Global and China Marine (Offshore) Engineering Industry Report, 2012
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Global and China Marine (Offshore) Engineering Industry Report, 2011-2012 highlights the followings:

1. Overview of offshore engineering
2. Market of offshore production facilities
3. Market and industrial pattern of offshore drilling platform
4. Market and industrial pattern of offshore support vessel (OSV)
5. 12 offshore engineering enterprises

The shipbuilding industry has been sluggish since H2 2011. In contrast, the offshore engineering industry is in a much better condition. In H1 2012, the fulfilled orders of global offshore engineering market totaled USD30.8 billion, equivalent to 52% of the total order value in 2011 and far surpassing the deal of USD23 billion in 2010, though being lower than the deal of USD36.9 billion in H1 2011.

As of the end of July 2012, there had been 74 backlogs for production facilities in the world, basically flat with the same period of 2011. The backlogs include 49 FPSOs, 6 Semis, 3 TLPs, 4 Spars, 3 FLNGs and 9 FSRUs, 40 of which would employ special-purpose hulls and 34 of which would be converted from oil tankers, with the number of converted oil tankers climbing. Of all 74 backlogs, 42 of them are owned by oilfield operators and 32 of them are controlled by contracting parties. Brazil still serves as the biggest customer and contributes 28 orders. From January-September 30, 2012, the new orders for FPSOs amounted to 14, covering 7 converted ones, 5 newly-built ones, and 2 redeployed ones.

It is estimated that there will be 20-22 new orders for FPSOs in 2012, but the market seems less boomy than expected.

With respect to the drilling rig market, Jack-up enjoys the lion’s share. By September 30, 2012, there had been 72 backlogs worldwide. Singaporean Keppel had 40 backlogs, and Sembcorp held 23 backlogs. Between 2000 and September 30, 2012, there had been a total of new orders for 103 drillships. In January-September 30 of 2012, there were 11 drillship orders, 7 of which were secured by Samsung Heavy Industries, 2 by Hyundai Heavy Industries, 1 by DSME, and 1 by Sembcorp. The semi-submersible oil rig shows significant sign of recovery. During the same period, a total of 9 semi-submersible rigs were delivered, equivalent to the total delivered volume throughout 2011.

In H1 2012, the new orders for OSVs (excluding drillship) reached 127. Platform supply vessel (PSV) still acted as the mainstream type and ranked No.1 among the ship types by 58-vessel orders, followed by anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessels with 36-vessel orders. The orders for multipurpose supply vessel (MSV) numbered 12 and won the third place. In addition to the traditional mainstream ship types, seismic survey vessels and C, U & FP Lays also presented impressive performance, with trading volume getting to 11 and 5 respectively. But Sinopacific Shipbuilding Group leading the global offshore engineering market and Fujian Southeast Shipyard noted for its outstanding performance failed to obtain new orders in H1 2012.

DSME makes the most astounding progress in 2012. By the end of August 2012, DSME had obtained new offshore engineering orders worth USD6.03 billion, almost flat with a record high of USD6.29 billion in 2011. It is expected that it will acquire new orders of USD9.6 billion throughout 2012. The major orders of DSME cover the world’s second LNG-FPSO costing USD777 million (the first one was built by Samsung Heavy Industries) and 2 semi-submersible drilling rigs costing USD1.1 billion.


Saipem principally engages in offshore engineering construction and specializes in subsea pipeline laying. SHI and HHI devote themselves to drillships. DSME is committed to FPSO, semi-submersible oil rig, and drillship. Keppel takes FPSO and Jack-up as its main business. Sembcorp is involved in Jack-up and semi-submersible oil rig. DSME will undoubtedly become the leader in offshore engineering industry in 2013 even 2014 in terms of new orders.

1 Overview of Marine (Offshore) Engineering
1.1 Drilling Rig
1.2 Production Facilities
1.3 Offshore Support Vessel
1.4 Deepwater Oil Exploitation
1.5 Investment in Global Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

2 Offshore Support Vessel Industry
2.1 Overview of Offshore Support Vessel
2.2 History and Outlook of Offshore Support Vessel Market 
2.3 Status Quo of Offshore Support Vessel Market
2.3.1 AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply)
2.3.2 PSV (Platform Supply Vessel)
2.3.3 Pipe-laying Vessel
2.3.4 DSV & ROVSV
2.4 Offshore Wind Power Installation Vessel
2.4.1 Overview of Offshore Wind Power Industry
2.4.2 Offshore Wind Power Installation
2.4.3 List of Offshore Wind Power Installation Vessel

3 Floating Production Unit (FPU)
3.1 Overview of FPSO
3.2 FPSO Operation
3.2.1 MODEC
3.2.2 SBM Offshore
3.3 Global FPU Industrial Investment by Region
3.3 Global FPU Industrial Scale by Region
3.4.1 Overview of LNG-FPSO
3.4.2 LNG-FPSO Market
3.5 FPU Contractors
3.6 FPSO Projects in 2008-Nov. 2011 (Including Operator, Storage Capacity, Hull Fabricator and Topsides Fabricator)

4 Drilling Rig
4.1 Rig Market
4.2 Rig Utilization by Region
4.3 Rig Utilization by Type
4.4 Rig Operators
4.5 Analysis of Rig Operators
4.5.1 Transcocean
4.5.2 ENSCO
4.5.3 Noble
4.6 Jack-up Rig Industry
4.7 Jack-up Rig Projects in 2000-2014 (Including Operator, Rig Name, Design, Builder, Water Depth and Drilling Depth)
4.8 Semi-Submersible Rig Industry
4.9 Global Semi-Submersible Rig Projects in 2000-2015 (Including Operator, Rig Name, Design, Builder, Water Depth and Drilling Depth)
4.10 Drillship Industry
4.10.1 Overview of Seismic Vessel
4.10.2 Design of Seismic Vessel
4.10.3 Seismic Vessel Market
4.10.4 Japan’s Deep-sea Drilling Vessel “Chikyu”
4.10.5 Market Share of Drillship Manufacturers
4.11 Global Drillship Projects in 1971-2018 (Including Operator, Rig Name, Design, Builder, Water Depth and Drilling Depth)

5 Marine (Offshore) Engineering Corporations
5.1 Samsung Heavy Industries
5.2 Hyundai Heavy Industries
5.3 STX
5.3.1 STX Dalian
5.3.2 STX Marine Engineering
5.3.3 STX OSV
5.4 Keppel
5.5 COSCO Shipyard
5.5.1 Nantong COSCO Shipyard Engineering
5.5.2 COSCO Shipyard (Qidong) Marine Engineering
5.6 Sembcorp
5.6.1 Shenzhen Chiwan Sembawang Engineering
5.7 Yantai CIMC Raffles
5.8 DSME
5.9 Dalian Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group Offshore Engineering
5.10 Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding
5.11 Lamprell
5.12 McDermott
5.13 Saipem
5.14 Technip
Global Oil Supply Sources, 1930-2030
Global Offshore Deepwater and Shallow Water Oil Supply, 2000-2030
Global Investment in Deep Water, 2006-2015
Global Deepwater Oilfield Development Zones
Number of Global Ultra Deepwater Rig Fleet, 2000-2014
Global Energy Supply by Type, 2010
Global Oil Prices Correlated with Offshore Oil Development Projects, 1960-2020
Offshore Oilfields under Construction Worldwide, May, 2011
Growth Rate of Global Offshore Oilfield Output by Region
Global Oilfield Output by Region, 1980-2020
Number of OSVs Worldwide, 2005-2014
Number of Delivered OSVs, 1968-2015
Demand for AHTS (above 15000BHP), Jan. 2001-Dec. 2011
Demand for AHTS (above 15000BHP)
Ranking of Top 10 AHTS (above 20000HP) Owners Worldwide
Ship-owners, Designers and Manufacturers of Newly Ordered AHTS (above 12000BHP) Worldwide, Jan.-Aug. 2012
Global Offshore Pipeline Length, 2007-2015
Ages of Global Pipe-laying Vessels, Jun. 2011
Accomplishments of Global Pipe-laying Vessels, 2011-2013
Global Pipe-laying Vessels by Region, 2011
Ages of Global DSV & ROVSV, 2011
Accomplishments of Global DSV & ROVSV, 2011-2013
Global New ROVs by Region, 2011
Global New ROVs by Type, 2011
Top 10 Countries by Total Installed Capacity of Offshore Wind Power, 2011
Offshore Wind Power Structure
Diameter of Offshore Wind Turbine Blade, 1990-2020
Supply and Demand of Offshore Wind Power Installation Vessel, 2010-2015
Offshore Wind Power Installation Vessels Completed or under Construction Worldwide, Apr. 2012
Number of New Orders for Global FPUs by Country, 1996-Mar. 2012
Global Deepwater Oil Production Facilities by Manufacturer, 2010
Number of Global Offshore Oil Production Units by Manufacturer, End of Aug. 2012
Number of FPSOs by Operator, Aug. 2012
Revenue and Operating Income of MODEC, 2007-2012
Revenue and Net Income of MODEC, 2007-2012
MODEC’s New Orders and Backlogs, 2007-2012
Organizational Structure of SBM Offshore
Revenue and Operating Margin of SBM Offshore, 2006-2011
Operation Mode of SBM Offshore
New Orders of SBM Offshore by Business, 2006-H1 2012
Revenue of SBM Offshore by Business, 2006-H1 2012
Backlog of SBM Offshore, 2006-H1 2012
Revenue of SBM Offshore by Country, 2009-2010
Global Presence of SBM Offshore
Investment in Global FPU by Region, 2004-2015
Investment in Global FPSO by Region, 2004-2015
Investment in Global FPU-Semi by Region, 2004-2015
Number of Global Newly-built and Converted FPSOs, 2000-2011
Number of Global FPU Contracts by Type, 2011-2015
African and Mediterranean FPU by Type, 2004-2015
Number of African and Mediterranean FPSO Contracts, 2004-2015
Asia-Pacific FPU Investment by Type, 2004-2015
Asia-Pacific FPU Contracts by Type, 2004-2015
North American FPU Investment by Type, 2004-2015
South American FPU Contracts by Type, 2004-2015
Global FPU Investment by Type, 2004-2015
Market Share of Major FPSO Hull Contractors (by Metric Tons), 2003-2011
Market Share of Major FPSO Hull Contractors (by Number of Units), 2003-2011
Market Share of Key FPSO Topsides Contractors (by Metric Tons), 2003-2011
Market Share of Key FPSO Topsides Contractors (by Number of Units), 2003-2011
Market Share of FPSO Contractors, 2008-Nov. 2011
FPSO Projects, Jan.-Sep. 30, 2012
Global FPSO Project List (Including Operator, Storage Capacity, Hull Fabricator and Topsides Fabricator), 2008-Nov. 2011
Global Rig Order by Type and Country, 2012
Orders of Deepwater Rig, 2005- Aug. 2012
Backlog of Global Rigs by Type, Oct. 2012
Number of Global Rigs under Operation by Region, Oct. 2012
Utilization Ratio of Global Rigs by Region, Oct. 2011-Oct. 2012
Number of Global Rigs under Operation by Type, Oct. 2012
Utilization Ratio of Global Rigs by Type, Oct. 2011-Oct. 2012
Number of Rigs Managed by 56 Operators Worldwide
Number of Rigs Managed by Top 13 Operators Worldwide
Revenue and Operating Margin of Transocean, 2005-2012
Transocean’s Revenue by Region, 2005-2011
Transocean’s Assets by Water Depth, End of Jun. 2012
Transocean’s Revenue by Customer, End of Jun. 2012
Transocean’s Backlog by Water Depth, End of Jun. 2012
Uncommitted Fleet Rates of Transocean, 2011-2015
ENSCO’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2006-2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Pride International, 2006-2010
Revenue of ENSCO and Pride by Water Depth, 2010
Quantity and Types of ENSCO’s Newly-added Platforms, 2004-2014
Distribution of ENSCO’s Rigs Worldwide, Aug. 2012
Noble’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2006-2012
Noble’s Revenue by Region, Q3 2011
Noble’s Revenue by Region, H1 2012
Noble’s Revenue by Water Depth, 2011 and 2015
Noble’s Backlog, Jul. 31, 2012
Global Jack-up Rig Orders by Manufacturer, 2010–Jul. 31, 2012
Fulfilled Volume of Global Jack-up Rig, 2010-2015
Global Jack-up Rig by Water Depth, 2010–Jul. 31, 2012
Market Share of Global Jack-up Rig Design Companies, 2010-Jul. 31, 2012
Jack-up Rig Projects, 2008-2015 (Including Operator, Rig Name, Design, Builder, Water Depth and Drilling Depth)
Global Semi-submersible Market by Manufacturer, 2000-2015
Fulfilled Number of Global Semi-submersible, 2000-2015
Global Semi-submersible Market by Designer, 2000-2014
Global Semi-submersible Projects, 2000-2015 (Including Operator, Rig Name, Design, Builder, Water Depth and Drilling Depth)
Delivered Geophysical Vessels, 2010-2011
Data of Deep Sea Drilling Vessel Chikyu
Market Share of Main Drillship Manufacturers Worldwide, 1971-2018
Market Share of Main Drillship Manufacturers Worldwide, 2000-2018
Global Drillship Deliveries, 1971-2018
Distribution of Global Drillship Operators, 1971-2018
Major Orders of Samsung Heavy Industries, 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Samsung Heavy Industries, 2005-2012
Revenue of Samsung Heavy Industries by Business, 2009-2013
Revenue of Samsung Heavy Industries by Business, 2006-2010
Backlog of Samsung Heavy Industries, 2006-Oct. 2011 
Backlog of Samsung Heavy Industries, 2006- Aug. 2012
New Orders of Samsung Heavy Industries by Type, Jan.-Oct. 2011
New Orders of Samsung Heavy Industries by Type, 2006-Oct. 2011
Backlog of Samsung Heavy Industries by Type, Oct. 2011
Backlog of Samsung Heavy Industries by Region, Oct. 2011
New Orders of Samsung Heavy Industries by Type, 2006-Aug. 2012
New Orders of Samsung Heavy Industries by Type, Jan.-Aug. 2012
Backlog of Samsung Heavy Industries by Type, End of Aug. 2012
Strategic Planning of Samsung Heavy Industries, 2020
Dock List of Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea
Global Presence of Samsung Heavy Industries
Revenue and Operating Margin of Hyundai Heavy Industries, 2005-2012
Revenue of Hyundai Heavy Industries by Division, 2010-2012
New Shipbuilding Orders of Hyundai Heavy Industries, 2001-2011
Sales and New Order Value of Hyundai Heavy Industries, 2005-2012
Revenue of Shipbuilding Business of Hyundai Heavy Industries by Product, 2010
Revenue of Shipbuilding Business of Hyundai Heavy Industries by Product, 2011
New Orders of Hyundai Heavy Industries by Type, Jan.-Jul. 2011
New Orders of Hyundai Heavy Industries, Jan.-Aug. 2012
New Orders of Hyundai Heavy Industries by Ship Type, Jan.-Aug. 2012
Backlog of Hyundai Heavy Industries by Ship Type, Jul. 2011
Backlog of Hyundai Heavy Industries by Ship Type, Aug. 2012
Delivery Tonnage of Hyundai Heavy Industries by Plant, 2007-2011
Shipbuilding Volume of Hyundai Heavy Industries by Plant, 2007-2011
Sales and New Order Value of Offshore Engineering of Hyundai Heavy Industries, 2005-2012
New Orders of Offshore Engineering of Hyundai Heavy Industries by Type, 2007-2012
Performance of Offshore Engineering of Hyundai Heavy Industries, 1976 -2012
Key Orders of Offshore Engineering of Hyundai Heavy Industries, H1 2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of STX, 2005-2011
STX’s Shipbuilding Sales by Business, 2011
STX’s New Shipbuilding Orders by Ship Type, 2011
Backlog of STX’s Shipbuilding Business, 2011
Financial Data of STX Dalian, 2010-2011
Revenue and EBITDA Margin of STX OSV, 2007-2012
Revenue of STX OSV by Business, 2010
Backlog of STX OSV by Region, 2009-H1 2012
Backlog of STX OSV by Ship Type, 2009-H1 2012
New Orders and Backlog Value of STX OSV, 2007-H1 2012
New Orders of STX OSV, Jan.-Sep. 2012
Keppel’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2005-2012
Keppel’s Revenue by Business, 2005-2012
Keppel’s Operating Income by Business, 2005-2012
New Order Value of Keppel Offshore & Marine, 2003-H1 2012
Backlog Value of Keppel Offshore & Marine, 2003-H1 2012
Keppel’s Backlog, by End of Sep. 2011 
Keppel’s Major Projects, 2012 
Keppel’s Major Projects, 2013
Keppel’s Major Projects, 2014-2015
Revenue and Operating Margin of COSCO Shipyard, 2005-2012
Ship Repair Business of COSCO Shipyard by Ship Type, 2010
Revenue of COSCO Shipyard by Business, 2010
Ship Repair Business of COSCO Shipyard by Ship Type, 2011
Revenue of COSCO Shipyard by Business, 2011
Ship Repair Business of COSCO Shipyard by Ship Type, Q2 2012
Revenue of COSCO Shipyard by Business, Q2 2012
Backlog Value of COSCO Shipyard, Q1 2007-Q2 2012
New Orders of COSCO Shipyard, Jan.-Aug. 2012
Organizational Structure of Sembcorp Marine
Sembcorp’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2005-2012
Sembcorp’s Revenue by Business, 2005-2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Sembcorp Marine, 2006-2012
Sembcorp’s New Orders by Business, Jan.-Aug. 2012
Sembcorp’s Backlog by Business, 2005-Aug. 2012
Revenue and Net Income of Yantai CIMC Raffles, 2006-2012
DSME’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2005-2012
DSME’s Revenue by Ship Type, 2008-2010
DSME’s New Orders by Ship Type, 2008-2010
DSME’s Backlog by Ship Type, 2008-2010
DSME’s New Orders by Business, 2011
DSME’s Sales by Business, 2011
DSME’s Orders, End of Aug. 2012
DSME’s New Orders by Business, Jan.-Aug. 2012
DSME’s Sales by Business, Q2 2012
DSME’s New Order Value, 2004-2012
DSME’s New Order Value by Business, 2004-2012
DSME’s Backlog by Business, Q1 2004-Q2 2012
Accomplishments of Dalian Shipbuilding, 2006-2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of Dalian Shipbuilding, 2006-2011
Accomplished Shipbuilding Output and Vessel Delivery of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, 2006-2011 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, 2006-2011
Lamprell’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2005-2012
Lamprell’s Backlog by Type, End of Jun. 2012
Lamprell’s Bid Pipeline by Type, End of Jun. 2012
Lamprell’s Key Projects, 2012-2014
Profile of Hamriyah Shipyard
Profile of Sharjah Shipyard
Profile of Jebel Ali Shipyard
McDermott’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2006-2012
McDermott’s Business Scope
McDermott’s Global Presence
McDermott’s Fleet
McDermott’s Backlog by Region and Type, Q2 2012
Saipem’s Sales and Operating Margin, 2007-2012
Saipem’s Revenue by Business, 2009-H1 2012
Saipem’s Capex, 2009-H1 2012
Saipem’s New Orders, 2010-H1 2012
Saipem’ Backlog, 2011-H1 2012
Saipem’ Backlog by Region, End of Jun. 2012
Technip’s Organizational Structure
Technip’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2008-2012
Technip’s Revenue by Business, 2008-2011
Technip’s Backlog by Region, End of Jun. 2012
Technip’s Backlog by Water Depth, End of Jun. 2012
Technip’s Global Presence

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Global and China Rubber Machinery Industry Report, 2014-2017

Fueled by the rise in tire investment, the rubber machinery industry in China, following a downturn in 2012, showed a strong rebound in 2013, with the revenue for the year hitting USD2.3 billion, up 3...

Global and China Hydraulic Industry Report, 2014-2017

Hydraulic parts are the crucial basic components to modern equipment manufacturing and widely used in the fields such as construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, plastic machinery, aerospace, ...

Global and China Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade Industry Report, 2014-2017

The sales volume of bi-metal band saw blade continued to slide in China, totaling 49.45 million meters throughout the year 2013, down 2.5% year on year, largely due to international financial crisis, ...

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