Multimedia (music & video) Handset Market Report, 2006
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Multimedia handset refers to handset is capable of obtaining and handling various kinds of data including text, graphics, image, animation, audio and video, in addition to voice service.

Composition of Multimedia Phone

The handset industry has undergone three typical stages in its development, characterized by the upgrading of multimedia functions. At least another two upgrading stages are expected in the near future. Handsets will gradually transfer from communication tool into multimedia terminal.

Development Stages of Multimedia Handsets

The former three technology progress has reshaped the image of handset as simply a communication device. The multimedia elements constantly flow in and the function of entertainment has been highlighted subsequently.

At the beginning of 2001, as chord ring tones have satisfied consumer's psychological needs, then a competition heat for chords occurred and this upsurge lasted all through 2003. Samsung chord phone made a great success then. Meanwhile, a huge market for downloading ring tone has been created.

In 2002, the display screen of handset upgraded constantly. STN was gradually replaced by TFT and CSTN. Besides, the image performance of handset was further improved, so another sales peak appeared in handset industry. At the same time, the mobile value-added market featured by image + ring-tone started expanding rapidly.

In 2003, the debut of camera phone caught mass attention. Thanks to the hot sales of camera phones, a competition of camera module upgrading occurred in 2004. However, as the entertainment function of camera phone (photos) failed to perform as widely as ring tone downloading, plus other factors, consumers became less interested in camera phone.

In early 2005, the handset market turned calm except for the highlights from ultra-thin phones like MOTO V3. At this time, MP3 handset emerged in the market and some foreknown handset manufacturers took the lead to launch MP3 handset. From then on, music has been dug out as a potential demand of consumers.

Nearly all of the mainstream manufacturers joined in the development army for music handset in the year of 2006.

Obviously, the progress of handset technology won't stop here. As a matter of fact, a new starting point is just in front of us. IC technology makes the functions of chip more diversified, moreover, its dimension is becoming smaller and smaller, which will directly lead to the appearance of completely new consumer electronics such as DV handset, TV handset, game handsets, and etc.

Classification of Multimedia Handsets

Multimedia is no longer the obvious feature of high-end handset but the standard configuration for mainstream handset in the future for the cost of these functions is becoming much lower, and any consumer is able to afford it once it is lower than USD 10 dollars.

1 Multimedia Handsets
1.1 Definition
1.2 Development

2 Chord Handsets
2.1 Development
2.2 Analysis of sound source chips
2.2.1 YAMAHA
2.2.2 OKI
2.2.3 ROHM
2.2.4 NEC
2.3 Launch trend 
2.4 Analysis of sales 
2.5 Future development

3 FM Handsets
3.1 Development
3.2 Status quo of FM decoder chips
3.2.1 Philips
3.2.2 SANYO
3.2.3 ST Microelectronics
3.3 Launch trend
3.4 Analysis of sales volume
3.5 Development trends

4 MP3 Handsets
4.1 Development
4.2 Status quo of FM decoder chips
4.2.3 NEC
4.2.3 Other potential players in handset MP3 decoder chips market
4.3 Development direction of MP3 decoder chips
4.4 Launch of MP3 handsets
4.5 Sales trends
4.6 Problems in the development of MP3 handsets

5 DC Handsets
5.1 Development
5.2 Module architecture
5.2.1 Lens
5.2.2 Sensors
5.2.3 Chip for back-end graphic processing
5.2.4 FPC
5.2.5 Camera module assembling
5.3 Development of camera module
5.3.1 Camera module assembling Primax Electronics Premierimage Chicony Electronics Tekom Technologies Liteon Semiconductor Cowell World Optech Samsung Electro-Mechanics  
5.3.2 CMOS sensor Market analysis of CMOS OmniVision Agilent Micron ST Microelectronics MAGNACHIP Samsung Electro-Mechanics IC-MEDIA technology PixArt Technologies ElecVision TransChip
5.3.3 CCD sensor in handset CCD market analysis Sony Panasonic SHARP Sanyo Fuji Mitsubishi Motor
5.3.4 Development direction of camera module (comparison between CMOS and CCD)
5.4 Launch of DC handset
5.5 Sales volume and global development trends for DC handset

6 DV Handsets
6.1 Development
6.2 Development of back-end graphic processing IC of handsets
6.2.1 Status quo of back-end graphic processing IC Core Logic Mtekvision
6.2.2 Development direction of back-end graphic processing IC
6.3 Launch of DV handset
6.4 Development trends of DV handset market

7 MP4 Handsets
7.1 Development of MP4 Handsets 
7.2 Analysis of video standard development
7.2.1 Status quo of video standard 
7.2.2 Development trends of video standard
7.3 Analysis on provider of application processor
7.3.1 Philips semiconductor
7.3.2 Renesas
7.3.3 NeoMagic
7.3.3 ST Microelectronic
7.3.4 Vimicro
7.3.5 Anyka Cayman
7.3.6 MediaTek
7.3.7 Intel
7.3.8 Qualcomm
7.3.9 Others
7.4 Launch and sales volume of MP4 handset
7.5 Development trends

8 Stream Media Handsets
8.1 Development
8.2 Analysis of solution for Stream Media
8.2.1 Windows Media Player
8.2.2 Realnetworks
8.2.3 Packet video
8.2.4 Funinhand Player
8.3 Launch and sales trend
8.4 Development trends

9 TV Handsets
9.1 Development
9.2 TV transmitting based on mobile networks
9.3 TV transmitting based on broadcast networks 
9.3.1 DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld)
9.3.2 DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting)
9.3.3 ISDB-T (Integrated Service Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial)
9.3.4 MidiaFLO
9.4 Analysis on development of transmitting way
9.5 Launch of TV handset
9.6 Sales volume and global development trends 
9.7 Problems

10 Game Handsets
10.1 Development of game handset
10.2 Development of acceleration chip for 2D/3D multimedia
10.2.1 ATI
10.2.2 NVIDIA
10.3 Launch and sales trends
10.4 Development trends

11 Analysis of consumer recognition of multimedia handsets
Composition of Multimedia Handsets
Multimedia Handset Classification
The First Type of Chord Handset in China
The First Typical Chord Handset
YAMAHA Sound Source Chip YMU757 "MA-1"
YAMAHA Sound Source Chip YMU759“MA-2”
YAMAHA Sound Source Chip YMU762“MA-3”
YAMAHA Sound Source Chip YMU765“MA-5”
OKI Sound Source Chip ML2860, ML2870
OKI Sound Source Chip ML2864, ML2871, ML2873
OKI Sound Source Chip ML2863, ML2865, ML2872
Market Share in China for YAMAHA and OKI
ROHM Sound Source Chip BU8899GU and BU8709KN
The First NEC Sound Source Chip uPD9970
Development Route of NEC Sound Source Chip
NEC Sound Source Chip uPD9993, uPD9995, uPD9996
NEC Sound Source Chip uPD9971
Launch of Chord Handsets in 2000-2005
Sales Volume of Domestic Chord Handsets in 2000-2005
The First FM Handset in China
The First Nokia Handset with FM
The First SonyEricsson Handset with FM
The First Sumsung Handset with FM
Philips FM chip TEA5761
Philips FM chip TEA5767
Sanyo LV2400 FM Chip
Sanyo LV24000FM Chip Handset Application(add FM by using LV24002)
ST Microelectronics FM Chip TDA7701
Launch of FM Handset in China, 2000-2005
Horizontal Comparison of FM Handset Manufacturers in 2005
The First Type of MP3 Handset in the World 
The First Type of MP3 Handset in China 
The First Music Handset 
Base of MP3 Technology - - Auditory Curve
Handset MP3 Decoder Chips ft1760N and ft1770N Used by Fangtek
NEC uPD9993 supported MP3 decoding 
Launch of MP3 Handset in China, 2000-2005
Growth of MP3 Handset Market Share in China, Jan-July, 2005
Market Scale of MP3 Handsets in China, 2004-2006
The First Camera handset in the World
The First Camera handset in China  
The First 1-megapixel camera phone in the World
The First 2-megapixel camera phone in the World
The First 3-megapixel camera phone in the World
The First 5-megapixel camera phone in the World
The First 7-megapixel camera phone in the World
Composition of Module
Functional Block of Graphic Processing Chip
Cost Proportion of Components of Camera Module
Camera Module Industry
Sales Revenue and Gross Profit of Primax Electronics, 2001-2005
Shipment of Camera Module of Premierimage, 2003-2005
Sales Revenue and Gross Profit of Chicony Electronics,  2001-2007
Sales Revenue and Gross Profit of Tekom Technologies, 2001-2005
Sales Revenue and Gross Profit of Liteon Semiconductor, 1999-2005
Main Business of Cowell World Optech
Revenue of OV, 2003Q4-2005Q3 
Net Revenue of OV, 2003Q4-2005Q3
Modern Products Structure 
Sensor Advancement Route of ElecVision 
Market Trend of CCD and CMOS
Launch of Camera Handsets in China, 2002-2005
Sales of Camera Handsets in China, 2002-2005
Forecast on Global Sales Volume of Handset and Camera Handsets, 2006-2008
The First Handset with Video Function in China
The First DV-shape Handset in the World 
The First 3-megapixel DV Handset in the World 
The First DV Handset in China - Amoi A660
Sales of Core Logic, 2003-2005
Output Comparison of Three Main Products of Core Logic
CAP Products of Core Logic
ISP Products of Core Logic 
MAP Products (Multimedia Application Processor) of Core Logic
Development Route of MAP Products of Core Logic
Sales Volume and Average Selling Price of Mtekvision, 2004Q1-2005Q2
Launch of DV Handsets in China, 2000-2005
Sales of DV Handsets in China, 2004 -2005 Q1-Q4
MP4 Division
The First MP4 Video Play Handset in China
MP4 Handsets of Bird
Sales Volume of Nexperia, 2002-2005
Internal Frame of PNX4008
Development Planning of Renesas SH-Mobile
Development Planning of Renesas VPU Technology
Application Field of Renesas VPU Processor
Net Sales Revenue and Net Profit of NeoMagic, 2000-2005
Development Planning of MiMagic Products 
Nomadik Structure 
Nomadik Internal Distributing Processing Pattern
Development Planning of Nomadik Products
Sales Revenue of Vimicro, 2001-2005
Internal Frame of Vimicro VC0558
Sales Revenue and Gross Profit of MediaTek, 2000-2005
Staff Composition of MediaTek
Internal Structure of PXA255
MP4 Handsets Coming into Domestic Market, 2000-2005
Sales of MP4 Handsets in China, 2004 -2005 
The Earliest Stream Media Handsets in China
The First VOD Video Player Handsets in China
Stream Media Handsets Coming into Domestic Market, 2000-2005
Sales of Stream Media Handsets Sales in China, 2004 -2005
The First TV Handsets in the World 
The First Satellite TV Handset in the World  
The First TV Handsets in China 
Comparison of Mobile Network (honeycomb system) and Mobile Broadcast Transiting way 
DVB-H TV Transmission adopted in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific Areas 
NOKIA DVB-H Handset -N92
Samsung DVB-H Handset
DMB-T Satellite Mobile Digital TV
Signal Structure of DMB-T System
DMB-T TV Transmission Adopted by South Korea 
Samsung DMB-T Handset - SCH-B200 and SCH-B250 issued in 2005
ISDB-T TV Transmission Adopted by Japan
NTT DoCoMo ISDB-T Handset 
Launch of TV Handsets in China, 2002-2005
Sales of TV Handsets in China, 2004 -2005
Sales Trend Forecast of Global TV Handsets, 2006-2010
The First Handset Embedded Game
The First Game Handset with real Meaning
Nokia N-Gage Updated Version N-Gage QD
Game Handset of LG
Operation Status of NVIDIA, 2003Q4-2005Q1
Game Handsets Coming into Domestic Market, 2003-2005
Sales of Game Handsets in China, 2004-2006
Problems of Game Handsets in 2005
Functions that Users most interested in 2005
Gender Proportion for cognition of Multimedia Handset among Handsets Users in 2005
Attractability of Multimedia Handset for Users in Different Ages 

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