Global and China MEMS Industry Report, 2008-2009
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MEMS, abbreviated for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, is a semiconductor technology integrating mechanics and electronics, which got widely applied for auto airbag preliminarily, and then for all the other auto industries via MEMS sensor. With the further development of MEMS technology, as well as the characteristics of application terminals such as lightness, thinness, shortness and smallness, the demand for small MEMS products with high performance shoots up, and the fields like consumer electronics and medical care also increasingly require large quantity MEMS products.

Apple iPhone series, beyond doubt, has promoted MEMS application in cell phone, and after iPhone, more and more MEMS cell phones will be in prevalence. MEMS in the components of portable devices consist of gyroscope, new-generation triaxial accelerometer, pressure sensor and module design. Besides browsing web pages via touch, scrolling web pages via inclining cell phone, and displaying pictures by the change of cell phone direction and angle, it can also be step counter, guide interface, LBS positioning information service, HDD anti-collision protection from geocentric gravity, individual inertial navigation, intelligence interactive game etc. The cell phones with in-built MEMS function also can be used to measure absolute atmosphere or as the sensing device. In addition, the cell phone MEMS sensor can judge the distance of cell phone to ear skin so that it can close display screen automatically, and the electricity source can be saved.

Market Scale of MEMS Products Application in Cell Phone, 2006-2012E
Source: ResearchInChina

Impacted by global economic downturn in 2008, both global consumer electronics and automobile sale have dropped, which further continues in 2009. The two American auto giants are faced with bankruptcy, which has given a heavy blow to MEMS market application. However, MEMS still has a bright prospect since the rising portion of MEMS application in single products in spite of a decline in consumer electronics shipment. Moreover, the compulsory configuration regulations launched by the countries in Europe and America in auto ESC and TPMS fields have secured the steady supply of MEMS products.

MEMS products are mostly customized, which has higher requirements on wafer fabs. Therefore, Scarcely wafer fabs in Mainland China have entered the field. However, at the end of Oct, 2008, SMIC announced to enter MEMS OEM, and in early 2009 the top visiting group of Founder Microelectronics INC visited many MEMS companies in Taiwan. As it is said that Shanghai and Wuxi are planned to establish MEMS industrial parks, and China’s MEMS insiders are also seeking chances to share opportunities that MEMS industry has brought.

1 MEMS Industry Development and Trend 
1.1 MEMS Definition 
1,2 Industry Chain 
1.3 Market Overview 
1.4 MEMS Sensor in Automobile 

2 MEMS Market Application 
2.1 Influence of Auto Market Environment
2.1.1 China Auto Market, 2008 
2.1.2 Influence of Auto Electronics Industry 
2.2 MEMS Products in Automobile 
2.2.1 Engine Management System 
2.2.2 Airbag 
2.2.3 Chassis System 
2.2.4 Other 
2.3 Influence of Consumer Electronics Industry 
2.4 MEMS Products in Consumer Electronics Products Market 
2.4.1 Printer 
2.4.2 Digital TV 
2.4.3 Cell Phone 
2.4.4 NB 
2.4.5 Other 

3 MEMS Vendors
3.1 MEMS Wafer Fabs
3.1.1 Colibrys
3.1.2 Neostones
3.1.3 Memscap
3.1.4 IMT
3.1.5 SMI
3.1.6 X-Fab
3.1.7 Tronic’s Microsystems
3.2 American MEMS Vendors
3.2.1 TI
3.2.2 ADI
3.2.3 Freescale
3.2.4 Kionix
3.2.5 Akustica
3.2.6 Knowles Acoustics
3.3 European MEMS Vendors
3.3.1 Bosch
3.3.2 VTI
3.3.3 Sonion MEMS
3.4 Japanese MEMS Vendors
3.4.1 DENSO
3.4.2 Omron
3.4.4 OKi
3.5 Vendors in Mainland and Taiwan, China 
3.5.1 MEMSIC  
3.5.2 First MEMS 
3.5.3 AMP 
MEMS Industry Operation Mode 
Top Ten MEMS Vendors, 2008 (US$ in million)
Global Auto MEMS Sensor Output and Forecast, 2006-2012E (US$ in 100 million)
RF MEMS Sensor Application and Scale Change by Segmented Market, 2004-2009 
MEMS Sensor Application in Auto Key Parts 
Comparison of MEMS Accelerators by Technology
China’s Auto Output, 2001-2008 (Unit: 10,000 vehicle) 
China’s Car Output, 2001-2008 (Unit: 10,000 vehicle)
China’s Key Car Manufacturers Output, 2008 (Unit: 10,000 vehicle) 
Top Ten Auto Types by Single Brand Sales, 2007-2008 (Unit: 10,000 vehicle) 
Passenger Car, Truck and Car Output and Sales, Jan-Dec, 2008 
Global Auto MEMS Sensor Shipment and Forecast, 2002-2009 
Global Market Share of MEMS Vendors in Consumer Electronics, 2008 
China’s Inkjet Printer Sales, 2004-2008 (Unit: 10,000 sets) 
Global Cell Phone Shipment, 2007-2012E (Unit: 1 million sets) 
Global NB Shipment, 2007-2012E (Unit: 1 million sets)
Global Digital Family Entertainment System Market, 2004-2009 
Global Digital TV Shipmen Growth and Forecast, 2007-2012E (Unit: 1 million sets) 
Global E-Game Console Market, 2005-2011E 
MEMS Inkjet Print Head Shipment and Sales, 2004-2008 (Unit: 1 million sets, USD1 million) 
Market Share of MEMS Inkjet Head Manufacturers, 2008 
Global Optical MEMS Shipment and Market Scale, 2004-2008 
Global TV Shipment by Application Technology, 2006-2012E (Unit: USD1 billion) 
Cell Phone MEMS Products, 2004-2008 
Market Share of MEMS Products in Cell Phone, 2006-2012E (Unit: USD1 million) 
MEMS Microphone Market Scale, 2005-2010E (Unit: USD1 million) 
Silicon Crystal Microphone Products 
Global Inertia Sensor Market Scale, 2004-2008 
Global Market Share of Inertia Sensor in Cell Phone, 2004-2008 
Global Accelerate Sensor Application by Segmented Market, 2003-2007 (Unit: 1 million) 
Global Shipment and Market Scale of MEMS Acceleration Sensors, 2004-2008 
Cell Phone Image Adjustment via Acceleration Sensor 
Global Gyroscope Market Application Segmentation, 2003-2007 (Unit: 1 million) 
Global MEMS Gyroscope Shipment and Market Scale, 2004-2008 
Average Cell Phone Manufacturing Cost 
Measures for MEMS Industrialization by Region 
MEMS Development and Trial-Production Examples 
MEMS Products of Colibrys 
MEMSCAP Finance, 2007-2008 (Unit: EUR1 million) 
MEMS Products of IMT 
Pressure Sensor Series of SMI
Microsystems MEMS Market Positioning of TRONICS
Microsystems MEMS Products of TRONICS
X-Fab Key MEMS Technology Classifications 
X-Fab Key Non-Customized MEMS Products 
America MEMS Industrialization Road 
TI Performance, 2003-2008 (Unit: USD1 million) 
TI Revenue by Division, 2006-2008 (Unit: USD1 million) 
TI Total Profit by Region, 2006-2008 (Unit: USD1 million) 
TI Key DLP Products 
ADI Sales Revenue and Growth Margin, FY2004-FY2008 (Unit: USD100 million) 
ADI Revenue by Market, FY2008 
ADI Revenue by Product, FY2008 
ADI Revenue by Region, FY2006-FY2008 (Unit: USD100 million)
ADI Key MEMS Products 
Freescale Sensor Classifications and Some Sensor Products 
Freescale MMA6200Q Acceleration Sensor Application Types 
Freescale Some Products Sales Revenue, 2008 (Unit: USD1 million)
Freescale Sales Revenue, 2003-2008 
Kionix KXM52 Triaxial Accelerometer 
Kionix Key Accelerometer Product Performance 
Akustica MEMS Technology 
Akustica Microphone Products 
Global MEMS Microphone Shipment, 2003-2008 
Sensata Auto Sensor Products, Function and Typical Application 
MEMS Industrialization in France
MEMS Industrialization in Germany and Switzerland 
MEMS Pressure Sensor New Technologies 
BOSCH MEMS Landmark 
BOSCH MEMS Products in Automobile 
BOSCH Revenue and Growth, 2004-2008 (Unit: EUR1 million) 
BOSCH Profit by Division, 2007-2008 (Unit: EUR1 billion) 
BOSCH Profit by Region, 2007-2008 (Unit: EUR1 billion) 
VTI 3D-MEMS Technology Characteristics 
VTI 3D-MEMS Structure 
VTI Net Revenue, 2003-2007 (Unit: EUR1 million) 
VTI Sensor Net Revenue, 2003-2007 (Unit: EUR1 million) 
Pulse Key MEMS Microphone Products 
HL PLANAR Key MEMS Sensor Products 
MEMS Industrialization in Asia
Key Products of Denso 
Denso Net Revenue, FY2004-2008 (Unit: YEN1 billion) 
Denso Revenue by Product, FY2008 (Unit: YEN1 billion) 
Denso Revenue by Region, FY2004-2008 (Unit: YEN1 billion) 
Performance Comparison between Traditional Switch and MENS Switch 
MEMS FLOW Sensors of Omron 
MENS Switch Performance of Omron 
Omron Net Revenue, FY2003-2008 (Unit: YEN1 billion) 
Omron Sales Growth in New Technology Field, FY2003-2007 (Unit: YEN1 billion)
Omron Sales Revenue by Segmentation, FY2007-2008 (Unit: YEN1 billion)
MATSUSHITA Acceleration Sensor and Pressure Sensor 
MATSUSHITA GS1 Single-axial Sensor 
MATSUSHITA Triaxial Acceleration Sensor 
OKI MEMS Technology Process 
Auto Annunciator Structure of MEMSIC
Key Products of First MEMS

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