Global and China Mobile Phone Display Industry Report, 2009
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With the decreasing prices of mobile phone baseband and memory, mobile phone displays have become the most expensive component for mobile phones. Research on mobile phone display is very necessary. Mobile phone display industry experienced industrial upgrading within the period 2006 to 2007; monochrome and colorful STN-LCD markets shrunk dramatically, much less than 10% in 2004. TFT-LCD accounted for over 70%. Manufacturers without TFT-LCD production lines were in hardship, so they had to buy second-hand TFT-LCD production lines or independently built TFT-LCD production lines, including Truly, Wintek, Giantplus, Tianma and Varitronix.

From the end of 2007, in the field of mobile phone display, especially small and medium-size display, some changes have occurred. Some large-size TFT-LCD manufacturers have begun to increase investment in medium and small display. Chimei, LG Display, Brilliant Crystal, CPT, Innolux and AUO gained increasing income from this field. The shipment of Chimei, LG Display, Brilliant Crystal and CPT was conducted by CELL instead of module. At present, the size of mobile phone (particularly smart phone and illegal mobile phone) displays is often above 3.5 inches, and they are usually packaged by COF with the cooperation of flex-board vendors. The demand for displays focus on various appearances, not on quantity, while large-size display manufacturers always pay attention to the demand for quantity. Innolux is subject to Foxconn Electronics Inc., while AUO is concerned about the key customers and digital camera field; both of them focus on the shipment by module. Their large-size TFT-LCD production lines are mostly 3, 4 and 4.5-generation lines, which have already been depreciated, so the cost is quite low. These large-size TFT-LCD manufacturers do not impact on traditional mobile phone display manufacturers, they conduct shipment by CELL and rely on the latter to complete module process for them, so Wistron, EIO, Aeneas and other small manufacturers gain benefits hereby.

Another hotspot of mobile phone display is AM OLED. PM OLED is the same with STN-LCD in color and resolution, but its price is far higher. AM OLED is the focus in market.
OLED’s disadvantage is that antioxidant capacity of its light-emitting materials is rather poor after being electrified, so it needs vacuum glass seal to prevent oxidation, which is the same with TFT-LCD. OLED is a current-mode device which requires high current drive, so LTPS TFT substrate is essential. Now, all of small-size AM OLEDs are LTPS TFT substrates. The carrier transfer rate of LTPS TFT substrates is 100 times faster than that of traditional A-SI substrates. The manufacturing process of LTPS substrate is very complicated, requiring more mask and laser annealing processes, which leads to low throughput. If there are crystal defects on the surface of LTPS, Mura will arise easily, which is a barrier for the application of LTPS substrate. Due to the perfect process of a-Si substrate, it is easy to carry mass-production. A-Si substrate production is seen as another large-scale solution, but a-Si substrate has disadvantages in initial voltage offset and mobility.

LTPS determines the high cost of OLED. The investment in OLED production line is not lower than that of traditional TFT-LCD. At this stage, OLED is sold at a loss; even in mass production, its cost is still higher than that of traditional TFT-LCD. Most TFT-LCD panel plants have completed amortization of some old production lines, and obtained considerable output as well as good effects. LTPS TFT technology is only mastered by a few big TFT-LCD manufacturers, and their attitude towards OLED is very important, unless they completely grasp OLED manufacturing know-how, they will not invest in OLED. Therefore, OLED is in the charge of a few manufacturers now, such as Samsung. Samsung has overwhelming advantages in AM OLED, which is very unfavorable for the industrial development.

Income Ranking of 18 Small and Medium-size Panel Manufacturers in the World, 2007-2008

1. Global Mobile Phone Industry and Market, 2009H1 
1.1 Market 
1.2 Industry

2. China Mobile Phone Industry and Market, 2009H1
2.1 Market
2.2 Export
2.3 Industry

3. Mobile Phone Display Industry 
3.1 Industrial Chain 
3.2 Production Process 
3.3 Introduction to OLED  
3.4 OLED Manufacturing Process 
3.5 OLED Market 
3.6 OLED Application 
3.7 OLED Industry 
3.8 OLED Prospect 
3.9 Mobile Phone Display Technology Development Trends

4. Mobile Phone Display Industry and Market 
4.1 Market 
4.2 Geographical Distribution of Industry 
4.3 Ranking of Small and Medium-size Manufacturers in the World
4.4 Relationship between Mobile Phone Manufacturers and Mobile Phone Display Manufacturers

5. Mobile Phone Display Manufacturers
5.1 LG Display 
5.2 AUO  
5.3 Chimei 
5.4 Innolux 
5.5 CPT
5.6 Brilliant Crystal 
5.7 BOE 
5.8 Wintek 
5.9 Truly 
5.10 Giantplus
5.11 TPO 
5.12 TMD 
5.13 Hitachi Display 
5.14 Sharp 
5.15 Tianma 
5.16 Varitronix International 
5.17 Lead Communications Ltd. 
5.18 Casc Huatian Technology Inc. 
5.19 Sunrise 
5.20 BYD 
5.21 Samsung Mobile Display
5.22 Epson Imaging Device
5.23 Others
5.23.1 Wistron
5.23.2 EIO 
5.23.3 Aeneas
Shipment of Global mobile phone and Proportion of smart phone, 2007-2012E
Global Shipment and Growth Rate of Mobile Phone, 2007-2009Q2 
Shipment of Mobile Phone by Region, 2007-2009Q2 
Shipment of Mobile Phone by Technology, 2007-2009Q2 
Global Shipment of Mobile Phone by Region, 2007-2009Q2 
Shipment Ranking of Global Mobile Phone Brands, 2007-2009H1 
Market Shares of Major Mobile Phone Manufacturers in Mainland China, 2009H1 
China's Export Volume of Mobile Phone, 1999-2008 
China's Export Value of Mobile Phone, 2002-2008 
Monthly Shipment and Average Price of Mobile Phone, 2008 
Output Ranking of 14 Large Mobile Phone Manufacturers in China, 2008H1-2009H1 
Export Volume Ranking of 32 Large Mobile Phone Manufacturers in China, 2008H1-2009H1
Mobile Phone TFT-LCD Display Industrial Chain 
Business Processe of Mobile Phone Display Enterprises 
STN-LCDCELL Production Process 
CSTN-LCD Production Process 
COB-type LCM Production Process 
COG-type LCM Production Process 
TAB-type LCM Production Process 
Prices of AM OLED and TFT-LCD, 2009Q1
Global OLED Market, 2006-2016E 
Shipment of OLED by Type, 2007Q1-2009Q3 
Shipment Value of OLED by Type,2007Q1-2009Q3
Application Markets of PMOLED Panel 
Application Markets of AMOLED Panel 
Mobile Phones with AMOLED Panel 
Distribution of Mobile Phone Display Market by Technology, 2007-2014 
Distribution of Mobile Phone Display Market by Size, 2007-2014 
Global Mobile Phone Display Market, 2007-2013 
Price of Mobile Phone Display, 2007Q1-2009Q4 
Global Income of Small and Medium-size Panel by Region, 2008-2011 
Global Shipment of Small and Medium-size Panel by Region, 2008-2011
Income Ranking of 18 Small and Medium-size Panel Manufacturers in the World, 2007-2008
Income of Major Small and Medium LCD Panel Manufacturers in the World, Jan-Jul 2009 
Market Shares of Major Display Manufacturers in the World (by Income), 2009 
Market Shares of Major Display Manufacturers in China (by Income), 2009
Suppliers of Nokia Display, 2008
Suppliers of Samsung Display, 2008
Suppliers of Motorola Display, 2008
Suppliers of Sony Ericsson Display, 2008
Suppliers of LG Display, 2008
Display Panel Suppliers of Top 5 Smart Phone Manufacturers and PDA Manufacturers
Relationship between Major Mobile Phone Manufacturers and Mobile Phone Display Manufacturers in Mainland China
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of LG Display, 2002-2008 
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of LG Display, 2002-2008 
Shipment and Average Price of LG Display, 2008Q2-2009Q2
Downstream Application of LG Display's Products, 2008Q3-2009Q2 
Capacity of LG Display's Production Lines, 2008Q2-2009Q2 
Production Lines of LG Display
Features of LG Display's Mobile Phone CELL 
AUO's Revenue and Operating Profit Margin, 2004-2009 
Downstream Application of AUO's Products, 2008Q2 -2009Q2 
Average Selling Prices of Large-size Panels, 2008Q2-2009Q2 
AUO's Shipment and Average Prices, 2008Q2-2009Q2 
AUO's Shipment of Small and Medium-size Panels, 2008Q2-2009Q2 
Capacity of AUO's Production Lines, 2009Q2-2009Q3 
TFT-LCD Products of AUO Mobile Phone 
Chimei's Revenue and Operating Profit Margin, 2004-2010E 
Shipment and Average Prices of Chimei's Large-size TFT-LCD, 2007Q2-2009Q1 
Sales Value, EBITDA, Gross Profit Margin of Chimei's TFT-LCD, 2007Q2-2009Q1
Downstream Application of Chimei's Products, 2007Q2-2009Q1 
Sizes of Chimei's Products, 2007Q2-2009Q1 
Capacity of Chimei's Production Lines, 2009Q1 
CELL of Chimei's Small and Medium-size Displays 
Chimei's Supporting Enterprises in Ningbo Beilun Export Processing Zone 
Innolux's Models 
Innolux's Revenue and Operating Profit Margin, 2003-2010E 
CPT's Revenue and Operating Profit Margin, 2004-2009
Shipment and Average Prices of CPT's Large-size Panels, 2006Q2-2009Q1
Shipment and Average Prices of CPT's Small and Medium-size Panels, 2006Q2-2009Q1 
Downstream Application of CPT's Large-size Products, 2008Q4-2009Q1
Sizes of CPT's Products, 2008Q4-2009Q1
Capacity of CPT's Production Lines, 2009Q1 
Introduction and Financial Data of CPT Mainland China, 2007
CELL of CPT's Mobile Phone Displays 
Departments of Brilliant Crystal 
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Brilliant Crystal, 2003-2009
Shipment and Average Prices of Brilliant Crystal's Large-size TFT-LCD, 2007Q4-2009Q1 
Sizes of Brilliant Crystal's Products, 2007Q4-2009Q1 
BOE's Financial Data
BOE's Revenue by Region 
Wintek's Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 2002-2009
Wintek in the World 
Technology Structure of Wintek's Products, 2006-2008 
Revenue Structure of Wintek's Products, 2008Q1-2009Q4
Downstream Application of Wintek's Products, 2008
Wintek's Revenue in Touch Screen, 2007H1-2008H2 
Wintek's Clients, 2009
Parameters of Wintek's Mobile Phone Display
Truly 's Gross Profit Margin, Net Profit Margin and Operating Profit Margin, 
Truly 's Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 2002-2008
Parameters of Truly 's Small and Medium-size Displays
Giantplus's Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 2002-2008
Giantplus's Clients, 2009 
Parameters of Giantplus's Small and Medium-size Prooducts 
Application of TPO's Products
TPO's Products
TMD’s Revenue, 2003-2008 
TMDisplay’s TFT-LCD Panel Production Lines
TMDisplay’s Moile Phone Displays
TFT-LCD Panel Production Lines of Hitachi Display
Parameters of Hitachi Display's Mobile Phone Application Products 
Revenue of Sharp’s Small and Medium-size LCD, 2003-2007
Tianma 's Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 2005-2010
Varitronix's Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 2002-2008 
Varitronix's Revenue by Region, 2007-2008 
TFT-LCMProducts of Lead Communications
Organizational Structure of SIM Technology
Revenue and Net Profit of SIM Technology, 2004-2008 
LCD Business of SIM Technology, 2006-2007 
Products of of SIM Technology
BYD's Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 2004-2008
BYD's Revenue Structure, 2006-2008 
BYD's Revenue by Reguion, 2006-2008 
BYD's TFT-LCM Products 
BYD's Production Lines
SMD’s Revenue and Operating Profit Margin, 2008Q1-2009Q4
SMD’S Shipment and Average Selling Prices, 2008Q1-2009Q4
Products of SMD TFT-LCD 
Products of SMD OLED 
EPSON's Business Revenue, 2006-2008 
Revenue of Epson Imaging Devices by Product, 2006-2008 
EID’s Products

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