China Wind Power Equipment and Parts Industry Report, 2011-2012
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The flying capacity expansion of wind power equipment manufacturers in recent years has caused increasingly intense competition; in 2011, Chinese wind power equipment manufacturers witnessed decline in profit to varying degrees.

Among equipment manufacturers, in 2011, Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. reached net income of RMB607 million, a YoY decline of 73.5%; Sinovel Wind Group’s net income dropped 72.8% YoY to RMB776 million. As for wind power equipment parts manufacturers, wind turbine blade maker Sinoma Science & Technology Co., Ltd. realized net income of RMB121 million in 2011, down 31.7% YoY.

Not just Chinese manufacturers, global wind power equipment manufacturers were barely satisfactory in terms of performance for 2011. For example, VESTAS, the world’s largest wind power equipment maker, faced net loss of €166 million in FY2011, the first annual loss since 2005.

Confronted with such a situation, Chinese wind power equipment companies have made strategic adjustments to improve corporate performance, mainly through two ways. First, to transfer from only focusing on equipment installation quantity to increasing R&D investment and supporting the projects with higher gross margin. Sinovel Wind Group, for example, improved R&D investment in large-capacity wind turbine generators; currently, its 3MW, 5MW and 6MW large-capacity units have witnessed a substantially enhanced proportion in the order structure. Second, to actively expand overseas markets.

Wind Turbine Export of China’s Major Wind Power Equipment Manufacturers, 2011

China Wind Power Equipment and Parts Industry Report, 2011-2012 mainly covers the following content:
※    Overall development of global wind power industry and major countries such as Germany, Spain, the United States and Denmark;
※    Analysis on China wind power industry policies, market size and offshore wind power development;
※    Overall development of China wind power equipment industry, market structure, import & export, regional development, as well as analysis of leading vendors.
※    China wind power equipment parts industry development and regional development;
※    Development status of wind turbine blade, gear, generator, bearing and convertor, as well as corresponding vendors.

1. Overview of Global Wind Power Industry
1.1 Development Worldwide
1.2 Development in Major Countries
1.2.1 Germany
1.2.2 Spain
1.2.3 USA
1.2.4 Denmark

2. China Wind Power Industry Policy
2.1 Wind Power Concession Bidding System
2.2 Accreditation & Admission
2.3 Wind Power Equipment Industry Policy
2.4 Development Tendency of Industry Policy

3. Operation of China Wind Power Industry
3.1 Development History of China Wind Power Industry
3.2 Market Scale
3.3 Development of Offshore Wind Power 
3.3.1 Global Offshore Wind Power Development
3.3.2 China’s Offshore Wind Power Development
3.3.3 Existing Problems
3.4 Operation of Wind Farm
3.4.1 Operating Cost
3.4.2 Construction of Wind Power Base
3.5 Wind Power Grid Integration In China
3.5.1 On-Grid Wind Power Pricing
3.5.2 Factors Restraining Wind Power Grid Integration

4. Wind Power Development in Main Regions of China
4.1 Inner Mongolia
4.2 Hebei
4.3 Gansu
4.4 Liaoning
4.5 Shandong
4.6 Jilin
4.7 Heilongjiang
4.8 Ningxia
4.9 Xinjiang

5. Overview of China’s Wind Power Equipment Industry
5.1 Overview
5.1.1 Status Quo
5.1.2 Export
5.2 Regional Development 
5.2.1 Tianjin
5.2.2 Xinjiang
5.2.3 Jiangsu
5.2.4 Liaoning
5.2.5 Hebei
5.2.6 Hunan
5.3 Market
5.3.1 Manufacturers
5.3.2 Domestic Manufacturers 
5.3.3 Foreign Manufacturers 
5.4 Development Trend

6. Key Manufacturers of Wind Turbine Generator
6.1 Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology
6.2 Sinovel
6.3 Guodian United Power Technology
6.4 Mywind
6.5 Dongfang Electric Corporation
6.6 Vestas
6.7 Gamesa
6.8 GE Wind Energy

7. Development of Wind Power Equipment Parts Industry in China
7.1 Status Quo
7.1.1 Composition of Wind Turbine Generator
7.1.2 Supporting System
7.1.3 Development of Wind Power Parts Industry
7.1.4 Development Orientation of Wind Power Parts Industry
7.2 Wind Power Blade 
7.2.1 Demand & Supply
7.2.2 AVIC Huiteng Windpower Equipment
7.2.3 Sinomatech Wind Power Blade Co., Ltd
7.2.4 Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology
7.2.5 Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites
7.2.6 Tianjin Dongqi Wind Turbine Blade Engineering Co., Ltd
7.3 Gear
7.3.1 Status Quo
7.3.2 Demand & Supply
7.3.3 Nanjing High-Speed & Accurate Gear Group
7.3.4 Chongqing Gearbox
7.3.5 Hangzhou Advance Wind-Power Gearbox
7.3.6 Donly Transmission Equipment
7.4 Generator
7.4.1 Market Overview
7.4.2 XEMC Windpower Co., Ltd.
7.4.3 CSR Zhuzhou Electric Co., Ltd.
7.4.4 Yongji Xinshisu Electric Equipment
7.5 Bearing
7.5.1 Market Overview
7.5.2 TIMKEN XEMC (Hunan) Bearing
7.5.3 SKF
7.5.4 Luoyang LYC Bearing
7.5.5 Tianma Bearing
7.6 Convertor
7.6.1 Market Overview
7.6.2 Harbin Jiuzhou Electric Co., Ltd.
7.6.3 ABB Group
7.6.4 Vacon
Wind Turbine Export of China’s Major Wind Power Equipment Manufacturers, 2011
Increased Installed Wind Power Capacity Worldwide, 1996-2011
Cumulative Installed Wind Power Capacity Worldwide, 1996-2011
Top 10 Countries  by Increased Installed Wind Power Capacity Worldwide, 2011
Top 10 Countries  by Cumulative Installed Wind Power Capacity Worldwide, 2011
Cumulative Installed Wind Power Capacity in Germany, 2005-2011
Cumulative Installed Wind Power Capacity in Spain, 2005-2011 
Cumulative Installed Wind Power Capacity in USA, 2005-2011 
Cumulative Installed Wind Power Capacity in Denmark, 2005-2011
First Batch of Wind Power Projects to Be Approved in China for the 12th Five-Year Plan
Policies on Wind Power Equipment Industry, 2008-2012
Incentive Policies for Offshore Wind Power Industry in China
Favarable Development of High-power Wind Turbines and Components in China, 2012
Favarable Import of High-power Wind Turbines and Components in China, 2012
Installed Capacity of Wind Power in China, 2005-2011
Increased and Cumulative Installed Capacity of Wind Power by Province/City in China, 2011 
Top 10 Enterprises by Installed Wind Power Capacity Worldwide, 2011
Installed Capacity of Offshore Wind Power in Major Countries, 2009-2010
First Batch of Offshore Wind Power Concession Projects in China
Product R & D of Major Offshore Wind Power Manafacturers in China
Average Investment Cost of Onshore and Offshore Wind Power, 2010
Early-Stage Cost Strcuture of Onshore Wind Power Generating in China
Early-Stage Cost Strcuture of Offshore Wind Power Generating in China
Operating Cost Structure of Onshore Wind Power Generation in China
Operating Cost Structure of Offshore Wind Power Generation in China
Wind Farms in China, 2008-2011
Benchmark Price of Wind Power in China
Accumulated Installed Wind Power Capacity in Inner Mongolia, 2006-2011
10GW-Level Wind Power Farms in Inner Mongolia 
Accumulated Installed Wind Power Capacity in Hebei, 2006-2011
Top Five Approved Wind Power Projects in Hebei, Feb. 2012
Installed Capacity of Wind Power in Shangyi, Hebei, 2011
Accumulated Installed Wind Power Capacity in Gansu, 2006-2011 
Accumulated Installed Wind Power Capacity in Liaoning, 2006-2011
Accumulated Installed Wind Power Capacity in Shandong, 2006-2011 
Accumulated Installed Wind Power Capacity in Jilin, 2006-2011
Accumulated Installed Wind Power Capacity in Heilongjiang, 2006-2011 
Accumulated Installed Wind Power Capacity inNingxia, 2006-2011 
Accumulated Installed Wind Power Capacity in Xinjiang, 2006-2011 
Wind Turbine Prices in China, 2004-2012
Export of Chinese Wind Turbine Manufacturers, 2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology, 2006-2011
Operating Revenue and Gross Margin of Sinovel, 2007-2011
Operating Revenue and Gross Margin of Mywind, 2008-2011
Business Indices of Dongfang Electric, 2008-2010
Output of Wind Turbine of Dongfang Electric, 2007-2011
Revenue and Gross Profit Magin of VESTAS, 2006-2011
Wind Turbine Delivery of VESTAS as of Jun. 30, 2011
Wind Turbine Delivery of VESTAS as of Jun. 30, 2011
Offshore Wind Turbine Delivery of VESTAS as of Jun. 30, 2011
Sales and Net Income of Gamsa, 2010-2011
Sales Breakdown of Gamesa by Area, Q1-Q3, 2010-2011
Basic Structure of Wind Turbine
Supporting System of Wind Turbine Blade in China
Supporting System of Wind Power Gearbox in China
Supporting System of Wind Power Generator in China
Demand of Wind Turbine Blade in China, 2006-2011 
Operations of AVIC Huiteng Windpower Equipment, 2011H1
Progress of Wind Power Blade Projects of Sinomatech Wind Power Blade
Net Income of Sinomatech Wind Power Blade, 2007-2011
Operating Performance of Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology, 2011
Wind Power Blade Products of Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites
Demand of Wind Power Gearbox in China, 2005-2015
Capacity and Planning of Wind Power Gear Manufacturers in China, 2011
Revenue of Wind Power Gear of Nanjing High-Speed & Accurate Gear Group, 2009-2011 
Revenue of Hangzhou Advance Wind-Power Gearbox, 2009-2011
Revenue of Wind Power Gear of Donly Transmission Equipment, 2011-2013
Equipment of Bearings in a Wind Turbine
Operaring Revenue of Tianma Bearing, 2005-2011
Demand of Wind Power Converter in China, 2006-2011
Market Share of VFD in China
Market Share of Wind Turbine Manufacturers in China by Stockpile
Wind Power Converter Suppliers of Major Wind Turbine Manufacturers in China

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