China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Report, 2013
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The 12th Five-Year Planning concerning cold chain logistics was issued in 2011 following the release of Farm Produce Cold Chain Logistics Development Planning by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in 2010. Thanks to these plannings, China cold chain logistics industry has seen exceedingly rapid development in recent years.

In 2012-2013, the development of cold chain logistics industry features:

1. Driven by preferential policies and soaring market demand, China’s demand for refrigerated vehicles saw an upward mobility year by year, with the output of heat preservation vehicles growing by 10% in 2005-2010 up to 13.8% in 2011-2012. In 2012, the heat preservation vehicle output in China hit 7,063. In particular, major heat preservation vehicle producers including FOTON, ZHENJIANG SPEED AUTOMOBILE CO., and CIMC all enjoyed the market share of at least  10%.

Output of Refrigerated Vehicle and Heat Preservation Vehicle in China, 2007-2012

2. The cold storage presents unreasonable structure despite constant rapid progress. As of late 2012, the statistics showed that the gross volume of cold storage in China surged by roughly 20% year-on-year to 85.35 million sq meters, of which, congelation cold storage (including ice store)’s volume registered 55.02 million cubic meters, refrigerant cold storage (including air-conditioned cold store) 30.15 million cubic meters and ultra-low temperature freezer 180,000 cubic meters. In terms of cold storage construction, the nationwide top three comes to Henan Zhongpin Fresh Food Logistics Co., Ltd., Wuhan Wandun Cold Storage Logistics Co., Ltd. and Shandong Gaishi Agricultural Trade.

By type, the congelation cold storage occupies 60% of the total, while ultra-low temperature freezer accounts for less than 1%. Meanwhile, more than 60% cold storage concentrates in East China but Central and West China.

The report highlights the followings:

20120114.gif Overview of China Cold Chain Logistics Industry: development history, laws and regulations, market scale, status quo and outlook of the industry in major regions and nationwide;
20120114.gif Main application fields of China cold chain logistics industry: vegetables and fruits, dairy products, aquatic products, meat, frozen rice& flour, and bio-pharmaceutical market scale and the demand for cold chain in market segments;
20120114.gif Market scale, status quo, and development trend of refrigerating and heat preservation vehicle in China cold chain logistics industry chain;
20120114.gif Top ten heat preservation vehicle producers including Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd, Zhenjiang Speed Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Hongyu Special Vehicle Co., Ltd, China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd, Henan Hikuma Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Henan Xinfei Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang Kangfei Machine Building Co., Ltd., New-Line Machine & Electricity Equipment, JAC, Dongfeng Holdings; two major refrigerator vendors: Yantai Moon Co., Ltd., Dalian Bingshan Group Refrigeration Equipment; top 10 operators including Henan Zhongpin Fresh Food Logistics Co., Ltd., Wuhan Wandun Cold Storage Logistics Co., Ltd., Shandong Gaishi Agricultural Trade, Jinjiang International Industrial Investment Co., Ltd; 12 cold chain operators of Sinotrans including Shanghai Haibo, Jinjiang International Industrial Investment Co., Ltd, China Railway Tielong Container Logistics ,Shandong Ronkin Group, Sinotrans, Chengdu Silver Plow Low-Temperature Logistics, China Merchants Americold, Shanghai Jiao Rong Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd;
1. Introduction to Cold Chain Logistics Industry in China
1.1 Definition
1.2 Features

2. Development of Cold Chain Logistics Industry in China
2.1 Policy Environment
2.2 Development Overview
2.3 Third-party Cold Chain Logistics
2.3.1 Enterprises
2.3.2 Features
2.3.3 Policy Support

3. Development of Cold Chain Logistics in China by Region
3.1 Overview of Cold Chain Logistics Development in Yangtze River Delta 
3.1.1 Economic Operation 
3.1.2 Status Quo and Demand of Cold Chain Logistics Industry 
3.2 Overview of Cold Chain Logistics Development in Pearl River Delta 
3.2.1 Economic Operation
3.2.2 Status Quo and Demand of Cold Chain Logistics Industry
3.3 Overview of Cold Chain Logistics Industry in Beijing 
3.3.1 Economic Operation
3.3.2 Status Quo and Demand of Cold Chain Logistics Industry

4. Demand for Cold Chain Logistics in China
4.1 Meat Products
4.1.1 Industry Status Quo
4.1.2 Features of Cold Chain Logistics
4.1.3 Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
4.2 Aquatic Products
4.2.1 Industry Status Quo
4.2.2 Features of Cold Chain Logistics
4.2.3 Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
4.3 Quick-frozen Flour Food
4.3.1 Industry Status Quo
4.3.2 Features of Cold Chain Logistics
4.3.3 Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
4.4 Fruits & Vegetables
4.4.1 Industry Status Quo
4.4.2 Features of Cold Chain Logistics
4.4.3 Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
4.5 Dairy Products
4.5.1 Industry Status Quo
4.5.2 Features of Cold Chain Logistics
4.5.3 Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
4.6 Pharmaceuticals
4.6.1 Features of Cold Chain Logistics
4.6.2 Status Quo for Medicine Cold Chain Logistics
4.6.3 Market Value of Medicine Cold Chain Logistics

5. Development of Cold Chain Logistics in China
5.1 Cold Storage
5.1.1 Overview
5.3.2 Operating Characteristics
5.1.2 Cold Storage Capacity of Chinese Low-Temperature Storage Industry
5.1.3 Development of Chinese Low-temperature Storage Industry in 2011-2012
5.2 Highway Refrigerated Vehicle
5.2.1 Classification
5.2.2 Current Situation
5.2.3 Development Trend 
5.3 Railway Refrigerator Vehicle
5.3.1 Classification
5.3.2 Current Situation

6 Cold Storage Equipment Manufacturers
6.1 Dalian Refrigeration Co., Ltd.
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Business Review
6.1.3 Main Product
6.2 Yantai Moon Co., Ltd.
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Business Review
6.2.3 Main Product

7 Cold Storage Operators
7.1 Henan Zhongpin Fresh Food Logistics Co., Ltd.
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Business Review
7.1.3 Channels
7.1.4 Development of Cold Chain Logistics
7.2 Wuhan Wandun Cold Storage Logistics Co., Ltd.
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Key Business
7.3 Shandong Gaishi Agricultural Trade Co., Ltd.
7.4 Shandong Taihua Food Co.,Ltd
7.4.1 Profile
7.4.2 Business Review
7.4.2 Key Business
7.5 Shenyang Nonstaple Food Group
7.5.1 Profile
7.5.2 Key Business
7.5.3 Latest Development
7.6 Hunan Red Star Frozen Food Co., Ltd. (Red Star Cold Chain)
7.6.1 Profile
7.6.2 Key Business
7.7 Tianjin Xinhuiyang International Logistics Co., Ltd.
7.7.1 Profile
7.7.2 Key Business
7.8 Cold Storage Plant of Liaoning Dalian Ocean Fishery Group
7.8.1 Profile
7.8.2 Key Business
7.9 Hangzhou United Meat Cold Storage Co., Ltd.

8. Refrigerated Vehicle Manufacturers
8.1 BeiQi Foton Motor Co., Ltd
8.1.1 Profile
8.1.2 Business Review
8.1.3 Refrigerated Vehicle
8.2 Zhenjiang Speed Automobile Group Co., Ltd.
8.2.1 Profile
8.2.2 Refrigerated Vehicle
8.3 Zhengzhou Hongyu Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.
8.3.1 Profile
8.3.2 Refrigerated Vehicle
8.4 China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd. (CIMC)
8.4.1 Profile
8.4.2 Business Review
8.4.3 CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd.
8.4.3 Refrigerated Vehicle
8.5 Henan Hikuma Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd
8.5.1 Profile
8.5.2 Refrigerated Vehicle
8.6 Henan Xinfei Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.
8.6.1 Profile
8.6.2 Refrigerated Vehicle Output
8.7 Zhenjiang Kangfei Machine Building Co., Ltd.
8.7.1 Profile
8.7.2 Refrigerated Vehicle
8.8 Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd.
8.8.1 Profile
8.8.2 Business Review
8.8.3 JMC Special-purpose Vehicle Plant
8.9 Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. (JAC)
8.9.1 Profile
8.9.2 Business Review
8.9.3 Refrigerated Vehicle Output
8.9.4 Anhui Jianghuai Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd
8.10 Dongfeng Automobile Co.,Ltd.
8.10.1 Profile
8.10.2 Business Review
8.10.3 Refrigerated Vehicle

9. Cold Chain Logistics Companies in China
9.1 Shanghai HaiBo Co., Ltd
9.1.1 Profile
9.1.2 Business Review
9.1.3 Development of Cold Chain Logistics
9.2 Jinjiang International Industrial Investment Co., Ltd
9.2.1 Profile
9.2.2 Operation
9.2.3 Development of Cold Chain Logistics
9.2.4 Shanghai Xintiantian Dazhong Cold Logistics Co., Ltd.
9.3 China Railway Tielong Container Logistics Co., Ltd
9.3.1 Profile
9.3.2 Operation
9.3.3 Development of Cold Chain Logistics
9.4 Shandong Ronkin Group
9.4.1 Profile
9.4.2 Principle Business
9.4.3 Development Strategy of Cold Chain Logistics
9.5 Sinotrans
9.5.1 Profile
9.5.2 Business Review
9.5.3 Sinotrans Cold Chain Logistics
9.6 Chengdu Silver Plow Low-temperature Logistics Co., Ltd.
9.6.1 Profile
9.6.2 Principle Business
9.7 China Merchants Americold
9.7.1 Profile
9.7.2 Cold Chain Network
9.7.3 KXL
9.8 Shanghai Jiao Rong Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd
9.8.1 Profile
9.8.2 Principle Business
9.9 Guangdong Swire Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd
9.9.1 Profile
9.9.2 Principle Business
9.10 Guangzhou Baier Cold-Chain Polyurethane Technology Co., Ltd
9.10.1 Profile
9.10.2 Principle Business
9.11 Beijing Sinosun Logistics Co., Ltd
9.11.1 Profile
9.11.2 Main Facilities 
9.11.3 Development of Cold Chain Service 
9.12 Beijing Er Shang Group
9.12.1 Profile
9.12.2 Cold Chain Related Business
Cold Chain Logistics
Food Suitable for Cold Chain and Optimum Temperature
Major Incentive Policies for Cold Chain Logistics Industry in China
Cold Chain Development Planning in 12th Five-Year Plan Period in Provinces and Municipalities of China 
Comparison between Domestic and Overseas Cold Chain Logistics Development
Policies for Third-party Logistics and Third-party Cold Chain Logistics in China
Per Capita Food Expenditure of Urban Households in Yangtze River Delta Region, 2010-2012
Consumer Spending of Main Foods in Yangtze River Delta Region, 2011 
Cold Chain Demand in Yangtze River Delta Region, 2011-2012 
GDP in Guangdong, 2007-2012
Cold Chain Demand in Guangdong, 2011-2012 
GDP in Beijing, 2007-2012 
Output of Main Farm and Sideline Products in Beijing, 2012 
Cold Chain Demand in Beijing, 2011-2012
Cold Chain Varieties 
Output of Meat Products in China, 2007-2012 
Output of Fresh & Frozen Meat in China (by Province), 2012
Cold Chain Circulation and Transport Volume of Meat Products in China, 2011-2015E
Output of Aquatic Products in China, 2007-2012
Output of Marine Products and Freshwater Products in China, 2007-2012
Cold Chain Logistics Process of Frozen Aquatic Products
Cold Chain Circulation and Transport Volume of Aquatic Products in China, 2011-2015E
China’s Output of Quick-frozen Flour Food, 2007-2012 
Output of Quick-frozen Flour Food in China (by Province/Municipality), 2012
Cold Chain Logistics Process of Quick-frozen Flour Food
Cold Chain Circulation Volume of Quick-frozen Flour Food in China, 2009-2015 (Unit: 10,000 tons)
Output of Fruit in China, 2007-2012
Output of Vegetable in China, 2007-2012
Cold Chain Logistics Process of Fruits and Vegetables
Cold Chain Transport Volume of Fruits and Vegetables in China, 2011-2015E
Output of Liquid Milk in China, 2007-2012
Output of Dairy Products in China, 2007-2012 
Output of Dairy Products in China (by Province/Municipality), 2012
Output of Frozen Drinks in China, 2007-2012 
Output of Frozen Drinks in China (by Province/Municipality), 2012
Circulation Features of Dairy Products by Type
Cold Chain Logistics Process of Dairy Industry
Drug Classification by Temperature and Cold Chain Drug Range 
Classification of Cold Chain Drugs by Temperature Range
Key Medicine Cold Chain Features in China
Polices on and Development History of Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Logistics 
Bio-pharmaceuticals Market Scale in China, 2007-2012 
Bio-pharmaceuticals Cold Chain Market Scale in China, 2007-2012
Cold Storage Classification
Cold Chain Circulation Rate and Refrigerated Transport Rate of Some Commodities in China
Total Capacity of Cold Storage in China, 2008-2012
Cold Storage Statistic Volume in China, 2012  
Major Projects Investing in Cold Storage, 2011-2012 
Proportion of Refrigerated Vehicles in Freight Vehicles
Output of Refrigerated Vehicle and Heat Preservation Vehicle in China, 2008-2012
Output of Major Refrigerated Vehicle Manufacturers in China, 2010
Number of Railway Refrigerated Vehicles in China, 2008-2012
Revenue and Net Income of Daleng, 2008-2012
Revenue Structure of Daleng by Region, 2012
Revenue and Net Income of Yantai Moon, 2008-2012
Revenue Structure of Yantai Moon by Region, 2012 
Revenue and Net Income of Zhongpin, 2008-2010
Sales Revenue, Volume and Average Price of Product of Zhongpin
Sales Revenues by Distribution Channel,2011-2012
Numbers of Retail Stores and Counters of Zhongpin, 2011-2012
Number of Cities by Tier for All Distribution Channels of Zhongpin, 2011-2012
Logistics Centers of Zhongpin in Production Areas 
Logistics Centers of Zhongpin in Selling Areas
Primary Business of Wuhan Wandun
Revenue and Net Income of Taihua Food, 2009-2012
Revenue and Net Income of BeiQi Foton Motor, 2007-2012
Revenue Structure of Beiqi Foton by Product, 2012 
Revenue Structure of Beiqi Foton by Region, 2012 
Revenue and Net Income of CIMC, 2008-2012
Revenue Structure of CIMC by Product, 2012 
Revenue Structure of CIMC by Region, 2012 
Revenue and Net Income of DFM, 2007-2012
Revenue Structure of JMC by Product, 2012 
Revenue Structure of JMC by Region, 2012 
Revenue and Net Income of JAC, 2007-2012
Revenue Structure of JAC by Product, 2012 
Revenue Structure of JAC by Region, 2012 
Revenue and Net Income of DFM, 2007-2012
Revenue Structure of DFM by Product, 2012 
Revenue and Net Income of Shanghai HaiBo, 2007-2012
Revenue structure of Shanghai HaiBo Co., Ltd by Product, 2012
Revenue structure of Shanghai HaiBo Co., Ltd by Region, 2012
Operation and Performance of Main Subsidiaries of Shanghai HaiBo Co., Ltd, 2012
Revenue and Net Income of Jinjiang International Industrial Investment, 2007-2012
Revenue Structure of Jinjiang International Industrial Investment by Sector, 2012
Operating Revenue and Cost of Low Temperature Logistics Business of Jinjiang International Industrial Investment, 2007-2012
Major Cold Chain Equipment Matching of Xintiantian
Revenue and Net Income of CRT, 2007-2012 
Revenue Structure of CRT by Sector, 2012
Special Container Business Types of China Railway Tielong Container Logistics Co., Ltd
Special Container Building Plan of China Railway Tielong Container Logistics, 2011-2013
Long-term Partners of Ronkin Group
Principle Business of Ronkin
Revenue and Net Income of Sinotrans, 2007-2012
Revenue structure of Shanghai HaiBo Co., Ltd by Product, 2012
Cold Chain Network of CMAC
Operating Network of KXL
Cold Storage Facilities of Guangdong Guangdong Swire Cold Chain Logistics Co. Ltd.
Types of Refrigerator Vans of Bayer
Major Partners of Sinosun Logistics
Integrated Supply Chain Solutions of Sinosun
Main and Professional Refrigerator Vehicles of Sinosun
Transpiration Network of Beijing Sinosun Logistics Co., Ltd

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