China Digital TV Market Operation Report, 2006-2007
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Digital Television (DTV) is an information service platform that provides digital signals for TV programs, emission, transmit and television. Compared with the analog television, DTV enjoys the following characteristics and advantages in technology,Firstly is its high definition, good audio effects and strong anti-jamming ability.

Secondly, channel numbers will be multiplied. Using the existing 8MHz analog TV channel can transmit the DTV programs with 6-8 channels of DVD level or 15-18 channels of VCD level. The full use of TV channel resources is able to meet the personalized demands of consumers for free choices of TV programs.

Thirdly, multi-purpose services can be developed. As CATV transmission and users' access get gradually digitized, it is much easier for the development of new services such as TV websites, interactive TV, stock market and analysis and video on demand, etc, and then the users will change from simple viewers into the active participators.

Globally, the first DTV broadcasting for commercial purpose appeared in France in Apr 1996 and then it rapidly spread all over the world. The number of global DTV users has reached 220 million in 2006, and the average penetration rate of DTV came to 20%, among which Europe, US and Japan took high shares. Currently, all the countries of the world have successively put the DAC (Digital/Analog Conversion) into schedule. The Netherlands has stopped the broadcasting of analog TV programs since Dec 2006, which became the first one to completely use DTV signals. Northern European countries plan to stop these by 2007 while U.S. and Japan plan to say goodbye to analog TV by 2008 and 2011 respectively. And China plan to fulfill DAC by 2015.

In 1985, China began to transmit the programs of CCTV all over the country through telecommunication satellite. Satellite live TV adopts satellite digital compressed technology to transmit broadcasting/TV programs, which can improve the qualities of signal sources of CCTV or provincial TV programs that would be re-broadcasted in the local TV stations, and then rapidly expand the population coverage rate of broadcasting and TV programs. 

The State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT) has always positively promoted the DAC, so the number of DTV users have increased dramatically, up to 6.56 million in 2006H1 from 4.39 million in 2005. The number has broken 10 million in the full year of 2006.

According to the statistics, by the end of 2006, there have been 24 cities that have finished the overall conversion of making CATV digitized. On the basis of previous Qingdao model, Hangzhou model, Foshan model and Shenzhen model, some successful models like Guangzhou model and Guangxi model appeared again.

Number of DTV Users in China, 2004-2006

The year of 2006 witnessed obvious promotion in DTV industry than in 2005, and the number of users is preliminarily estimated to reach 12.9 million including 4.5 million of pay TV users. China DTV industry has taken an initial shape, the profit-making model centered on increasing subscription fee has been gradually formed, and a system of content supply has gradually come into being, so the DTV industry pattern has been basically established. It is estimated that the number of DTV users will reach 35 million by 2008 and the penetration rate of it will share 25% of all CATV users then.

Mobile DTV is a kind of modern system which can play and receive the digital programs by wireless digital signal emission and digital equipment terrestrial access. Shanghai Oriental Pearl Mobile Television Co., Ltd. is the China first and world second new concept media to launch outdoor digital mobile television program. By Jul 2006, about 20 provincial/city-level mobile TV stations joined in MMTV, and the terminal number accumulated to over 60.000 units and the outdoor audiences have reached more than 30 million person-times.

Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China issued the DTTB in Aug 2006 and this standard will be formally carried out by Aug 2007. This standard includes standards for single carrier and multi carrier. The release of DTTB plays a landmark event in the development of DTV standards in China, which will no doubt promote the rapid development of DTV industry.

As far as the developing trend is concerned, DTV will certainly replace the analog TV in the future. SARFT has been popularizing DTV and strives to achieve the goal of DAC. Apart from the Chinese government, channel providers, channel integrators and CATV network operators all show a great enthusiasm. All of these create an advantaged environment for the development of pay DTV. Therefore, China DTV industry will see a bright future.


1. Definitions
1.1 Digital Television (DTV)
1.2 Interactive Television (ITV)
1.3 DTV set
1.4 Set Top Box (STB)
1.5 Condition Access (CA)
1.6 Subscriber Management System (SMS)
1.7 Middleware
1.8 Electronic Program Guideline (EPG)
1.9 Video on Demand (VOD)
1.10 Data Broadcast (DB)
1.11 Pay TV 
1.12 Pay Per View (PPV)
1.13 Pay Channel
1.14 Professional Channel 

2 .Background of China's television industry
2.1 Overview of television market
2.1.1 Overview 
2.1.2 Development status of CATV 
2.1.3 Development status of satellite TV
2.1.4 Three abnormal phenomena in the development of TV market
2.1.5 Three trends of the market development in China's TV industry
2.2 Operation pattern in China's TV industry
2.2.1 Analog TV
2.2.2 DTV
2.2.3 Free TV
2.2.4 Pay TV

3. Policies concerning the development of DTV in China
3.1 DTV development plan
3.1.1 The Tenth Five-year Plan and Perspective Plan by 2010 of Radio Film and Television Technology
3.1.2 The Timetable of CATV to DTV
3.2 Related policies concerning technology and impacts
3.2.1 Instructional Guidance for Cable DTV Channel Configuration
3.2.2 Requirements and Evaluation of Cable DTV Condition Access Technology 
3.2.3 Implementation Opinions on Establishing Cable DTV System
3.2.4 Instructional Opinions on Reconstructing Cablecasting TV Network
3.2.5 Instructional Opinions on Establishing Cable DTV Service Platform
3.2.6 Suggestions of SARFT on Promoting Trial Projects to Realize Overall Conversion of Making CATV Digitized
3.2.7 Summary of National Conference on CATV Trial Work 
3.3 Related operation policies and impacts
3.3.1 Summary of the Seminar on Broadcast and Television Pay Channel Business
3.3.2 Administration Measures on Broadcast and Television Pay Channel Business
3.3.3 State Administration of Taxation’s Notice on Collecting Sales Tax from Broadcast and Television Pay Channel Service
3.3.4 Opinions on Promoting the Industrialization of Broadcast and Television Pay Channel Services
3.3.5 Management Measures of Maintenance Fees of CATV
3.3.6 Notice of SARFT on the Application of Broadcast and TV Pay Channel Services and Management of Broadcasting 
3.4 Investment policies
3.5 Related Standard of DTV

4. Analysis of DTV operation pattern
4.1 Analysis of Cable DTV operation patterns 
4.1.1 DTV industry chain
4.1.2 Analysis of operation bodies
4.1.3 Analysis of channel contents
4.1.4 Analysis of the services 
4.1.5 Analysis of pricing strategy
4.1.6 Analysis of promotion patterns
4.1.7 Current DTV operation in China
4.2 Analysis of DTV-T operation patterns
4.2.1 In-Building TV
4.2.2 Mobile TV
4.3 Analysis of satellite DTV operation patterns
4.3.1 Analysis of satellite DTV operation patterns
4.3.2 New businesses brought by satellite DTV
4.4 Analysis of IPTV operation patterns
4.4.1 Introduction to IPTV
4.4.2 Operator
4.4.3 Profit-making pattern
4.4.4 Operation performance

5 Case study of overseas DTV operation
5.1 Overview
5.2 COMCAST: DTV operator in US
5.2 SKY: DTV operator in UK
5.4 SKYPERFECT: DTV operator in Japan

6. Case study of DTV operation in China
6.1 Beijing  
6.1.1 Operators and partners 
6.1.2 Operation patterns
6.1.3 History and current status
6.1.4 Prospects
6.2 Shanghai 
6.2.1 Operators and partners 
6.2.2 Operation patterns
6.2.3 Charges 
6.2.4 History and current status
6.2.5 Prospects
6.3 Qingdao  
6.3.1 Operators and partners 
6.3.2 Operation patterns
6.3.3 Charges 
6.3.4 History and current status
6.3.5 Prospects
6.4 Foshan  
6.4.1 Operators and partners 
6.4.2 Operation patterns
6.4.3 Charges 
6.4.4 History and current status
6.4.5 Prospects
6.5 Hangzhou  
6.5.1 Operators and partners 
6.5.2 Operation patterns
6.5.3 Charges 
6.5.4 History and current status
6.5.5 Prospects
6.6 Taiyuan  
6.6.1 Operators and partners 
6.6.2 Operation patterns
6.6.3 Charges 
6.6.4 History and current status
6.6.5 Prospects
6.7 Suzhou  
6.7.1 Operators and partners 
6.7.2 Operation patterns
6.7.3 Charges 
6.7.4 History and current status
6.7.5 Prospects
6.8 Guangzhou
6.8.1 Operators and partners 
6.8.2 Operation patterns
6.8.3 Charges 
6.8.4 History and current status
6.8.5 Prospects
6.9 Shenzhen
6.9.1 Operators and partners 
6.9.2 Operation patterns
6.9.3 Charges 
6.9.4 History and current status
6.9.5 Prospects

7. Development trends and conclusions of China's DTV industry 
7.1 Major factors affecting China's DTV industry
7.1.1 Advantageous factors
7.1.2 Adverse factors
7.2 Study on the development model of China DTV
7.2.1 Qingdao model
7.2.2 Hangzhou model
7.2.3 Foshan model
7.2.4 Guangzhou model
7.3 Trends of China's DTV industry
7.3.1 Technology development trends
7.3.2 Development trends of DTV operation
7.3.3 Forecast of users market scale
7.4 Analysis of investment opportunities
Broadcast structure of TV programs in China, 2006
Structure of ad earning of broadcast and TV in China, 2006H1
The way of televiewers receiving the satellite TV in China, 2006
Population covered by satellite TV in China, 1999-2006
Accumulative population covered by satellite TV channels in eastern, central and western rural areas of China, 2006
Structure of regulatory system
Flow chart of DTV Operation 
DTV industry chain
Performance of in-building TV
Operation pattern of handset TV of Oriental Pearl
Cover range of mobile TV of Oriental Pearl
Number of viewers of mobile TV in bus in Shanghai
Cover range of mobile TV network of Beijing All Media and Culture Group (BAMC)
Business development of CATV operators
Growth in users of digital CATV in US
Number of DTV users and its penetration rate of Comcast, 2004-2006
ARPU of CATV users of Comcast, 2004Q4-2006Q3
Operating revenue and total revenue of Comcast, 2004-2006
Number of satellite live TV users of SKY, 2003-2006
Business structure of SKY, 2006
Operating profit of SKY, 2003-2006
Number of users of satellite live TV and digital CATV of SKY, 2001-2005
User Number of Sky Perfect, 2002-2006 (FY)
Operating revenue of Sky Perfect, 2004-2006 (FY)
Industry chain of BAMC
Prime operating revenue and net profit of Beijing Gehua CATV Network Co., Ltd, 2003-2006H1
Measured users of all services of Gehua CATV Network
Prime business structure of Gehua CATV Network, 2006
Cost of DTV installation in Qingdao, 2006
DTV fee standards in Qingdao, 2006
Four symbols of Qingdao to achieve ADC
Experience of successful ADC in Qingdao
Number of users of digital CATV and pay DTV in China, 2004-2006
Revenue from digital CATV and pay DTV in China, 2004-2006
Market scale growth trend of DTV in China
Sketch map of revenue pattern of DTV
Monthly charging contrast between analog TV and DTV
Growth trend of average monthly CATV fee in US
Revenue from broadcast and TV in China, 2006
Ad earnings of broadcast and TV in China, 2006 
Popularity rate of broadcast and TV in towns and villages, 2006
New users of CATV all over the provinces (regions or municipalities directly under the Central Government), 2006
Revenue from CATV fee in China, 2006
Digital CATV users in China, 2006
Revenue from pay DTV in China, 2006
Manufacturer representatives in the DTV industry chain
Number distribution of DTV channels in some cities
Jinan DTV program list
Survey about the development of DTV
List of the DTV services
Shanghai DTV services
Monthly rent charge of DTV in 9 cities of China
Set top box functions
Current and future profit-making pattern of set top box makers 
Cash flow and expenditure of DTV operators
Forces of mobile TV advertisements
Mobile TV standards in different countries
Ten years' development of American live satellite broadcast  
Classifications of China's IPTV operators  
The most popular service package of SKY, 2006
Set top box functions of Gehua CATV Network
Bidirectional functions of digital CATV of Gehua CATV Network
Service charge of OCN
Personal program content and charge of OCN
Pay channels and charging standard of DTV in Foshan
Development course of DTV in Foshan
DTV STB and service types in Hangzhou
Information TV charge of Hushu Online
IPTV charge of Hushu Online
Charge for CATV services in Taiyuan
Overview of digital CATV services in Shuzhou
DTV channel list in Guangzhou
Charge list of IPTV in Shenzhen

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