Global Top 500 Mining and Metal Companies, 2010
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After the impact of international economic crisis in 2008, the global metal & mining industry has recovered from the bottom in early 2009, ever since when, the global metal price has been on the steady rise.

Fueled by the sustained growth of macro-economy and the expansion of domestic demand, China witnessed the exceedingly strong demand for major metal ore products in 2009, the mining market was continuously animated, and the mining economy transformed from weakness to renewal. Meanwhile, Chinese enterprises accelerated the M&A overseas. According to the statistics of MEG, there were 31 projects or companies priced over US$25 million among the M&A of global basic metal enterprises in 2009. Hereinto, all of the Top 3 purchasers were Chinese enterprises. In addition, the 9 acquisitions of Chinese purchasers held 40% of total resource values of the 31 M&As.

Based on the report of Global Top 500 Mining and Metal Companies in 2009, we sorted out more than 800 mining (excluding coal mine, petroleum, and natural gas) and metal related (excluding metal products) enterprises listed in over 50 major stock exchanges worldwide, downloaded their latest annual reports and financial reports, found the financial data concerning the over 800 mining and metal enterprises, and worked out the global Top 500 mining and metal enterprises in 2010 according to such indices as revenue, net income, and total assets.  

The global Top 500 mining and metal enterprises in 2010 indicated the climbing strength of Chinese metal & mining enterprises. In contrast to the global Top 500 in 2009, Chinese enterprises performed powerfully in 2010 and occupied 25 positions of the global Top 100 in 2010, up 31.6% against the quantity of 19 in 2009. Besides,  Australian metal & mining enterprises also made remarkable achievements in 2010 and accounted for 64 positions of the global Top 500, an increase of 56.1% from the number of 41 in 2009.

Global Top 50 Mining and Metal Companies 2010
201104003.gif(Unit:USD million, ranking according to the total revenue of annual report in 2009 and exchange rate in January, 2010)

Chapter 1 Global Top 500 Mining and Metal Companies
1.1 Research Background and Methods
1.2 Rank

Chapter 2 Australia
2.1 Overview
2.2 Investment

Chapter 3 Asia
3.1 Overview
3.2 Investment
3.3 Typical Countries
3.3.1 Indonesia
3.3.2 Viet Nam
3.3.3 Thailand
3.3.4 Philippines
3.3.5 Kazakhstan
3.3.6 Uzbekistan

Chapter 4 Europe
4.1 Overview
4.2 Investment
4.3 Typical Countries
4.3.1 Russia
4.3.2 Poland
4.3.3 Sweden
4.3.4 Ukraine

Chapter 5 Africa
5.1 overview
5.2 Investment
5.3 Typical Countries
5.3.1 South Africa
5.3.2 Zambia
5.3.3 Morocco
5.3.4 Congo
5.3.5 Ghana
5.3.6 Guinea

Chapter 6 America
6.1 Overview
6.1.1 The North America
6.1.2 The South America
6.2 Investment
6.3 Typical Countries
6.3.1 Brazil
6.3.2 Canada
6.3.3 Chile
6.3.4 Peru
6.3.5 Bolivia
6.3.6 Jamaica

Chapter 7  Overview of Global Top 500 Mining and Metal Companies
(including company profile, website, stock code, business, revenue and profit in past five years)

A M Castle & Co
Acertec Plc
Acos Villares SA
Adhunik Metaliks
Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd
Alamos Gold
Allegheny Technologies
Alro SA
Ammtec Ltd
Aneka Tambang Tbk PT
Anglo American PLC
Anglo Platinum Ltd
AngloGold Ashanti Ltd
Antofagasta PLC
Anvil Mining Ltd
Anyang Iron & Steel Inc
SGIS Songshan Co., Ltd.
Brigus Gold Corp
Aquarius Platinum Ltd
Arab Aluminum Company SAE
Arabian American Development Co
ArcelorMittal SA
ASEC Company for Mining (ASCOM) SAE
Atlas Consolidated Mining And Development Corp
Aurizon Mines Ltd
Avocet Mining PLC
Azovstal Iron and Steel
Baoji Titanium Industry
Baoshan Iron &Steel Co Ltd
Baotou Steel Rare Earth
Baotou Steel Union
Barrick Gold Corp
BE Group AB
Beijing Shougang
Bengang Steel Plates
BHP Billiton
Bhushan Steel Ltd
BlueScope Steel Ltd
Boliden AB
Brush Engineered Materials Inc
Cameco Corp
Capral Ltd
Capstone Mining Corp
Carpenter Technology Corp
CBH Resources Ltd
Central African Gold Plc
Central Sun Mining Inc
Central African Mining & Exploration
Century Aluminum Co
Century Mining Corp
Chemtura Corp
Chengde Xinxin Vanadium And Titanium Co Ltd
Chenzhou Mining
Chihong Zinc&Germanium
China Molybdenum
China Yunnan Tin
Chongqing Iron & Steel Co Ltd
Chugai Mining Co Ltd
Chun Yuan Steel Industry Co Ltd
Chung Hung Steel Corp
Chuo Denki Kogyo Co Ltd
CITIC Resources Holdings Ltd
Cliffs Natural Resources Inc
China Nonferrous Metal Industry's Foreign Engineering and Construction Co Ltd
China Metro Rural Holdings Ltd
Umicore NV/SA
Universal Stainless & Alloy Products Incorporated
Uruguay Mineral Exploration Inc
Uttam Galva
Valin Iron & Steel
Van Shung Chong Holdings Ltd
Vedanta Resources PLC
Vietnam Industrial Investments Ltd
Vimetco NV
Viohalco SA
Visa Steel
Volcan Compania Minera SAA
Weatherly International Plc
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd
Western Metal Materials
Western Mining Co Ltd
Wuhan Iron and Steel Co Ltd
Xingye Copper International Group Ltd
Xining Special Steel Co Ltd
Xinjiang Joinworld Co Ltd
Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry Co Ltd
Xstrata PLC
Xiamen Tungsten Co.,Ltd.
Yeun Chyang Industrial Co Ltd
Yieh Phui Enterprise Co Ltd
Yodogawa Steel Works Ltd
Yue Da Mining
Nanjing Welbow Metals Co., Ltd.
Yunnan Aluminum
Yunnan Tin
ZCCM Investment Holdings
Zhaojin Mining
Henan Zhongfu Industry Co.,Ltd.
Zhongjin Gold(Zhongjin Gold Corp.,Ltd.)
Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet Co.,Ltd.
Zijin Mining
Huludao Zinc Industry Co.,Ltd.
Global Top 500 Mining and Metal Companies (1-100)
Global Top 500 Mining and Metal Companies (101-200)
Global Top 500 Mining and Metal Companies (201-300)
Global Top 500 Mining and Metal Companies (301-400)
Global Top 500 Mining and Metal Companies (401-500)
Mineral Exploration of Australia 2003-2009 (unit: millions)
Mining production and exports of Australia,2009-2010
Minerals processing of Australia, 2009-2010
Australian economic demonstrated resources for selected minerals, 1995-2008
Mineral export market of Australia
Mineral resource prices to end 2009, Australia
Advanced mineral map of Australia, 2009
Mineral Exploration in Australia, Original series,Mar,2002-Mar,2010
South Australian Mineral Exploration by Commodity
Indonesia Mining Commodity for Bauxite (Aluminium)
Main minerals output of Thailand, 2007-2010( unit: ton)
Philippines: Production of Mineral Commodities1
Kazakhstan: Production of Mineral Commodities1, 2
Europe and Central Eurasia: Historic and Projected Primary and Secondary Aluminum Production, 1995-2015
Europe and Central Eurasia: Historic and Projected Copper Mine Production, 1995-2015
Europe and Central Eurasia: Historic and Projected Gold Mine Production, 1995-2015
Europe and Central Eurasia: Historic and Projected Crude Steel Production, 1995-2015
Europe and Central Eurasia: Historic and Projected Salable Coal Production, 1995-2015
Europe and Central Eurasia: Historic and Projected Nickel Mine Production, 1995-2015
Russia: Production of Mineral Commodities, 2004-2008
Poland’s Mineral Resource Distribution
Production of Mineral Commodities, Poland, 2004-2008
Production of Mineral Commodities, Sweden, 2004-2008
Sweden’s Mineral Resource Distribution
Ukraine: Production of Mineral Commodities, 2004-2008
Mineral Output in Main African Countries, 1995-2009
African Oil & Natural Gas – Proved Reserves, by Country, January 1, 2009
Licensing Rounds and Investments of Libya
Licensing Rounds and Investments of Nigeria
Licensing Rounds and Investments of Algeria
Licensing Rounds and Investments of Angola
Government Measures to Promote FDI Inflow
Known and Potential Industrial Minerals in Zambia
Metal Occurrences and Exploration Potential in Zambia
Zambia: Production of Mineral Commodities, 2005-2009
Morocco and Western Sahara: Production of Mineral Commodities, 2005-2009
Congo: Estimated Production of Mineral Commodities, 2005-2009
Ghana: Production of Mineral Commodities, 2005-2009
Guinea: Production of Mineral Commodities, 2005-2009
The output propotions of some America-produced mineral resources in 2009
Gross Domestic Product—Mining and Mineral Manufacturing, 2002–2009
Value of Canadian Mineral Production, 1999–2009p
Canada’s Top 10 Minerals by Value of Production, 1999 and 2009
Expected Investment in the Copper and Gold/Silver Mining Sector (US$ Million)
Leading Project Startup Timeline
Expected Mine Copper Production Through 2015 (kMTF)
Top Ten Countries by Exploration Budgets, 2009 (AS % OF WORLDWIDE EXPLORATION)
Bolivia antimony ore output,2006-2008(Unit:Tons)
Bolivia tin ore output,2006-2008(Unit:Kt)
World Bauxite Mine Production, Reserves, and Reserve Base

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