China Marine Electronics Industry Report, 2007
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In the transferring of global shipbuilding industry, European shipbuilding market continues to be shrinking, while that of Japan is in the defensive position, South Korea has been in the maturity and China is undergoing a rapid growth. With abundant and qualified workforce, huge capital and solid foundation of shipbuilding industry, China is the most promising country to which the global shipbuilding industry will be transferred. With the rapid development of China's economy, the markets both at home and abroad are expanding, and the demand of international trade and marine transportation for ships has been increasing. In the forthcoming 10-15 years, the annual demand of global shipbuilding market will up to 50 million DWT, far higher than that of 37 million DWT in the 1990s. In addition, the annual demand of China's domestic market will be 7 million DWT or so. As a result, shipbuilding industry will see a long-playing boom. It is estimated about 50 VLCC vessels, over 25 LNG ships and more than 100 container ships will be in demand in China in the next few years. Moreover, 200-thousand-ton-above bulk cargo vessels will also be in an increasing demand.

In 2006, product sales of China's shipbuilding industry grew significantly at a rate of over 30%, and the sales revenue reached RMB 150.80 billion. China's shipbuilding industry not only enjoys much benefit from the rising of domestic demand, but also grasps the great opportunities of the rapidly growing global shipping industry, so that it can enhance the competitiveness continuously.

In December, 2006, the output of civil steel ships increased rapidly to 2.075 million tons, up by 46.97% compared to the same period last year. In the full year of 2006, the accumulated output of civil steel ships accumulated to 12.0127 million tons, a year-on-year growth of 13.12%.

Output of Civil Steel Ships in China, 2006 (Unit: Gross Tons; %)


Being the emerging industry and new growth area of the economy, marine electronics is the co-production of shipbuilding industry and information industry. Greatly developing marine electronics is a key approach and strategy to adjust the structure of China shipbuilding industry, to change the growth model, and to strengthen the international competitiveness. By 2010, the mainstream ships independently developed and built by China will realize standardization and branding. By 2020, the whole technical level and independent innovative capability will be more in line with international practice. It can be forecasted that China marine electronics industry will develop rapidly under the fast development of China shipbuilding industry in 2007 and the next few years.

1 Status Quo of Global Shipbuilding Industry
1.1 Statistics on New Shipbuilding Transactions
1.1.1 Situation of New Shipbuilding Market in 2006
1.1.2 Prospect of New Shipbuilding Situation in the Future
1.1.3 Statistics and Forecast of World’s New Ships Completed in 2006
1.1.4 Shipbuilding Industry of South Korea in 2006
1.1.5 Utilization of New Container Ships Worldwide by 2010
1.2 Analysis of Global Shipbuilding Market
1.2.1 Competition Pattern of Global Shipbuilding Market
1.2.2 Development of Global Shipbuilding Market in 2006
1.2.3 Trend of Global Shipbuilding Market in 2007
1.3 Hand-held Shipbuilding Orders Worldwide in 2005-2006
1.3.1 Hand-held Shipbuilding Orders Worldwide in 2005
1.3.2 Hand-held Shipbuilding Orders Worldwide in 2006

2 Development Overview of China Shipbuilding Industry
2.1 Development Overview
2.1.1 Review of China Shipbuilding Industry during the 10th Five-Year Plan Period
2.1.2 Development of China Shipbuilding Industry in 2006
2.1.3 Shipbuilding Completed in China in 2006
2.1.4 China’s Received Orders for New Ships in 2006
2.2 Characteristics of China Shipbuilding Industry
2.3 Development Overview of Marine Equipment Sector in China

3 Analysis of China Shipbuilding Industry Cluster
3.1 Status Quo of China Shipbuilding Industry Cluster
3.2 Shipbuilding Industry in the Yangtze River Delta
3.3 Shipbuilding Industry in the Pearl River Delta
3.4 Shipbuilding Industry in the Bohai Rim Region
3.5 Shipbuilding Industry in Southeast China

4 Relevant Policies on China Shipbuilding Industry
4.1 Mid-long Term Development Planning of Shipbuilding Industry
4.2 Political Environment for the Development of Shipbuilding Industry during the 11th Five-Year Plan Period
4.3 Policies for the Investment of Shipbuilding Industry
4.4 Layout Planning of Coastal Ports Nationwide in 2006

5 Competition Analysis of Major Enterprises
5.1 China State Shipbuilding Corporation
5.1.1 Company Profile
5.1.2 Major Products
5.1.3 Operating Performance in 2006
5.2 China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
5.2.1 Company Profile
5.2.2 Corporate Shipbuilding Capacity
5.2.3 Operating Performance in 2006
5.3 Hudong-zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd.
5.3.1 Company Profile
5.3.2 Major Products
5.3.3 Operational Performance in 2006
5.4 Jiangnan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
5.4.1 Company Profile
5.4.2 Operating Performance in 2006
5.4.3 Start Working of Changxing Base in 2006
5.5 Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd.
5.5.1 Company Profile
5.5.2 Major Products
5.5.3 Operating Performance in 2006
5.5.4 Shipbuilding Operation and Orders in 2006
5.6 Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.
5.6.1 Company Profile
5.6.2 Integration and Reorganization in 2006
5.6.3 Development Strategy of Independent Innovation
5.6.4 Future Development Programs

6 Domestic and Overseas Markets of Similar Products
6.1 GPS Navigation Equipment
6.1.1 Brief Introduction to GPS
6.1.2 Brief Introduction to TU-30GPS Module
6.1.3 Criterion for Serial Data Interface of GPS Module
6.1.4 Portable Navigation System Constructed with Singlechip
6.2 Analysis of AIS
6.2.1 Maritime Digital Transportation
6.2.2 Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)
6.2.3 Principle of AIS
6.2.4 Pendent Problems of AIS
6.2.5 Elaborate Requirements of International Maritime Organization on AIS
6.2.6 Relationship of AIS, VDR and ECDIS
6.2.7 Applications of AIS
6.3 Development of Shipping AIS in 2006
6.4 Application of GPS Navigation Equipment
6.4.1 GPS Marine Navigation System of America
6.4.2 Application of China-made GPS Marine Navigation Equipment
6.4.3 Application of High Precision Navigation Positioning System RBN-DGPS in China
6.4.4 GPS QuickPass System of Guangzhou Customs
6.4.5 Practicability of GPS in the Navigation of Come-and-Go of Ships in Ports
6.4.6 GPS-related Regulations
6.5 Application of AIS of Ports across China
6.5.1 Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration being equipped with AIS
6.5.2 Operation of AIS at Estuary of Pearl River
6.6 Status Quo and Development Trend of Marine Communication in Coastal Areas of China
6.6.1 Status Quo
6.6.2 Development Trend
6.6.3 Ministry of Communications Strengthens Safety Supervision on Small Ships
6.7 Development of Other Marine Electronics
6.7.1 Showcase of Monitoring and Information Management System for Ships
6.7.2 Debut of First Independently Developed “Ship Black Box”, 2007

7 Development Trend of China Shipbuilding Industry
7.1 Economic Factors Affecting Shipbuilding Demand
7.1.1 Forecast of Macro-Economic Development in 2007
7.1.2 China Marine Economy and Macro-environment
7.1.3 Influences of RMB Appreciation on Shipbuilding Industry
7.2 Opportunities and Challenges of China Shipbuilding Industry
7.2.1 Unbalanced Development of China Shipbuilding Industry
7.2.2 Lack of Support from Domestic Customers
7.2.3 Coexistence of Opportunities and Challenges
7.2.4 Era of Huge Capital into China Shipbuilding Industry
7.3 Development Trend of China Shipbuilding Industry
7.3.1 Development Trend of Shipbuilding Automation
7.3.2 Trend and Role of Information Technologies for Modern Shipbuilding
7.4 Forecast of Production Capacity of China Shipbuilding Industry
7.4.1 A Quarter of Global Ships to Be Produced in China by 2010
7.4.2 Forecast of China Shipbuilding Capacity before 2015
7.5 Forecasted Demand of Ships
7.5.1 Demand Forecast of China New Shipbuilding Market
7.5.2 Cargo Volume by Waterway Transportation in China in 2006
7.5.3 Container Throughput of Coastal Ports in China in 2006
7.5.4 Forecasted Situation of Water Transportation in 2007
Global New Shipbuilding Orders, 2006H1
Statistical Transactions of Newly Built Ships, Jan-Dec 2006
Statistics and Forecast of Major New Ships Completed Worldwide, 2002-2007
Delivery of New Ships of Container Liner Companies, As of 2010
Distribution of New Shipbuilding Orders Worldwide, 2002-2006
Distribution of New Shipbuilding Orders among South Korea, China and Japan, 2002-2006
Orders Held by Major Shipbuilding Countries (Regions) at the end of 2006
New Ships Completed of South Korea, China and Japan, 2002-2006
Main Characteristics of China Marine Equipment Industry
Major Shipbuilding Enterprises in China
Nationwide Statistics of Major Economic Indicators of Ships and Floating Device Manufacturing, Jan-Dec 2005
Nationwide Statistics of Major Economic Indicators of Ships and Floating Device Manufacturing, Jan-Nov 2006
Data on Import & Export of Ships and Floating Facilities, Jan-Nov 2006
Statistics on Marine Equipment Manufacturing of China, 2001-2005
Major Ship Equipment Produced by Enterprise
Prime Business Structure of Jiangnan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Mar-Sep 2006
Balance Sheet of Jiangnan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Mar-Sep 2006
Financial Indicators of Jiangnan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Mar-Sep 2006
Prime Business Structure of Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd., Mar-Sep 2006
Balance Sheet of Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd., Mar-Sep 2006
Financial Indicators of Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd., Mar-Sep 2006
Hardware Structure Interface of TU-30GPS Module
20-pin Interface Definition of TU-30GPS Module
Framework of Interface Principles for GPS Module and Singlechip
Software Flow Chart of TU-30GPS Module
Forecast of China's Shipbuilding Capacity before 2015
The Total and Accumulated of Waterway Freight Volume, Jan-Nov 2006
The Total and Accumulated of Cargo Throughput of Ports Nationwide, Jan-Nov 2006
Development Trend of Bulk Cargo Fleets Worldwide, 2006-2009
Statistics on International Oil Tanker Fleets, 2003-2006
Expansion of Container Ship Fleets Worldwide, 1998-2007
Trend of Global Three Major Bulk Cargo Demand, 1970-2008
Demand of Global Crude Oil Maritime Transportation, 1985-2010F

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