Large-sized TFT-LCD Backlight Module Report, 2007
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Backlight Module, hereafter abbreviated for BL, is an important component of TFT-LCD panel. It takes up about 19% to 26% of the panel's total cost according to its various applications. Its key function is to provide sufficient light for the panel. BL itself comprise a lot of parts and components, which decides the performance and cost of BL.

Ranking of Global BL Manufacturers in 2006 and 2007


Revenues in 2007 are the estimated values. It is obvious that BL manufacturers are polarized with giants dominating the market and small ones unable to change the situation. The revenues of the top six producers in the table all surpass NT$ 20 billion and Wooyoung is the only one with revenues between NT$ 10 to 20 billion. Shipment of sharp, the global biggest LCD television manufacturer, was around 6 million sets in 2006, which is expected to be 10 million in 2007. Sharp Hiroshige Mie Corp. is a subsidiary of Sharp. Downstream companies in Korea are mostly LCD television manufacturers; while in contrast, display takes up the majority of products by Taiwan downstream companies.  

LED BL is the hot topic in BL field. Shipment of Radiant notebook LED BL is about 20,000 pieces per month, mainly to Chi Mei. AU Optronics Corp. and Korean panel factory have passed authentication. Shipment in Aug. is expected to challenge 100,000 pieces. Kenmos disclosed that, the single month shipment of LED BL in notebook before the end of the year is expected to surpass 50,000 pieces, including 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch. To date, the single month shipment of Coretronic notebook LED BL has reached 70,000 to 80,000 pieces. It is predicted that its single month shipment in 2008 will challenge 150,000 to 200,000 pieces.

Dominant LED BL producers in the world are Radiant, Coretronic and Kenos. According to today's technique and production cost, LED BL in the forthcoming five years will still be mainly used in notebooks. Taiwan is the global biggest manufacturing base of notebook BL, LED and notebook. Today there are only three LED BL manufacturers in the world, i.e. Radiant, Coretronic and Kenos. Price of high–power LED is declining and LED patent of Nichia Chemical is gradually to go into effect. LCD television BL is expected to be mass-produced and widely used after 2010. Also in 2010, LED BL adopted in notebook computer may possibly take 36% of the total.

1. Introduction of Backlight Module
1.1 Brief Introduction
1.2 Bright Enhance Film
1.3 Reflector and CCFL
1.4 Light Guild Plate 
1.5 Pre-diffusion Film
1.6 Installation 
1.7 Cost Structure 

2. LED Backlight Module
2.1 Brief Introduction 
2.2 Pros and Cons 
2.3 Status Quo of LED Backlight
2.4 Design
2.5 Cost 
2.6 Markets 
2.7 Status Quo of LED Backlight Industry

3. Status Quo and Development Trend of Backlight Module Industry 
3.1 Industry Chain
3.2 Supply and Demand in Market
3.3 Industry Pattern

4. Status Quo and Development Trend of Big-Sized TFT-LCD Panel 
4.1 Industry Property Circle
4.2 Manufacturing Process
4.3 Industry Pattern
4.4 Development Trend
4.5 Main Manufacturers
4.5.1 Auo
4.5.2 Chi Mei
4.5.3 Chunghwa Picture Tubes
4.5.4 HannStar Display
4.5.5 Boe
4.5.6 Longteng Optic-electronics
4.5.7 SVA-NEC
4.5.8 LG Philips 
4.5.9 Samsung

5. Backlight Module Manufacturers
5.1 Coretronic
5.2 Radiant
5.3 Forhouse
5.4 K-Bridge Electronic 
5.5 Nano Electro-Optical 
5.6 Kenmos Technology
5.7 Forward
5.8 Chi Lin Technology
5.9 Taesan LCD 
5.10 Wooyoung 
5.11 Hansol LCD 
5.12 DS-LCD 

6. Light Sources
6.1 CCFL Industry Pattern
6.2 Harison-toshiba 
6.3 Sanken
6.4 Panasonic 
6.5 NEC
6.6 Stanley
6.7 Kumho
6.8 Heesung Precision 
6.9 Wooree ETI 
6.10 Wellypower Optronics

7. Optic Film
7.1 Brief Introduction
7.2 Manufacturers: 3M
7.3 Efun 
7.4 Keiwa 
7.5 Tsujiden 
7.6 SKC 
LED Panel Structure
Backlight Module Structure
Edge Lighting Module Structure
Bottom Lighting Module Structure
Cost Structures of Backlighting Module with Different Dimensions and Applications
LED Section Structure
LED Backlighting Source Techniques 
Edge Lighting LED Brightness Degree and Lighting Efficiency, 2003-2008
Notebook Computers with LED backlight Module
Evolvement of Edge Lighting CCFL Backlight Framework, 2005-2008
Cost Structure of 12-inch Broad Screen Notebook LED Backlight Module
Price Trend of 14.1-inch LED Backlight Module, 2006-2010
Proportions Taken by Big-sized LED Backlight Adopted in Big-sized TFT-LCD and Forecasts, 2005-2010
Proportions Taken by LED Backlight Adopted in Notebook and Forecasts, 2005-2010
CCFL Backlight Module Industry Chain
Statistics and Forecasts of Global Backlight Module Production Capacity, Q2 2006-Q2 2008
Average Prices and Forecasts of Notebook Display Backlight Module, Q2 2006-Q2 2008
Average Prices and Forecasts of Display Backlight Module, Q 2 2006-Q 2 2008 
Average Prices and Forecasts of 20-32-inch LCD Television Backlight Module, 
Q 2 2006-Q 2 2008
Average Prices and Forecasts of 37-47-inch LCD Television Backlight Module,
Q 2 2006-Q 2 2008
Big-sized TFT-LCD Structure
Revenue of TFT-LCD Panel Manufacturers, Nov 2006-Oct 2007
Shares of Major companies in TFT-LCD Market, Oct 2007 
Shipment of LCD-TV Panel, Nov 2006-Oct 2007
Dimension Proportions of LCD-TV Panel, Nov 2006-Oct 2007
Market Shares Taken By Major LCD-TV Panel Suppliers, Nov 2006-Oct 2007
Shipment of Display Panel, Nov 2006-Oct 2007
Dimension Proportions of Display Panel, Nov 2006-Oct 2007
Market Shares Taken by Main Companies of TFT-LCD Display Panel, Nov 2006-Oct 2007
Shipment of Notebook TFT-LCD Panel, Nov 2006-Oct 2007
Dimension Proportions of TFT-LCD Panel, Nov 2006-Oct 2007
Market Shares Taken by Main Companies of Notebook TFT-LCD Panel, Nov 2006-Oct 2007
Regional Proportions of TFT-LCD Panel Shipment, 2001-2009
Auo's Position within the Industry
Use of Auo Products in Downstream Industries, Q3 2006-Q3 2007 
Average Prices of Auo Big-sized Panel and LCD Television Panel, Q3 2006-Q3 2007 
Shipment of Auo Panel and Sales Price per each m2, Q3 2006-Q3 2007 
Shipment of Auo Medium-small Panel and the Revenue,
Shipment of Chi Mei Optoelectronics and the average Sales Price, Q3 2006-Q3 2007 
Income and Profits of Chi Mei Optoelectronics, Q4 2005-Q3 2007 
Use of Chi Mei Optoelectronics Products in Downstream Industries, Q4 2005-Q3 2007 
Dimension Proportions of Chi Mei Optoelectronics Products, Q4 2005-Q3 2007 
Shipment and Revenue of Chunghwa Picture Tubes Products, Q1 2005-Q3 2007 
Shipment and Average sales Price of Chunghwa Picture Tubes Products, Q1 2005-Q3 2007
Use of Chunghwa Picture Tubes Products in Downstream Industries, Q2,Q3 2007 
Dimension Proportions of Chunghwa Picture Tubes Products, Q2,Q3 2007  
Company Structure of HannStar Display
Revenue and Gross Profits of HannStar Display, Statistics and Forecasts, 2003-2009
Shipment and Average Sales Price of HannStar Display, Q2 2006-Q3 2007
Dimension Proportions of HannStar Display Products, Q2 2006-Q3 2007
Financial Status of HannStar Display, Q2 2006-Q3 2007
Brief Introduction to Seven Factories of LG Philips
Shipment and Average Sales Price of LG Philips Products, Q2 2006-Q3 2007
Use of LG Philips Products in Downstream Industries, Q2 2006-Q3 2007
Dimension Proportions of LG Philips Products, Q2 2006-Q3 2007 
Output of Each Factories of LG Philips, Q2 2006-Q3 2007
Income and Gross Profits of TFT-LCD Sector, Samsung Q4 2005-Q3 2007
Shipment from TFT-LCD Sector, Samsung Q4 2005-Q3 2007
Use of Samsung TFT-LCD Products in Downstream Industries, Q3 2006-Q3 2007
Income and Gross Profits of Coretronic, Statistics and Forecasts, 1999-2009
Coretronic's Clients
Company Structure of Radiant 
Use of Radiant Products in Downstream Industries, Q3 2006-Q4 2007
Customer Structure of Radiant, 2007 
Company Structure of Forhouse
Related Companies of Forhouse
Company Structure of K-Bridge
Income and Gross Profits of K-Bridge, 1999-Oct 2007
K-Bridge's Customers, H1 2007
Revenue and Gross Profits of Nano, 2001-2008
Company Structure of Nano
Education Background of Nano's Employees
Company Structure of Kenmos
Science and Technique Relationship of Kenmos
Company Structure of Chi Mei
Company Structure of Taesan LCD
Application Proportions of Taesan LCD Products, Statistics and Forecasts, Q1 2007-Q4 2008 
Sales Value and Gross Profits of Wooyoung, 1996-2005 
Company Structure of Wooyoung
Company Structure of Hansol
Revenue and Operation Profits of Hansiol LCD, Statistics and Forecasts, 2003-2009 
Sales Value and Operation Profits of DS-LCD, Statistics and Forecasts,2003-2009 
Backlight Source Techniques of Each Dimension
Proportions of Each LCD Backlight Sources, Statistics and Forecasts, 2004-2009, 
Big-sized TFT-LCD Panel CCFL Demand in the World, Statistics and Forecasts, 2005-2010
CCFL Manufacturers in the World and Their Market Shares, 2006 
Market Shares Taken by Notebook CCFL/EFFL Manufacturers in the World, Q4 2005 
Market Shares Taken by LCD Television CCFL/EFFL Manufacturers in the World, Q4 2005 
Market Shares Taken by Computer CCFL/EFFL Manufacturers in the World, Q4 2005 
CCFL Supply and Demand, Estimated, Q3 2006-Q4 2007  
Operation Performance of Sanken, 2004-2006 FY
Operation Revenue Proportions of Sanken Product Varieties, 2004-2006 FY
Sanken's CCFL Production Capacity Plan, 2006-2009 FY
Operation Revenue Proportions of Sanken CCFL, 2005-2007 FY
Operation Performance of Stanley, 2003-2005 
Operation Income of Each Stanley Sector, 2005-2006 
Operation Revenue of Stanley by Regions, 2005-2006
Main Products of Kumho Electric
Revenue and Gross Profits of Kumho Electric, Statistics and Forecast, 2002-2008 
Revenue and Operation Profits of Wooree ETI, 2005-2009
Shipment and Average Price of Wooree ETI, Statistics and Forecasts, Q1 2007-Q4 2008
Company Structure of Wellypower
Revenue and Gross Profits of Wellypower, 2002-2008
Wellypower's Customers
Characteristics of Each Light Source
Comparison of Various LED Backlight Modules
Costs of 12-inch Broad Sreen Notebook CCFL and LED Backlight Modules
Costs of 42-INCH LCD Television CCFL and LED Backlight Modules
Ranking of Global Backlight Module Manufactures by Revenue, 2006 and 2007, 
Use of Backlight Modules from Global Major Manufacturers in 2007 
Ranking of Global Independent Backlight Module Companies by Gross Profits, 2006 and 2007
Capacity Situation of Global Main Backlight Companies, 2004-2007 
Capacity of Each Chi Mei Factories
Capacity of Each Chunghwa Factories
Operation Performance of Boe in 2005
Operation Performance of Boe in Q1 2006
Shipment of Coretronic's Products and Their Corresponding Proportions to the Total Income, Statistics and Forecasts, Q1 2006- Q4 2007 
Use of Coretronic's Backlight Modules in Downstream Industries, Q3 2006-Q3 2007  
Brief Introduction to Each Sector of Radiant
Brief Introduction to Each Factory of Radiant
Capacity of Radiant, in Backlight and in Light Guiding Board, 2004-2007
Main Raw Material Suppliers of Radiant
Manufacturing Basis of K-Bridge
Brief Introduction to Nano's Sectors 

Taesan's LCD Products
Brief Introduction to Harison-Toshiba 
Brief Introduction to Sanken
Characteristics of NEC's CCFL Products 
Brief Introduction to Tianjin Stanley 
Stanley's CCFL Products
Brief Introduction to Kumho Electric
Kumho's CCFL Products
Brief Introduction to Hessung Precision
Brief Introduction to Wooree ETI
Capacity Expansion of Wellypower
Outer Dimension of Wellypower's CCFL Products
Wellypower's Big-sized LCD Backlight Products
Shipment of Wellypower's CCFL Major Applications, 2005-2006

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