Mobile Handset Framework & Case Industry Report, 2006
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Handset case is a field with high technical threshold. At present, China only has a few handset case manufacturers whose products could meet the middle standards although it is world's largest production base of plastic products. Globally, only about 11 to 15 suppliers could embark upon the production of handset cases in accordance with middle standards.

Gross Profit Margin of Global Top 11 Handset Case Suppliers, 2006

Experienced years of development, the market of plastic handset case is in maturity and the competition becomes fiercer and fiercer. Nearly all plastic handset case suppliers suffer from a sharp drop in the operating profit margin. In 2003, most suppliers could keep an operating profit margin of 20-25% or so, but the figure decreased to 10% or even less in 2006. Probably, it is difficult for those suppliers in year of 2007. After years of probe in the market and being led by the trend of Motorola's super-thin handsets, metal case rapidly seized the market of high-end handsets. Since the high threshold of metal case, it will be hard for handset manufacturers that are specialized in plastic cases to enter this field. Currently, the world's major handset metal case manufacturers cluster in China's Taiwan, including Chi Cheng, CATCHER, Foxconn, Waffer and ICHIA, etc., and 90% of metal handset cases are produced in Taiwan. Besides, the Korean supplier HV-VATEC should also not be neglected.

There are two trends for the development of handset cases in the future. The metalized case has become the mainstream in middle-standard handsets of plastic handsets; the other is the increasing proportion of metal handset cases, particularly in high-end handsets. Metal case enjoys many advantages over plastic case. To begin with, metal handset case can be made lighter and thinner, and its intensity is superior to that of plastic ones. Thinness and lightness means a lot for handsets in the market nowadays. Secondly, metal case is characterized by excellent thermal conduction. Presently, the ever increasing power consumption of handsets, particularly the ones adopting 0.18-um technique, will lead to the heat threat to handset users in talk time. Next, metal case is merited by electro-magnetic interference, far superior to plastic case and with less harm to users' health. Lastly, metal case is environment-friendly and can be recycled, while it will take decades for plastic case to break up and does a lot harm to the environment. However, metal handset case has disadvantages such as long development period, high cost of materials, excessive manufacturing procedures and low good yield, etc. This shows that metal case is suitable for high-end handsets and smart phones with large shipment.

In 2003, the handsets adopting plastic cases enjoyed a proportion of 99%, while metal case (aluminum alloy) only 1%. The proportion of aluminum alloy case can be up to 8% in 2006 and 10% in 2007. In quantity, the figure will increase from 110 million pieces in 2006 to 157 million pieces in 2007, up by 43% year-on-year.

There is a trend of Mg-alloy case to substitute for plastic materials. Motorola will increase the proportion of adopting Mg-alloy framework to be 50%. In addition, there will be also a growth of 15% to 20% for Nokia in 2006, and about 20% for Samsung. The proportion for the mobile framework adopting Mg-alloy was 90% in 2005, 17% in 2006, and 25% in 2007. The annual shipment in 2005 got to 72.9 million pieces, up by 53%, and the shipment in 2006 increased to 102.8 million pieces with a growth rate of 141%. In 2007, the shipment will rise to 285 million pieces. As far as the plastic case is concerned, the market is shrinking, and the shipment will decreased from 805 million pieces in 2006 to 700 million pieces in 2007.

1. Brief Introduction to Handset Framework and Case
1.1 Development Trend of Handset Framework and Case
1.2 Status Quo of the Metalized Trend of Handset Case
1.3 Brief Introduction to Metal Handset Framework and Case Materials

2. Handset Framework and Case Market

3. Handset Framework and Case Industry

4. Research on Handset Framework and Case Suppliers
4.1 Intops
4.2 P&TEL
4.4 Green Point (Acquired by Jabil)
4.5 Chi Cheng
4.7 HI-P
4.9 Foxconn
4.10 Balda
4.11 Nolato
4.12 Nypro
4.13 Smuggled and Refurbished Handset Case Manufacturers in Mainland China

5. Research on Handset Manufacturers
5.1 Handset Manufacturers
5.1.1 Samsung
5.1.2 Sony-Ericsson
5.1.3 Nokia
5.1.4 LG
5.1.5 Motorola
5.1.6 BenQ
5.1.7 Bird
5.1.8 TCL Communication
5.1.9 Lenovo Mobile
5.1.10 Konka
5.1.11 Amoi
5.1.12 Yulong
5.2 OEM/ODM Manufacturers
5.2.1 HTC
5.2.2 Compal
5.2.3 Arima
5.2.4 Foxconn
5.2.5 Flextronics
5.3 Summary of China Handset Industry
Overview of Mainstream Handsets Adopting Metal Cases, 2006H2
Statistics & Forecast of Handset Case Prices, 2003-2008
Statistics & Forecast of Prices of Handset Frameworks, 2003-2008
Shipment & Forecast of Handset Metal Cases and Frameworks, 2003-2008
Global Market Shares of Major Handset Framework and Case Suppliers, 2006
Gross Profit Margin of World's Top 11 Handset Case Suppliers, 2006
Handset Case Shipment of Intops at China and Abroad, 2006Q1-2007Q4
Statistical Sales Income and Operating Profit Margin of Intops Tianjin Plant
Proportion of Stockholders of P&TEL
Revenue of P&TEL by Product, 2005Q1-2006Q4
Introduction to Main Production Bases of P&TEL
Handset Case Business Flow of P&TEL
Design Ability of P&TEL
Main Products of P&TEL
Sales Revenue of KH-VATEC by Product, 2006Q1-Q4
Latest Handset Models of Chi Cheng
Sales Revenue of PERLOS, 2001-2006
Sales Revenue of PERLOS by Region, 2005-2006
Manpower Distribution of PERLOS by Region, 2006
Regional Distribution of Factory Area of PERLOS, 2006
Statistics on Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of HI-P, 2001-2006
Statistical Income of HI-P by Division, 2001-2005
Quarterly Income of HI-P by Division, 2005Q1-2006Q1
Handset Manufacture and Design Ability of HI-P
Global Distribution of HI-P
Statistics & Forecast of Sales Revenue of Foxconn by Product, 2006Q1-2007Q4
Proportion of Stockholders of Balda Group
Organizational Structure of Balda Group
Organizational Structure of Balda (Asia)
Core Competitiveness of Balda
Main Clients of Balad by Field
Global Distribution of Balda
Statistical Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Nolato, 2001-2006
Revenue of Noalto by Division, 2005-2006
Handset Shipment and Annual Growth Statistics of Samsung, 2001-2006
Quarterly Shipment of Samsung Handset, 2005Q1-2006Q4
Handset Shipment of Samsung by Region, 2005-2006
Revenue & Pre-tax Profit Margin of Sony-Ericsson, 2005Q2-2006Q4
Shipment & Average Prices of Sony-Ericsson Handsets, 2005Q2-2006Q4
Shipment & Average Prices of Sony-Ericsson Handsets, 2005Q2-2006Q4
Shipment of Nokia Handsets by Region, 2005Q1-2006Q4
Shipment & Average Sales Prices of Nokia Handsets, 2005Q1-2006Q4
Sales Income & Operating Profit Margin of Nokia Handsets, 2005Q1-2006Q4
Handsets Shipment of LG and Annual Growth, 2001-2006
Quarterly Shipment of LG Handsets, 2005Q4-2006Q4
Sales Income & Operating Profit Margin of Motorola Handsets, 2006Q1-Q4
Handsets Shipment and Market Shares of Motorola, 2006Q1-Q4
Framework of Mobile Business Division of BenQ
Income Structure of BenQ by Division, 2004Q4-2006Q3
Organizational Structure of TCL Communication
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of TCL Communication, 2001-2005
Statistics & Forecast of Revenue of HTC by Product, 2006Q1-2007Q4
Statistical Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of HTC, 2000-2006
Corporate Structure of Compal
Operating Income and Gross Profit Margin of Compal, 2001-2006
Organizational Structure of Arima Communications
Global Layout of Arima Communications
Product Roadmap of Arima Communications
Income and Gross Profit Margin of Arima Communications, 2001-2006
Shipment and Average Sales Prices of Arima Communications, 2005Q1-2006Q4
Investments of Arima Communications in Mainland China
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of FIH, 2001-2006H1
Product Development Flow of FIH
Statistical Revenue of Flextronics, 2005Q4-2006Q4
Revenue of Flextronics by Region, 2005Q4-2006Q4
Product Income Structure of Flextronics, 2005Q4-2006Q4
Core Strategies of Flextronics
Quarterly Terminal Business Income of Elocteq, 2004Q1-2006Q3
Statistics on Quarterly Operating Profit of Elocteq, 2004Q1-2006Q2
Quarterly Revenue of Elocteq by Region, 2004Q1-2006Q2
Viewpoints and Strategies of Elocteq
7C Strategy of Elocteq
Business Workflow of Elocteq
Comparison between Features of Handset Case Materials
Estimated Demand of Handset-use Mg-alloy Worldwide
Estimated Demand of Handset-use Aluminum-alloy Worldwide
Sales Income of P&TEL by CDMA, GSM and PCS, 2005Q1-2006Q3
Sales Revenue of Handset Components of P&TEL, 2005Q1-2006Q3
Financial Performance of Green Point, 2006
Proportion of Customers of Chi Cheng, 2005-2006H1
Main Suppliers of Components for Samsung Handsets
Main Suppliers of Components for Sony-Ericsson Handsets
Main Suppliers of Components for Nokia Handsets
Main Suppliers of Components for LG Handsets
Main Suppliers of Components for Motorola Handsets
Main Suppliers of Components for BenQ Handsets
Sales Volume, Sales Income and Average Prices of Bird, 2005-2006H1
Financial Performance of Associated Companies of Bird
Main Suppliers of Components for Bird Handsets
Main Suppliers of Components for Handsets of TCL Communication
Handset Shipment and Sales Revenue of Lenovo Mobile, 2005Q2-2006Q4
Main Suppliers of Components for Konka Handsets
Associated Companies of Amoi
Main Suppliers of Components for Amoi Handsets
Major Suppliers of Raw Materials for Arima Communications
Proportion for OEM Companies of Motorola
Proportion for OEM Companies of Nokia
Production Bases of Flextronics in China
Production Bases of Elocteq
Export Volume of Top 22 Handsets in China, 2006

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