China Education and Training Industry Report, 2014-2017
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In 2013-2014, China education and training industry is characterized as follows:

1, There are many education and training institutions but few large ones.
As of the end of 2013, China had boasted a total of 112,300 education & training institutions but few of them could achieve annual revenue of more than RMB1 billion. The companies with higher proceeds consist of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Inc., Xueda Education, TAL Education Group, etc., and the three’s revenue in 2013 was respectively up to USD1.055 billion (RMB6.437 billion), USD347 million (RMB2.116 billion), and USD287 million (RMB1.764 billion). The overwhelm majority of companies sees their annual revenue of less than RMB1 billion.

2, Competition pricks up, and the training institutions with weak comprehensive strength are merged or exited the market.
During 2003-2013, the number of education & training institutions in China fell from 230,600 to 112,300, a sharp drop of 51.3%. It is worth noticing that large training organizations with better quality of training activities and more competitive strength established well-known brands and got highly recognized among consumers and in the market, thus ceaselessly expanding the learning centers, take example for Xueda education whose learning centers rose from 32 in 2007 to 462 in the first half of 2014.

3, Policy environment for private education gets better and further open.
Chinese Government encourages and guides private capital into the education sector and continuously consummates relevant financial and tax policies. For instance, in March, 2013, the Decision of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Modern Vocational Education was issued, which pointed it out that “to release the opinions on encouraging and supporting the development of private education, to implement the policies and measures about the development of private education, and to attract social capital into education sector”. The draft of Several Opinions on Further Encouraging Social Forces to Run Education has been finalized for the moment, which covers many domains of private education such as classified management, school-running admission, school-running financing channel, financial investment mechanism, etc.

4, Vocational education rises as a national strategy.
In June, 2014, the State issued the Decision of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Modern Vocational Education and the Modern Vocational Education System Construction Planning (2014-2020). Before 2020, the proportion of medium and large enterprises participating in running vocational education schools should be above 80%. Bolstered by policies, the education & training institutions and enterprises have successively set foot in vocational education. By the end of September, 2014, 26 listed companies in the A-share market have been involved in vocational education.

5, Traditional education and training institutions make more investment in online business.
In 2013-2014, online education attracted the massive inrush of capital, and internet firms, venture companies, startups and otherwise all have made arrangements in online education. Also, traditional offline education & training institutions (New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Inc., TAL Education Group, Xueda Education, Juren Education, Longwen Education, Huatu Education, etc.) made more efforts in online business and mainly built O2O model by dint of their offline business. For example, New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Inc. has established a blended learning platform by depending on, an intelligent recorded online learning platform by relying on, and an open live online education platform by dint of Besides, Weixue Mingri, which is co-funded by New Oriental Education & Technology Group and Tencent is exploring mobile learning field.


China Education and Training Industry Report, 2014-2017 mainly deals with the following:
20120114.gifDevelopment of various education schools, students and training institutions in China (including kindergarten, junior school, junior high school, high school, higher education, education & training institutions, etc.);
20120114.gifDevelopment environment of education and training industry (involving education investment, education expenditure, National Medium- and Long-term Planning for Education Reform and Development (2010-2020);
20120114.gifDevelopment of vocational education (covering overview, vocational education funds, secondary/higher vocational education, industry policy, development trend, etc.);
20120114.gifDevelopment of private education (relevant policies, number of various private schools, enrolled students and faculties, etc.)
20120114.gifEducation & Training industry analysis (including the status quo and scale of the market as well as the market size and competition pattern of market segments like K-12 education, language training and vocational training);
20120114.gif11 leading companies in education and training industry (including profile, operation, revenue structure, learning center, student enrollment, development strategy, etc.)

1. Schools, Students and Training Institutions
1.1 Education by Type
1.1.1 Kindergartens
1.1.2 Compulsory Education
1.1.3 Senior Secondary Schools
1.1.4 Higher Education
1.1.5 Adult Training and Anti-Illiteracy Education
1.2 Number of Schools and Students
1.2.1 Number of Schools
1.2.2 Number of Students
1.3 Educational and Training Institutions
1.3.1 Number of Training Institutions
1.3.2 Students and Staff

2. Education & Training Development Environment
2.1 Investment in Education
2.2 Education Spending
2.3 Interpretation of National Medium-and Long-Term Education Reform and Development Planning (2010-2020)
2.3.1 Guidelines, Strategic Objectives and Subjects of Education Reform and Development
2.3.2 Major Tasks for Education Development
2.3.3 Major Measures of Reform of Educational System and Institution Innovation
2.3.4 Major Projects and Pilot Reforms of Education Planning

3. Development of Vocational Education
3.1 Profile and Education Funds
3.1.1 Profile
3.1.2 Vocational Education Funds
3.2 Secondary Vocational Education
3.2.1 Quantity of Schools
3.2.2 Number of Students
3.2.3 Employment Status
3.2.4 Investment of Vocational Education
3.3 Higher Vocational Education
3.3.1 Number of Schools
3.3.2 Number of Students
3.3.3 Employment
3.4 Industry Policy
3.4.1 Overview
3.4.2 Decision of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Modern Vocational Education
3.4.3 Modern Vocational Education System Construction Planning (2014-2020)
3.4.4 The Implementation Opinions of the State Council on Deepening the Reform of Examination and Enrollment System
3.5 Development Trend
3.5.1 Production and Teaching Get Further Integrated
3.5.2 A Bi-certificate System of Academic Certificates and Vocational Qualification Certificate is to be Established
3.5.3 Large Vocational Education Groups will Emerge
3.5.4 Policy Environment for Private Vocational Education Gets Better
3.5.5 Sino-foreign School-running Projects will Rise Further

4. Development of Non-Government Funded Education
4.1 Definition and Classification
4.2 Policies on Non-Government Funded Education
4.3 Schools, Students and Staff
4.3.1 Private Schools by Type
4.3.2 Students and Staff
4.4 Private Kindergartens
4.4.1 Number of Private Kindergartens
4.4.2 Number of Students
4.5 Private Higher Education
4.5.1 Profile
4.5.2 Private Universities
4.5.3 Independent Institutions
4.6 Private Training Institutions
4.6.1 Number of Private Training Institutions
4.6.2 Students

5. Overall and Segmental Market of Education Training Industry
5.1 Definition and Classification
5.2 Market Status and Market Size
5.2.1 Market Status
5.2.2 Market Size
5.3 K-12 Education
5.3.1 Pre-school Education
5.3.2 Primary and Secondary School Education
5.3.3 Market Size
5.3.4 Competition Pattern
5.4 Language Training
5.4.1 Market Size
5.4.2 Competition Pattern
5.5 Vocational Training
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Market Size
5.5.3 Management Training
5.5.4 IT Training
5.5.5 Training in Accounting and Finance
5.5.6 Construction Engineering Training
5.6 Online Education
5.6.1 Market Situation
5.6.2 Market Size
5.6.3 Competition Pattern

6. Key Enterprises in Education and Training Industry
6.1 New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Inc.
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operation
6.1.3 Revenue Structure
6.1.4 Learning Centers
6.1.5 Student Enrollments
6.1.6 Business Structure
6.1.7 Marketing Model
6.1.8 Development Strategy
6.2 Xueda Education
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Operation
6.2.3 Learning Centers
6.2.4 Students and Courses
6.2.5 Development Strategy
6.3 TAL Education Group
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Operation
6.3.3 Learning Centers
6.3.4 Number of Students
6.3.5 Business Structure
6.3.7 Development Strategy
6.4 Ambow Education Holding Ltd.
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Operation
6.4.3 Revenue Structure
6.4.4 Learning Centers
6.4.5 Student Enrollments
6.5 Tarena International
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Operation
6.5.3 Learning Centers and Courses
6.5.4 Student Enrollments
6.6 ChinaEdu Corporation
6.6.1 Profile
6.6.2 Operation
6.6.3 Revenue Structure
6.6.4 Gross Margin
6.6.5 Outlets and Trainees
6.6.6 Business Structure
6.6.7 Business Model and Strategy
6.6.8 Latest News
6.7 China Distance Education Holdings Ltd.
6.7.1 Profile
6.7.2 Operation
6.7.3 Revenue Structure
6.7.4 Student Enrollments
6.7.5 Business Model
6.7.6 Profit Model
6.7.7 Open Platform
6.7.8 Operation Strategy
6.8 ATA Inc.
6.8.1 Profile
6.8.2 Operation
6.8.3 Revenue Structure
6.8.4 Operation Pattern and Strategy
6.8.5 Online Education Company Co-established with New Oriental
6.9 China Education Alliance Inc.
6.9.1 Profile
6.9.2 Operation
6.9.3 Revenue Structure
6.9.4 Gross Margin
6.10 Shenzhen Kingsun Science & Technology
6.10.1 Profile
6.10.2 Operation
6.10.3 Revenue Structure
6.10.4 Gross Margin
6.10.5 Top Five Clients
6.10.6 Business Strategy
6.11 Pearson Group
6.11.1 Profile
6.11.2 Operation
6.11.3 Revenue Structure
6.11.4 Business in China
6.11.5 Wall Street English
6.11.6 Global Education
6.11.7 Work Plan
Number of Kindergartens and YoY Growth in China, 2003-2013
Admission and Enrollment of Kindergartens in China, 2003-2013
Number of Primary Schools in China, 2003-2013
Admission and Enrollment of Primary Schools in China, 2003-2013
Number of Junior Secondary Schools in China, 2003-2013
Admission, Enrollment and Graduates of Junior Secondary Schools in China, 2003-2013
Number of Senior Secondary Schools in China by Type, 2003-2013
Admission, Enrollment and Graduates of Regular Senior Secondary Schools in China, 2003-2013
Enrollment and Graduates of Adult Senior Secondary Schools in China, 2003-2013
Admission, Enrollment and Graduates of Regular Specialized Secondary Schools in China, 2003-2013
Admission, Enrollment and Graduates of Vocational Senior Secondary Schools in China, 2003-2013
Admission, Enrollment and Graduates of Skilled Workers Schools in China, 2003-2013
Admission, Enrollment and Graduates of Adult Specialized Secondary Schools in China, 2003-2013
Number of Higher Education Schools by Type in China, 2003-2013
Bachelor Admissions, Students Enrollment and Graduates in China, 2003-2013
Junior College Admissions, Students Enrollment and Graduates, 2003-2013
Master’s Degree Admissions, Students Enrollment and Graduates, 2003-2013
Doctorate Admissions, Students Enrollment and Graduates, 2003-2013
Adult Bachelor Program and Junior College Admissions, Students Enrollment and Graduates in China, 2004-2013
Number of Schools in China by Type, 2008-2013
Admission of Schools in China by Type, 2008-2013
Enrollment of Schools in China by Type, 2008-2013
Graduates of Schools in China by Type, 2008-2013
Number and YoY Growth of Education & Training Institutions in China, 2003-2013
Structure of Numbers of Education & Training Institutions in China by Type, 2004-2013
Number and YoY Growth of Rural Adult Culture & Technology Training Institutions in China, 2004-2013
Number and YoY Growth of Staff Technical Training Institutions in China, 2004-2013
Number and YoY Growth of Other Training Institutions (Including Social Training Agencies)
Distribution of Numbers of Education & Training Institutions by Region in China
Students Enrollment and YoY Growth of Education & Training Institutions in China, 2004-2013
Graduate Students and YoY Growth of Education & Training Institutions in China, 2004-2013
Faculties and YoY Growth of Education & Training Institutions in China, 2004-2013
China’s Total Investment in Education and YoY Growth, 2003-2013
Proportion of Public Financial Budget for Education to Public Financial Expenditure in China by Region, 2011-2012
China’s Urban Fixed Investment in Education Industry and YoY Growth, 2003-2013
Per Capita Education Spending of Urban Residents, 2003-2013
Main Target for the Development of Education of China, 2010-2020
Major Objective of Human Resource Development of China, 2010-2020
Eight Tasks for the Development of China’s Education, 2010-2020
Major Measures of China’s Reform of Educational System and Institution Innovation, 2010-2020
Ten Major Projects and Ten Pilot Reforms of China’s Education Development Planning, 2010-2020
Number of Secondary Vocational Education Schools and YoY Growth in China, 2003-2013
Number of Secondary Vocational Education Schools by Category in China, 2013Vs.2003
Number of Secondary Vocational Education Schools by Establishment in China,2012
Admission and YoY growth of Secondary Vocational Education Schools in China, 2003-2013
Admission of Secondary Vocational Education Schools by Category in China , 2013Vs.2003
Enrollment and YoY growth of Secondary Vocational Education Schools in China, 2003-2013
Enrollment of Secondary Vocational Education Schools by Category in China, 2013Vs.2003
Admission,Enrollment and Graduates of Secondary Vocational Education Schools by Major in China, 2012
Employment Rate of Graduates from Secondary Vocational Education Schools in China, 2005-2013
Employment Structure of Graduates from Secondary Vocational Education Schools in China, 2008-2013
Employment Structure of Graduates from Secondary Vocational Education Schools in China by Industry, 2008-2013
Employment Channels of Graduates from Secondary Vocational Education Schools in China, 2008-2013
Public Finance Budget Education Operating Expenses of Secondary Vocational Education per Student in China by Region, 2006-2012
Number of Higher Vocational Education Schools in China, 2004-2013
Admission and YoY growth of Higher Vocational Colleges in China, 2003-2013
Enrollment and YoY Growth of Higher Vocational Colleges in China, 2003-2013
Admission, Enrollment and Graduates of Higher Vocational Colleges in China by Major, 2012
Employment Rate for Higher Vocational College Graduates in China, 2007-2013
Quantitative Objectives of Modern Vocational Education System Construction in China, 2012-2020
Key Development Areas (by Sector) of Vocational Education in China
Government Policies on Non-Government Funded Education, 1982-2014
Number of Non-Government Education Schools and Training Institutions in China, 2008-2013
% of Private Schools in the Total Number of Schools by Type, 2008-2013
Admission of Private Education Schools by Type in China, 2008-2013
Enrollment of Private Education Schools by Type in China,2008-2013
Graduates of Private Education Schools by Type in China, 2008-2013
Staff of Private Education Schools by Type in China, 2008-2013
Number of Private Kindergartens and YoY Growth in China, 2003-2013
% of Private Kindergartens in the Total Number of Kindergartens
Number of Private Kindergartens by Region in China, 2003-2013
Admission of Private Kindergartens in China, 2008-2017
% of Admission of Private Kindergartens in Total Kindergartens in China, 2008-2017
China's Enrollment of Private Kindergartens in Total Kindergartens, 2008-2017
Top 20 Private Universities in China, 2013-2014
Region Structure of Top 100 Private Universities in China, 2013-2014
Top 20 Independent Institutions in China, 2013-2014
Region Structure of Top 100 Independent Institutions in China, 2013-2014
Number of Private Training Institutions and YoY Growth in China, 2004-2013
Number of Private Training Institutions by Type, 2004-2013
Enrollment of Private Training Institutions and YoY Growth, 2004-2013
Enrollment of Private Training Institutions by Type, 2004-2013
Classification of Education and Training Industry
Development Stages of Policy Support, Market Demand, Market Maturity, Barriers to Entry, Capital Concern of Education and Training Industry Segments
Market Size and YoY Growth of Education and Training Industry in China, 2008-2017
Major Models, Core Elements, and Representative Companies of Pre-school Education in China
Enrollment of Primary and Secondary School Students in China, 2008-2013
Market Size and YoY Growth of K-12 Education in China
Top10 Companies in China’s After-school Tutoring for Primary and Secondary School Students and Their Market Shares by Revenue, 2013
Number of Chinese Students Studying Overseas and YoY Growth, 2008-2013
Market Size and YoY Growth of Language Training in China, 2008-2017
Top10 English Training Institution and Their Teaching Model & Training  Participants
Market Segments of Vocational Training
Market Size and YoY Growth of Vocational Training in China, 2008-2017
Market Size and YoY Growth of IT Training in China, 2008-2017
Online Education Users and YoY Growth in China, 2008-2017E
Online Education Market Size and YoY Growth in China, 2008-2017E
Penetration of Online Education/Training in China, 2008-2017E
Revenue from Online Education Business of Major Companies in China, 2013
Revenue and YoY Growth of New Oriental Education & Technology, FY2009-FY2014
Net Income and YoY Growth of New Oriental Education & Technology, FY2009-FY2014
Net Profit Margin of New Oriental Education & Technology, FY2009-FY2014
Revenue of New Oriental Education & Technology by Quarter, FY2009-FY2014
Number of New Oriental Education & Technology’s Schools and Learning Centers by Quarter, 2009-2014
Number of New Oriental Education & Technology’s Schools and Learning Centers by City, as of FY2014
Student Enrollments for Language and Exam Training Courses of New Oriental Education & Technology by Quarter, 2009-2014
Student Enrollments of New Oriental Education & Technology by Business, FY2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of New Oriental Education & Technology's Online Education Business, FY2011-FY2017
Selling and Marketing Costs of New Oriental Education & Technology, FY2009-FY2014
Marketing Model of New Oriental Education & Technology
Service Model of Xueda Education
Employee Structure of Xueda Education, 2011-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Xueda Education, 2009-2014
Net Income and YoY Growth of Xueda Education, 2009-2014
Net Profit Margin of Xueda Education, 2009-2014
Number of Learning Centers YoY Growth of Xueda Education, 2007-2014
Expansion Routes of Xueda's Learning Centers, 2009-2013
Number of Xueda's Learning Centers by City, As of June,2014
Number of Students Served by Xueda Education and YoY Growth, 2007-2014
Average Hourly Course Fee and YoY Growth of Xueda Education
Cloud-based Tutoring Platform of Xueda Education
Development Roadmap of Xueda Education, 2014-2015
Revenue and YoY Growth of TAL EDUCATION GROUP, FY2009-FY2015
Net Income and YoY Growth of TAL Education Group, FY2009-FY2015
Net Profit Margin of TAL Education Group, FY2009-FY2015
Number of Learning Centers and YoY Growth of TAL,FY2008-FY2015
Number of TAL's Learning Centers by City, as of FY2015Q1
Enrollment, YoY Growth and Average Selling Prices of TAL Education Group, FY2009-FY2015
Core Courses and Main Business of TAL
Service Mode of TAL
Revenue and YoY Growth of, FY2011-FY2018
Layout of TAL's Online Education Business, 2003-2014
Online Education Products of TAL by Students' age
Business Structure of Ambow Education
Revenue and YoY Growth of Ambow Education, 2009-2013
Net Income and YoY Growth of Ambow Education, 2009-2013
Net profit Margin of Ambow Education, 2009-2013
Revenue Structure of Ambow Education by Business, 2009-2013
Revenue Structure of Ambow Education by Segment, 2009-2013
Number of Ambow's Learning Centers by City, as of 2013
Student Enrollments of Ambow Education by Segment, 2010-2013
Corporate Structure of Tarena
Revenue and YoY Growth of Tarena, 2011-2017
Net Income and YoY Growth of Tarena, 2011-2017
Net Profit Margin of Tarena, 2011-2017
Gross Profit and Gross Profit Margin of Tarena, 2011-2014
Cost Structure of Tarena, 2011-2014
Learning Centers and Courses of Tarena by City, as of June,2014
Expansion Routes of Tarena's Learning Centers
Expansion Routes of Tarena's Courses
Student Enrollments of Tarena by Channel, 2011-2014
Student Enrollments of Tarena by Quarter, 2011-2014
Student Enrollments of Tarena by Course, 2011-2014
Average Revenue per student of Tarena, 2011-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of ChinaEdu, 2009-2013
Net Income and YoY Growth of ChinaEdu, 2009-2013
Net Profit Margin of ChinaEdu, 2009-2013
Revenue of ChinaEdu by Quarter, 2009-2013
Revenue Structure of ChinaEdu by Business and Quarter, 2009-2013
Gross Margin of ChinaEdu by Business, 2009-2013
Number of ChinaEdu’s Learning Centers, 2007-2013
Number of ChinaEdu’s Online Degree Program Students by Quarterly, 2008-2012
Business Structure of ChinaEdu
Revenue and YoY Growth of ChinaEdu, 2014-2017
Revenue and YoY Growth of China Distance Education, FY2009-FY2014
Net Income and YoY Growth of China Distance Education, FY2009-FY2014
Net Profit Margin of China Distance Education, FY2009-FY2014
Revenue Structure of China Distance Education (by Financial Quarter), FY2009-FY2014
Revenue Structure of China Distance Education (by Business and Financial Quarter), FY2009-FY2014
Revenue Structure of China Distance Education's Online Education Business (by Course), FY2013
Student Enrollments and Per Capita Consumption of China Distance Education's Courses, FY2009-FY2014
Enrollment Breakdown of China Distance Education's Courses (by Quarter), FY2009-FY2014
Business Structure of China Distance Education
Course Forms of China Distance Education
Mode of Payment for China Distance Education's Courses
Revenue and YoY Growth of China Distance Education, FY2014-FY2017
Revenue and YoY Growth of ATA, FY2009-FY2015
Net Income and YoY Growth of ATA, FY2009-FY2015
Gross Margin of ATA by Financial Quarter, FY2009-FY2015
Net Profit Margin of ATA, FY2009-FY2015
Revenue of ATA by Financial Quarter, FY2009-FY2015
Revenue Structure of ATA by Business, FY2009-FY2014
Number of Tests of ATA by Financial Quarter, 2009-2015
Revenue and YoY Growth of ATA, FY2015-FY2018
Revenue and YoY Growth of China Education Alliance, 2009-2013
Net Income and YoY Growth of China Education Alliance, 2009-2013
Net Profit Margin of China Education Alliance, 2009-2013
Revenue Structure of China Education Alliance, 2009-2013
Gross Margin of China Education Alliance by Business, 2009-2013
Revenue and YoY Growth of Shenzhen Kingsun Science & Technology, 2009-2014
Net Income and YoY Growth of Shenzhen Kingsun Science & Technology, 2009-2014
Net Profit Margin of Shenzhen Kingsun Science & Technology, 2009-2014
Revenue Structure of Shenzhen Kingsun Science & Technology by Product, 2009-2014
Revenue Structure of Shenzhen Kingsun Science & Technology by Region, 2009-2014
Gross Margin of Shenzhen Kingsun Science & Technology by Product, 2009-2014
Gross Margin of Shenzhen Kingsun Science & Technology by Region, 2009-2014
Revenue of Shenzhen Kingsun Science & Technology from Top 5 Clients and % of Total Revenue, 2013-2014
Major Subsidiaries of Pearson Group
Number of Employees of Pearson Group by Region, 2011-2013
Revenue and YoY Growth of Pearson Group, 2009-2014
Net Income and YoY Growth of Pearson Group, 2009-2014
Net Profit Margin of Pearson Group, 2009-2014
Revenue Structure of Pearson Group by Business, 2009-2014
Revenue Structure of Pearson Group by Region and Major Country, 2009-2014
Pearson's Layout in China
Pearson’s Revenue from China and Other Emerging Markets, 2007-2012
Number of Learning Centers and YoY Growth of Wall Street English, 2010-2013
Global Student Enrolments and YoY Growth of Wall Street English, 2010-2013
Student Enrolments and YoY Growth of Wall Street English(China), 2010-2013
Number of Learning centers and YoY Growth of Global Education, 2007-2013
Structure of Learning Centers of Global Education, 2007-2013
Student Enrolments and YoY Growth of Global Education, 2007-2013

China Online Education Industry Report, 2016-2021

Online education industry in China was characterized by and showed the trends as follows in 2016: 1. Steady growth in market size and user scaleChina’s online education industry has expanded at a rat...

China Pre-school Education (Kindergarten) Industry Research Report, 2016

Since 2010, China has introduced a number of policies such as the Outline of Medium and Long-term Programs for National Education Reform and Development (2010-2020), Preschool Education Three-Year Act...

China Online Education Industry Report, 2015-2018

Since 2015, China online education industry has been characterized as follows: The industry continues to grow rapidly. At present, China online education industry is still in its infancy, with the ma...

China Pre-school Education (Kindergarten) Industry Research Report,2014

As of the end of 2013, China had a total of 198,553 kindergartens, rising 17,302, or 9.5% from 2012. The number of kindergartens there saw annual average expansion of 3,637 during 2003-2009 and 16,044...

China Education and Training Industry Report, 2014-2017

In 2013-2014, China education and training industry is characterized as follows: 1, There are many education and training institutions but few large ones.As of the end of 2013, China had boasted a to...

China Online Education Industry Report, 2014-2017

The Chinese online education market attracted the inrush of huge capital in 2013-2014, as Internet firms, offline education training institutions, investment companies and startups continued their exp...

China Online Education Industry Report, 2013-2016

Online education, also known as e-learning, has been growing fast in recent years due to the advances in the Internet, multimedia information processing, cloud computing and other information technolo...

China Kindergarten Industry Report, 2013

In 2011, there were 166,750 kindergartens in China, 115,404 of which were non-state/private ones. Starting from 2005, private kindergartens in China rose from 68,835 to 115,404 at a compound growth ra...

China Education and Training Industry Report, 2013-2016

The education and training industry mainly involves in after-class tutoring, IT training, foreign language training, online education, pre-school education and skill cultivating. In China, the market ...

China Education and Training Industry Report, 2011-2012

China’s education and training market has sustained growth momentum in recent years. In 2012, its market size is expected to reach RMB960 billion, with a CAGR of 12%.In 2011-2012, venture capital inve...

China Early Childhood Education Industry Report, 2010-2011

As of 2009, China had 138,200 kindergartens, with a year-on-year increase of 3.37%, but the growth rate decreased by 2.14 percentage points compared to 2005. In terms of the age bracket of enrollment,...

China Education and Training Industry Report, 2010-2011

In 2010, the education and training industry of China developed rapidly, accompanying a series of investment and financing activities; a total of eight venture capital investments worth USD27.43 milli...

China IT Education and Training Industry Survey Report, 2010

In August 2010, ResearchInChina cooperated with to conduct an online survey on 600 interviewees in Chinese IT education and training industry, which covered the followings: purposes of co...

China Early Childhood Education Industry Report, 2009

In 2008, 14.8271 million children were enrolled in kindergartens in China, up 3.4% yr-on-yr. By age, the children who accept early childhood education are mainly aged at 3 to 5, accounting for 57% of ...

China Education and Training Industry Report, 2008-2009

There were 109,000 private schools (educational institutions) of all levels in China in 2008, and the student enrollment registered 28.244 million, in which 640 private colleges (including 322 indepen...

China Vocational Training Market Report, 2008

IT training, English training and business training have become the backbones of China vocational training market. In 2008, China’s IT training market scale was over CNY 5 billion and English training...

China Early Education Market Report, 2008-2009

The education industry of China can be categorized into the early education, the compulsory education, the high school education and the university education etc. The early education contains the infa...

China Education and Training Industry Report, 2007-2008

2007 witnessed a continuous and fast development in China's education and training industry, which has formed a huge market. The development of every variety of education in 2007 is as follows: Devel...

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