Global and China FPTV Industry Report, 2008-2009
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Over 95% DTVs are FPTVs, therefore this research including the DTV.
The shipment of FPTV in 2008 was 124 million, of which, the LCD TV shipment was 109 million, and the plasma TV shipment was 15 million. The industry chain of FPTV includes raw material suppliers, OEMs or ODMs and FPTV manufacturers. Among which, IC suppliers and panel suppliers are the key players. 

The ranking of global FPTV manufacturers in terms of shipment is as following: Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, Philips, Toshiba, Hitachi, TCL Multimedia and Vizio. Samsung launched a 7th-generation panel production line and two 8th-generation panel production lines together with Sony and Sharp, moreover, Samsung also planned to launch a 10th-generation panel production line together with Sony and Sharp, however, the plan is about to delay. Sony only plays a simple role as the investors regarding those corporations mentioned, Sony has a power over financial issues, and the rest are all controlled by Samsung.

LG Display owns a 7th- generation production line and a 8th-generation production line, while Sharp owns a 8th-generation production line. Panasonic, Hitachi and Toshiba jointly own a 6th-generation production line. Besides, Panasonic has the world’s largest plasma display panel production line. Philips also owns a few shares of LG Display.
There are three major suppliers of LCD TV panel in Taiwan are AUO, Chimei and CPTF. The production scale of AUO is similar to Chimei, while CPTF has a smaller scale. LCD TV manufacturers often have a couple of panel suppliers in order to avoid the risks. The clients of CPTF including Samsung, LG, Funai, and AOC. Chimei has the strongest client base, including all of the top ten LCD TV manufacturers except Sharp, among which, Samsung and Sony are the most important two clients. The clients of AUO including Samsung, Sony, Philips, and LG. The clients of LG Display are Philips, LG, Panasonic and Toshiba. Sharp also sells some panels to Philips.

In terms of FPTV OEM, about 25% FPTVs are produced by OEM in the world. The proportion may expand to 35-40% with the increasing of cost pressure in the future. All non TV players relies on OEM 100%, including Westinghouse, Lenovo, Tongfang, ViewSonic, Dell, BenQ, etc. 60% is for Philips, the proportion may reach 100% in the future. The proportion of others is: LG (10%, which may expand to 20% in the future), Sony (20%, which may expand 40% in the future), Sharp (10%), and Toshiba (40%). While Samsung and Panasonic relies on themselves 100%. In 2008, the ranking of OEMs in terms of shipment was AOC, Proview, Amtran, Wistron, Funai, Jabil and Kolin.

In terms of IC, MediaTek and Trident were the major suppliers of Samsung in 2007. Trident targets the medium- and low-end market, while MediaTek targets the high-end market. At the end of 2007, Samsung started its self-developed IC for its medium- and high-end products. Though the scale was small, it also had an impact on MediaTek and Trident, especially the sales of Trident declined nearly 50%, and Samsung will further strengthen its independent R&D. Sonly has five IC suppliers, including Broadcom(AMD), NXP, Trident, MediaTek and NEC, of which, Trident and NEC are the majors. .

Panasonic and Sharp are both have self-developed IC, while Philips much relies on ST (GENESIS). Toshiba relies on ST and Sharp, and develops high-end products together with Sharp. Although its shipment is small, Hitachi still insists on self-development. Chinese manufacturers rely on Trident in the early stage, but tended to Morningstar considering the cheaper price in the second half of 2006. And Morningstar shared 70% of Chinese market, focusing on the medium- and low-end market. While in the high-end market, the major players are ST and MediaTek.

1 Global DTV Market 
1.1 DTV Concept 
1.1.1 Advantages and Characteristics of DTV
1.1.2 DTV Terrestrial Transmission Standard
1.2 Global TV Market
1.3 TV Development Trend - Triple Play of Broadband, Telecom and Television

2 China TV Market 
2.1 Market Scale 
2.2 Market Review, 2008
2.3 Export 
2.4 Brand Research 
2.5 Regional Markets  
2.6 Market Share Distribution 
2.7 Price 
2.8 FPTV Consumer Investigation 

3 Typical FPTV Design Research 
3.1 Panasonic GLPS23 IC 
3.2 TCL Flagship L52X9FRC 
3.3 Changhong LS01 IC 
3.4 Changhong LS03 IC 
3.5 TCL MG89 IC 
3.6 LG H3 IC
3.7 Skyworth 8DA5 IC 
3.8 Samsung 650A Series 
3.9 Philips LC7.1E IC 
3.10 Hisense GS 2nd-generation IC

4 FPTV Panel Research 
4.1 LCD-TV Panel 
4.1.1 Large-Sized TFT-LCD Panel Industry Overview
4.1.2 LCD-TV Panel 
4.1.3 Market Share Distribution of LCD-TV Panel Manufacturers 
4.1.4 Distribution of LCD-TV Panel Production Line
4.1.5 AUO 
4.1.6 Chimei Electronics 
4.1.7 Samsung 
4.1.8 LG Display 
4.2 PDP Panel 
4.2.1 Overview 
4.2.1 Panasonic 
4.2.2 Samsung SDI 

5.1 Overview 
5.2 AOC
5.3 Amtran 
5.4 Proview 
5.5 Innolux 
5.6 Wiston

6 TV Manufacturers 
6.1 Skyworth 
6.2 Konka 
6.3 Hisense 
6.4 TCL Multimedia 
6.5 Changhong 
6.6 Samsung 
6.7 Sony 
6.8 LG 
6.9 Philips 
6.10 Panasonic 
6.11 Sharp 
6.12 Toshiba

7.1 Overview of DTV (FPTV) IC 
7.2 DTV (FPTV) IC Developments
7.3 Overview of FPTV (DTV) IC 
7.4 Trident 
7.5 MediaTek 
7.6 MStar Semiconductor 
7.7 ST 
7.8 Zoran 
7.10 Huaya Microelectronics, Inc
7.11.1 Broadcom/AMD 
7.12 NXP
Global Mobile TV Standards by Region
Global DTV Standards by Region
Regional Distribution of Global TV Market, 2007-2012E
Global IDTV Shipments by Region, 2007-2012E
Global DTV Shipment, 2007-2012E
European MPEG-4/H.264 Compatible DTV Shipments, 2007-2012E
Global Market Share Distribution of Key FPTV Manufacturers in 2008
Global FPTV Shipment, 2008-2011E
Global above-40-inch FPTV Shipment, 2008-2011E
FPTV Shipments in Emerging Countries and Developed Countries, 2008-2011E
Statistics of Global IPTV Users and STB Shipment, 2005-2010E
IPTV Industry Chain
TV Industry Chain in the Future
China’s Color Television Market Scale, 2005-2009E
China’s Color Television Sales, 2005-2009E
Quarterly FPTV Sales in China, 2005-2009E
China’s Color Television Sales Value by Different Type, Jan.-Dec.2008
China’s Color Television Sales Volume by Different Type, Jan.-Dec.2008
China’s FPTV Screen Size Distribution, Jan.-Dec.2008
China’s CRT TV Shipment and Growth Rate, Jan.2007-Dec.2008
China’s LCD TV Shipment and Growth Rate, Jan.2007-Dec.2008
TV Sales Ratio in Domestic and Foreign Market of Chinese Key TV Manufacturers
LCD TV Brand Awareness in China, Q4 2008
LCD TV Brand Awareness in China, Jan.-Dec.2008
Chinese Market Share Distribution of Domestic and Foreign TV Brands, Dec.2007-Jan.2009
Price of Domestic and Foreign 32-inch LCD TV Brands in China, Jan.2008-Jan.2009
Sales Growth Margin of LCD TV in Chinese Cities at Different Levels in 2008 
LCD TV Sales in Chinese Cities at Different Levels
PDP TV Sales in Chinese Cities at Different Levels
FPTV Marketing Channels in Chinese Cities at Different Levels
Chinese Market Share Distribution of Key LCD TV Manufacturers by Sales Volume in 2008
Chinese Market Share Distribution of Key LCD TV Manufacturers by Sales Value in 2008
Chinese Market Share Distribution of Domestic above-37-inch TV Brands in 2008
Average Price of 32-inch LCD TV Brand in China, 4Q2008
Average Price of 42-inch LCD TV Brand in China, 4Q2008
Average Price of 46-inch LCD TV Brand in China, 4Q2008
Average Price of 52-inch LCD TV Brand in China, 4Q2008
Chinese Consumers’ Desired Screen Size of FPTV, 4Q2008
Chinese Consumers’ Desired Definition of FPTV, Jan.-Dec.2008
Chinese Consumers’ Desired Price of FPTV, Jan.-Dec.2008
Inner Framework of Panasonic GLP23
Video Framework of GLP23
Audio Framework of GLP23
Framework of European-Edition LS01
Inner Framework of Asia and Africa-Edition LS01
Inner Framework of LS01 DVB Module
Inner Framework of LS03
Inner Framework of TCL MG89
Framework of TCL MG89 Digiboard 
Inner Framework of LG H3
Inner Framework of XD8662
Inner Framework of Skyworth 8DA5
Master-slave MCU Structure of Skyworth 8DA5
Inner Framework of Trident SVP-QX-68
Inner Framework of Samsung 650A Series TV
Audio Framework of Samsung 650A Series TV
Inner Framework of Phillips LC7.1E
Audio Framework of LC7.1E
Video Framework of LC7.1E
TL4788 Video Signal Flow Chart
TLM4788 Audio Signal Flow Chart
Global Monthly Shipment and Revenue of Large-size TFT-LCD Panel, Jan.2008-Jan.2009
Global LCD TV and LCD-TV Panel Shipment, 1Q2004-4Q2008
Global Shipment and Revenue of TFT-LCD Panel, Jan.2008-Jan.2009
Global Market Share Distribution of Key LCD-TV Panel Manufacturers, Jan.2006-Nov.2008
Global Market Share Distribution of Key LCD-TV Panel Manufacturers, Dec.2007
Global Market Share Distribution of Key LCD-TV Panel Manufacturers, Nov.2008
Global Panel-Supply Ratio of Key LCD-TV Manufacturers in 2008
AUO’s Revenue and Gross Profit, 2005-2009
AUO’s Shipment and Average Selling Price, 4Q2007-4Q2008
AUO’s TFT-LCD Panel Production Lines
CMO’s Revenue and Gross Profit, 1Q2007-4Q2008
CMO’s Shipment and Average Selling Price, 1Q2007-4Q2008
Samsung’s Quarterly Revenues by Department, 1Q2008-4Q2009E
Samsung’s Quarterly Operating Profit Margin by Department, 1Q2008-4Q2009E
Samsung’s Capacity of LCD-TV Panel Production Lines, 2Q2008-4Q2010E
LGdisplay’s Revenues and Operating Profit Margin, 1Q2007-4Q2008
LGdisplay’s Shipment and Average Selling Price, 42007-4Q2008
LGdisplay’s Output, 42007-4Q2008
A List of LGdisplay’s Production Lines
Global Market Share Distribution of Key PDP Panel Manufactures, 3Q2005
Panasonic’s PDP Panel Production Capacity, 2004-2011E
Samsung’s SDI Sales and Operating Profit Margin, 1Q2006-4Q2008
AOC’s Shipment and Product Structure, 2005-2008
AOC’s Regional Revenue Structure, 2007-2008
AmTran’s Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 2005-2008
Organizational Structure of AmTran
Proview’s Revenue and Profit, 2004-2008
Proview’s Revenue Structure by Region, 2007-2008
Proview’s Revenue Structure by Product, 2007-2008
Innolux’s Revenue and Operating Profit Margin, 2005-2009E
Wistron’s Revenue and Operating Profit Margin, 2003-2009E
Wistron’s Revenue Structure by Product, 2005-2008
Skyworth’s Annual Revenue and Profit Attributable to Shareholders, 2004-2009E
Framework of Skyworth 8DD1
Inner Framework of Skyworth 8G20
Inner Framework of KONKA DS Series 
Inner Framework of KONKA PDP4212
TCL Multimedia’s Revenue and Pretax Profit, 2003-2008
Inner Framework of M71F, M61F and E77F Series TV
Inner Framework of Changhong LS07
Inner Framework of Changhong PP06 PDP-TV IC
Electronic Department’s Revenue and Operating Profit of Sony, 2Q2007-4Q2008
Sony’s TV Shipment of All Types, 2006-2008
Inner Framework of EMMA2TH
Characteristics of EMMA2TH
TV Department’s Revenue and Operating Profit of LG, 2Q2007-4Q2008
Regional TV Shipment of LG, 1Q-4Q 2008
Inner Framework of LG LA73A
Inner Framework of LA73A
Inner Framework of Panasonic LH50 TC-32LX600D
TV Technology Development Trend, 2007-2012
TV IC Development Trend, 2008-2011
Global Market Share Distribution of Key CRT-TV IC Manufacturers in 2008
Global Market Share Distribution of Key FPTV IC Manufacturers in 2008
Trident’s Regional Revenue Structure, 2007-2008
Inner Framework of SVP-CX
Typical Application Figure of SVP-PX
Typical Application Figure of HiDTV
MTK’s Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 2001-2009
Typical Application Figure of MT5335
Inner Framework of MT5335
Inner Framework of MT537X Series
Inner Framework of MT8202
Typical Application Figure of MT8202
Typical Application Figure of MT8303
Inner Framework of MST718
Typical Application Figure of MST718
Brief Introduction of MST9E89
Inner Framework of MST9E89
Framework of MSD116 
Inner Framework of MSD116L
ST’s Revenue Structure in 2008
Accumulative Shipment of ST MPEG2/4, 1995-2008
ST MPEG4/H.264 Roadmap
Inner Framework of STI1010
Typical Application Figure of North America-Edition STI1010
Typical Application Figure of Europe-Edition STI1010
Zoran’s Revenues, 2001-2008
Zoran’s Quarterly Revenue, 2002-2008
Zoran’s Quarterly Revenue by Region, 3Q-4Q 2008
Zoran’s Quarterly Revenue by Product, 3Q-4Q 2008
Downstream Revenue Structure of Zoran Products in 2007
Zoran’s Applications to Television
Zoran’s Applications to Set-top Box
Framework of Zoran SupraHD
Inner Framework of Zoran SupraHD
Structural Diagram of Zoran SupraHD 680 Software
Framework of Generation9 Elite System 
Framework of Zoran SupraTV150
Inner Framework of Cascade2
Application Figure of Cascade2 with OOB
Application Figure of Cascade2 without OOB
Micronas’ Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 2001-2008
Micronas’ Regional Revenue Structure, 2005-2008
Micronas’ Employee Structure, 2007-2008
Inner Framework of VCT-PRO
Inner Framework of BCM3549
Inner Framework of BCM3563
Development Strategy of AMD DTV
Inner Framework of Xilleon
Inner Framework of Theater 314/312/311
Typical Application Figure of Theater 314/312/311
Typical Application Figure of PNX8541
Typical Application Figure of PNX8543
Inner Framework of PNX85500
Key Parts of Panasonic GLP23
L52X9FRC Key Parts’ Model and Suppliers List 
LS01 Key Parts’ Model and Suppliers List 
LS03 Key Parts’ Model and Suppliers List 
MG89 Key Parts’ Model and Suppliers List
LG H3 Key Parts’ Model and Suppliers List
Samsung 650A Series TV Key Parts’ Model and Suppliers List
LC7.1E Key Parts’ Model and Suppliers List
Hisense TLM4788 Key Parts’ Model and Suppliers List
Global Key TFT-LCD Manufacturers’ Revenue, Jan.2009
CMO’s Production Lines, 2008
Global Market Share Distribution of Key PDP Panel Manufacturers, 3Q-4Q 2008
Global Shipment of Key FPTV OEMs, 2008-2009E
Skyworth’s Sales, Apr.2008-Jan.2009
A list of MCU for Skyworth LCD-TV Chassis 
TV Sales of TCL Multimedia, 2007-Sep.2008
Major MCU Models and Corresponding Suppliers for TCL Multimedia 
Major MCU Models and Corresponding Suppliers of Changhong
Key Parts for 55 Samsung TV Models
Chassis Models and Corresponding Suppliers of LG
Key Parts and Corresponding Suppliers of LC4.31E Chassis Series
Key Parts and Corresponding Suppliers of LC4.7E Chassis Series
Key Parts and Corresponding Suppliers of Panasonic LH50 
Global Market Share Distribution of Key FPTV Video-frequency Processing Manufacturers, 1Q-3Q 2008
Trident’s Operating Revenue and Profit, 1998-2007
Trident’s Main Products

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