China Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Report, 2008
  • Aug.2008
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At present, China's non-ferrous metal industry has a momentum of a slowdown growth after years of rapid growth. The reasons for the slower growth in the industry are as follows. Firstly, China's non-ferrous metal production and consumption accounts for about 30% of the global total, meaning that per capita consumption in China has surpassed the global average level. Secondly, cost continues to rise, and corporate profitability is declining after earlier rises, which gradually dampens the corporate enthusiasm for sustained fast growth in capacity expansion. Thirdly, extensive economic growth has led to a tight supply of resources and energy in China and China has continuously rolled out regulatory and control policies, which will help the industry change the growth mode with focus on capacity expansion, and step onto the path of sustained development.

China Non-Ferrous Metal Output, 1H2007 and 1H 2008

Source: ResearchInChina

It is forecast that China's output of non-ferrous metals will grow at a rate of around 10% in the period 2008-2010, even lower than 10%, and meanwhile growth rate of consumption will slow down accordingly.

After years of rapid rises, non-ferrous metal prices have begun dividing. Some of non-ferrous metal prices have dropped due to the impact of supply growth, and some have still remained at high level because of tight supply. This report is optimistic about future prices of noble metals, aluminum, tin and rare earths, and is cautious about future prices of copper, zinc, lead, nickel and molybdenum. Detailed information is given in Chapter IV.

With the rapid development of non-ferrous metal industry in recent years, large-sized corporations have taken the initiative in the rapid growth. Aluminum Corporation of China, for instance, will dominate the future development of China electrolyte aluminum industry. The four gold producers, Zhongjin Gold Co, Shandong Gold Co, Zhaojin Industry and Zijin Mining Group, will share the gold market, while the copper market will be controlled by Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Holdings Co., Jiangxi Copper Industry Co. and Yunnan Copper Industry Co. Detailed information on China's key non-ferrous metal producers is provided in Chapter VI.

China's investment in overseas market by its non-ferrous metal producers is increasingly active, but they are still at initial stage and still face great risk. In a long term, it is an inevitable trend for China's non-ferrous metal companies to tap overseas market and participant in global competition in the future.


1. Overview of Non-Ferrous Metal Industry
1.1 Definition of the Industry and Research Scope of the Report
1.2 Industry Characteristics and Main Influential Factors
1.3 Status and Role of Non-Ferrous Metal Industry in National Economy
1.4 Development Stages and Prosperity Degree of the Industry in 2008

2. Policy and Technology Environment
2.1 Policy and Law Environment
2.1.1 Industry Management System
2.1.2 Laws and Regulations
2.1.3 Industry Programming 
2.1.4 Industry Policies 
2.2 Technical Environment
2.2.1 Aluminum Electrolysis Technology
2.2.2 Copper Smelting Technology
2.2.3 Lead Smelting Technology
2.2.4 Zinc Smelting Technology

3. Overall Supply and Demand
3.1 Supply
3.1.1 Supply Scale and Growth
3.1.2 Industry Structure
3.2 Market Supply & Demand and Prices
3.2.1 Market Supply & Demand
3.2.2 Prices

4. Segmented Market of Non-Ferrous Metals
4.1 Supply and Demand of Copper Market
4.1.1 Supply and Demand in International Copper Market
4.1.2 Supply in China's Market
4.1.3 Demand in China's Market
4.1.4 Price Trend
4.2 Supply and Demand of Aluminum Market
4.2.1 Supply and Demand in International Aluminum Market
4.2.2 Supply in China's Market
4.2.3 Demand in China's Market
4.2.4 Price Trend
4.3 Supply and Demand of Lead Market
4.3.1 Supply and Demand in International Lead Market
4.3.2 Supply in China's Market
4.3.3 Demand in China's Market
4.3.4 Price Trend
4.4 Supply and Demand of Zinc Market
4.4.1 Supply and Demand in International Zinc Market
4.4.2 Supply in China's Market
4.4.3 Demand in China's Market
4.4.4 Price Trend
4.5 Supply and Demand of Tin Market
4.5.1 Supply and Demand in International Tin Market
4.5.2 Supply in China's Market
4.5.3 Demand in China's Market
4.5.4 Market Prospect

5. International Trade
5.1 Import & Export and Trade Balance
5.2 Import
5.2.1 Import Product Structure
5.2.2 Distribution of Origin Country (Region)
5.2.3 Import Mode Structure
5.2.4 Import Prices of Main Products
5.2.5 Reliance on Main Import Products
5.2.6 Forecast on China's Import
5.3 Overview on Export Trade
5.3.1 Export Scale and Product Structure
5.3.2 Forecast on Export

6. Operations of the Industry and Key Companies
6.1 Performance of the Industry
6.2 Key Companies
6.2.1 Aluminum Corporation of China ((CHINALCO)
6.2.2 Jiangxi Copper Corporation
6.2.3 Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Holdings Co., Ltd
6.2.4 Yunnan Copper Co., Ltd
6.2.5 Daye Non-Ferrous Metals Co., Ltd
6.2.6 Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd
6.2.7 Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Inc
6.2.8 Zhong Tiao Shan Nonferrous Metal Group Co
6.2.9 Huludao Nonferrous Group Co
6.2.10 Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet Co., L