Global and China Small and Medium-sized Display Device Industry Report, 2010-2011
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The small & medium-sized display devices refer to the ones sized below 11 inches. Along with the massive operation of high-generation TFT-LCD production lines, the original manufacturers specialized in large-sized G3-G5.5 lines have been markedly inferior to those of G6-G10 TFT-LCD production lines; in consequence, they have successively transferred into the fabrication of small & medium-sized display devices, which initiated the oversupply, particularly in the medium-sized field (5-11 inches) whose price plunged.  

The output value of small & medium-sized display devices dropped in 2006 and the market underwent changes.  

Firstly, mobile phone display features even larger sizes as the smart phone flourishes. The display size of mainstream smart phone reaches 3.5 inches, and that of the high-end one rests on 4.3 inches which is the double of that of common mobile phone. The resolution also becomes higher, with the mainstream one of 800*480 or 800*854, and the high-end one of 960*640, a quadruple of the common mobile phone.

The ASP of mobile phone display has been on the rise from the ever falling status. It turned out to be US$8.06 in 2010, up 11.8% against 2009, and promisingly, it will maintain the growth momentum by 2013.

Secondly, the medium-sized display market thrives. As the netbook was massively rolled out into the market in 2009, the small & medium-sized display industry still achieved growth against the economic crisis. And in 2010, the large shipment of tablet PC fueled the growth of medium-sized display market.

The small & medium-sized display industry experienced sharp fluctuations in 2010. CPT and HANNSTAR were completely transformed into the manufacturers of small & medium-sized display devices. The shipment of CPT in 2010 was as high as 352 million, up 135% from 2009; and that of HANNSTAR registered 248 million, up 505% against 2009. However, subject to the not high average unit price and the low gross profit despite the booming shipment, as well as the high depreciation of TFT-LCD production line, both of the manufacturers were suffering from loss.  

SMD has been engaged in OLED for years, and it ultimately made significant breakthrough in 2010. By virtue of the fully depreciated G4.5 LTPS TFT-LCD production line, the OLED shipment of SMD greatly expanded. Samsung, Nokia, HTC, and Lenovo massively employed OLED as mobile phone display. In 2010, the output value of OLED industry rose 92% from 2009, of which SMD contributed more than 95%. In 2011, SMD will excel Sharp by means of OLED and blossom into the world’s largest manufacturer of small & medium-sized display.  

In H2 2010, due to the deficient capacity of LG Display, Apple iPhone increased its display suppliers Sharp and TMD. Sharp originally provided display devices for Apple except iPhone and iPad. Benefiting from the long-term orders and the fabulous cash support of Apple, Sharp reopened the three production lines (closed at the end of 2008 because of the economic downturn) of small & medium-sized display devices of TENRI and MIE.  

In late 2010, Hon Hai intended to purchase 50% equities of Hitachi Display for JPY100 billion, but the negotiation failed. In early 2011, Sony Mobile Display sold its subsidiary-STMD to Kyocera; meanwhile, Sony acquired the G4 line of EID, and purchased the back-end module fab of Epson in Suzhou for RMB780 million.  

Epson, the global largest manufacturer of small & medium-sized display in 2004 and 2005, has witnessed the declined performance during the recent years, and it is probable to retreat from the field ultimately.
Revenue of Global Major Small & Medium-sized Panel Manufacturers, 2007-2010 (US$ mln)
Source: ResearchInChina

1 Profile of Small & Medium-sized Panels  

2 Status Quo and Future of Small & Medium-sized Industry  
2.1 Scale of Small & Medium-sized Panel Industry 
2.2 Current Technology of Small & Medium-sized Panels  
2.3 Applications of Small & Medium-sized Panels 
2.4 Regional Pattern of Small & Medium-sized Panels 
2.5 Revenue and Shipment of Small & Medium-sized Display Manufacturers Worldwide  

3 Industries Related to Small & Medium-sized Panels 
3.1 Mobile Phone 
3.1.1 Market Size 
3.1.2 Industry Pattern 
3.1.3 Smartphone Market and Industry 
3.1.4 Chinese Mobile Phone Industry 
3.2 Status Quo and Future of Mobile Phone Display Market  
3.3 Market Shares of Major Mobile Phone Display Manufacturers  
3.4 Supply Relationship between Mobile Phone Display Manufacturers and Mobile Phone Manufacturers  
3.5 Tablet PC and Netbook Market 
3.6 Market Shares of Tablet PC and Netbook Display Manufacturers  
3.7 Digital Camera and Its Display Market 
3.8 On-board Display and PND Market 
3.9 On-board Display and PND Industry 
3.10 DPF 
3.11 E-Reader 

4.1 Industry Scale 
4.2 Industry Pattern 

5 Manufacturers of Small & Medium-sized Display Devices
5.2 AUO
5.6 BOE
5.7 SMD
5.8 EID
5.10 CPT
5.12 Varitronix
5.14 Sony Mobile Display
5.15 SHARP
5.17 TMD

Revenue and Growth Margin of Global Small & Medium-sized Panel Industry, 2004-2011 
Shipment of Small & Medium-sized Panel Worldwide, 2004-2011 
Output Value of Small & Medium-sized Panel Worldwide by Technology, 2009-2011 
Shipment of Small & Medium-sized Panel Worldwide by Technology, 2009-2011 
Output Value of Small & Medium-sized Panel Worldwide by Application, 2010 
Shipment of Small & Medium-sized Panel Worldwide by Application, 2010 
Output Value of Small & Medium-sized Panel Worldwide by Region, 2010 
Shipment of Small & Medium-sized Panel Worldwide by Region, 2010 
Global Mobile Phone Shipment, 2007-2014E  
Global Mobile Phone Shipment and Annual Growth Margin, 2008Q1-2011Q1 
Shipment of Major Mobile Phone Brands Worldwide, 2009-2010 
Operating Margin of Global Top 5 Mobile Phone Manufacturers, 2009Q1-2010Q4 
Market Share of Global Major Smartphone Manufacturers, 2011Q1 
Smartphone Shipment of Global Major Mobile Phone Manufacturers, 2010-2011 
Export Volume and Growth Margin of Mobile Phones in China, 2000-2010 
Export Value and Growth Margin of Mobile Phones in China, 2002-2010 
Export Volume and ASP of Mobile Phones in China, 2002-2010 
Mobile Phone Output in China by Region, 2010 
Shipment and Average Price of Mobile Phone Display, 2007-2013E 
Market Size of Mobile Phone Display, 2007-2013E 
Technology Distribution of Mobile Phone Display Market, 2007-2013E 
Shipment of Mobile Phone Display by Size, 2007-2013E  
Shipment of Mobile Phone Display by Resolution, 2008-2012E 
Market Share of Major Mobile Phone Display Manufacturers Worldwide by Shipment, 2010 
Market Share of Major Mobile Phone Display Manufacturers Worldwide by Revenue, 2010 
Market Share of Mobile Phone Display Manufacturers in Mainland China by Revenue, 2010 
Supply Proportion of Nokia Mobile Phone Display Shipment by Manufacturer, 2010 
Supply Proportion of Samsung Mobile Phone Display Shipment by Manufacturer, 2010 
Supply Proportion of LG Mobile Phone Display Shipment by Manufacturer, 2010 
Supply Proportion of RIM, APPLE, HTC, MOTOROLA, SE, and ZTE Mobile Phone Display Shipment by Manufacturer, 2010 
Global Notebook PC Shipment and Growth Margin, 2007-2013E  
Shipment of NETBOOK, iPad, and Tablet PC, 2008-2012E 
Market Share of Tablet PC/ Netbook Panel Manufacturers by Revenue, 2010 
Market Share of Tablet PC/ Netbook Panel Manufacturers by Shipment, 2010 
Market Share of Tablet PC/ Netbook Panel Manufacturers by Shipment, 2011 
Shipment of Digital Camera, 2004-2011 
Market Share of Global Major Digital Camera Manufacturers by Sales Volume, 2009 
Market Share of Global Digital Camera Display Suppliers by Shipment, 2010 
Shipment of On-board Display and PND, 2009Q1-2010Q4 
Shipment of PND and On-board Display, 2007-2012E 
Market Share of PND Manufacturers by Shipment, 2010 
Market Share of On-board Display Manufacturers by Shipment, 2010 
On-board Panel Distribution by Size, 2010 
DPF Shipment and Growth Margin, 2005-2011 
Market Share of DPF Display Manufacturers by Shipment, 2010 
Cost Structure of E-reader, 2009 
Cost Structure of E-reader, 2010 
Revenue, Gross Margin, and Operating Margin of E Ink, 2005-2011 
OLED Output Value, 2006-2013E 
AM-OLED Shipment by Application, 2007-2013E 
Revenue of Global Major OLED Manufacturers, 2009-2011 
Market Share of Global Major OLED Manufacturers by Shipment, 2010Q2 
Revenue and Gross Margin of LG DISPLAY, 2002-2010 
Revenue and Operating Margin of LG DISPLAY, 2002-2010 
Revenue, Operating Margin, and Gross Margin of LG DISPLAY, 2009Q1-2011Q1 
Shipment and Average Price of LG DISPLAY, 2009Q1-2011Q1 
Product Distribution of LG DISPLAY by Application, 2009Q1-2011Q1 
AUO Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2011 
Revenue, Shipment, and Average Price of AUO Small & Medium-sized Panels, 2009Q1-2011Q1 
AUO Revenue by Application, 2009Q1-2011Q1 
Capacity of AUO Production Lines, 2011Q1 
WINTEK Revenue and Gross Margin, 2003-2011 
WINTEK Revenue and Operating Margin, 2003-2011 
WINTEK Revenue by Product, 2006-2011 
Client Structure of WINTEK, 2009-2010 
Gross Margin, Net Profit Margin, and Operating Margin of Truly Semiconductors, 2001-2010
Revenue of Truly LCD Products by Technology, 2006-2009 
TIANMA Revenue and Total Profit, 2005-2010 
TIANMA Revenue by Product, 2010 
SMD Revenue and EBITDA, 2009-2013E
SMD Revenue and Operating Margin, 2009Q1-2011Q1 
SMD Shipment and ASP, 2009Q1-2011Q1 
SMD Revenue by Product, 2010Q1-2011Q2 
EID Revenue by Technology, FY2006-FY2010 
HANNSTAR Revenue and Operating Margin, 2003-2011 
HANNSTAR Revenue and Small & Medium-sized Panel Shipment, 2009Q1-2011Q1   
CPT Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2010 
Large-sized TFT-LCD Panel Shipment and ASP of CPT, 2008Q4-2010Q4 
Small & Medium-sized TFT-LCD Panel Shipment and Revenue of CPT, 2008Q4-2010Q4 
Revenue, EBITDA, and Gross Margin of CHIMEI INNOLUX, 2009Q1-2010Q4 
Large-sized Panel Shipment and ASP of CHIMEI INNOLUX, 2009Q1-2010Q4 
Small & Medium-sized Panel Shipment and ASP of CHIMEI INNOLUX, 2009Q1-2010Q4 
Revenue of CHIMEI INNOLUX by Application, 2009Q1-2010Q4 
Revenue of CHIMEI INNOLUX by Size, 2009Q1-2010Q4 
Varitronix Revenue and Operating Margin, 2002-2010 
Varitronix Revenue by Region, 2007-2010 
GIANTPLUS Revenue and Gross Margin, 2002-2010 

Shipment of Global Major Small & Medium-sized Panel Manufacturers, 2009-2010 
Revenue of Global Major Small & Medium-sized Panel Manufacturers, 2007-2011 
Shipment of Major Mobile Phone Brands Worldwide, 2010Q1-2011Q1 
Sales of Major Mobile Phone Brands Worldwide, 2011Q1 
Shipment of Smartphone Operating System Worldwide, 2010Q3 
SMD OLED Capacity, Output, Revenue, Cost, and Gross Profit, 2010Q1-2011Q4 
Small & Medium-sized Products of LG DISPLAY 
AUO Mobile Phone Displays 
Products of SMD 
Products of EID 
Profile and Financial Data of CPT Mainland Branches, 2009 
Capacity of CHIMEI INNOLUX Production Lines, 2010Q4 
Small & Medium-sized Products of CHIMEI INNOLUX 
Small & Medium-sized LCD Products of SHARP
TFT-LCD Panel Production Line of HITACHI DISPLAY 
TMD Revenue, FY2003-FY2010 
TFT-LCD Panel Production Line of TMDisplay 

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