China Ethylene Industry Report, 2007-2008
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With the fast progression of China's economy in recent years, there is an increasing demand for ethylene and downstream products. China ethylene industry is in the period of golden development for the moment. China's output of ethylene increases rapidly in recent years, and the production capacity was near to 10 million tons in 2006, and the output rose to 9.41 million tons (ranking the 2nd worldwide).

In 2006, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shangdong, Jilin and Guangdong were the regions with the largest output of ethylene. The output in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Beijing arrived at 1.9382 million tons, 1.4017 million tons and 0.9908 million tons respectively, ranking the top three. The outputs took a respective share of 22.11%, 15.99% and 11.30%.

Seen from the changes in the production capacity, the added output was mainly brought by the fact that new projects had been put into production. Under the drive of 0.7-million-ton Ethylene Rehabilitation and Expansion Project of Jilin Petrochemical Complex, ethylene output in Jilin increased by 47.03%. Besides, as CSPC Nanhai project was put into production, ethylene output in Guangdong rose by 27.79%. Ethylene output of Jiangsu province grew 25.48% with the Yangtsi-BASF-project put into operation.

Judging from the newly built or modified ethylene projects at home, there will be a declining growth for China's output of ethylene in the next two years. Only 600 thousand tons or so will be released in 2007; and the output will stand at 2.85 million tons in 2008.

In the past fifteen years, ethylene equivalent consumption kept an annual growth of 16.1%, while annual growth of GPD was 9.3% in the same period. The coefficient of elasticity was 1.7. With continuous growth of national economy, urbanization and the progression of heavy industry in China, the demand of domestic market for ethylene and derivatives keeps growing. Ethylene equivalent demand in China will be up to 20.1 million tons, 21.88 million tons, 23.85 million tons, 26 million tons and 28.34 million tons respectively in 2006-2010.

1 Appraisal on Features of Environments for Ethylene Industry in 2007
1.1 Overall Development of Ethylene Industry
1.1.1 Overview of Ethylene Industry
1.1.2 Development of China Ethylene Industry in 2006
1.2 Changes in Macro-economic Environments and the Influences
1.2.1 Analysis on the Cycle of China's Economy
1.2.2 Changes in Macro-economy and the Influences
1.2.3 Affects of Economic Development on Ethylene Industry
1.3 Changes in policies towards Ethylene Industry and The Affects
1.3.1 Changes in Macro-economic Policies and the Affects
1.3.2 Ethylene Industry Policies and the Affects

2 Demand & Supply in the Industry in 2007
2.1 Demand of China Ethylene Industry
2.1.1 Demand in Ethylene Downstream
2.1.2 Demand Volume and Growth Rate
2.1.3 Demand Structure of China Ethylene Industry in 2006
2.1.4 Forecast of the Demand in 2007-2010
2.2 Supply of China Ethylene Industry in 2007
2.2.1 Demand Volume and Growth Rate
2.2.2 Changes in Production Capacity of China Ethylene Industry in 2006
2.2.3 Changes in Supply Structure and Features of Supply in 2006
2.2.4 Forecast of the Supply in 2007-2010
2.3 Analysis and Forecast of Demand & Supply Balance in 2007

3 Competition, Investments and Economic Benefits in Ethylene Industry in 2007
3.1 Competition Patterns of Ethylene Enterprises
3.1.1 Competition Patterns
3.1.2 Concentration Ratio of China Ethylene Industry in 2006
3.2 Int'l Competitiveness of China Ethylene Industry
3.3 Investment and Financing Channels of China Ethylene Industry
3.3.1 Capital Source of Ethylene Industry
3.3.2 Ownership Structure of Ethylene Industry
3.3.3 Entry of Foreign Capital into Ethylene Industry
3.4 Economic Benefits of Ethylene Industry
3.4.1 Factors Affecting Economic Benefits of Ethylene Industry
3.4.2 Analysis of Operating Benefits of Ethylene Industry
3.4.3 Forecast for Economic Benefits of the Industry in 2007

4 Ethylene Related Industries
4.1 Ethylene Industry Chain
4.1.1 Upstream Industries
4.1.2 Midstream Industries
4.1.3 Downstream Industries
4.1.4 Substitution Industries
4.2 Upper-stream Raw Materials of Ethylene
4.2.1 Changes in Petroleum Price and Factors
4.2.2 Development Trend of Ethylene Fragmentation Raw Materials
4.3 Key Ethylene Downstream Products in 2006
4.3.1 Development Status of Poly (ethylene)
4.3.2 Development Status of PVC Industry
4.3.3 Development Status of Glycol Industry

5 Ethylene Industry in China by Region in 2006
5.1 Beijing
5.1.1 Development of Petroleum Chemical Industry
5.1.2 Development of Ethylene Industry
5.2 Shanghai
5.2.1 Development of Petroleum Chemical Industry
5.2.2 Development of Ethylene Industry
5.3 Jiangsu
5.3.1 Development of Petroleum Chemical Industry
5.3.2 Development of Ethylene Industry
5.4 Guangdong
5.4.1 Development of Petroleum Chemical Industry
5.4.2 Development of Ethylene Industry
5.5 Shandong
5.5.1 Development of Petroleum Chemical Industry
5.5.2 Development of Ethylene Industry

6 Analysis of Ethylene Enterprises
6.1 Production Status of Ethylene Enterprises in 2006
6.2 Performance of Ethylene Enterprises
6.2.1 Profitability
6.2.2 Operating Capacity
6.2.3 Debt-paying Ability
6.2.4 Development Ability
6.3 Operation of Key Enterprises
6.3.1 Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Co., Ltd
6.3.2 SINOPEC Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd
6.3.3 QiLu Petrochemical Co., Ltd
6.3.4 Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Ltd

7 Risks in the Industry in 2007
7.1 Analysis of Economic Environment Risks
7.1.1 Relativity of Macro-economy and Ethylene
7.1.2 Appraisal on Risks from Fluctuations in Coefficient of Elasticity
7.1.3 Analysis and Forecast of Macro-economy
7.1.4 Political Risks
7.2 Internal Risks
7.2.1 Risks from Operation of the Industry
7.2.2 Risks from Demand & Supply Imbalance
7.2.3 Risks from Industry Layout
7.2.4 Risks from Raw Materials
7.2.5 Risks from the Lack of Core Technologies
Sketch Map for Ethylene Production
Changes in the Growth for China's GDP, 1993-2006
Urban Fixed Assets Investment, 2006
Application Fields of Ethylene
Global Output of Ethylene, 1987-2006
Ethylene Output and Apparent Consumption in China since 1992
Changes in the Demand of China Ethylene Industry, 1995-2006
Consumption of Ethylene in the Production of Main Downstream Products
Production Capacity and Apparent Consumption of Poly (ethylene), PVC and Glycol, 2002-2006
Forecast of Ethylene Equivalent Demand Volume, 2007-2010
Changes in the Output of China Ethylene Industry, 1995-2004
Trend of Changes in Ethylene Output, Equivalent Consumption and Self-supply Ratio, 2000-2006
Ethylene Production Capacities of Sinopec and CNPC, 2005/2008
Comparison of Major Chemical Products by Manufacturing Cost, 2005
Trend of Changes in WTI Crude Oil Price, 2006
Growth Trend for WTI Crude Oil Price, 2007-2009
Occupied Shares of Various Fragmentation Raw Material for Ethylene Production
Proportions for Various Ethylene Fragmentation Raw Materials used in Ethylene Production in China
Production Flow for Ethylene Integrated Project of Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Co., Ltd
Comparison of GDP and Ethylene Output, 1995-2006
Forecast Made by Authorities and Economists on China's Economy in 2007
Global Output of Ethylene by Region
Ten Largest Ethylene Producers Worldwide
Global Demand and Supply of Ethylene, 2000-2005
Self-supply Ratio of China Ethylene Industry, 2000-2006
Forecast of Ethylene Equivalent Demand, 2007-2010
Ethylene Production in China by Province, 2006
Growth for Ethylene Output in China, 2005-2010
Competition Pattern of China Ethylene Industry
Competitiveness of SINOPEC and CNPC, 2005
On-going and Planned Ethylene Construction Projects of SINOPEC and CNPC
Concentration Ratio of Ethylene Industry, 2006
China's Consumption of Main Petrochemical Products and Its Global Share, 2005
Profit Growth of Major Ethylene Manufacturers in China, 2006
Demand & Supply of Crude Oil and Finished Oil Products, 2006
Forecasted Demand of Major Petrochemical Products in China, 2010
Poly ethylene Production in China, 2000-2004
PVC Demand and Supply in China, 2002-2006
Production Capacity of Glycol Manufacturers in China, 2006
Planned Construction and Expansion Construction of Glycol Installation Capacity in China in Recent Years
Glycol Demand and Supply in China in Recent Years
Completion of Economic Indicators for Petroleum Chemical Industry in Beijing, 2006
Production of Ethylene Upstream and Downstream Products in Beijing, 2006
Changes in Ethylene Output in Beijing, 2002-2006
Completion of Economic Indicators for Petroleum Chemical Industry in Shanghai, 2006
Production of Ethylene Upstream and Downstream Products in Shanghai, 2006
Changes in Ethylene Output in Shanghai, 2002-2006
Completion of Economic Indicators for Petroleum Chemical Industry in Jiangsu, 2006
Production of Ethylene Upstream and Downstream Products in Jiangsu, 2006
Changes in Ethylene Output in Jiangsu, 2002-2006
Completion of Economic Indicators for Petroleum Chemical Industry in Guangdong, 2006
Production of Ethylene Upstream and Downstream Products in Guangdong, 2006
Changes in Ethylene Output in Guangdong, 2002-2006
Completion of Economic Indicators for Petroleum Chemical Industry in Shandong, 2006
Production of Ethylene Upstream and Downstream Products in Shandong, 2006
Changes in Ethylene Output in Shandong, 2002-2006
Output of Ethylene Manufacturing Enterprises, 2006
Profitability of Major Ethylene Manufacturing Enterprises, 2006
Operating Capacity of Major Ethylene Manufacturing Enterprises, 2006
Development Capability of Major Ethylene Manufacturing Enterprises, 2006
Operation of Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Co., Ltd, 2005-2006
Operation of SINOPEC Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd, 2004-2006
Operation of Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd, 2004-2006
Operation of Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Ltd, 2004-2006
Macro-economic Risks of Petrochemical Industry
Industry Policy Risks of Petrochemical Industry

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