Global and China Flat Panel TV (FPTV) Industry Report, 2009-2010
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With a shipment approximate to 161 million units in 2009, the flat-panel television (FPTV) has surpassed the CRT to become the absolute mainstream. The market of the panel, a component accounting for 75% of the cost of FPTV, is still monopolized, with four major manufacturers holding 80% market share. Chimei Innolux backed by Hon Hai Precision Industry should not be underestimated in the future, and AUO is under tremendous pressure.

LCD-TV Panel Market Shares, 2009

The construction of LCD-TV panel lines is booming in Mainland China.

Major Large-size TFT-LCD Panel Production Lines in China, 2004-2011


Several 8G lines will be put into production outside Mainland China in 2010, including Chimei Innolux’s in the first quarter, Japan IPS ALPHA’s in the second quarter, Samsung’ s second and LG Display’s second in the third quarter. Sharp put its 10G production line into production in October 2009, and Samsung is expected to put its 11G line into production in the fourth quarter of 2012. With all these 8G lines scrambling for the 40-60 inch LCD-TV market, there will undoubtedly be a serious oversupply.

As the world’s major manufacturers are turning to outsourcing in respect of FPTV OEM, outsourcing is gaining larger proportions, from which Chimei Innolux will benefit the most. With stable panel support, Chimei Innolux is expected to increase its OEM shipment from 0.90 million units in 2009 to 8 million units and take the world’s first place in 2012.

1.Development of FPTV
1.1 LCD-TV Industry Chain
1.2 Plasma TV
1.2.1 Principle & Structure
1.2.2 Cost
1.2.3 Plasma TV vs. LCD-TV
1.3 LED Backlit TV
1.3.1 Profile
1.3.2 Market
1.4 3D TV
1.4.1 Shutter Glasses
1.4.2 Polarized Light
1.4.3 Parallax Barrier
1.4.4 Lenticular Lens
1.4.5 3D TV Programs
1.5 Internet TV
1.5.1 Worldwide
1.5.2 China

2. LCD-TV Panel Industry
2.1 Market
2.2 Developments
2.3 Prospect

3. LCD-TV Industry and Market
3.1 Global Market
3.2 China’s Market
3.3 China’s Industry

4. LCD-TV Panel Manufacturers
4.1 AUO
4.2 LG Display
4.3 Samsung
4.4 Chimei Innolux 

5.1 Overview
5.2 AOC
5.3 AmTRAN
5.4 Proview
5.5 Innolux
5.6 Wistron

6. TV Manufacturers
6.1 Skyworth
6.2 Konka
6.3 Hisense
6.4 TCL Multimedia
6.5 Changhong
6.6 Samsung
6.7 Sony
6.8 LG
6.9 Philips
6.10 Panasonic
6.11 Sharp
6.12 Toshiba
Cost Structure of Plasma TV
Cost Structure of PDP Panel Make-ups
Price Difference between LED Panel and CCFL Panel, Dec. 2009 
Average Prices of 40/46-inch LED Backlit TV and CCFL Backlit LCD-TV, 2007-2010
Forecast of Global LED Backlit TV Shipments, 2007-2012
Forecast of China's LED Backlit TV Shipments, 2008-2012
Analysis of TV Content 
Future TV Industry Chain 
Structure of XEL-1 Panel 
Unique Super Top Emission Technology of Sony
LCD Panel Shipments by Product, 2008-2012 (Unit: Sq.m in Millions)
LCD Panel Shipments by Product, 2008-2012(Unit: Unit in Millions)
LCD-TV Panel Shipments, 2008-2012 (Unit: Sq.m in Millions)
LCD-TV Panel Shipments, 2008-2012 (Unit: Unit in Millions)
Monthly Revenue of Large-Size TFT-LCD Manufacturers, Feb. 2009-Feb. 2010
Monthly Large-Size LCD-TV Panel Shipments, Feb. 2009-Feb. 2010
32/42-inch LCD-TV Panel Prices, Jul. 2008-Feb. 2010
Shares of Major Manufacturers in LCD-TV Panel Market, 2009 
LCD-TV Manufacturers vs. LCD-TV Panel Manufacturers by Supply
Global LCD-TV Penetration Rate, 2004-2012
Market Shares of the World's Major LCD-TV Manufacturers, 2009
China's TV Market Scale, 2006-2010
Market Shares (Sales Volume) of China's TV Manufacturers, 2009
Market Shares (Sales Volume) of China's LCD-TV Manufacturers, 2009
Market Shares (Sales Value) of China's TV Manufacturers, 2009
Market Shares (Sales Value) of China's LCD-TV Manufacturers, 2009
Market Shares (Sales Volume) of China's LCD-TV Manufacturers, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2010
Market Shares (Sales Value) of China's LCD-TV Manufacturers, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2010
China's LCD-TV Output, Jan. 2008-Dec. 2009
China's LCD-TV Sales, Jan. 2008-Dec. 2009 
China's LCD-TV Export, Jan. 2008-Dec. 2009
China's CRT TV Sales, Jan. 2008-Dec. 2009 
China's LCD-TV Sales, 2006-2011 
Geographical Distribution of China's LCD-TV Exports, Jan.-Nov. 2009
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of AUO, 2005-2011
AUO Products by Application, Q4 2008-Q4 2009 
Average Sales Price of AUO Products, Q4 2008-Q4 2009 
Average Sales Price Per Square Meter of AUO Products, Q4 2008-Q4 2009 
Small and Medium-size Shipments of AUO, Q4 2008-Q4 2009
Capacity of Production Lines of AUO, Mar. 2010
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of LG Display, 2004-2009
Output of LG Display, 2005-2009
Downstream Application Proportion, Q1 2009-Q4 2009 
Revenue Structure of Divisions of Samsung, Q1 2008-Q4 2009 
Operating Profit Margin of Divisions of Samsung, Q1 2008-Q4 2009 
LCD Plants of Samsung 
Capacity of LCD-TV Panel Production Lines of Samsung, Q2 2008 – Q4 2010
Large-size TFT-LCD Shipment and Average Price of Chimei, Q4 2007-Q3 2009 
TFT-LCD Sales, EBITDA and Gross Profit Margin of Chimei, Q4 2007-Q3 2009 
Chimei Product Downstream Application Distribution Proportions, Q4 2007-Q3 2009 
Chimei Product Size Distribution & Proportions, Q4 2007-Q3 2009 
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of AOC, 2003-2009
Shipment and Product Structure of AOC, 2005-2009
Revenue Structure of AOC by Region, 2007-2009
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of AmTRAN, 2005-2010
Organizational Structure of AmTRAN
Revenue and Profit of Proview, 2004-2010
Revenue Structure of Proview by Region, FY2007-FY2009
Revenue Structure of Proview by Region, FY2006-FY2010
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Innolux, 2005-2010
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Wistron, 2003-2010
Revenue Structure & Proportions of Wistron by Product, 2005-2010
Revenue of Skyworth and Profits Attributable to Its Shareholders, FY2004-FY2010
Supply Proportions of Major Skyworth LCD-TV Panel Suppliers, 2009
Framework of Skyworth 8DD1
Block Diagram of Skyworth 8G20
Framework of Skyworth 8D18
Power Framework of Skyworth 8D18
Signal Flow of Skyworth 8D18
Block Diagram of Konka DS Series
Block Diagram of Konka PDP4212
System Framework of Konka TS Series
Signal Flow of Konka TS Series
Framework of Konka TS Series 
Revenue and Pre-tax Profit of TCL Multimedia, 2003-2009
Supply Proportions of Major TCL LCD-TV Panel Suppliers, 2009
Block Diagram of M71F, M61F and E77F TV Series
Block Diagram of Changhong LS07 
Block Diagram of Changhong PP06 PDP-TV Chassis
Framework of LS20A Chassis
LT42710FHD Motherboard
Supply Proportions of Major Samsung LCD-TV Panel Suppliers, 2009
TV Shipments of Sony, 2006-2008
Supply Proportions of Major Sony LCD-TV Panel Suppliers, 2009
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of LG TV, Q2 2007- Q4 2009
Regional Shipments of LG TV, Q1 2008-Q4 2009
Supply proportions of Major LG LCD-TV Panel Suppliers, 2009
Block Diagram of LG LA73A
Inner Bus of LA73A
Supply Proportions of Major Philips LCD-TV Panel Suppliers, 2009
Block Diagram of TPM1.1U
Block Diagram of TPM1.2U 
Block Diagram of TPM1.3E 
Block Diagram of Panasonic LH50 (TC-32LX600D)
Supply Proportions of Major Toshiba LCD-TV Panel Suppliers, 2009

Revenues of World's Major TFT-LCD Panel Manufacturers, Feb. 2010
China's Major Large-size TFT-LCD Panel Production Lines, 2004-2011
World's New Large-size TFT-LCD Panel Production Lines, Q1 2010-Q2 2012 
Quarterly EBITDA of LG Display, Q1'08-Q4'09 
Capacity of Production Lines of Chimei, Q3-Q4, 2009
Supporting Enterprise of Chi Mei Optoelectronics in Ningbo Export Processing Zone
Shipments of World's Major FPTV OEMs, 2008-2009
Capacity and Number of Production Lines in Bases of AOC
TV Sales of Skyworth, Apr. 2007- Feb. 2009 
Models and Suppliers of Main Chips of Skyworth LCD-TV Chassis
Models and Suppliers of Main Chips of Skyworth 8G20 Chassis
Models and Suppliers of Main Chips of Konka TV 
Models and Suppliers of Main Chips of Hisense TV 
TV Sales of TCL Multimedia, 2007-2009 
Financial Results of TV Business of TCL Multimedia, 2008-2009
Models and Suppliers of Main Chips of Main Series of TCL Multimedia 
Models and Suppliers of Main Chips of Main TV Series of Changhong 
Key Components of 55 Samsung TVs 
Models and Suppliers of Main Chips of Some LG Chassis 
Models and Suppliers of Main Chips of Philips Chassis
Key Components and Suppliers of LC4.31E Chassis Series
Key Components and Suppliers of LC4.7E Chassis Series
Models and Suppliers of Key Components of Panasonic LH50 Chassis

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