China Express Delivery Industry Report, 2012
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Although the growth rate of global economy slows down in 2012, Chinese express delivery industry still maintains high-speed development. From January to October of 2012, the business revenue of express delivery companies above designated size accomplished RMB83.1 billion accumulatively, up 39% year-on-year (29.1% in the same period of last year), of which intra-city business revenue rose by 66.3% year-on-year to RMB8.7 billion; inter-city business revenue reached RMB49.73 billion, presenting a YoY rise of 43.5%; and the international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan business revenue increased by 10.6% year-on-year to RMB16.7 billion. The rapid growth of express delivery industry mainly benefits from e-commerce, particularly from fast development of online shopping sector.

Business Revenue of Express Delivery Companies above Designated Size in China, 2007-2012 (Unit: RMB bn)

Chinese express delivery industry in 2012 characterizes the followings:

First, private enterprises enjoy a rising market share. In the first three quarters of 2012, the business volume and revenue of private express delivery enterprises are both expanding in terms of market share. In particular, the business volume of private express delivery companies accounts for 73.6% of total express delivery business volume, an increase of eight percentage points from the same period of last year; and the business revenue of private express delivery companies holds a share of 58.5% in total express delivery business earnings, a rise of 11.1 percentage points from the same period of last year.

Second, the M&A in the industry or restructuring pricks up market competition. In July, 2012, China Honglou Group merged CCES and established CSL Express; in August, 2012, HNA Group officially divested TTK Express business, and the CEO Xi Chunyang of the original Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd acquired 60% equities of TTK Express at the price of RMB160 million.

Third, express delivery and electronic commerce mutually penetrate, and industrial competition tends to be diversified. Currently, a great number of B2C vendors like 360buy, VANCL and still makes huge investments for logistics construction in spite of facing capital pressure. Taking 360buy for example, in June, 2012, it obtained the business license for express delivery business. From October 15, 2012 on, 360buy put an end to its cooperation with Shentong Express (STO), and in Nov., 2012, 360buy express opened services to the vendors on the platform.

Since 2012, the leading express delivery companies have made more investments into the e-commercial field but mostly failed in the end. Take example for SF Express, in May, 2012, the e-commercial website under the flagship of SF Express was officially put into services online, targeting at the medium- and high-end food B2C. In September of 2012,’s visit flux performed not so well, and its stock turnover also showed a big problem. In October, 2012, kept a low profile and changed the person in chief.

Last, foreign express delivery companies speed up their presence in China. In September of 2012, FedEx Express China Co., Ltd and UPS Parcel Delivery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd got Chinese express delivery business license. In October, 2012, UPS announced to newly open three medical healthcare facilities in Asia-Pacific Region and develop Chinese pharmaceutical logistics market.

1. Outline of China’s Express Delivery Industry and its Development Plan
1.1 Definition of Express Delivery Industry
1.1.1 Definition of Express Delivery Services
1.1.2 General Principles of Express Delivery Services
1.2 Laws & Regulations and Policies
1.3 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan of Express Delivery Industry
1.3.1 Development Goals
1.3.2 Major Tasks

2. Development of China's Express Delivery Industry
2.1 Proportion of Express Delivery in Postal Industry
2.2 Business Volume
2.3 Business Revenue
2.4 Operation of Three Major Economic Regions
2.5 Operation of Eastern, Central and Western Regions
2.6 Appeal of China’s Express Delivery Industry
2.6.1 Appeal Types from Consumers
2.6.2 Appeal to Express Delivery Enterprises from Consumers in China
2.7 Development Outlook

3. Competition among Enterprises in China
3.1 Competition Overview
3.2 Status Quo of Private Enterprises
3.2.1 Market Share Expanding
3.2.2 Direct Sales Transition
3.3 Foreign Companies’ Development in China
3.3.1 Development History
3.3.2 UPS and FedEx Win Domestic Business Licence of Express Delivery in China
3.3.3 Foreign Fund Participation in China's Pharmaceutical Logistics Market
3.4 M&A and Reorganization
3.5 Penetration between Online Shopping and Express Delivery Industries
3.5.1 Overview of Online Shopping
3.5.2 E-commerce Firms Tap into Express Delivery Industry
3.5.3 Express Delivery Enterprises Attempt into E-commerce Field

4. Development of Express Delivery Industry in China’s Major Provinces (Municipalities)
4.1 Regional Competition
4.2 Guangdong
4.2.1 Status Quo
4.2.2 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan
4.3 Shanghai
4.3.1 Status Quo
4.3.2 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan
4.4 Zhejiang
4.4.1 Status Quo
4.4.2 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan
4.5 Jiangsu
4.5.1 Status Quo
4.5.2 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan
4.6 Beijing
4.7 Fujian
4.8 Shandong
4.9 Sichuan
4.10 Hebei
4.11 Henan

5. Foreign Express Delivery Companies in China
5.1 UPS
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Operation
5.1.3 UPS in China
5.1.4 Merger with TNT
5.1.5 Layout in China Medical Logistics Network
5.2 FedEx
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Operation
5.2.3 FedEx in China
5.2.4 Accelarating Development in China
5.3 DHL
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Operation
5.3.3 DHL in China
5.3.4 DHL-Sinotrans
5.3.5 DHL North Asia Hub
5.3.6 Development Plan of DHL in China
5.4 TNT
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Operation
5.4.3 TNT in China

6. State-owned Express Delivery Companies in China
6.1 EMS
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Development History
6.1.3 Operation
6.1.4 Major Clients
6.1.5 Listing Process
6.1.6 Development Advantages in Future
6.2 CRE
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Development History
6.2.3 Development Plan
6.3 CAE
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Business System
6.3.3 Build Fast Channel with Air China Cargo

7. Private-owned Express Delivery Enterprises in China
7.1 SF-Express
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Development History
7.1.3 Operation
7.1.4 Plan to Locate in Baiyun Airport
7.1.5 Competitive Edge
7.1.6 Development Strategy
7.2 STO
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Development History
7.2.3 Operation
7.2.4 Halt Cooperation with 360buy
7.2.5 Attempt in E-commerce Fields
7.2.6 Development Plan
7.3 ZJS Express
7.3.1 Profile
7.3.2 Development History
7.3.3 Operation
7.3.4 Cooperation with E-commerce Firms
7.3.5 Development Strategy
7.4 YTO Express
7.4.1 Profile
7.4.2 Development History
7.4.3 Operation
7.4.4 Development Plan
7.5 YUNDA Express
7.5.1 Profile
7.5.2 Development History
7.5.3 Business Outlets
7.5.4 Express Delivery Business
7.6 ZTO Express
7.6.1 Profile
7.6.2 Development History
7.6.3 Operation
7.7 TTK Express
7.7.1 Profile
7.7.2 Reorganization
7.8 HTKY
7.8.1 Profile
7.8.2 Development History
7.8.3 Reorganization
7.9 GTO Express
7.9.1 Profile
7.9.2 Reorganization
7.10 UC Express
7.10.1 Profile
7.10.2 Development History
7.11 SURE Express
7.11.1 Profile
7.11.2 Development History
General Principles of Express Delivery Services
Laws & Regulations and Policies concerning China’s Express Delivery Industry, 2009-2012
China's Main Express Service Ability Construction during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan (2011-2015)
Independent Airline Network Planning of Express Delivery in China
Ratio of Express Delivery Industry in Business Revenue of Postal Industry, 2008-2012
Business Volume of Express Delivery Companies above Designated Size in China, 2007-2012 
Business Volume of Express Delivery Companies above Designated Size in China, 2011-2012 
Business Volume Structure of Express Delivery Industry in China (by Segments), Jan.-Oct., 2012
Business Revenue of Express Delivery Companies above Designated Size in China, 2007-2012 
Business Revenue of Express Delivery Companies above Designated Size in China, 2011-2012
Business Revenue Structure (by Segments) of Chinese Express Delivery Industry, Jan.-Oct., 2012
Express Delivery Industry Operation in Three Major Economic Regions in China, Jan-Jun.2011
Market Shares of Three Major Economic Regions in China’s Express Delivery Industry
Business Volume and Revenue of Express Delivery Industry in Eastern, Central and Western China, 2008-2012
Proportion of Business Revenue of Express Delivery Industry in Eastern, Central and Western China, 2008-2012
Proportion of Business Volume of Express Delivery Industry in Eastern, Central and Western China, 2008-2012
Business Revenue Structure of Express Delivery Industry in China (by Region), Jan.-Oct., 2012
Business Volume Structure of Express Delivery Industry in China (by Region), Jan.-Oct., 2012
Monthly Effective Appeals from Consumers in Express Delivery Industry in China, 2011-2012
Types and Proportions of Consumers’ Appeals about Express Delivery Services in China, Oct., 2012
Effective Appeal to Major Express Delivery Enterprises in China, Oct., 2012
Business Volume and Revenue of Express Delivery Enterprises in China, 2011
Market Shares of Express Delivery Enterprises (by Business Volume) in China, 2011
Market Shares of Express Delivery Enterprises (by Business Revenue) in China, 2011
Main Factors Influencing Consumers’ Selection of Express Services
Development of Foreign Express Delivery Companies in China
M&A and Restructuring Cases in Chinese Express Delivery Industry, 2009-2012
Transaction Value and Growth Rate of Online Shopping, 2006-2011
Delivery Service Offered by Local E-Commerce Enterprises in China
Logistics Market Layout of Major E-commerce Enterprises in China
Development of Chinese Express Delivery Enterprises in E-commerce Field
Business Volume and Revenue of Express Delivery Companies above Designated Size in China (by Province/ Municipality), Jan.-Oct., 2012
Business Volume and Revenue of Express Delivery Companies above Designated Size in Guangdong, 2008-2012
Business Volume of Express Delivery Industry in Guangdong, 2011-2012
Business Revenue of Express Delivery Industry in Guangdong, 2011-2012
Business Volume of Express Delivery in Guangdong (by Segments), Jan.-Oct., 2012
Business Revenue of Express Delivery in Guangdong (by Segments), Jan.-Oct., 2012
Operation of Postal Industry in Shanghai, 2000-2011
Business Volume and Revenue of Express Delivery Companies above Designated Size in Shanghai, Jul.-Oct., 2012
Business Volume and Revenue of Express Delivery Companies above Designated Size in Zhejiang, 2008-2012
Operation of Express Delivery Industry in Zhejiang, Sep., 2012
Business Revenue of Express Delivery in Zhejiang, 2011-2012
Business Revenue Structure of Express Delivery (by Segments) in Zhejiang, Jan.-Sep., 2012
Business Volume Structure of Express Delivery (by Segments) in Zhejiang, Jan.-Sep., 2012
Development Goals of The Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Express Delivery Industry in Zhejiang
Business Volume and Revenue of Express Deliver Companies above Designated Szie in Jiangsu, 2008-2012
Business Revenue of Express Delivery Industry in Jiangsu (by Segments), 2011-2012
Business Revenue Structure of Express Delivery (by Segments) in Jiangsu, Jan.-Sep., 2012
Business Volume Structure of Express Delivery (by Segments) in Jiangsu, Jan.-Sep., 2012
Development Goals of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of Postal Industry in Jiangsu
Business Volume and Revenue of Express Delivery Industry in Beijing, 2011-2012
Business Volume Structure of Express Delivery (by Segments) in Beijing, H1 2012
Business Revenue Structure of Express Delivery (by Segments) in Beijing, H1 2012
Business Volume and Revenue of Express Delivery Companies above Designated Size in Fujian, Jul.-Oct., 2012 
Operation of Postal Industry in Shandong, Aug., 2012
Business Volume and Revenue of Express Delivery Industry in Shandong, Jul.-Oct., 2012
Operation of Postal Industry in Sichuan, Jan.-Oct., 2012
Business Volume and Revenue of Express Delivery Companies above Designated Size in Sichuan, 2011-2012
Structures of Business Volume and Revenue of Express Delivery Industry in Sichuan (by Segments), 2012
Operation of Postal Industry in Hebei, H1 2012
Business Revenue Structure of Express Delivery Industry in Hebei (by Segments), H1 2012
Business Volume Structure of Express Delivery Industry in Hebei (by Segments), H1 2012
Business Volume and Revenue of Express Delivery Companies above Designated Size in Henan, Jul.-Oct., 2012
Profile of UPS Worldwide, 2011
Revenue and Net Income of UPS, 2008-2012
Revenue Breakdown of UPS (by Segments), 2009-2012
Operation of UPS in 2010-2012
Average Daily Package Volume of UPS, 2011-2012
Revenue and Net Income of FedEx Express, FY2010-FY2013
Revenue Breakdown of FedEx Express (by Segments), FY2010-FY2013
Average Daily Package Volume of FedEx Express, FY2009-FY2012
Average Daily Package Volume of FedEx Express, FY2012-FY2013
Average Daily Package Volume of FedEx Express, FY2009-FY2012
Average Daily Package Volume of FedEx Express, FY2012-FY2013
Operation of FedEx in China
Profile of DHL Worldwide, 2011
DHL Presence in Global Airports
Operating Indicators of Deutsche Post DHL, 2011-2012
Revenue of Deutsche Post DHL (by Region), 2011-2012
Operation of DHL in China
Profile of TNT Worldwide (as of Sep. 2012)
Revenue and Profit of TNT, 2010-2012
Daily Package Volume of TNT, 2009-2012
Other Operating Indicators of TNT, Q1-Q3, 2012
Operation of TNT in China
Profile of EMS (by End of 2011)
Organization of EMS
History of EMS in China
Revenue and Net Income of EMS, 2009-2011
Revenue Breakdown of EMS (by Segments), 2009-2011
Top Ten Clients of EMS, 2011
Profile of CRE (by End of 2011)
Development History of CRE
Business System of CAE
Profile of SF-Express (by End of 2011)
Development History of SF-Express
Service Network of SF-Express
Revenue of SF-Express, 2005-2011
Profile of STO (by End of 2011)
Development History of STO
STO’s Revenue, 2008-2012
Profile of JZS Express (by End of 2010)
Development History of ZJS Express
Revenue of ZJS Express, 2005-2011
Profile of YTO Express (by End of 2011)
Development History of YTO Express
Revenue of YTO Express, 2009-2012
Cities Covered of Air Transport of YTO Express in China
Development History of YUNDA Express
Regional Network of YUNDA Express in China
Express Delivery Business of YUNDA Express
Development History of ZTO Express
Revenue of ZTO Express, 2009-2015E
Profile of TTK Express (by End of 2010)
History of HTKY in China
History of UC Express in China
History of SURE Express in China

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