China Li-ion Battery and Its Raw Materials Industry Report, 2009-2010
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At present, the global supply of Li-ion battery is monopolized by the three giants in East Asia, i.e. China, Japan and South Korea, with the total market share surpassing 95%.

In comparison with Japan’s and South Korea’s, China-made Li-ion batteries are mostly low-end products, featuring large quantity and meager profit. Whereas, it is generally developing towards the high-end from the low-end. In respect of application field, Chinese Li-ion battery manufacturers are not only seizing the market shares of Li-ion battery for 3G mobiles and laptops from Japanese and South Korean powers, but also actively developing the market of lithium battery for electric tools and E-bicycles.   

Output and Growth Rate of Li-ion Battery in China, 2004-2009
Source: ResearchInChina

Regarding the market shares by sales volume of lithium battery manufacturers, Sanyo Energy, Sony, Samsung SDI and LGC altogether account for over 60% of the world’s total. Chinese lithium battery enterprises have been developing rapidly in recent years, as BYD, BAK, ATL and Lishen all have ranked into the world’s Top 10 in terms of sales volume, with a total global share of 20%.

The anode materials of Li-ion batteries mainly consist of LiCoO2, LiNiO2 and LiMn2O4; wherein, LiCoO2 is the first choice as anode material thanks to its outstanding performance. In China, the leading LiCoO2 producers include Beijing Easpring Material Technology, Hunan Reshine New Material, MGL, Tianjin B&M Science and Technology Joint-Stock, Hunan Shanshan Advanced Materials, etc.

BTR is the constitutor of standards for cathode materials and the largest supplier of cathode materials in China. In 2009, BTR’s sales volume (led by low-end products) totaled approximately 3,000 tons, taking nearly one-third share in the home market. Moreover, BTR has made much progress in the R&D of high-end products in recent years. As the second largest supplier of cathode materials in China, Shanshan Tech engages mainly the high-end products with a 40% domestic market share of high-end products, and its sales volume exceeded 2,000 tons in 2009.

Currently, only a few countries like Japan and the USA have control of the technologies on separator materials for Li-ion battery and can industrialize the technologies. China mainly imports separator materials to satisfy domestic Li-ion battery manufacturing.

Zhangjiagang Guotai-Huarong New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd holds 30% shares in the domestic electrolyte market, while others like Shantou Jinguang High-Tech, Tianjin Jinniu Power Sources Material and Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology occupy 20% market shares in all. The remaining demand relies on the imports from abroad.
1. Development of Li-ion Battery
1.1 Comparative Advantage
1.2 Classification

2. Li-ion Battery Industrial Pattern Worldwide
2.1 Global Scale
2.2 Japan
2.3 China
2.4 South Korea
2.5 Comparison between China, Japan and South Korea

3. Development of China Li-ion Battery Industry
3.1 Production 
3.1.1 Scale
3.1.2 Distribution 
3.2 Demand

4. Leading Manufacturers 
4.1 Japanese Enterprises
4.1.1 Sanyo Electric
4.1.2 Sony
4.2 Chinese Enterprises
4.2.1Shenzhen BYD
4.2.2 Shenzhen BAK
4.2.3 Tianjin Lishen Battery
4.3 South Korean Enterprises 
4.3.1 Samsung SDI
4.3.2 LG Chemical & Others

5. Raw Material Market of Li-ion Battery
5.1 Anode Material Market 
5.1.1 Global Market
5.1.2 Industrial Status Quo Worldwide
5.2 Leading Chinese Manufacturers 
5.2.1 MGL
5.2.2 Hunan Reshine New Material
5.2.3 Beijing Easpring Material Technology
5.2.4 Pulead Technology Industry
5.2.5 Hunan Shanshan Advanced Materials
5.2.6 Tianjin B&M Science and Technology Joint-Stock
5.2.7 Shenzhen Tianjiao Technology 
5.3 Cathode Material Market 
5.4 Leading Chinese Manufacturers of Cathode Materials
5.4.1 BTR Energy Materials
5.4.2 Shanshan Tech
5.4.3Changsha Hairong Electronic Materials
5.5 Separator Paper of Li-ion Battery
5.6 Separator Paper Manufacturers 
5.6.1 Celgard
5.6.2 Asahi Kasei Corporation
5.6.3 TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K. 
5.6.4 Shenzhen Senior Technology Material
5.6.5 Jinhui Hi-Tech
5.7 Electrolyte Market
5.7.1 Industrial Status Quo Worldwide
5.8 Leading Chinese Electrolyte Manufacturers 
5.8.1Guotai-Huarong New Chemical Materials
5.8.2 Shanshan Technology (Gongguan)
5.8.3 Ferro (Suzhou)
5.8.4 Beijing Chuangya Hengye New Material Technology
5.8.5 Tianjin Jinniu Power Sources Material 
5.8.6 Shenzhen Capchem Technology

6. Main Application Fields of Li-ion Battery
6.1 Mobile Phone
6.1.1 Chinese Market
6.1.2 Production & Sales and Competition of Mobile Li-ion Battery Market in China
6.1.3 Development Trend of Mobile Li-ion Battery Industry of China
6.2 Laptop Industry
6.2.1 Global Laptop Li-ion Battery Market
6.2.2 China Laptop Li-ion Battery Market
6.3 Electric Bicycle
6.4 Electric Vehicle & Other Fields

7. Prospect of Li-ion Battery and its Main Raw Material Market
7.1 Li-ion Battery
7.2 Anode Material
7.3 Cathode Material 
7.4 Electrolyte
Performance Details of Various Battery
Development Trend of Rechargeable Battery
Structure Comparison of Various Li-ion Battery
Structure Comparison between Liquid Li-ion Battery and Polymer Li-ion Battery
Li-ion Battery Market Scale Worldwide, 2006-2009
Li-ion Battery Market Scale Worldwide, 2006-2010E
Global Market Share of Japan’s Li-ion Batteries, 2004-2009
Global Market Share of China’s Li-ion Batteries, 2004-2009
Global Market Share of South Korea’s Li-ion Batteries, 2004-2009
Market Shares of Li-ion Batteries Made in China, Japan and South Korea, 2009
Output and Growth Trend of China’s Li-ion Batteries, 2004-2009
Market Strength of Some Chinese Li-ion Battery Manufacturers
Accumulated Mobile Subscribers in China, 2003-2009
Mobile-based Li-ion Battery Consumption in China, 2005-2009
Laptop-based Li-ion Battery Consumption in China, 2004-2009
Li-ion Battery Output of Sanyo, 2006-2009
Battery Business Development of Sanyo Electric, 1961-2009
Profile of Branch Companies of Sanyo Battery Division
Li-ion Battery Market Progression of Sony, 1990-2009
Profile of Sony China’s Branches
Li-ion Battery Output of Sony, 2006-2009
Operating Income Structure of BYD, 2009
Li-ion Battery Output of BYD, 2006-2009
Battery Business Income Structure of BYD, 2009
Li-ion Battery Sales Revenue of BYD, 2004-2009
Li-ion Battery Market Development of Shenzhen BAK, 2001-2009
Li-ion Battery Output of Shenzhen BAK, 2006-2009
Li-ion Battery Sales Revenue and Growth Rate of Shenzhen BAK, 2004-2009
Main Competitors of Shenzhen BAK
Distribution of Main Battery Sales of Shenzhen BAK by Type, FY2009
Li-ion Battery Output of Tianjin Lishen Battery, 2006-2009
Business Income Structure of Samsung SDI, 2009
Operating Income and Growth Rate of Samsung SDI, 2003-2009
Rechargeable Battery Shipment of Samsung SDI, 2007-2009
Operating Income and Variation Trend of LG Chemical, 2004-2009
Business Revenue from IT&E (Battery Division) of LG Chemical, 2006-2009
Li-ion Battery Output of LG Chemical, 2006-2009
Performance of 3 Major Anode Materials
Distribution of the Demand for Different Anode Materials of Li-ion Battery Worldwide, 2009
Distribution of the Demand for Anode Materials of Li-ion Battery Worldwide, 2007-2009
Distribution of the Demand for Different Anode Materials of Li-ion Battery in China, 2009
Market Demand of LiCoO2 Materials in China, 2007-2009
Chinese Anode Material Manufacturers and Their Sales, 2009
Industrial Structure of MGL’s Anode Materials
Research Orientation of MGL 
Anode Material Market Development of MGL, 2000-2009
Anode Material Market Development of Hunan Reshine New Material, 2003-2009
LiCoO2 Capacity of Beijing Easpring Material Technology, 2005-2009
Sales Revenue of Beijing Easpring Material Technology, 2007-2009
Revenue Composition of Beijing Easpring Material Technology, 2009
Major Clients of Beijing Easpring Material Technology, 2007-2009
Anode Material Market Development of Pulead Technology Industry, 1999-2009
Operating Income of Hunan Shanshan Advanced Materials, 2004-2009
Capacity and Output of Major Anode Materials of Li-ion Batteries of Tianjin B&M Science and Technology Joint-Stock, 2007-2009
Major Clients of Tianjin B&M Science and Technology Joint-Stock, 2008-2009
Li-ion Battery Material Market Development of Shenzhen Tianjiao Technology, 2004-2009
Performance Details of Major Cathode Materials in the Market
Production Capacities of Major Cathode Material Manufacturers in China, 2009
Product Structure of Cathode Materials of Shanshan Tech
Performance and Application Fields of Cathode Materials Made by Shanshan Tech
Operating Income of Shanshan Tech, 2004-2009
Major Cathode Material Products of Changsha Hairong Electronic Materials
Major Manufacturers of Li-ion Battery Separator Worldwide and Their Products
Distribution of Separator Paper Production Capacity Worldwide, 2009
Revenue Structure of Asahi Kasei Corporation, FY2010
Sales Revenue of TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K., 2004-2009
Sales Revenue from Chemical Business of TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K., 2005-2009
Chemicals Output of TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K., 2005-2009
Output Capacity of Major Separator Manufacturers in China
Electrolyte Capacity of China, 2009
Operating Income of Guotai-Huarong New Chemical Materials, 2006-2009
Operating Income of Shenzhen Capchem Technology, 2006-2009
Downstream Demand Distribution of Global Li-ion Batteries, 2009
Shipment and Growth Rate of Mobile Phones Worldwide, 2004-2009
Output and Growth Rate of Mobile Phones in China, 2004-2009
Market Shares of Mobile-Used Li-ion Battery OEM Manufacturers in China 
Percentages of Li-ion Battery Application Fields, 2009
Growth of 3G Subscribers in China
Output of Global Laptops, 2006-2011
Output of China’s Laptops, 2005-2009
Output of China’s Electic Bicycles, 2003-2009
Runtime/Charging Time of Self-Brand Electric Vehicle
Technical Route and Collaborated Car Manufacturers of Major Power Li-ion Battery Enterprises
Development of Industrial Substitutes of Polymer Li-ion Battery Manufacturers in China, Japan and Korea
Demand from Traditional Fields for Li-ion Battery Worldwide, 2002-2015E
Output of Global Electric-Powered Vehicles, 2008-2014 E
Output of Global HEVs, 2008-2014
Demand of Anode Materials for Li-ion Batteries Worldwide, 2009-2018E
LiCoO2 Market Demand Worldwide, 2002-2010
Demand of Electric Vehicles for Cathode Materials in China, 2010-2015E
Demand for Li-ion Battery Electrolyte in China, 2009-2014 E
Demand for Li-ion Battery Diaphragm in China, 2009-2014 E

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