China Packaging Industry Report, 2006
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China modern packaging industry develops rapidly after the implementation of reform and opening policy. With the development of domestic trades, especially the imports and exports, China packaging industry has experienced an essential change, and the level of packaging products has enhanced a lot and almost can reach the international advanced level in many aspects. In recent years, China's economy has witnessed a sustainable development and so do the foreign investment and import & export trade, all of which have driven paper packaging industry to advance amazingly. Now there are more than 11,000 packaging enterprises in China and the production value has increased from less than RMB 10 billion in early 1980s to RMB 410 billion in 2005. China has become the world's third largest packaging country next to US and Japan. However, the variety and quality still can not meet the requirements of export and high-grade products, and about 1/4 of products need to be imported. 

Statistics of Import & Export of China Packaging Paper, 1996-2005

It is now the crucial moment for China packaging industry to get shuffled and upgraded. It has developed from single packaging products in early 1980s to current six packaging categories. There are over 4000 corrugation production lines in China, which have already outnumbered the total production lines of US, Japan and Europe. However, according to the market demand, 2/3 production lines are of overplus. Besides, the emerging note paper is growing up rapidly and is of broad market prospect. 

With the economic development and the improvement of living standard, the demands for instant food such as microwave food, snack food and frozen food will increase constantly, and this will bring along the demands for food packaging directly, so, China food and packaging machinery industry will maintain the positive growth in quite a long time. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the annual total output value of China packaging industry is expected to achieve RMB 450 billion at an annual growth rate of 7%; during 2011-2015 period, the annual total output value is expected to break through RMB 600 billion at the average annual growth rate of around 16%. Classified by product, by 2015, the output of paper packaging products can achieve 36 million tons, plastic packaging products 9.46 million tons, metal packaging products 4.91 tons, glass packaging products 15.5 million tons and packaging machines 1.2 million sets.

It is estimated that the recycling economy will become the main model in the development of packaging industry, the recycling and application of packaging waste resources will realize the industrialization, green packaging materials will make great progress, and the growth of packaging basic industry will also be accelerated. 

As a sunrise industry, packaging industry will face both opportunities and challenges in the future. With the stable economic growth, China packaging industry can still see a huge development potential.

1 Current Status of China Packaging Industry 
1.1 Overview 
1.1.1 Development history 
1.1.2 Overview of market scale
1.1.3 China has become third largest packaging country in the world
1.1.4 Standardization of packaging brings brand effects 
1.1.5 China packaging industry is facing low-profit market
1.2 Packaging Enterprises and Status quo of the Industry
1.2.1 Basic thought on developing China packaging industry
1.2.2 Industrial structure 
1.2.3 Sector structure
1.3 Hot Topics 
1.3.1 Frequent hidden security troubles in food packaging industry 
1.3.2 Analyze recycling economy in view of over packaging of commodities
1.3.3 It is imperative for packaging industry to promote and implement recycling economy instantly
1.3.4 China green packaging industry chain has taken on the initial shape
1.3.5 Green packaging promotes sustainable development of packaging industry 
1.4 Key regional markets of packaging industry
1.4.1 Beijing
1.4.2 Shanghai
1.4.3 Shenzhen
1.4.4 Wenzhou 

2 Market Demands of Packaging Industry
2.1 Market Demands in Some Important Historical Stages
2.1.1 Status during the Sixth Five-Year Plan period (1981-1985)
2.1.2 Status during the Seventh Five-Year Plan period (1986-1990)
2.1.3 Status during the Eighth Five-Year Plan period (1991-1996)
2.1.4 Status during the ninth Five-Year Plan period (1996-2000)
2.1.5 Status during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period (2000-2005)
2.2 Demand Forecast of China Packaging Industry 
2.2.1 Total industrial output value forecast during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period
2.2.2 Output forecast of main packaging products
2.2.3 Demands of pharmaceutical packaging grow speedily 
2.2.4 Packaging industry faces opportunities from 2008 Beijing Olympics
2.2.5 Food packaging machinery has great export opportunities 
2.2.6 Plastic packaging container for beverage is of broad market prospect 

3 Analyses on Main Sub-industries in Packaging Industry
3.1 Paper Packaging Industry
3.1.1 Market overview 
3.1.2 Paper packaging industry shall become the fresh forces in developing recycling economy
3.1.3 China paper packaging market needs great reform 
3.1.4 Three transferences will appear in paper packaging market in 2006
3.1.5 Development trend of manufacture equipments of paper packaging products
3.1.6 Development trend of new techniques in paper packaging products of China
3.1.7 Current status and development trend of China paper packaging material market
3.2 Plastic Packaging Industry
3.2.1 Development overview 
3.2.2 Economic status analysis in 2005
3.2.3 Main patterns and new evolvements 
3.2.4 Main application fields and new evolvements
3.2.5 Development movements of plastic packaging industry
3.2.6 Nine development trends in plastic green packaging industry
3.2.7 Development trend of plastic packaging industry 
3.3 Metal Packaging Industry 
3.3.1 Development overview
3.3.2 Market operation in 2005
3.3.3 Problems and development expectation 
3.3.4 Metal packaging development under recycling economy 
3.4 Glass Packaging Industry
3.4.1 Development overview
3.4.2 Achievements and problems
3.4.3 International glass packaging giants rush into China in succession
3.4.4 System reform and reorganization have been completed basically 
3.4.5 Research orientation 
3.5 Package Printing Industry 
3.5.1 Overview
3.5.2 Programs during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period 
3.5.3 Modern package printing techniques and development trend
3.5.4 Opportunities from Beijing Olympics and development forecast in next ten years
3.5.5 Development in next ten years
3.6 Packaging Machinery Industry
3.6.1 Packaging machinery and classification
3.6.2 Market status 
3.6.3 Prospect 
3.6.4 17 standards will be formulated 
3.6.5 Three development trends 
3.6.6 Development trend by 2010

4 Packaging of Key Product 
4.1 Pharmaceutical Packaging and Contactless Pharmaceutical Packaging
4.1.1 Definition 
4.1.2 Development status of pharmaceutical packaging
4.1.3 Growth of China pharmaceutical packaging in 2005
4.1.4 Status quo of contact pharmaceutical packaging
4.1.5 Status quo of contactless pharmaceutical packaging
4.1.6 Development of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging market under international competition
4.1.7 Analysis on development trends of pharmaceutical paper-box packaging in recent years
4.1.8 Development trend of pharmaceutical packaging machinery 
4.1.9 Development trend of pharmaceutical packaging
4.2 Food Packaging 
4.2.1 Status quo
4.2.2 Food packaging and recycling economy
4.2.3 CQC standard will be compulsively carried out in 2006 
4.2.4 Development mainstream in the future
4.2.5 Automation and development trend in China food and beverage packaging 
4.2.6 Modern food packaging shows new trends 
4.2.7 Future demands of food packaging
4.2.8 Current status and future development orientation of food packaging machinery
4.3 Dairy Packaging
4.3.1 Huge potentials
4.3.2 Status quo 
4.3.3 Influencing factors 
4.3.4 Development trend 
4.4 Market Analysis of Beverage Packaging
4.4.1 Beverage industry is experiencing a rapid growth 
4.4.2 Status of beverage packaging of China
4.4.3 Overall development status of China beverage packaging container
4.4.4 Pattern and new techniques of beverage packaging market
4.4.5 Beverage packaging materials and new development trends
4.5 Cosmetics Packaging
4.5.1 Market overview 
4.5.2 Modern cosmetics packaging with new features
4.5.3 Diversified designs 
4.5.4 Anti-counterfeiting printing techniques 
4.5.5 Development trend
4.5.6 Leading orientations of China cosmetics packaging materials

5 Industry Competition and Influencing Factors
5.1 Competition Pattern in Packaging Industry
5.1.1 Current status 
5.1.2 Conglomerates and large-scale enterprises have gradually formed
5.1.3 New market pattern in beverage packaging industry
5.2 Market competition in Packaging Industry 
5.3 Influences of China's entry into WTO
5.3.1 Influence on sub-industries
5.3.2 Impacts of China's entry into WTO 
5.3.3 Opportunities of China's entry into WTO 
5.3.4 Countermeasures against China's entry into WTO
5.3.5 Service competition 

6 Analyses on Listed Enterprises in Packaging Industry
6.1 Jiangsu Zhongda New Material Group Co., Ltd.
6.1.1 Company profile 
6.1.2 Operation in 2005-2006
6.1.3 Main subsidiaries 
6.2 Zhuhai Zhongfu Industrial Group Co.,Ltd. 
6.2.1 Company profile
6.2.2 Operation in 2005-2006
6.2.3 Operations of wholly-owned attached enterprises and holding subsidiaries 
6.3 Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., Ltd. 
6.3.1 Company profile
6.3.2 Operation in 2005-2006
6.4 Hubei Jingshan Light Industry Machinery Stock Co.,Ltd.
6.4.1 Company profile
6.4.2 Operation in 2005-2006
6.4.3 Operations and performances of main holding enterprises
6.5 Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd. 
6.5.1 Company profile
6.5.2 Operation in 2005-2006

7 Analyses on Unlisted Enterprises in Packaging Enterprises
7.1 China National Packaging Corporation
7.1.1 Company profile
7.1.2 Main businesse 
7.1.3 Asset operation status
7.2 Zhongshan ZhangJiaBian Group Corporation 
7.2.1 Company profile
7.2.2 Operation status
7.3 Others
7.3.1 Zhenjiang Shengda Packaging Co., Ltd. 
7.3.2 Wuxi Huapeng Jiaduobao Bottle-cap Co.,Ltd
7.3.3 Jiangsu Pacific Ocean Printing Group Corporation 

8 Development Trends of Packaging Industry
8.1 Development Strategies 
8.1.1 Current status 
8.1.2 Future development thoughts 
8.1.3 Accelerating the development of world packaging industry together 
8.2 Standardized Developing Programs during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period
8.2.1 Basic conditions 
8.2.2 Environment and demand 
8.2.3 Guidelines and objectives 
8.2.4 Key tasks, key fields, key techniques and key projects 
8.2.5 Measures and suggestions 
8.3 Development Trend of Packaging Industry
8.3.1 Recycling economy will become main model of development
8.3.2 Industrialization of recycling and application of packaging waste resources
8.3.3 Green packaging materials will be exploited and developed greatly 
8.3.4 Packaging basic industry will be developed speedily 
8.4 Market development trend 
8.5 Product trend 
8.6 Technology development trend 

9 Market Opportunities and Operation Strategies of China Packaging Industry
9.1 Advantages and Disadvantages
9.2 Chances and Threats 
9.3 Development Countermeasures 
9.4 Competitive Strategies 
Achievements on main economic indexes of Beijing above-scale printing and packaging enterprises during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period
Gross industrial output value proportion of packaging industry in eastern, central and western areas
Proportion of gross industrial output value of packaging industry in different regions of China 
Regional distribution of output value in packaging industry during the Sixth Five-Year Plan period
Regional distribution of output value in packaging industry during the Seventh Five-Year Plan period
Regional distribution of output value in packaging industry during the Eighth Five-Year Plan period
Regional distribution of output value in packaging industry during the Ninth Five-Year Plan period
Estimated output value of China packaging industry, 2001-2015
Statistics of import and export of China packaging paper, 1996-2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of paper-box products, Feb-Dec 2005 
Nationwide statistics of total output of paper pulp, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of paper products, Feb-Dec 2005
Main economic indexes of nationwide paper pulp manufacture according to ownership, 2005
Main economic indexes of nationwide paper-making manufacture according to ownership, 2005
Main economic indexes of nationwide paper products manufacture according to ownership, 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of plastic packaging boxes and containers, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of metal containers, Feb-Dec 2005
Main economic indexes of nationwide container and metal packaging bag manufacture according to ownership, 2005
Objective of metal packaging industry, 2006-2020 
Nationwide statistics of total output of packaging machinery, Feb-Dec 2005
Main economic indexes of nationwide specialized packaging equipment manufacture according to ownership, 2005
Material list of pharmaceutical packaging
Nationwide statistics of total output of candy products, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of instant noodle product, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of can product, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of soy sauce, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of dairy products, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of liquid dairy products, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of beverage wine products, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of alcohol products, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of beer products, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of wine products, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of soft drinks products, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of carbonated drinks products, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of fruit juice and juice drinks products, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of frozen drinks products, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of refined tea products, Feb-Dec 2005
Nationwide statistics of total output of bottled/canned water, Feb-Dec 2005 
Profit structure of Jiangsu Zhongda New Material Group Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006 
Profit-making ability of Jiangsu Zhongda New Material Group Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006
Operation capacity of Jiangsu Zhongda New Material Group Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006 
Profit structure of Zhongfu Industrial Group Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006 
Profit-making ability of Zhongfu Industrial Group Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006
Operation capacity of Zhongfu Industrial Group Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006
Profit structure of Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006
Profit-making ability of Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006
Operation capacity of Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006
Profit structure of Hubei Jingshan Light Industry Machinery Stock Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006
Profit-making ability of Hubei Jingshan Light Industry Machinery Stock Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006
Operation capacity of Hubei Jingshan Light Industry Machinery Stock Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006
Profit structure of Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006
Profit-making ability of Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006
Operation capacity of Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd., 2005-Mar 2006

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