Global and China Consumer Electronics Cases and Structure Industry Report, 2008-2009
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The year of 2008 saw the exchange of roles between plastic and metal. The plastic players enjoyed a lower cost of raw materials than MgAl players due to their cost cut in advance considering the decline of plastic case market in 2007. In contrast, metal case producers still enjoined their dream of the growth from previous years but actually recorded a decline in 2008.

Laptop Case Market

The output value of MgAl alloy dropped somewhat in recent two years, which is mainly attributable to the following.

(1) MgAl alloy mainly applied in commercial laptops and medium- and high-end laptops, the sales performance of those is not considerable.

(2) The price gap to plastic case

Besides, positives are composed of that the prices of Mgnesium and Aluminum sharply dropped; the more popular products like Netbook needs the addition of MgAl alloy slices as the support to A-side plastic in order to satisfying intensity; the heat dissipation of MgAl alloy meets the demand of UCLV super-low voltage platform; Occidental vendors still prefer MgAl alloy case for their high-end products.

Mobile Phone Case Market

In 2008, mobile phone metal case and structure market shrank to a great extent. On the one hand, the sales of Motorola dropped drastically from 160 million handsets to 100 million handsets; on the other hand, 3G iphone of Apple transferred to plastic case from metal case considering the realize of GPS function. Nevertheless, the shipment of mobile phones with metal case of Samsung, Nokia, LG and SonyEricsson were all increased.

In 2009, mobile phone market tends to drop as a whole; the high-end handset will see a greater drop; and the cost competition will be more intense. Furthermore, Motorola, the main client of metal case, will not shrug off the predicament.

Till 2010, after the inconsistency of GPS with metal case gets resolved, such vendors like Apple will transfer back to metal case, and Motorola will resume as well. It is expected that RIM will also join the metal case by then. In this sense, the metal case market after 2010 will be expanding.

After its being acquired by Liteon, the profit of Perlos increased in spite of a sales drop. The operating profit margin of Perlos in 2007Q1 (before the acquisition) was negatively 2.3%, while the figure was up to 6.7% in 2008Q3. After being purchased by Jabil, Green Point endeavored to develop new clients, and sharply increased its shipment to Nokia, which has made up the decline of Motorola. Moreover, the South Korean players like the Intops, P&TEL, SHINYANG, CHAARMTECH, YUSUNG, JINWON, JYSLOUTEC, MOTIS and KH-VATEC were all achieved a considerable performance in 2008 driven by Samsung and LG. In contrast, counterparts from Mainland China were all in price war and achieved little profit. However, a bad profit for Chinese players due to the price war.

Digital Camera Case Market

Canon and Sony persist in their own production. There are only few of independent Digital cameral case and structure manufacturers. Along with the appreciation of Japanese Yen and increasing cost pressure, the outsourcing proportion will be expanding in 2009. Considering the digital camera OEM, there are four giants are Foxconn (Premier), Altek, Canon and Asia-Optical. Foxconn is capable of self-producing case and structure. Canon and Asia-Optical made invested the YORKEY, which focus on the production of plastic case and structure. Asus and Canon invested the AVY Precision Technology, which focus on the production of metal case and structure. Nowadays, AVY has ranked the first in the world with a share over 50%.

TV Case Market

Most of TV manufacturers are capable of self-producing TV cases. However, considering the LCD TV emphasizes its appearance, for some state-of-the-art technologies, the independent case suppliers are more specialized in, for example the Echom Science & Technology Co., Ltd and Taoshi Mould Group in China.

1. Consumer Electronics Market
1.1 Laptop Market
1.2 Laptop Industry
1.3 Digital Camera Market
1.4 Digital Camera Industry
1.5 Global Mobile Phone Market and Industry
1.6 Chinese Mobile Phone Market and Industry

2. Status Quo and Future Trend of Consumer Electronics Case and Structure Industry
2.1 Prices of Magnesium-based Metals
2.2 Prices of Aluminum-based Metals
2.3 Competition between Laptop Metals and Plastics
2.4 Status Quo of Mobile Phone Case
2.4.1 Mobile Phone Case and Structure Materials
2.4.2 Introduction of Mobile Phone Case Moulds
2.4.3 Materials for Mobile Phone Case Moulds
2.4.4 General Structure and Techniques of Mobile Phone Case
2.4.5 Mobile Phone Case and Structure Market
2.4.6 Mobile Phone Case and Structure Industry
2.4.7 Case Suppliers of Key Mobile Phone Manufacturers
2.5 Digital Camera Case and Structure
2.5.1 Digital Camera Case and Structure Market
2.5.2 Digital Camera Case and Structure Industry
2.6 TV Case and Structure
2.6.1 Status Quo of TV Case and Structure Industry
2.6.2 TV Case and Structure Market
2.6.3 RHCM Liquid Crystal TV

3. Laptop Case and Structure Manufacturers
3.1 Status Quo of Laptop Case Industry
3.3 Huan Hsin
3.4 Catcher
3.5 Waffer
3.6 Sheng Mei Precision Industrial
3.7 Zhanyun Electronics
3.8 Gallant Precision Machining

4. Global Mobile Phone Structure and Case Manufacturers
4.1 Catcher
4.2 EverSkill Technology
4.3 Hongzhun Foxconn
4.5 P & TEL
4.7 JABIL GreenPoint
4.8 LiteOn PERLOS
4.9 HI-P
4.10 BALDA
4.12 NYPRO
4.13 Yucheng Electronics
4.14 Jin-Yuan Electronics

5. Mobile Phone Structure and Case Manufacturers in China
5.1 BYD Electronics
5.2 FuYu Group
5.3 WellMei Holding
5.4 GEMS
5.5 XinKaiYuan Precision Mould
5.6 Good Mark
5.7 RI BAO
5.8 Mighty Precision Technology
5.9 Dongpu Group
5.10 Fuchang Electronic
5.11 HAOFU
5.12 Foxconn

6. Digital Camera Case and Structure Manufacturers
6.1 YOKEY Optical
6.3 AVY Precision

7. TV Case and Structure Manufacturers
7.1 Echom Science & Technology Co., Ltd
7.2 Zhuhai Jin Pin
7.3 Taoshi Mould Group
7.4 Qingdao Home Appliance Technology & Equipment Research Institute
7.5 Dongguan Konka Mould Plastic Co., Ltd
7.6 Qingdao Hisense Mould Co., Ltd
Market Share Distribution of Global Key PC Vendors, 2001-2008Q3
Market Share Distribution of Global Key Laptop Vendors, 2001-2008Q3
Global Netbook Shipment, 2007-2011e
Taiwan’s Laptop OEM Shipment, 2004-2009e
Market Share Distribution of Global Key Laptop OEMs in 2006
Shipment of Global Key Laptop OEMs by Brand in 2007
Market Share Distribution of Global Key Laptop OEMs in 2008
Magnesium Price Trend, Mar.2007-Mar.2009
Mobile Phone Metal and Plastic Case and Structure Market Scale, 2005-2011e
Market Share Distribution of Global Key Mobile Phone Structure and Case Manufacturers in 2006
Market Share Distribution of Global Key Mobile Phone Structure and Case Manufacturers in 2008
Supply Proportion of Case and Structure Manufacturers for Nokia in 2008
Supply Proportion of Case and Structure Manufacturers for Samsung in 2008
Supply Proportion of Case and Structure Manufacturers for LG in 2008
Supply Proportion of Case and Structure Manufacturers for Motorola in 2008
Supply Proportion of Case and Structure Manufacturers for SonyEricsson in 2008
Global Digital Camera Case and Structure Market Scale, 2004-2010e
Market Share Distribution of Global Key Digital Cameral Case and Structure Manufacturers in 2007
Market Share Distribution of Global Key Laptop Plastic Case Manufacturers in 2008
Revenue and Net Profit of Ju Teng International Holdings Ltd, 2004-2010
Organizational Structure of Ju Teng International Holdings Ltd
Clients of Ju Teng International Holdings Ltd in its Sale, FY2007
Global Distribution of Ju Teng International Holding Ltd
Revenue and Pre-tax Profit of Huan Hsin Holdings Ltd, 2003-2010
Distribution of Huan Hsin Holdings Ltd in China
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Catcher Technology Co., Ltd, 2001-2009
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Waffer Technology Corp, 2000-2009
Organizational Structure of Catcher Technology Co., Ltd
Associated Companies of Catcher Technology Co., Ltd
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Catcher Technology Co., Ltd, 2004-2009
Revenue of Catcher Technology Co., Ltd by Product, 2006-2009
Client Structure of Catcher Technology Co., Ltd in 2008
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Everskill Technology Co., Ltd, 2000-2007
Organizational Structure of Everskill Technology Co., Ltd, 2000-2007
Revenue Structure of Everskill Technology Co., Ltd, 2006-2007
Organizational Structure of Foxconn
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Foxconn, 2004-2008
Foxconn’s Revenue by Product, 2008Q1-2009Q4
Intops’ Revenue by Product, 2005, 2006 & 20071H
Intops’ Revenue by Product, 2008Q1-2009Q4
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Intops, 2001-2010
Mobile Phone Case Shipment of Intops, 2006Q1-2009Q4
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of P&TEL, 2004-2010
P&TEL’s Revenue by Product, 2008Q1-2009Q4
Production Bases of P&TEL
Mobile Phone Case Business Flow of P&TEL
Design Capabilities of P&TEL
Mobile Phone Case Shipment of P&TEL, 2004-2008
Main Products of P&TEL, 2007Q3-2008Q4
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of KH-VATEC, 2002-2007
Revenue of KH-VATEC by Product, 2006-2009
JABIL’s Revenue by Region, FY2006-FY2008
LiteOn’s Revenue by Product, Q1-Q3, 2008
Revenue, Gross Profit Margin and Operating Profit Margin of Perlos, 2007Q1-2008Q4
Perlos’ Revenue by Region, 2005 & 2006
Employee Structure of Perlos, 2006Q1-2007Q3
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of HI-P, 2001-2008
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of HI-P, 2007Q1-2008Q4
HI-P’s Revenue by Dept, 2007Q1-2008Q4
HI-P’s Revenue by Region, 2007 & 2008
Mobile Phone Case Production & Design Abilities of HI-P
Development Goals of HI-P
Global Distribution of HI-P
Stockholder Structure of Balda Group
Organizational Structure of Balda Group
Organizational Structure of Balda (Asia)
Core Competitiveness of Balda
Key Clients of Balad by Field
Global Presence of Balda
Revenue and EBITDA Profit Margin of Nolato, 2001-2008
Noalto’s Revenue by Dept, 2005-2008
Noalto’s EBITDA Profit Margin by Dept, 2007 & 2008
Nypro’s Revenue by Dept, FY2006
Nypro’s Revenue by Region, FY2006
Organizational Structure of Jin-Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of BYD Electronics, 2004-2008
Revenue of BYD Electronics by Product, 2006-2008
Revenue of BYD Electronics by Region, 2006-2008
Revenue and Pre-tax Profit of FuYu Group, 2004-2008
Revenue of FuYu Group by Region, 2006-2008
Organizational Structure of GEMS Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd
Organizational Structure of Good Mark
Organizational Structure of Mighty Precision Technology Co., Ltd
Revenue and Pre-tax Profit Margin of YOKEY Optical, 2002-2010
Gross Profit Margin, EBITDA Profit Margin, Net Profit Margin of YOKEY Optical, 2005-2008
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Copal, FY2003-FY2007
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Copal, FY2006Q1-FY2009Q2
Copal’s Revenue by Product, 2005-2009
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of AVY Precision Technolgoy Inc, 2006-2009
Organizational Structure of Echom Science & Technology Co., Ltd
Organizational Structure of Taoshi Mould Group
Organizational Structure of Dongguan Konka Mould Plastic Co., Ltd
Shipment of Global Key Netbook Vendors, 2008Q3
Shipment of Global Top 13Mobile Phone Vendors, 2007 & 2008
Ranking of Top 25 Mobile Phone Vendors in China by Output, 2008
Feature Comparison of Mobile Phone Case Materials 
Main Businesses of Catcher Technology Co., Ltd by Dept
Investments of Everskill Technology Co., Ltd in China
Main Businesses of Foxconn by Dept
JABIL’s Revenue by Product, FY2008Q4-FY2009Q2
Equipments of Jin-Yuan Electronics
Equipments of Good Mark
Mould Equipment of Fuchang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Injection Molding Machines of Fuchang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Equipments of TaoShi Mould Group

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