Panoramaic Analysis of China Financial Industry, 2007-2008
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A Panorama of China Financial Industry is divided into three volumes. The first volume, composed of Chapter 1-11, mainly studies banking sector, the second volume, consisting of Chapter 12-29, studies security sector and insurance sector, and the third volume, comprising Chapter 30-52, studies other financial institutions. This report covers all the sub-sectors of China's financial industry, makes an elaboration of the financial industry from the perspective of policies and regulations, competition pattern, development of the industry, key companies, foreign investment trend, future development and investment opportunities, and makes an in-depth analysis of China's financial industry. We hope this report could offer you valuable reference and consulting.

China's financial system is a typical bank-based financial system. Banking industry, especially the five big state-owned commercial banks, holds an absolute dominant position in China's financial system. Before 2005, the ratio between indirect financing and direct financing was constantly kept at about 9:1, but in 2006 the ratio was around 7.7: 2.3. With the progress in the non-tradable shares reform of the state-owned listed companies, China's capital market has had an exponential expansion since 2006, making financial instrument more diversified and financial assets grow rapidly.

China has primarily established a relatively sound financial system with commercial banks, securities firms, insurers and fund companies as the mainstay.

Comparison between Total Assets of the Major Four Financial Institutions, 2007
(Unit: CNY trillion)
Source: ResearchInChina

In accordance with the classification by China Banking Regulatory Commission, the domestic banking financial institutions include policy banks, state-owned commercial banks, national shareholding commercial banks, urban commercial banks, rural commercial banks, rural cooperative banks, urban credit cooperatives, rural credit cooperatives, postal savings banks, foreign capital  banks and the non-banking financial institutions, such as auto financial lease companies.

By the end of 2007, the total assets of the five state-owned banking giants have reached CNY28 trillion, amounting to 53.2% of the total assets of all banking financial institutions and those of national shareholding commercial banks and urban commercial banks have come to CNY7.24 trillion and CNY3.34 trillion respectively. Meanwhile, the combined debts of the five state-owned commercial banks have reached CNY26.4 trillion, amounting to 53.3% of the total held by all commercial banks.

Assets of Banking Financial Institutions, Sep., 2007

                          Source: China Banking Regulatory Commission

Note: Non-banking financial institutions include finance companies of conglomerates, trust & investment companies, financial lease companies, auto financial companies and money brokers.

By the end of 2007, China has had 1,550 domestically listed companies (A.B share), an increase of 116 companies against the previous year and the total market value has reached CNY32.71 trillion, of which CNY9.3 trillion was the market value of circulating shares, representing an increase of 2.66 times and 2.72 times respectively. Meanwhile, the total equities have reached 2.24 trillion shares, an increase by 751.93 billion shares, amounting to one third of total equities. In 2007, the total annual turnover of the two stock markets reached more than CNY46 trillion, up 89.63% year on year or an increase of CNY1.37 trillion.

Stock Turnover, Dec.2006-Dec.2007

Source: China Securities Regulatory Commission

By the end of 2007, China's total fund size has reached more than two trillion shares and net value of funds in China totaled CNY3 trillion, an increase of three times over the end of 2006 and fund account holders have surpassed 110 million. Up till now, fund investment has accounted for 28% of the market value of circulating shares in the two stock markets.
By March 27, 2008, China has created eight insurance group companies and has had 109 insurance companies, of which 55 are invested by Chinese companies and 54 are either joint venture insurers or exclusively foreign invested insurers. Meanwhile, China has had 2,747 insurance agencies. China has basically established a relatively perfect insurance system with features of more reasonable allocation of resources, fair competition and mutual development

Number of Insurance Companies


Source: China Insurance Regulatory Commission

Besides banking, securities and insurance industries, China also has other types of financial institutions, covering equity investment, guaranty, trust, pawn and financial lease industries. In the past few years, these institutions have had a rapid development. The investment of China equity investment industry totaled USD534 million only in 2002 and the figure rose to USD2.18 billion in 2006. China had 966 guarantee institutions in 2003 and the figure had already jumped to 3,366 by the end of 2006. The number of domestic pawn companies also increased to 2,342 in June, 2007 from 1,375 in 2004.

Fund Raised by Private Equity Funds in Each Quarter Which Could Be Invested in Mainland China,
2006-2007 (units: USD one million)

Source: ResearchInChina

In 2007, China had 628 aggregated trust products, up 11.35% against the previous year, among which, 455 went to the financial field, accounting for 72% of the total, meanwhile, issue size of the trust products reached CNY105.44 billion, up 73.93% against the previous year. CNY167.9 million trust products were issued on average in 2007 and the average trust duration was 2.23 years, up 56.2% and 11.5% year on year respectively against the previous year. The average annual yield in the year was 2.16 percentage points higher than the previous year. 

Changes of Issue Size and Average Size of Trust Products Issued in 2007
 Resource: ResearchInChina

First Volume: Banking Industry 

1. Overview of China Banking Industry, 2007
1.1 China banking industry development
1.1.1 State-owned commercial banks
1.1.2 National shareholding commercial banks
1.1.3 Urban commercial banks
1.1.4 Rural financial market Rural financial system and its development Rural commercial banks
1.1.5 Other banking institutions
1.2 Macro environment and relevant laws & regulations
1.3 foreign capital and China banking industry.

2. Five state-owned Commercial Banks, 2007
2.1 Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)(601398)
2.1.1 Profile
2.1.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
2.1.3 Investment, 2006-2007
2.1.4 Main business, 2006-2007
2.1.5 Latest market trend and future development
2.2 China Construction Bank (601939)
2.2.1 Profile
2.2.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
2.2.3 Investment, 2006-2007
2.2.4 Main business, 2006-2007
2.2.5 Latest market trend and future development
2.3 Bank of China (601988)
2.3.1 Profile
2.3.2 Operation and business revenue, 2004-2007
2.3.3 Investment, 2006-2007
2.3.4 Main business, 2006-2007
2.3.5 Latest market trend and future development
2.4 Bank of communications (601328)
2.4.1 Profile
2.4.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
2.4.3 Investment, 2006-2007
2.4.4 Main business, 2006-2007
2.4.5 Latest market trend and future development
2.5 Agricultural Bank of China
2.5.1 Profile 
2.5.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
2.5.3 Investment, 2006-2007
2.5.4 Main business, 2006-2007
2.5.5 Latest market trend and future development

3.National Shareholding Commercial Banks
3.1 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (600000)
3.1.1 Profile
3.1.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
3.1.3 Investment, 2006-2007
3.1.4 Main business, 2006-2007
3.1.5 Latest market trend and future development
3.2 Hua Xia Bank (600015)
3.2.1 Profile
3.2.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
3.2.3 Investment, 2006-2007
3.2.4 Main business, 2006-2007
3.2.5 Latest market trend and future development
3.3 Minsheng Bank (600016)
3.3.1 Profile
3.3.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
3.3.3 Investment, 2006-2007
3.3.4 Main business, 2006-2007
3.3.5 Latest market trend and future development
3.4 Merchants Bank (600036)
3.4.1 Profile
3.4.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
3.4.3 Investment, 2006-2007
3.4.4 Main business, 2006-2007
3.4.5 Latest market trend and future development
3.5 Industrial Bank (601166)
3.5.1 Profile
3.5.2 Operation and business revenue, 2004-2007
3.5.3 Investment, 2006-2007
3.5.4 Main business, 2006-2007
3.5.5 Latest market trend and future development
3.6 Everbright Bank
3.6.1 Profile
3.6.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
3.6.3 Investment, 2006-2007
3.6.4 Main business, 2006-2007
3.6.5  Latest market trend and future development
3.7 Guangdong Development Bank
3.7.1 Profile
3.7.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
3.7.3 Investment, 2006-2007
3.7.4 Main business, 2006-2007
3.7.5 Latest market trend and future development
3.8 Evergrowing Bank
3.8.1 Profile
3.8.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
3.8.3 Investment, 2006-2007
3.8.4 Main business, 2006-2007
3.8.5 Latest market trend and future development
3.9 China Citic Bank(601998)
3.9.1 Profile
3.9.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
3.9.3 Investment, 2006-2007
3.9.4 Main business, 2006-2007
3.9.5 Latest market trend and future development
3.10 Shengzhen Development Bank (000001)
3.10.1 Profile
3.10.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
3.10.3 Investment, 2006-2007
3.10.4 Main business, 2006-2007
3.10.5 Latest market trend and future development
3.11 China Zheshang Bank
3.11.1 Profile
3.11.2 Operation and business revenue, 2004-2007
3.11.3 Investment, 2006-2007
3.11.4 Main business, 2006-2007
3.11.5 Latest market trend and future development
3.12 China Bohai Bank
3.12.1 Profile
3.12.2 Operation and revenue, 2004-2007
3.12.3 Investment, 2006-2007
3.12.4 Main business, 2006-2007
3.12.5 Latest market trend and future development

4.Comprehensive Competitiveness of City Commercial Banks in Northeast Economic Zone 
4.1 Dalian City Commercial Bank   
4.1.1 Overview
4.1.2 Main financial targets, 2006
4.1.3 Future development trend
4.2 Harbin City Commercial Bank  
4.2.1 Overview
4.2.2 Main financial targets, 2006
4.2.3 Core competitiveness 
4.3 Anshan City Commercial Bank
4.4 Shijiazhuang City Commercial Bank
4.4.1 Overview
4.4.2 Core competitiveness 
4.5 Yingkou City Commercial Bank
4.5.2 Main financial targets, 2006
4.5.3 Core competitiveness
4.6 Daqing City Commercial Bank
4.6.1 Overview
4.6.2 Main financial targets, 2006

5. Comprehensive Competitiveness of City commercial Banks in West Economic Zone 
5.1 Xi'an City Commercial Bank
5.1.1 Overview
5.1.2 Main financial targets, 2006
5.1.3 Core competitiveness
5.2 Nanchong City Commercial Bank
5.2.1 Overview
5.2.2 Main financial targets, 2006
5.2.3 Core competitiveness
5.3 Guiyang City Commercial Bank
5.3.1 Overview
5.3.2 Main financial targets, 2006
5.4 Urumchi City Commercial Bank
5.4.1 Overview
5.4.2 Core competitiveness
5.5 Yinchuan City Commercial Bank
5.5.1 Overview
5.5.2 Main financial targets, 2006
5.5.3 Core competitiveness
5.6 Baotou City Commercial Bank 
5.6.1 Overview
5.6.2 Main financial targets
5.7 Chengdu City Commercial Bank
5.7.1 Overview
5.7.2 Core competitiveness
5.8 Chongqing City Commercial Bank
5.8.1 Overview
5.8.2 Main financial targets, 2006
5.8.3 Development
5.9 Lanzhou City Commercial Bank
5.9.1 Overview
5.9.2 Core competitiveness
5.10 Yichang City Commercial Bank
5.11 Kunming City Commercial Bank
5.11.1 Overview
5.11.2 Main financial targets, 2006

6. Comprehensive Competitiveness of City Commercial Banks in Bohai Sea Rim Economic Zone
6.1 Tianjin City Commercial Bank
6.1.1 Overview
6.1.2 Main financial targets
6.1.3 Core competitiveness
6.2 Beijing City Commercial Bank
6.2.1 Overview
6.2.2 Main financial targets, 3Q2007
6.2.3 Core competitiveness
6.3 Jinan City Commercial Bank
6.3.1 Overview
6.3.2 Main financial targets, 2006
6.3.3 Core competitiveness
6.4  Rizhao City Commercial Bank
6.4.1 Overview
6.4.2 Main financial targets, 2006
6.4.3 Core competitiveness
6.5 Zibo City Commercial Bank
6.5.1 Overview
6.5.1 Main financial targets, 2006
6.5.2 Core competitiveness
6.6 Langfang City Commercial Bank
6.6.1 Overview
6.6.2 Core competitiveness
6.7 Yantai City Commercial Bank
6.7.1 Overview
6.7.2 Main financial targets
6.7.3 Core competitiveness
6.8 Linyi City Commercial Bank
6.8.1 Overview
6.8.2 Main financial targets, 2006
6.8.3 Core competitiveness 

7. Comprehensive Competitiveness of City Commercial Banks in Central Economic Zone
7.1 Changsha City Commercial Bank
7.1.1 Overview
7.1.2 Main financial targets, 2006
7.1.3 Core competitiveness
7.2 Jiaozuo City Commercial Bank
7.2.1 Overview
7.2.2 Main financial targets, 2006
7.2.3 Development
7.3 Qingdao City Commercial Bank
7.3.1 Overview
7.3.2 Main financial targets, 2006
7.3.3 Boosting development of mid- and small-sized companies
7.4 Zhuzhou City Commercial Bank 
7.5 Nanyang City Commercial Bank
7.5.1 Overview
7.5.2 Strategies
7.6 Dezhou City Commercial Bank
7.6.1 Overview
7.6.2 Main financial targets, 2006
7.6.3 Development
7.7 Dongying City Commercial Bank
7.7.1 Overview
7.7.2 Main financial targets, 2006
7.7.3 Development plan, 2007
7.8 Laiwu City Commercial Bank
7.8.1 Overview
7.8.2 Main financial targets, 2006
7.8.3 Core competitiveness
7.9 Weihai City Commercial Bank
7.9.1 Overview
7.9.2 Main financial targets, 2006
7.9.3 Core competitiveness

8.Comprehensive Competitiveness of City Commercial Banks in Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Zone
8.1 Shenzhen City Commercial Bank
8.1.1 Overview
8.1.2 Main financial targets, 2006
8.1.3 Core competitiveness
8.2 Dongguan City Commercial Bank
8.2.1 Overview
8.2.2 Main financial targets, 2006
8.3 Fuzhou City Commercial Bank
8.3.1 Overview
8.3.2 Main financial targets, 2006
8.3.3 Core competitiveness
8.4 Quanzhou City Commercial Bank
8.4.1 Overview
8.4.2 Main financial targets, 2006
8.4.3 Core competitiveness
8.5 Lizhou City Commercial Bank
8.5.1 Overview
8.5.2 Main financial targets, 2006
8.5.3 Development plan, 2007
8.6 Zhanjiang City Commercial Bank
8.6.2 Main financial targets, 2006

9. Comprehensive Competitiveness of City Commercial Banks in Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone
9.1 Shanghai City Commercial Bank
9.1.1 Overview
9.1.2 Main financial targets, 2006
9.1.3 Main financial targets, 1H2007
9.1.4 Core competitiveness
9.2 Hangzhou City Commercial Bank
9.2.1 Overview
9.2.2 Main financial targets, 2006
9.2.3 Core competitiveness
9.3 Nanjing City Commercial Bank
9.3.1 Overview
9.3.2 Main financial targets, 2006
9.3.3 Core competitiveness
9.4 Shaoxing City Commercial Bank
9.4.1 Overview
9.4.2 Main financial targets, 2006
9.4.3 Core competitiveness
9.5 Ningbo City Commercial Bank
9.5.2 Main financial targets, 2006
9.5.3 Core competitiveness
9.6 Comprehensive competitiveness of city commercial banks in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province 
9.6.1 Overview
9.6.2 Main financial targets, 2006
9.6.3 Core competitiveness
9.7 Jiaxing City Commercial Bank
9.7.1 Overview
9.7.2 Main financial targets, 2006
9.7.3 Core competitiveness
9.8. Nanchang City Commercial Bank
9.8.1 Overview
9.8.2 Main financial targets, 2006
9.8.3 Development 
9.9 Huzhou City Commercial Bank
9.9.1 Overview
9.9.2 Main financial targets, 2006

10. Main Rural Commercial Banks
10.1 Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank 
10.2 Jiangyin Rural Commercial Bank
10.3 Changshu Rural Commercial Bank
10.4 Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
10.5 Beijing Rural Commercial Bank
10.6 Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank
10.7 Wujiang Rural Commercial Bank
10.8 Taicang Rural Commercial Bank
10.9 Wujin Rural Commercial Bank
10.10 Xizhou Rural Commercial Bank
10.11 Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank
10.12 Dongwu Rural Commercial Bank
10.13 Wuhu Yangzi Rural Commercial Bank
10.14 Hefei technical Rural Commercial Bank

11. Forecast of China Banking Industry Development After 2007
11.1 Development trend
11.2 Investment opportunities

Second Volume: Security Industry and Insurance Industry

12. Overview of China security industry
12.1 Industry policies
12.1.1 Market policies
12.1.2 Supervision system
12.2 China security industry development 
12.2.1 Stock market
12.2.2 Bond market
12.2.3 Futures market
12.2.4 Fund market
12.3 foreign capital and security industry

13. Competition of Traditional Businesses in China Security Market
13.1 Broking service
13.1.1 Competition
13.1.2 Development trend
13. 2 Security underwriting service
13.2.1 Public offering service
13.2.2 Additional shares insurance service
13.2.3 Development trend of security underwriting service
13. 3 Self-investment service   
13. 4 Instable income from revenue structure of traditional businesses 

14. Competition of Innovative Business in China Security Industry
14.1 Aggregated Assets Management Plan Service
14.2 Creation of warrant service
14.3 Direct investment service
14.4 Stock index future transaction 

15. Main Security Firms
15.1 China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd
15.1.1 Company Profile
15.1.2 Competition
15.1.3 Development Strategy
15.1.4 Latest Trends
15.2 CITIC Securities Co., Ltd
15.2.1 Profile
15.2.2 Competition
15.3 Hongyuan Security Co., Ltd
15.3.1 Profile
15.3.2 Competition
15.4 Northeast Securities Co. ,Ltd
15.4.1 Profile
15.4.2 Competition
15.5Guoyuan Securities Co., Ltd
15.5.1 Profile 
15.5.2 Competition
15.5.3 Development Strategy
15.5.4 Latest Trends
15.6 Changjiang Securities Co., Ltd
15.6.1 Profile
15.6.2 Competition
15.6.3 Development Strategy
15.6.4 Latest Trends
15.7 Guotai Junan Securities Co. Ltd
15.7.1 Profile
15.7.2 Competition
15.7.3 Development Strategy
15.7.4 Latest Trends
15.8Shenyin & Wanguo Securities Co., Ltd
15.8.1 Profile
15.8.2 Competition
15.8.3 Development Strategy
15.8.4 Latest Trends
15.9 GF Securities Co., Ltd
15.9.1 Profile
15.9.2 Competition
15.9.3 Development Strategy
15.9.4 Latest Trends
15.10 Guosen Securities Co., Ltd
15.10.1 Profile
15.10.2 Competition
15.10.3 Development Strategy
15.10.4 Latest Trends
15.11 Merchant Securities Co., Ltd
15.11.1 Profile
15.11.2 Competition
15.11.3 Development Strategy
15.11.4 Latest Trends
15.12 CITICS 
15.12.1 Profile
15.12.2 Competition
15.13 China Jianyin Investment Securities Co., Ltd
15.13.1 Profile
15.13.2 Competition
15.13.3 Development Strategy
15.13.4 Latest Trend
15.14 Everbright Securities Co., Ltd
15.14.1 Profile
15.14.2 Competition
15.14.3 Development Strategy
15.14.4 Latest Trends
15.15 Oriental Securities Co., Ltd
15.15.1 Profile
15.15.2 Competition
15.15.3 Development Strategy
15.15.4 Latest Trends
15.16 Industrial Securities Co., Ltd
15.16.1 Profile
15.16.2 Competition
15.16.3 Development Strategy
15.16.4 Latest Trends
15.17 BOC International (China) Limited
15.17.1 Profile
15.17.2 Competition
15.18 Huaxi Securities Co., Ltd
15.18.1 Profile
15.18.2 Competition 
15.18.3 Latest Trends
15.19 PingAn Securities Co., Ltd
15.19.1 Profile
15.19.2 Competition
15.19.3 Development Strategy 
15.19.4 Latest Trends

16. Investment of Foreign Securities Firms in China  
16.1 Merrill Lynch 
16.1.1 Investment of Merrill Lynch in China
16.1.2 Core Competitiveness of Merrill Lynch in China
16.2 UBSWarburg 
16.2.1 Investment
16.2.2 Core Competitiveness 
16.3 Nomura Securities 
16.3.1 Investment
16.3.2 Core Competitiveness 
16.4 Lyons Securities  
16.4.1 Investment
16.4.2 Core Competitiveness 
16.5 Citigroup
16.5.1 Investment
16.5.2 Core Competitiveness 
16.6 Morgan Stanley 
16.6.1 Investment
16.6.2 Core Competitiveness 
16.7 Hang Seng Bank 
16.7.1 Investment
16.7.2 Core Competitiveness 
16.8 Samsung Securities 
16.8.1 Investment
16.8.2 Core Competitiveness 

17.  Merging and Restructuring Cases in China's Securities Industry
17.1 China Cinda Purchased Hantang Securities
17.1.1 Background
17.1.2 Process 
17.1.3 Blue Print 
17.2 China Cinda purchased Liaoning Securities
17.2.1 Background
17.2.2 Process
17.2.3 Blue Print 
17.3 China Jianyin Investment Securities Purchased Hongyuan Securities 
17.3.1 Background
17.3.2 Process
17.3.3 Blue Print 
17.4 CITIC Securities Purchased Goldstone Securities
17.4.1 Background
17.4.2 Process
17.4.3 Blue Print 
17.5 GF Securities Purchased First Securities 
17.5.1 Background
17.5.2 Process
17.5.3 Blue Print 
17.6 UBS Purchased Beijing Securities 
17.6.1 Background
17.6.2 Process
17.6.3 Blue Print 

18.Big Events in Fund Industry, 2007
18.1 First case of fund merger
18.2 Three cases of scrambling for equity of fund companies

19.1 Development status 
19.2 Competition for broker agent qualification triggered by new policy of QFII
19.3 Fund performance
19.4 Investment strategy

20. Key QFII Funds
20.4.1 A share fund of Morgan Stanley China
20.4.2 Futong Yangtze fund
20.4.3 A share fund of Hang Seng Bank China
20.4.4 A50 fund of iShare FTSE Xinhua Index Limited
204.5 Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd
20.4.6 Deutsche Bank 
20.4.7 Goldman Sachs
20.4.8 Citigroup Global Markets Limited
20.4.9 UBS AG

21.Private Equity Securities Investment Fund
21.1 Definition
21.2 Development of private equity fund
21.2.1 Legitimate status becomes increasingly definite
21.3 Status quo
21.4 Performance

22.Social Security Fund
22.1 Development in 2007
22.2 Overseas investment of National Social Securities Fund
22.3 Investment status of National Social Securities Fund

23. QDII
23.1 Status quo
23.2 Brokerage QDII products
23.3 Banking QDII products
23.4 Insurance QDII products
23.5 Overseas QDII funds

24.Key Domestic Fund Companies
24.1 China Southern Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.1.1 Company profile
24.1.2 Company performance
24.2 E Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.2.1 Company profile
24.2.2 Company performance
24.3 China AMC
24.3.1 Company profile
24.3.2 Company performance
24.3.3 Development
24.4 Hua An Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.4.1 Company profile
24.4.2 Company performance
24.5 Bosera Asset Management Co., Ltd
24.5.1 Company profile
24.5.2 Company performance
24.5.3 Development
24.6 GF Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.6.1 Company Profile
24.6.2 Company performance
24.7 Harvest Management Co., Ltd
24.7.1 Company Profile
24.7.2 Company performance
24.7.3 Talents Strategy
24.8 Yinhua Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.8.1 Company Profile
24.8.2 Company performance
24.9 Da Cheng Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.9.1 Company Profile
24.9.2 Company performance
24.10 Guotai Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.10.1 Company Profile
24.10.2 Company performance
24.11 Invesco Great Wall Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.11.1 Company Profile
24.11.2 Company performance
24.12 Rongtong Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.12.1 Company Profile
24.12.2 Company performance
24.13 Fortune SGAM Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.13.1 Company Profile
24.13.2 Company performance
24.14 Penghua Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.14.1 Company Profile
24.14.2 Company performance
24.15 China Post & Capital Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.15.1 Company Profile
24.15.2 Company performance
24.16 China Universal Asset Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.16.1 Company Profile
24.16.2 Company performance
24.17 Lion Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.17.1 Company Profile
24.17.2 Company performance
24.18 GreatwallFund Management Co., Ltd
24.18.1 Company Profile
24.18.2 Company performance
24.19 China International Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.19.1 Company Profile
24.19.2 Company Performance
24.20 Fullgoal Fund Management Co., Ltd
24.20.1 Company Profile
24.20.2 Company performance

25.Prospect for Development of China Security Industry
25.1 Development Trend
25.2 Investment Opportunities

26.Overview of China Insurance Industry
26.1 Status Quo 
26.1.1 Scale and Entity 
26.1.2 Operation
26.1.3 Segment markets
26.1.4 Status quo of insurance products
26.1.5 Policies and industrial environment
26.1.6 Capital utilization in insurance industry
26.1.7 Foreign Capital and Insurance Industry

27. Foreign Insurance Companies
27.1 Aioi Insurance Co., Ltd
27.2 Allianz Insurance Company Guangzhou Branch
27.3 Germany Cologne Reinsurance Company Shanghai Branch
27.4 Groupama S.A. Chengdu Branch
27.5 Winterthur Insurance (Asia) Ltd
27.6 Lloyd's of China Reinsurance Company
27.7 Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
27.8 American International Assurance Company, Limited
27.9 AIG General Insurance Company China, Ltd
27.10 Munich Re Group
27.11 Chubb Group Of Insurance Companies  
27.12 Sompo Japan Insurance Company
27.13 Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd
27.14 Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd
27.15 Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd
27.16 Zurich Insurance Company Beijing Branch
27.17 Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance (PLC) Company

28. Competitiveness of China Major Insurance Companies
28.1 PICC Property and Casualty Insurance Co.
28.1.1 Operation
28.1.2 Market competitiveness
28.1.3 Development strategy
28.2 PICC Life Insurance Co.
28.2.1 Operation
28.2.2 Market competitiveness
28.2.3 Development strategy
28.3 Ping An Insurance (Group) Company
28.3.1 Operation
28.3.2 Market competitiveness
28.3.3 Development strategy
28.4 China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co.
28.4.1 Operation
28.4.2 Market competitiveness
28.4.3 Development strategy
28.5 New China Insurance Co., Ltd.
28.5.1 Operation
28.5.2 Market competitiveness
28.5.3 Development strategy
28.6 Taikang Life Insurance Company Ltd.
28.6.1 Operation
28.6.2 Market competitiveness
28.6.3 Development strategy

29.Development Trend and Proposals of Insurance Industry
29.1 Development trend
29.2 Investment opportunities

Third Volume: Other Financial Forms

30. Brief Introduction of China Equity Investment
30.1 Definition and classification
30.2 Policy environment
30.3 Operation of China equity investment in 2007
30.3.1 Overview of China equity investment in 2007 Distribution of China equity investment industry in 2007 Strategies of investment in 2007 Withdrawal situation Fundraising in 2007 Statistics of IPOs by Chinese companies backed by equity investment firms, 2007 Ranking list of China venture capital firms, 2007 Ranking list of China private equity funds, 2007
30.3.2 Major events of China venture capital, 2007
30.3.3 Ten typical cases of China equity investment, 2007

31. Comparison between Domestic Capital & Foreign Capital of China Equity Investment

32. Analysis of Key Companies' Operation in China, 2007
32.1 Carlyle Group
32.2 IDG
32.3 CDH Investments
32.4 SAIF Partners
32.5 Legend Capital Ltd
32.6 Sequoia Capital China
32.7 Merrill Lynch
32.8 Warburg Pincus
32.10 DFJ ePlanet Ventures
32.11 Goldman Sachs (Asia) Ltd.
32.12 SIG
32.13 JAFCO
32.14 Intel Capital
32.15 Chengwei Ventures
32.17 Morgan Stanley
32.18 Deutsche Bank
32.20 Blue Ridge Capital
32.21 Qiming Venture
32.22 Capital Today
32.23 Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd.
32.24 AsiaVest Partners, TCW/YFY Ltd.
32.25 WI Harper Group

33. Trend and Prospect of China Equity Investment, 2008
33.1 Launch of the second board and its influence
33.2 Changing trend of withdrawal forms
33.3 Monetary policy and its influence
33.4 Changing trend of regional investment

34. Introduction of Guarantee Industry
34.1 Definition and classification
34.2 Overview of China's guarantee industry development 

35. Status Quo of China Guarantee Industry Development, 2007
35.1 Quantity of China guarantee agencies
35.2 Investment structure 
35.3 Corporate governance structure
35.4 Analysis of capital raised by guarantee agencies 
35.4.1 Situation of capital raised by guarantee agencies
35.4.2 Sources of capital raised by guarantee agencies
35.5 Business volume
35.6 Operating revenue
35.6.1 Analysis of operating revenue
35.6.2 Analysis of operating revenue structure

36. Effects of Monetary Policy on Guarantee Industry, 2007-2008
36.1 China monetary policy, 2007-2008
36.2 Effects of interest rate changes on guarantee fee
36.2.1 Negative impact of interest rate changes on guarantee fee
36.2.1 Positive impact of interest rate changes on guarantee fee

37. Operation of China's Key Guarantee Agencies, 2007
37.1 China National Investment & Guaranty Co., Ltd. 
37.2 Credit Orienwise Group Ltd.
37.2.1 Company profile
37.2.2 Introduction of strategic investors 
37.3 China Investment & Credit Guaranty Co., Ltd.
37.4 Beijing Shouchuang Investment & Guarantee Co., Ltd.
37.4.1 Company profile
37.4.2 Operation
37.5 Beijing Zhongguancun Sci-tech Guaranty Co., Ltd.
37.5.1 Company profile
37.5.2 Operation
37.6 Shenzhen Huarong Investment & Guarantee Co., Ltd.
37.6.1 Company profile
37.6.2 Main business
37.7 Shenzhen Small & Medium Enterprises Credit Guarantee Center Co., Ltd.
37.8 Guangdong Yinda Guarantee Investment Group Co., Ltd.
37.9 GuangDong Join-Share Guarantee Investment Co., Ltd.

38. Prospect of China Guarantee Industry Development, 2008

39. Profile of China Trust Industry, 2007
39.1 Functions and features of trust
39.2 Overview of trust industry
39.2.1 Launch of trust products
39.2.2 Yield of trust products
39.2.3 Typical trust products Ranking list of trust products, Nov. 2007

40. Investment Direction and Application Forms of China Trust Funds
40.1 Investment direction of trust funds
40.1.1 Finance
40.1.2 Real estate
40.1.3 Infrastructure
40.1.4 Mineral industry
40.2 Application forms of trust funds
40.2.1 Loans
40.2.2 Investment in securities
40.2.3 Investment in equity
40.2.4 Investment in interest

41.Competitiveness of Companies with Financial License 
41.1 Huaxin Trust Co., Ltd.
41.1.1 Company Profile
41.1.2 Operation
41.1.3 Financial analysis
41.1.4 Important events
41.2 Guolian Trust Co., Ltd.
41.2.1 Company Profile
41.2.2 Operation
41.2.3 Financial analysis
41.3 Dongguan Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.
41.3.1 Company Profile
41.3.2 Operation
41.3.3 Financial analysis
41.4 GFIH Co., Ltd.
41.4.1Company Profile
41.4.2 Operation
41.4.3 Financial analysis
41.5 National Trust Co., Ltd.
41.5.1 Company Profile
41.5.2 Operation
41.5.3 Financial analysis
41.6 SDIC Trust Co., Ltd.
41.6.1Company Profile
41.6.2 Operation
41.6.3 Financial analysis
41.7 Hangzhou Industrial & Commercial Trust Co., Ltd.
41.7.1 Company Profile
41.7.2 Operation
41.7.3 Financial analysis
41.8 Hefei Xingtai Trust Co., Ltd.
41.8.1 Company Profile
41.8.2 Operation
41.8.3 Financial analysis
41.9 Hengping Trust Co., Ltd.
41.9.1 Company Profile
41.9.2 Operation
41.10 Huachen Trus Trust Co., Ltd.
41.10.1 Company Profile
41.10.2 Operation
41.10.3 Financial analysis
41.11 Jiangsu International Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.
41.11.1 Company Profile
41.11.2 Operation
41.11.3 Financial analysis
41.12 Shangdong International Trust Co., Ltd.
41.12.1 Company Profile
41.12.2 Operation
41.12.3 Financial analysis
41.13 Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd.
41.13.1 Company Profile
41.13.2 Operation
41.13.3 Financial analysis
41.14 Shanxi Trust Co., Ltd.
41.14.1 Company Profile
41.14.2 Operation
41.14.3 Financial analysis
41.15 Suzhou Trust Co., Ltd.
41.15.1 Company Profile
41.15.2 Operation
41.15.3 Financial analysis
41.16 Xiamen International Trust Co., Ltd.
41.16.1 Company Profile
41.16.2 Operation
41.16.3 Financial analysis
41.17 New China Trust Co., Ltd.
41.17.1 Company Profile
41.17.2 Operation
41.17.3 Financial analysis
41.18 Jinan Yingda International Trust Co., Ltd.
41.18.1 Company Profile
41.18.2 Operation
41.18.3 Financial analysis
41.19 Yunnan International Trust Co., ltd.
41.19.1 Company Profile
41.19.2 Operation
41.19.3 Financial analysis
41.20 China Credit Trust Co., ltd.
41.20.1 Company Profile
41.20.2 Operation
41.20.3 Financial analysis
41.21 China Pingan Trust Co., Ltd.
41.21.1 Comapny Profile
41.21.2 Operation
41.21.3 Financial analysis
41.22 China Foreign Economy and Trade Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.
41.22.1 Company Profile
41.22.2 Operation
41.22.3 Financial analysis
41.23 Zhonghai Trust Co., Ltd.
41.22.1 Company Profile
41.22.2 Operation
41.22.3 Financial analysis
41.24 Zhongrong International Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.
41.24.1 Company Profile
41.24.2 Operation
41.24.3 Financial analysis
41.25 CITIC Trust Co., Ltd.
41.25.1 Company Profile
41.25.2 Operation
41.25.3 Financial analysis
41.26 Anxin Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.
41.26.1 Company Profile
41.26.2 Operation
41.26.3 Financial analysis
41.27 Shanxi International Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.
41.27.1 Company Profile
41.27.2 Operation
41.27.3 Financial analysis
41.28 Fortune Trust Co., Ltd.
41.28.1 Company Profile
41.28.2 Operation
41.28.3 Financial analysis

42. Competitiveness of Companies without Financial Licenses
42.1 Bridge Trust Co., Ltd.
42.1.1 Company Profile
42.1.2 Operation
42.1.3 Financial analysis
42.2 Zhongyuan Trust Co., Ltd.
42.2.1 Company Profile
42.2.2 Operation
42.2.3 Financial analysis
42.3 Union Trust Co., Ltd.
42.3.1 Company Profile
42.3.2 Operation
42.3.3 Financial analysis
42.4 Hunan Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.
42.4.1 Company Profile
42.4.2 Operation
42.4.3 Financial analysis
42.5 Anhui Guoyuan Trust and Investment Co., ltd.
42.5.1 Company Profile
42.5.2 Operation
42.5.3 Financial analysis
42.6 Northern International Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.
42.6.1 Company Profile
42.6.2 Operation
42.6.3 Financial analysis
42.7 Beijing International Trust and Investment Co., Ltd.
42.7.1 Company Profile
42.7.2 Operation
42.7.3 Financial analysis
42.8 Gansu Trust Co., Ltd.
42.8.1 Company Profile
42.8.2 Operation
42.8.3 Financial analysis
42.9 Jilin Province Trust & Investment Co., ltd.
42.9.1 Company Profile
42.9.2 Operation
42.9.3 Financial analysis
42.10 Jiangxi International Trust Co., Ltd.
42.10.1 Company Profile
42.10.2 Operation
42.10.3 Financial analysis
42.11 Goldern Harbour Trust Co., Ltd.
42.11.1 Company Profile
42.11.2 Operation
42.11.3 Financial analysis
42.12 Shenzhen International Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.
42.12.1 Company Profile
42.12.2 Operation
42.12.3 Financial analysis
42.13 Tianjin Trust and Investment Co., Ltd.
42.13.1 Company Profile
42.13.2 Operation
42.13.3 Financial analysis
42.14 Xi'an International Trust and Investment Co., Ltd.
42.14.1 Company Profile
42.14.2 Operation
42.14.3 Financial analysis
42.15 Western Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.
42.15.1 Company Profile
42.15.2 Operation
42.15.3 Financial analysis
42.16 The Trust Investment Corporation of Tiber Autonomous Region
42.16.1 Company Profile
42.16.2 Operation
42.16.3 Financial analysis
42.17 Xinjiang International Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.
42.17.1 Company Profile
42.17.2 Operation
42.17.3 Financial analysis
42.18 Chongqing International Trust and Investment Co., Ltd.
42.18.1 Company Profile
42.18.2 Operation
42.18.3 Financial analysis
42.19 Zhongtai Trust Co., Ltd.
42.19.1 Company Profile
42.19.2 Operation
42.19.3 Financial analysis
42.20 New Times Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.
42.20.1 Company Profile
42.20.2 Operation
42.20.3 Financial analysis

43. Development Trend and Opportunities of Trust Industry

44. Overview of China's Pawn Industry Development in 2007
44.1 Pawn classification and main business
44.2 Overview of China pawn industry in 2007

45. Analysis of Pawn Business in China Pawn Industry
45.1 Pawn of civilian goods
45.2 Pawn of house property
45.3 Pawn of motor vehicles
45.4 Rights pledge
45.5 Risks in pawn industry

46. Regional Competitive Structure in Pawn Industry
46.1 Development of pawn industry in Beijing
46.1.1 Operation
46.2 Development of pawn industry in Shanghai
46.2.1 Operation 
46.2.2 Main problems
46.3 Development of pawn industry in Zhejiang
46.3.2 Features of pawn
46.4 Development of pawn industry in Wuhan
46.4.1 Analysis of pawn business
46.4.2 Financial analysis of pawn industry in Wuhan
46.4.3 Analysis of practitioners
46.5 Development of pawn industry in Hohhot
46.5.1 Pawn business
46.5.2 Operation
46.5.3 Main problems
46.6 Development of pawn industry in Urumqi
46.6.1 The number of pawnshops increases rapidly
46.6.2 Volume of pawn business increases
46.7 Development of pawn industry in Sichuan
46.7.1 Small operation scale
46.7.2 Rapid development
46.7.3 Main problems
46.8 Development of pawn industry in Jilin 
46.8.1 Operation
46.8.2 Main problems 

47. Operation of Key Pawn Companies in China
47.1 Beijing Huaxia Pawnshop Co., Ltd.
47.1.1Company profile
47.1.2 Primary business
47.2 Bao Rui Tong Pawn Shop
47.2.1Company profile
47.2.2 Primary business
47.2.3 Operation
47.3 Oriental Pawn Co., Ltd.
47.3.1 Company profile
47.3.2 Scope of business
47.3.3 Operation
47.4 Ningbo Dahongying Industry & Investment Co., Ltd.
47.4.1 Company profile
47.4.2 Operation
47.5 Jiangsu Jinteng Pawn Co., Ltd.
47.6 Beijing Ruiyuan Pawn Co., Ltd,
47.7 Shenyang Xinke Pawn Co., Ltd.
47.8 Shenyang Jintong Pawn Co., Ltd. 
47.9 Anhui Huasheng Pawn Co., Ltd.
47.10 Wuhan Huatai Pawn Co., Ltd.

48. Development Trend of China Pawn Industry

49. Policy and Economic Environment of Financial Leasing Industry
49.1 Analysis of industrial policy environment
49.1.1 Prescription of Problems on Supreme People's Court Cognizance Financing Leasing Contract Dispute 
49.1.2 Measures for the Administration of Finance Leasing Companies
49.1.3 Measures for Approval of Foreign Investment and Leasing Companies 
49.1.4 Notice of the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Taxation on Relevant Issues concerning Sales Tax 
49.1.5 Administrative Measures for Construction Machinery Lease Industry 
49.1.6 Notice of the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Taxation on Relevant Issues concerning Undertaking Financing Lease Business 
49.1.7 Financial Leasing Law

50. Overall Operation of Financial Leasing Industry, 2006 
50.1 Overview of financial leasing industry
50.1.1 Medical Equipment Leasing
50.1.2 Engineering Machinery Leasing 
50.1.3 Printing Equipment Leasing 
50.1.4 Aviation Leasing 
50.1.5 Real Estate Financial Leasing 
50.1.6 Automobile Financial Leasing
50.2 Innovating Products 
50.3 Trust Plan 
50.4 Blanket Financial Leasing Plan 

51. Key Companies
51.1 China Leasing Co., Ltd 
51.2 Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd 
51.3 Shenzhen Financial Leasing Co., Ltd 
51.4 Zhejiang Leasing Co., Ltd 
51.5 International Far Eastern Leasing Co., Ltd 
51.6 Deutsche Leasing (China) Co., Ltd 
51.7 Beijing Zoomlion XinXing Construction Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd

52.Future Development of Industry 
52.1 Market Prospect 
52.2 Current Bottleneck Restricting Financial Leasing Development 
52.3 Risk and Countermeasures for Financial Leasing Companies 
Total Assets Contrast of the four financial Institutions, 2007
Assets of Banking Financial Institutions, Sep.2007
Main Target of Banking Financial Institutions in the end of Quarter, 2007
Main Target of State-owned Commercial Bank in the end of Quarter, 2007 
Profit Target of Industrial &Commercial Bank of China, 2007
Profit Target of China Construction Bank, 2007
Financial Statistics of China Construction Bank, 2004-2007
Financial Statistics of Bank of China, 2004-2007
Profit Target of Huaxia Bank, 2007
Financial Statistics of Bohai Bank, 2004-2007
Asset, Capital and Debt Proportion of City Commercial Bank
Total Asset, Capital and Debt of City Commercial Bank
Accounting Data and Financial Target, 2004-2006
Capital Adequacy Ratio of Shenzhen City Commercial Bank, 2003-2006
General Output Value and Its Growth Rate of Shenzhen during 10th Five-years Plan Period
Profit target of Dongguan City Commercial Bank, 2006
Financial Statistics of Dongguan City Commercial Bank, 2004-2006
Profit target of Fuzhou City Commercial Bank, 2006
Accounting Data and Financial Target of Fuzhou City Commercial Bank , 2004-2006
Complement Financial Target by the End of This Report
Capital Contrast of Yingkou City Commercial Bank
Accounting Target of Baotou City Commercial Bank, 2003-2005
Financial Target of Three Years by the End of This Report
Capital Composition and its Changes
China Rural Financial System Institution
Total Assets of Some Commercial Banks
Deposit Balance of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank over Years 
Asset Capital of Wujiang Rural Commercial Bank
Capital Composition of Xizhou Rural Commercial Bank
Performance of Various Target of Yinzhou Rural Commercial Bank
Total Market Value and circulation changes of China Stock Market,2006-2007
Income structure of Security industry, 2006
Market share of Broking Business, 2006
Carry Curve of Five-year-term National Debt and Financial Bond 
Trading Volume of Key Different Bonds in Inter-bank Market, 2006
Curve Change of Financial Bond Returns Rate in Inter-bank Market, 2006
Scale of Invested Products in Different Securities Markets of China
Curve of National Debt Returns Rate of Exchanges
Trade volume of Stock, Fund and Warrant of Guoyuan Securities Co., Ltd, 2004-2007
Trading Volume of Different Products in China Futures Market
Requirements of China Securities Regulatory Commission on Securities Dealers Developing Business
List of Securities Companies that Add Capitals and Enlarge Share Number in Recent Years
Security Industry's System
Investment Value of Approved QFII 
Number of Agencies in China Securities Market
China Creative Securities Dealers 
Bond Issue in Primary Market, 2006
Estimated Capital Supply in Bonds Market, 2007
Main Monetary Policies, 2006
China Futures Transaction Market and Listed Products
China's wealthy people and changing trend of their assets
Withdrawal froms of private equity funds in Chinese and American Markets
Increase in investment amount of China equity investment market, 2002-2006
Circulation of innovative open-end fund and idle assets by the end of the year
Shareholding status of Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd., Q3 2007
Performance of management in non-IPO comprehensive financial products, 2007
Funds launched by China Southern Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Operation of close-ended fund in Hua An Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Scale of China insurance industry
Ranking list of insurance premium income of life insurance company, Jan.-Sep. 2007 (unit: CNY10,000)
Structure ratio of life insurance market
Foreign insurance institutions
New representative offices in China of foreign insurance companies, Jan.-Oct. 2007
Performance of Germany Cologne Reinsurance Company Shanghai Branch in past years
Fundraising by private equity fund in each quarter, which could be invested in Mainland China, 
2006-2007 (unit:US$ million)
Statistics of fundraising, Jan.-Sep. 2007 ( unit: USD million)
The number of Chinese companies invested by private equity funds 
China's wealthy people and changing trend of their assets
Distribution of private equity funds' investment strategy in 3Q, 2007 (unit: number)
Distributions of private equity funds' investment strategy in 3Q, 2007 (unit: USD million)
Changes of the Number of Guarantee Agencies, 2003-2006
Investment Structure of China Guarantee Agencies, 2006
Changes of Investment Structure of China Guarantee Agencies, 2003-2006
Changes of Investment Structure of China Guarantee Agencies, 2003-2006 (unit: %)
Corporate Governance Structure of China Guarantee Agencies, 2006
Changes of Corporate Governance Structure of China Guarantee Agencies, 2003-2006
Amount of Fundraising & its Growth Rate of China's Guarantee Agencies, 2003-2006 (unit: CNY100 million)
Trend of launch scale and average scale of financial trust products, Jan.-Dec. 2007
Average term and prospective average annual yield of real estate trust products, Jan.-Dec. 2007
Average term and prospective average annual yield of infrastructure trust products, Jan.-Dec. 2007
Trend of launched quantity of infrastructure trust products, Jan.-Dec. 2007
Average term and prospective average annual yield of infrastructure trust products, Jan.-Dec. 2007
Trend of launch scale and average scale of mineral industry trust products, Jan.-Dec. 2007
Trend of launched quantity of mineral industry trust products, Jan.-Dec. 2007
YOY growth of sales in pawn industry, 2006-2007
Changing trend of the number of pawnshops, 1997-H1 2007
Changing trend of monetary amount provided for enterprises and residents in pawn business, 2006-2007
Comparison between direct financing and indirect financing, 1998-2006
Proportions of chattel mortgage, real estate mortgage and rights pledge, 1H 2007
Operational process of pawn
Pawn of civilian goods
Pawn of house property
Leasing Trading Volume of Sino-foreign Joint Venture in Past Years 
Leasing Trading Volume of Non-banking Financial Organizations in Past Years 
China Leasing Co., Ltd 
Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd

Global and China Agricultural Insurance Industry Report, 2013-2014

In 2007-2013, the risk guarantee offered by China’s agricultural insurance rose from RMB112.6 billion to RMB1.4 trillion; a total of RMB76 billion was paid to 143 million peasant households as compens...

China Currency Sorter Industry Report, 2014

Currency sorter, a kind of financial machines and tools, mainly consists of banknote sorter and coin sorter. Market demand for currency sorter in China came in full swing from 2005, and sales revenue...

China Internet Financing Industry Report,2014

Internet financing refers to the service pattern in which relevant companies carry out cooperation with financial institutions to provide customers with wealth preservation and appreciation through in...

China Financial Leasing Industry Report, 2014

Since 2013, China's financial leasing industry has continued to maintain rapid growth, with total turnover reaching approximately RMB2.35 trillion as of the end of March 2014, an increase of RMB250 bi...

China Online Lending Industry Report, 2014

With the continuous expansion of scale, China’s small and medium-sized enterprises are seeing rapid growth in capital requirements, but often shut out by large commercial banks on the grounds of unsou...

China Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System Industry Report, 2013

Automatic fare collection (AFC) system is widely used in urban rails and high-speed railways. By the end of 2013, 19 Chinese cities had put 87 urban rail lines into operation with the operating mile...

China Automatic Teller Machine Industry Report, 2013-2016

In 2013, Chinese ATM market characterizes the followings: First, China becomes the country with the most quantity of ATM, surpassing the United States.By H1 2013, 465,600 sets of ATM had been included...

Global and China Financial POS Terminal Industry Report,2013-2016

POS (point-of-sale) machine is used for sales information collection and capital, merchandise balance recording of points of sale, associated with the settlement system of trading platform. Currently,...

China Financial Leasing Industry Report, 2013

In 2012, the financial leasing industry of China presented remarkably rapid development, with business turnover reaching RMB1.55 trillion, an increase of about RMB620 billion (66.7%) from RMB930 billi...

China City Commercial Bank Industry Report, 2012

In 2011, Chinese city commercial bank industry continued high-speed growth. In the same year, the total assets of Chinese city commercial banks amounted to RMB11.5134 trillion, with a year-on-year ris...

China Financial POS terminal Industry Report, 2011-2012

The increasingly robust domestic demand for bank card payment and the mushrooming number of merchants in the POS network boost the demand for financial POS terminals. As of the end of 2011, there had ...

Company Study of PAX Global Technology Limited, 2012

Established in 2001, PAX Global specializes in the R & D and sales of e-payment terminal products and related softwares. The business of PAX Technology covers e-payment system and POS terminal softwar...

China ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Industry Report, 2011-2012

Chinese ATM market is growing rapidly. China's number of ATM rose from 301,000 sets in 2010 to 369,000 sets at the end of 2011. The number of networked ATM was 338,000 sets in 2011, up 24.7%. Number ...

China Financial Leasing Industry Report, 2011

After the rapid development during the "Eleventh Five-Year" (2006-2010) period, China’s financial leasing industry gradually returned to reason in 2011, and achieved annual business volume of RMB 930 ...

China Banking Intermediary Business Report, 2011

In H1 2011, the operating revenue of China’s 16 listed banks reached RMB 1.09 trillion, of which intermediary business revenue amounted to RMB218.691 billion, up 45.96% YoY and sharing 20.18% of total...

China Trust Industry Report, 2010-2011

China trust industry has experienced six reformations since 1979, with the number of trust companies declining from over one thousand at the peak to 64 at present. The assets managed by Chinese trust ...

China Third-party Payment Industry Report, 2010-2013

Third-party payment refers to an Internet-based means of exchange that provides online (Internet) and offline (telephone & mobile phone) payment channels enabling user-to-merchant online payment, ...

China Rural Commercial Bank Market Report, 2010-2011

The number of rural commercial banks in China has expanded rapidly, and it had reached 85 up to the end of 2010. Chinese rural commercial banks have accelerated the development particularly in 2010 wh...

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