China Luxuries Industry Report, 2010-2012
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In 2009, Chinese market size of luxuries reached US$9.4 billion with the global market share approximating 27.5%. Among the varieties of luxuries, Chinese consumers gave priority to luxury apparel and accessories (mainly including clothes, shoes, bags, watches, and glasses) which held roughly 70% of the entire luxury consumption and had the market size of US$6.72 billion in 2009.

Market Size of Luxury Apparel & Accessories in China, 2004-2009 (Unit: US$100M)
 Source: ResearchInChina

In regard to the segmented products of luxury apparel and accessories, the consumption of watches ranked No.1 by US$2.21 billion in 2009, followed by clothes of US$1.7 billion. Owing to the long-lasting style and durability, a lot of Chinese consumers prefer luxury watches despite the high price.   

Consumption Structure of Luxury Apparel & Accessories in China by Product, 2009
Source: ResearchInChina

The brand preference of Chinese consumers towards various luxury apparel and accessories varies; concretely, GUCCI turns out to be the luxury clothing brand that wins the best graces of consumers, luxury leather shoes brand goes for DR.MARTENS, luxury bag brand LV, luxury watch brand ROLEX, and luxury glasses brand GIVENCHY.

Along with the further intensified purchasing power of Chinese consumers as well as the improved market distribution of luxury enterprises in China, the consumption potentialities of luxuries, especially of luxury apparel and accessories, will be further released in China.

The future Chinese market of luxury apparel and accessories will characterize the followings: 

1. The second-tier cities will become the major battlefield of luxury brands.  
Apart from the first-tier cities like Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai, China’s second-tier cities also show great attractions. During the recent two years, such luxury enterprises as LV and GUCCI have started their presence in second-tier cities like Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Hangzhou, and Xi’an, all of which will become the ‘major battlefields’ of luxury brand competition in the future.  

2. Female luxury apparel and accessories will increase rapidly.  
The females are prone to be affected by the advertisements and peacockery as well as to be enslaved by the consumption desire of luxuries against the male. Fueled by the economic independence of Chinese females, more and more females are economically affordable of luxuries, so, the future will witness the rapid growth of female luxury apparel and accessories market.  

3. The products with Chinese elements will rise.  
A lot of luxury enterprises add Chinese elements into their products so as to quickly penetrate the Chinese market, which is particularly common in luxury apparel and accessories. For instance, JAEGER exhibits the enamel watch printed with Chinese landscape painting in its Chinese franchised store, and Hermes even launches an exclusive brand named ‘Shang Xia’ for Chinese market. 
1 Overview of Apparel & Accessories Luxury Industry
1.1 Definition 
1.2 Characteristics 
1.3 Development in China 

2 Current Development of Chinese Luxury Industry 
2.1 Status Quo of Market Development
2.2 Consumers 
2.2.1 Characteristics 
2.2.2 Major Types 
2.2.3 Information Access
2.2.4 Purchasing Channels 
2.2.5 Acceptable Price 
2.3 Advertising and Sales Mode 
2.3.1 Advertising 
2.3.2 Sales Mode 

3 Development and Forecast of Luxury Apparel & Accessories Segmented Market in China
3.1 Luxury Apparel & Accessories Market in China 
3.2 Luxury Apparel Market 
3.2.1 Status Quo and Forecast 
3.2.2 Brands and Promotion 
3.3 Luxury Shoes Market   
3.3.1 Market Size and Forecast 
3.3.2 Brands 
3.4 Luxury Bags Market 
3.4.1 Market Size and Forecast
3.4.2 Brands 
3.5 Luxury Watches Market
3.5.1 Market Size and Forecast
3.5.2 Brands and Promotion 
3.6 Luxury Glasses Market
3.6.1 Market Size and Forecast
3.6.2 Brands and Promotion

4 Key Cities of Luxury Apparel & Accessories in China 
4.1 Urban Distribution of Luxuries in China 
4.2 Shanghai 
4.2.1 Brand Distribution 
4.2.2 Development Potentialities 
4.2.3 Second-hand Luxury Store
4.3 Beijing 
4.3.1 Brand Distribution
4.3.2 Development Potentialities
4.3.3 Second-hand Luxury Store
4.4. Chongqing 
4.4.1 Development Course
4.4.2 Consumption Characteristics 
4.4.3 Development Potentialities

5 Development of Top 3 Luxury Groups in Chinese Market 
5.1 Moet Hennessy - Louis Vuitton (LVMH Group) 
5.1.1 Overview 
5.1.2 Louis Vuitton
5.1.3 Fendi 
5.1.4 Dior 
5.2 Richemont
5.2.1 Overview 
5.2.2 Dunhill
5.2.3 Vacheron Constantin
5.2.4 JAEGER
5.2.5 Piaget
5.2.6 Cartier
5.2.7 IWC 
5.3 Pinault Printemps Redoute (PPR Group) 
5.3.1 Overview 
5.3.2 Gucci 
5.3.3 Yves Saint Laurent

6 Future Development Orientation of Chinese Luxury Industry 
6.1 Development Potentialities of Luxury Apparel & Accessories Industry in China 
6.2 Development Orientation of Luxury Apparel & Accessories Industry in China
6.3 Investment Risks of Chinese Luxury Apparel & Accessories
Market Size of Luxuries in China, 2004-2009 
Consumers’ Purchasing Desires of Luxury Varieties 
Luxury Brands Winning the Best Graces of Consumers, 2010 
Major Consumer Types of Luxuries  
Consumers’ Accesses to Information about Luxuries
Consumers’ Approaches to Purchase Luxuries
Netizen Scale of Online Shopping in China, 2005-2010 
Acceptable Unit Price of Luxuries by Consumers  
Luxury Consumption of Every Single Consumer, 2009 
Consumers’ Attitudes towards Discount Luxuries  
Advertising of Luxuries on Newspapers, 2004-2009 
Top 5 Weeklies of Luxury Advertisements, 2009
Advertising of Luxuries on Magazines, 2004-2009 
Top 5 Magazines of Luxury Advertisements, 2009
Advertising of Chinese Luxury Apparel & Accessories on Print Media, Jan.-Sep. 2010
Market Size of Luxury Apparel & Accessories in China, 2004-2009 
Consumption Structure of Chinese Luxury Apparel & Accessories by Product, 2009 
Market Size of Chinese Luxury Apparel & Accessories, 2010-2012E
Market Size of Chinese Luxury Apparel, 2004-2012E
Acceptable Price of Luxury Apparel by Chinese Consumers 
Top 10 Luxury Apparel Brands Purchased by Consumers, 2010
Top 10 Luxury Apparel Brands Expected by Consumers, 2010
Top 5 Print Media of Luxury Apparel Advertisements in China, 2009
Market Size of Luxury Shoes in China, 2004-2012E
Most Welcomed Shoe Brands by Chinese Consumers  
Market Size of Luxury Bags in China, 2004-2012E
Acceptable Price of Luxury Bags by Chinese Consumers 
Top 10 Luxury Bag Brands Purchased by Consumers, 2010 
Top 10 Luxury Bag Brands Expected by Consumers, 2010 
Consumers’ Attitudes towards Luxury Watches  
Market Size of Luxury Watches in China, 2004-2012E 
Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands Purchased by Consumers, 2010 
Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands Expected by Consumers, 2010 
Top 5 Print Media of Luxury Watch Advertisements in China, 2009 
Market Size of Luxury Glasses in China, 2004-2012E
Acceptable Price of Luxury Glasses by Chinese Consumers 
Top 10 Luxury Glasses Brands Purchased by Consumers, 2010 
Top 10 Luxury Glasses Brands Expected by Consumers, 2010 
Top 5 Print Media of Luxury Glasses Advertisements in China, 2009 
Place Clustering of Direct-Sales Stores of Luxuries in China 
Advance Purchasing Ratio of Luxury Apparel & Accessories in Key Cities, China, 2010
Purchasing Unit Price of Luxury Apparel & Accessories in Key Cities, China, 2010
Top 5 Newspapers of Luxury Advertisements in Shanghai, 2009
Total Retail Sales of Social Consumer Goods in Shanghai, 2006-2009 
Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents in Shanghai, 2003-2009
Top 5 Newspapers of Luxury Advertisements in Beijing, 2009 
Total Retail Sales of Social Consumer Goods in Beijing, 2006-2009 
Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents in Beijing, 2003-2009 
Top 5 Newspapers of Luxury Advertisements in Chongqing, 2009 
Total Retail Sales of Social Consumer Goods in Chongqing, 2006-2009 
Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents in Chongqing, 2003-2009 
Revenue of LVMH Group by Sector, 2008-2010 
Revenue of LVMH Group by Region, 2010H1 
Retail Stores Distribution of LVMH Group 
Louis Vuitton Franchised Stores in Mainland China
Fendi Boutiques in Mainland China
Dior Franchised Stores in Mainland China
Advertising of Dior on Chinese Print Media, 2009 
Financial Indices of Richemont, FY2007-FY2010 
Revenue of Richemont by Product, FY2009-FY2010 
Revenue of Richemont by Region, FY2009-FY2010 
Boutique Quantity of Richemont Brands in Mainland China, FY2010 
Dunhill Boutiques in Mainland China, 2010 
Vacheron Constantin Boutiques in Mainland China
JAEGER Boutiques in Mainland China
Piaget Boutiques in Mainland China
Cartier Boutiques in Mainland China
Advertising of Cartier on Chinese Print Media, 2009 
IWC Boutiques in Mainland China
Operating Income of PPR Group, 2008-2010 
Operating Income of PPR Group by Sector, 2008-2010 
Revenue of Gucci by Region, Q3 2010
Gucci Franchised Stores in Mainland China
Advertising of Gucci on Print Media, Jan.-Sep. 2010 
Gucci Advertisements on Newspapers, Jan.-Sep. 2010 
Gucci Advertisements on Magazines, Jan.-Sep. 2010   
Revenue of Yves Saint Laurent by Region, Q3 2010

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