry Chain with Bank as Main Body
11.5.3 Industry Chain with Payment Platform as Main Body
11.6 Operation Trend of Mobile Phone Payment

12 China Mobile VS China Unicom 
12.1 Competition Analysis of Operators 
12.2 Marketing Strategy of China Mobile 
12.3 Marketing Strategy of China Unicom

13 TOP 25 Service Providers (SP)
13.1 SINA
13.1.1 Background Analysis of SINA
13.1.2 Wireless Business Analysis of SINA
13.1.3 Market Strategy Analysis of SINA
13.1.4 Financial Revenue Analysis of SINA
13.2 TOM
13.2.1 Background Analysis of TOM
13.2.2 Business Analysis of TOM On-line 
13.2.3 Market Strategy of TOM On-line 
13.2.4 Financial Revenue of TOM On-line 
13.2.5 Advantageous Business of TOM
13.3.1 Background Analysis of NETEASE
13.3.2 Business Analysis of NETEASE
13.3.3 Market Strategy Analysis of NETEASE
13.3.4 Financial Revenue Analysis of NETEASE
13.4 SOHU
13.4.1 Background Analysis of SOHU
13.4.2 Business Analysis of SOHU
13.4.3 Market Strategy Analysis of SOHU
13.4.4 Financial Revenue Analysis of SOHU
13.5.1 Background Analysis of TENCENT
13.5.2 Business Analysis of TENCENT
13.5.3 Market Strategy Analysis of TENCENT
13.5.4 Financial Revenue Analysis of TENCENT
13.6.1 Background Analysis of SHANDA
13.6.2 Business Analysis of SHANDA
13.6.3 Market Strategy Analysis of SHANDA
13.6.4 Financial Revenue Analysis of SHANDA
13.7.1 Background Analysis of HURRAY
13.7.2 Business Analysis of HURRAY
13.7.3 Market Strategy Analysis of HURRAY
13.7.4 Financial Revenue Analysis of HURRAY
13.8 MTONE Wireless
13.8.1 Background Analysis of MTONE Wireless
13.8.2 Business Analysis of MTONE Wireless
13.8.3 Market Strategy Analysis of MTONE Wireless
13.9.1 Background Analysis of LINKTONE
13.9.2 Business Analysis of LINKTONE
13.9.3 Market Strategy Analysis of LINKTONE
13.9.4 Financial Revenue Analysis of LINKTONE
13.10.1 Background Analysis of
13.10.2 Business Analysis of
13.10.3 Market Strategy Analysis of
13.10.4 Financial Revenue Analysis of
13.11 HL 95cool
13.11.1 Background Analysis of HL 95cool
13.11.2 Business Analysis of HL 95cool
13.11.3 Market Strategy Analysis of HL 95cool
13.12 Newpalm
13.12.1 Background Analysis of Newpalm
13.12.2 Business Analysis of Newpalm
13.12.3 Market Strategy Analysis of Newpalm
13.13 A8 Limited
13.13.1 Background Analysis of A8 Limited
13.13.2 Business Analysis of A8 Limited
13.13.3 Market Strategy Analysis of A8 Limited
13.14 TSSX
13.14.1 Background Analysis of TSSX
13.14.2 Business Analysis of TSSX
13.14.3 Market Strategy Analysis of TSSX
13.15 Xuntian Telecom
13.15.1 Background Analysis of Xuntian Telecom
13.15.2 Business Analysis of Xuntian Telecom
13.15.3 Market Strategy Analysis of Xuntian Telecom
13.16 MNC
13.16.1 Background Analysis of MNC
13.16.2 Business Analysis of MNC
13.17 Netgen Inc
13.17.1 Background Analysis of Netgen Inc
13.17.2 Business Analysis of Netgen Inc
13.17.3 Market Strategy Analysis of Netgen Inc
13.18 mfun86
13.18.1 Background Analysis of mfun86
13.18.2 Business Analysis of mfun86
13.19 21CN
13.19.1 Background Analysis of 21CN 
13.19.2 Business Analysis of 21CN 
13.19.3 Market Strategy Analysis of 21CN
13.20 Lingtu
13.20.1 Background Analysis of Lingtu
13.20.2 Wireless Value-Added Service Business Analysis of Lingtu
13.20.3 Market Strategy Analysis of Lingtu
13.21 UNISK
13.21.1 Background Analysis of UNISK
13.21.2 Business Analysis of UNISK
13.21.3 Market Strategy Analysis of UNISK
13.22 UNIBREW 
13.22.1 Background Analysis of UNIBREW
13.22.2 Business Analysis of UNIBREW
13.22.3 Market Strategy Analysis of UNIBREW
13.23 Anymusic 
13.23.1 Background Analysis of Anymusic
13.23.2 Business Analysis of Anymusic
13.23.3 Market Strategy Analysis of Anymusic
13.23.4 Operation of Anymusic in 2005
13.24.1 Background Analysis of
13.24.2 Business Analysis of
13.25 Beijing Longtech Co.,Ltd 
13.25.1 Background Analysis of Longtech
13.25.2 Business Analysis of Longtech
13.25.3 Market Strategy Analysis of Longtech

14 Mobile Value-Added Service in 3G Era
Industry Chain Structure of Mobile Value-added Services
Evolvement of Mobile Network Technology and Mobile Value-added Services
Scale and Forecast of Mobile Users in China, 1997-2010
Market Scale and Forecast of Mobile Value-added Services in China, 2001-2006
Revenue of SP in Mobile Value-added Services, 2002-2006
Profit Allocation Proportion Trend of SP in China Mobile Value-added Services, 2002-2006
Classification of 2008 types of SMS in China, 2004
Ratio Diagram of Sub-services of SMS for Entertainment
Ratio Diagram of Sub-services of SMS for Education
Ratio Diagram of Sub-services of SMS for Finance
Ratio Diagram of Sub-services of SMS for Medical/healthcare and Beauty 
Ratio Diagram of Sub-services of SMS for News
Sent Volume of SMS in China, 2000-2006
Market Scale and Growth Rate of SMS in China, 2000-2006
Type of SMS from Major SPs, 2005
Type Comparison of SMS Provided by Major SPs, 2005
Charge Type Proportion of SMS
Charge Proportion of SMS by piece
Package Monthly Rate Proportion of SMS
Market Scale and Growth Rate of MMS in China, 2002-2006
Scale of MMS Users in China, 2002-2005
Types of MMS Provided by Major SPs, 2005
Type Comparison of MMS among Major SPs, 2005
Charge for MMS by Sina
Charge for MMS by TOM
Charge for MMS by
Growth of MMS Users of China Mobile
Trend of Revenue from MMS of China Mobile
Trend of Revenue from MMS of China Unicom
Trend of Revenue from MES (Multimedia E-mail Services) of China Unicom 
Growth of MES Users of China Unicom
Industry Chain Structure of IVR
Market Scale and Growth Rate of IVR in China, 2003-2008
IVR Users Scale in China, 2003-2006
IVR Market Share of Major SPs in China, 2005
IVR Type of Major SPs, 2005
Charge Allocation Model of WAP
Market Scale and Growth Rate of WAP in China, 2003-2008
WAP Users Scale in China, 2003-2008
Types of WAP Provided by Major SPs, 2005
Type Comparison of WAP Provided by Major SPs, 2005
Charge of Entertainment WAP Provided by Major SPs, 2005
Industry Structure of WAP
Market Scale and Growth Rate of Mobile Ringtone in China, 2003-2006
Number of Mobile Ringtone Owned by Major Ringtone SPs
Ringtone Proportion of Sina by Type
Ringtone Proportion of TOM by Type
Ringtone Proportion of A8 Limited
Industry Chain of Ringtone
Profit Allocation of Ringtone
Market Share of CRBT by Type
Market Scale and Growth Rate of CRBT in China, 2003-2006
CRBT User Scale in China, 2003-2006
Lifecycle of CRBT Market in China
Comparison of CRBT Resources among Major SPs
CRBT Proportion of Tencent by Type
CRBT Proportion of Linktone Ltd by Type
CRBT Proportion of Longtech by Type
CRBT Proportion of Rockmobile by Type
CRBT Proportion of Tom by Type
Industry Chain of CRBT
Market Scale of Mobile Music in China, 2005-2007
Strategy of Mobile Music Services of China Mobile
Music Portal Integration of China Mobile
Contrast of Cellular Network and DVB-H
Principle of S-DMB
Principle of T-DMB
The Way China Achieve TV-on-mobile 
Lifecycle of China TV-on-mobile Industry
Market Scale and Growth Rate of TV-on-mobile in China, 2004-2010
User Scale of Mobile TV in China, 2004-2010
Framework of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
Organizational Structure of Ministry of Information Industry
Market Scale and Growth Rate of Mobile Game in China, 2003-2006
Market Scale of Mobile Games, 2004-2005
Survey of Spending on Mobile Game by Players
Mobile Games Proportion of Monternet
Number Contrast between Single Player Game and Multi Players Game by Game Type
Number Proportion of Games Provided by Monternet Game Suppliers
Price of Single Player Game of Monternet
Price of Multi Players Game of Monternet
Mobile Payment Services
Detailed Procedure of Mobile Payment
Overall Management System of Wireless Operators
Mobile Framework of Mobile Payment
Major Objects of Micro-payment Services by Mobile Phone in Korea
Causes of Choosing Micro-payment Services by Mobile Phone in Korea
Proportion of Market Scale of Mobile Payment in China against Asia Pacific Region
Industry Chain with Mobile Operator as the Main Body
Industry Chain with Bank as the Main Body
Industry Chain with Mobile-Payment Operator as the Main Body
Overall Development Trend of Industry Chain
Development Relationship between Operator and Bank
SWOT Analysis of Value-added Services of China Mobile
SWOT Analysis of Value-added Services of China Unicom
Brand Development Strategy of China Mobile
Brand Development Strategy of China Unicom
Distribution of Market Status of SP
Operating Revenue of Sina, 2004Q1-2005Q3
Revenue from Mobile Value-added Services of Sina, 2004Q1-2005Q3
Revenue of TOM, 2004Q1-2005Q3
Revenue from Wireless Value-added Services of Tom Online, 2004Q1-2005Q3
Revenue from Wireless Value-added Services of Tom Online, 2005Q3
Revenue of Netease, 2004Q1-2005Q3
Revenue from Wireless Value-added Services of Netease, 2004Q1-2005Q3
Revenue of Sohu, 2004Q1-2005Q3
Total Revenue of Tencent, 2004Q3-2005Q3
Revenue from Mobile and Telecom Value-added Services of Tencent, 2004Q3-2005Q3
Net Income of Shanda, 2004Q2-2005Q3
Net Income of Hurray, 2004Q1-2005Q3
Revenue of 2.5G and 2G of Hurray, 2004Q1-2005Q3
Revenue from SMS and IVR of Hurray, 2004Q1-2005Q3
Sales Revenue of Linktone, 2004Q1-2005Q3
Revenue from Value-added Services of Linktone, 2004Q3-2005Q3
Operating Revenue of, 2004Q1-2005Q3
Operating Revenues Proportion of by business, 2005Q3
Lifecycle of Mobile Value-added Services
Detailed Changes after China Mobile Changed the Management to SP
Number and Proportion of Sub-services of SMS for Medical/healthcare and Beauty
Number and Proportion of Sub-services of News SMS
Statistics of SMS Provided by Major SP, 2005
Charge Standard for MMS of China Mobile
Type and Charge Standard for MES of China Unicom
Statistics of MMS Provided by Major SP 2005
Charge Standard for IVR by China Mobile
Charge Standard for IVR by China Unicom
Technical Development Stages of WAP
Evolvement of WAP
WAP Services Provided by Major SP
Top 10 Services for Mobile Ringtone Download of Uniworks
Billboard of CRBT Download of Tentent
Billboard of CRBT Download of Sina
Billboard of CRBT Download of Linktone
Billboard of CRBT Download of Longtech
Billboard of CRBT Download of TOM
Billboard of CRBT Download of
Content Development Course of Mobile Music of China Mobile
Comparison of Mobile TV Standards Based on TBT (Terrestrial Broadcasting Transmission)
Characteristics of Mobile Games by Platform
Features of Mobile Game
Distinctive Difference between Mobile Game and Traditional Game
Development Stages of Mobile Game Industry
Detailed Procedure of Mobile Payment
Development Status of Mobile Payment in Hunan Province
Memorabilia in the Development of Mobile Payment 
Main Services and Characteristics of Mobile Payment
Comparison between Mobile Purse and Mobile Bank
Characteristics of Bill Payment Service by Mobile Phone
Brand System of China Mobile
Brand System of China Unicom
Services of Sina Mobile
Market Strategy of Sina Mobile
Business Profile of TOM Online
Market Strategy of TOM Online
Business Profile of Netease
Market Strategy of Netease
Business Profile of Sohu
Market Strategy of Sohu
Wireless Value-added Product Profile of Shanda
Value-added Service Market Strategy of Shanda
Business Profile of Hurray
Market Strategy of Hurray
Wireless Service Profile of Mtone
Strategy on Wireless Market of Mtone
Business Profile of Linktone
Market Strategy of Linktone
Business Profile of
Market Strategy of
Business Profile of HL 95 cool
Market Strategy of HL 95 cool
Business Profile of Newpalm
Market Strategy of Newpalm
Business Profile of A8 Limited
Market Strategy of A8 Limited
Business Profile of TSSX
Market Strategy of TSSX
Business Profile of Xun Tian Technology
Market Strategy of Xun Tian Technology
Business Profile of Netgen Inc
Market Strategy of Netgen Inc
Business Profile of
Business Profile of 21CN
Market Strategy of 21CN
Market Strategy of Lingtu
Business Profile of UNISK
Market Strategy of UNISK
Business Profile of Unibrew
Market Strategy of Unibrew
Business Profile of Shenzhen AnyMusic
Market Strategy of Shenzhen AnyMusic
Business Profile of
Market Strategy of Longtech

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RF coaxial cable, a general term for coaxial cables that transmit electrical signal or energy within radio frequency range, is mainly used in communications equipment, communications terminals, aerosp...

Global and China RF Coaxial Cable Industry Report, 2014-2017

Benefiting from a surge in mobile phone users and gradual replacement of 2G by 3G and 4G in developing countries, global RF coaxial cable market size has been growing, registering an average annual gr...

Global and China Mobile Phone (Cell Phone) Assembly Industry Report, 2012-2013

The report highlights:     1. Global Mobile Phone Market and Industry     2. China Mobile Phone Market and Industry    3. China Mobile Phone Export  &...

China Mobile Payment Industry Report, 2012-2014

Among the current mobile payment means, remote payment is widely used in China, while less than 6% of payments are realized through NFC (Near Field Communication) payment mode. Now, mobile payment tra...

China Optical Communication Industry Report, 2012-2014

The global optical fiber and cable market maintained stable growth in 2011, and the total demand in 2011 rose by 15% year on year to over 200 million core km. In 2012, the demand remained strong, with...

Global and China Mobile (Cell) Phone Assembly Industry Report, 2011-2012

In 2011, the mobile phone output in China increased by 15.5% over 2010 to 1.172 billion sets, among which, the export volume rose by 13.9% over 2010 to 885 million sets, with the export value climbed ...

China Mobile Communication Antenna Industry Report, 2011

At the end of 2010, mobile phone users amounted to 859 million and 3G subscribers totaled 47.1 million in China. In July 2011, mobile phone users jumped to 930 million, including 87.2 million 3G subsc...

Global and China RF Coaxial Cable Industry Report, 2010-2013

RF coaxial cable is widely applied in fields including mobile communication, broadcast and television, communication terminal and aerospace etc. With rapid development of downstream industries especia...

Latin America Telecommunication Market Report, 2010-2011

Latin America is a potential market with a population and GNP over 580 million and USD2.3 trillion respectively. Telecommunication industry has started reformation since 1980s and gradually realized p...

Africa Telecom Market Report, 2010-2011

Africa is poor and underdeveloped. Among the 48 least developed countries published by the United Nations in 2011, 33 are located in Africa, where the telecom investment accounts for only 2% of the to...

Global and China Mobile Phone and Tablet PC Processor Industry Report, 2010-2011

Mobile phone processor mainly covers baseband processor and application processor, while tablet PC processor mostly refers to GPU. The mobile phone processors are undergoing great changes and the orig...

China Optical Communication Industry Report, 2010-2011

The optical communication network construction in China has transferred to the extensive upgrading of access network since 2010, and the centralized procurement quantity of FTTx by three telecom opera...

Southeast Asia and Oceania Telecommunication Industry Report, 2010-2011

Singapore boasts the highest level of telecommunication development and the most comprehensive service coverage in Southeast Asia. Along with the in-depth application of 3G during the recent years, th...

China Local Independent Design House (IDH) Survey Report, 2010-2011

To find out the development status and trends of local independent design houses (IDH), Mobile Phone Journal and ResearchInChina implemented an IDH survey jointly in March 2011.Questionnaire:1. &...

Global and China Mobile Phone RF (Radio Frequency) Industry Report, 2010-2011

Mobile phone RF system consists mainly of transceiver, power amplifier (PA) and front-end module (FEM). The RF system of a general mobile phone is simply inclusive of a transceiver and a PA. FEM can b...

Global and China Mobile Phone Manufacture Industry Report, 2010-2011

The global mobile phone shipment increased substantially in 2010 by 20.8% to 1.425 billion after the recession in the previous year, which was mainly fueled by smart phones whose shipment climbed to 3...

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