China Advertising Industry Forecast Report, 2007-2010
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China's advertising industry develops rapidly in recent years. In 1H2006, the revenues of China advertising stood at RMB155.5 billion, up by 18% compared to the same period last year. Of which, cosmetics/bath items industry was in the first position with RMB25.6 billion advertising released, followed by medicine, commerce & service industry, food and beverage. Yet, beverage industry grew by 55%, being the fastest.

The Released Total of Media Advertisements in China, 2004-1H2006
(Unit: RMB100 million)

In 1H2006, there was a significant surge in the released advertisements since the holding of Torino Winter Olympics, German World Cups, Super Girl TV program and other events. If compared with 21% growth in 2005, there was a declining trend for the growth rate of the advertising market in 2006.

From the year 2007, the global advertising market will keep an annual growth rate of 5% or so. In particular, the emerging markets and online advertising market will increase at a double-digit rate. Currently, the online advertising market develops fast, and the growth will be up to 24.5% in 2007. Large advertising corporations around the world pay a lot of attention to the emerging markets in China and Russia. The growth rate of Chinese advertising market, as estimated, will be up to 19%. In comparison to the strong momentum of Internet Advertising and emerging markets, there is a slow growth for the traditional advertising & media markets in western developed countries.

Since the Opening-up of Chinese advertising market to the outside world on Dec 10th 2005, the exceedingly growing Chinese advertising market has attracted many multi-national advertising groups that boast of capital strength, scientific management methods, experienced operation, talented human resources and diversified business portfolio, bringing great challenges to domestic advertising companies.

Top 5 Media Advertising Released Industries in China, 20051H and 20061H
(Unit: RMB100 million)

The Fastest and Slowest Growing Industries by Released Media Advertisement
(Unit: RMB100 million)

Some multi-national advertising & media groups are making further efforts in China to purchase more local advertising firms. The operation of overseas capital is vital to the survival of Chinese media, and thus national brands are hard to be cultivated in short run. Besides, the traditional cultural heritage has also been weakened. The steadily growing Chinese advertising industry is vulnerable to the seizure of multinational advertising corporations that carried out the cooperation with local counterparts at first and gradually acquired them.

The report is based on the information from the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the Ministry of Culture, the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's Republic of China, China Advertising Association, CTR MI and related newspapers and magazines. It gives an elaborate study on the fundamentals, development environments of China's advertising industry and its development in major cities, key advertising companies as well as the State's policies towards advertising. In addition, more attention is paid upon the development trend, segmented markets and investment prospect of advertising industry. This report can not only help institutions like advertising companies, film &TV enterprises, agencies and investment organizations to be familiar with the latest developments of advertising industry for the moment; but it also is a decision-making reference for corporate positioning and development strategies of enterprises.

1. Environments for the Development of China's advertising Industry
1.1 Economic Environment
1.2 Political Environment
1.3 Cultural and Technical Environments

2. Review of the Operation of Advertising Industry, 2001-2006
2.1 Status Quo of Advertising Market
2.1.1 Market Scale
2.1.2 Operation Performance of Advertising Enterprises
2.1.3 Structural Changes of Advertising Media
2.2 Financial Performance of Advertising Industry
2.2.1 Profitability
2.2.2 Operating Efficiency
2.2.3 Solvency
2.2.4 Growing Competence 
2.3 Appraisal of Current Development of Advertising Industry
2.3.1 Existing Problems
2.3.2 Advantages and Disadvantages in the Industry
2.3.3 More Importance of Advertising Industry in National Economy

3. Segmentation of Advertising Market, 2006
3.1 Newspapers and Periodicals Advertising Market
3.1.1 Situation of National Newspapers and Periodicals, 2006
3.1.2 Various Kinds of Newspaper/Periodical/Magazine Ads
3.1.3 Released Advertisements of Each Industry
3.1.4 Market Shares for Newspaper & Periodical Advertisements in Major Cities
3.1.5 Patterns of Urban Medicine Newspaper & Periodical Advertisement Market, 2006
3.2 TV Advertising Market
3.2.1 Overview of TV Advertising Market
3.2.2 Development Trend of TV Advertising Market
3.2.3 Audience Rating of CCTV
3.2.4 Released Proportion of TV and Plane Advertising on Vehicle
3.3 Broadcast Advertising Market
3.3.1 Features of Broadcast Advertising
3.3.2 Development of Broadcast Advertising
3.3.3 Release Rank of Broadcast Advertising Market
3.4 Outdoors Advertising Market
3.4.1 China Outdoors Advertising Market, 2006
3.4.2 The Release of Outdoors Advertising Market, 2006
3.4.3 Bottlenecks in the Development of China Outdoors Advertising
3.4.4 Lifestyles and Contact Habits of Audience to Outdoors Advertising
3.5 Online Advertising Market
3.5.1 Status Quo of Online Advertising
3.5.2 Market Size of Search Engine Advertising, 2006
3.5.3 Operation Patterns of Online Advertising
3.5.4 Merits and Features of Online Advertising
3.5.5 Advertising Income of Top Five Websites in China
3.6 Wireless Advertising Market
3.6.1 Development of Wireless Advertising Market
3.6.2 SWOT Analysis of Mobile Phone Advertising
3.6.3 Analysis on the Profitability of Wireless Advertising
3.7 Other Media Advertising Market
3.7.1 Current Development of Elevator Media Advertising
3.7.2 Status Quo and Development of Building Video Media
3.7.3 Development Overview of Train Media Advertising

4. Competition Pattern and Competition Behavior of China's advertising Industry
4.1 Competition Pattern
4.1.1 Traditional Media Seizes the Half of Advertising Market
4.1.2 Rapid Growth of Foreign-funded Advertising Companies After Opening-up
4.1.3 The launch of Industrial Advertising Reflects Industrial Hotspots
4.1.4 Unique Characteristics of Regional Patterns
4.2 Competition Behavior
4.2.1 More Acquisitions and Mergers after the Opening-up of the Market
4.2.2 Fierce Competition of Building Advertising
4.2.3 Different Market Strategy of Online Advertising Companies
4.2.4 Integration of New and Old Media in the Competition
4.3 International Competitiveness of China's Advertising Industry
4.3.1 Productive Elements
4.3.2 Demand Conditions
4.3.3 Resources and Related Industries
4.3.4 Corporate Operation, Structure and Competition
4.3.5 Role of the Government

5. Comparative Analysis of Regional Advertising Markets
5.1 Uniquely Regional Characteristics of Advertising Industry
5.1.1 General Description of Regional Development
5.1.2 Development of Advertising Industry Not Completely Decided by Economic Progression
5.2 Development of Advertising Markets in Key Provinces and Cities
5.2.1 Advertising Data Monitored of Beijing
5.2.2 Overview of Advertising Development in Guangdong Province
5.2.3 Guangzhou Media and TV Advertising
5.2.4 Development of Advertising Industry in Shanghai
5.2.5 Development of Advertising Industry in Shanxi Province
5.2.6 Development of Advertising Industry in Guizhou Province
5.3 Overall Appraisal of Advertising Competitiveness by Region

6. Development Trend and Prospect of Advertising Industry, 2007-2010
6.1 Prospect of Development Environments
6.1.1 Steadily Sustainable Development of National Economy
6.1.2 Trend of Major Policies and its Influences
6.2 Trend Analysis of China's advertising Industry, 2007-2010
6.2.1 The Growth of Deputizing Media Advertising
6.2.2 The Rising of the Emerging Demassification Media as a New Force
6.2.3 Increasing Number of Advertising Enterprises
6.2.4 Climbing Proportion of Advertising Industry in National Economy
6.3 Market Forecast of China's Advertising Industry, 2007-2010
6.3.1 Forecast of Total Market Size
6.3.2 Forecast of Segmented Market Scale
6.3.3 Forecast of Changes in Market Structure
6.4 Development Orientation and Countermeasures of Advertising
6.4.1 Celebrity Advertising Influences
6.4.2 Advertising Influences and Brand Prevalence
6.4.3 Involvement of Government in China's Advertising Industry
6.4.4 Development Orientation of Advertising Industry

7. Operation and Competition of Well-known Advertising Enterprises
7.1 Integrated Advertising Enterprises
7.1.1 Leo Burnett
7.1.2 Beijing Dentsu
7.1.3 Future Advertising Agency
7.1.4 Appraisal of Overall Competitiveness of Key Enterprises
7.2 Advertisement Broadcasting Enterprises
7.2.3 Focus Media
7.2.4 TOM Outdoor
7.2.5 Appraisal of Overall Competitiveness of Key Enterprises
7.3 Other Commercial Advertising Enterprises
7.3.1 Ogilvy & Mather Group
7.3.2 Guangdong Advertising Co., Ltd.
7.3.3 Bashu New Image Ad. & Media Shared Co., Ltd.
7.3.4 Hainan White Horse Medium Investment Co., Ltd.
7.3.5 Appraisal of Overall Competitiveness of Key Enterprises

8. Investment and Strategy of China's Advertising Industry
8.1 Appraisal of Investment Environments of Advertising Industry
8.1.1 Ecological Environments for China Media Advertising Operation
8.1.2 Features of Various Advertising Media
8.1.3 Appraisal of Current Investments in Advertising Industry
8.2 New Investment Opportunities of Advertising Industry
8.2.1 Commercial Advertisements Expected by Blogs
8.2.2 Potentials of Online Video Advertising Market
8.2.3 Development of Narrow Advertising
8.3 Investment Risks and Strategies & Suggestions
8.3.1 Investment Risks
8.3.2 Investment Strategies and Suggestions
Growing Trend of China's GNP, 2001-2006
Trend of Boom Index of Major Industries in China, 2001-2006
Fixed Asset Investments of China, 2001-2006
Growing Trend of Newspaper & Periodical Advertising, 2001-2006
Advertising Amount of Newspaper and Magazine Advertisement, 2005-2006
Advertising Amount of Sundry Newspaper Advertisement, 2005-2006
Advertising Amount of Sundry Magazine Advertisement, 2005-2006
Top 15 Industries in Newspaper & Periodical Advertisement, 1H2006
Audience Ratings of TV Stations in China, 2006
Vehicle TV Advertisement Released in Three Major Cities, 2005-2006
Vehicle Plane Advertisement Released in Three Major Cities, 2005-2006
Comparison of the Revenues of Traditional Advertising and Online Advertising, 2004-2006
Using Amount of Online Search Engines, 2004-2006
The Released Scale and Growth Rates of China Online Advertising, 2001-2010
Forecasted Revenues of China P2P Streaming Media Advertising, 2007-2010
The Number of Online Advertising Owners in China, 2001-2006
Advertising Income of, 2001-2006
Market Scale of Search Engine Advertising, 2006Q1-Q3
Online Advertising Released Expenses of Each Segmented Market, 2006Q1-Q3
Online Advertising Released Times of Each Segmented Market, 2006Q1-Q3
Average Expenditure per Time of Online Advertising Released, 2006Q1-Q3
Forecasted Market Size of Wireless Advertising, 2007-2010
SWOT Analysis of Mobile Phone Media Advertising
Top 100 Advertising Companies by Operating Income, 1H2006
Structure of Beijing Dentsu Advertising Co., Ltd
Operational Performance of TOM Outdoor, 2005-2006
Operational Performance of TOM Outdoor, 1H2005-1H2006

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