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China's toothpaste industry has a big market capacity. Since the late 1990s, its market capacity has maintained a growth of 5% per year, maintaining a steady change in quarters within one year. By the year of 2004, the Chinese oral cleaning market scale has achieved a scale of 7 billion Yuan. In 2005, the toothpaste sales in China reached a scale of 4 billion units (65g/units). By the year of 2010, the number will have reached 4.5 billion tubes. Currently the brand structure of the Chinese toothpaste market falls into four groups: The first group consists of the foreign and joint venture strong brands, including Colgate, Crest, Zhonghua, Black Man; The second group is Chinese native traditional leading brands, including Liangmianzhen, Tianqi, Heimei, Lengsuanling, Blue Sky, etc.; The third group consists of the new powerful brands, including LG Bamboo Salt, Nice, Yongnan (Shushuang), etc. And the fourth, the 3rd and 4th grade brands are mostly the extension of the product lines of medium or small toothpaste companies or daily chemical enterprises/groups. Though they have some impact on regional markets, yet have little influence on the whole industry.

From the view of the regional structure, in the urban market, the toothpaste products are developing towards top level. In the rural market, the sale of the products at low prices will rise promptly. After brands of the first group have occupied the urban market, the marketing focus began to incline towards the rural market. From the view of the price structure, the foreign brands of the first group began to penetrate into the low-end price from the high-end price. The Chinese native brands of the second group began to counterattack from the low-end price to the medium-to-high end price. At present, the Chinese native brands of the second and the third group are approaching success during the counterattack in the medium-to-high end market.  Another round of reshuffle will urge the change of the current market structure and the Chinese native brands will emerge in the first group. From the view of the product structure, the functional and medicated toothpastes stand in the dominant position. From the view of the taste structure, salt taste is the biggest hotspot in the market. LG bamboo salt is the most popular one, followed by Crest and Colgate.

China's oral cleaning supplies industry will maintain a rapid development and the export will have a remarkable growth during the 11th five-year plan; the products will continue to maintain the world first-class quality. The herbal medicated toothpaste will develop rapidly. The industrial integration and product innovation are speeding up. The market is going on further market diversification and segmentation. The production will be more scientific, standard and advanced and the name brand effect is enhanced, but due to the intense competition, the restriction of original material and the low profit margin, most enterprises keep a relatively low profit level.

Based on a great deal of information from the National Bureau of Statistics, the General Administration of State Customs, the Economy & Trade Commission of China, the Light Industry Statistics Bureau of China, China Commercial Information Center, China Oral Care Products Industry Association, the National Economy Prosperity Survey Center, the China Toothpaste Industry Information, China Industries Research Website, Chinese and foreign relative newspapers and some research institutions of daily chemical, this report analyses on the supply and demand of China's toothpaste market, market competitive structure and development. It also analyzes in detail about the market sale and the impacts China's toothpaste industry will face in the WTO era as well as some strategies the enterprises have to take. In addition, a prediction about the trend of the relative industrial policies is also made to give you a comprehensive understanding of China toothpaste market.


1. Overview and Investment Characteristics of the Toothpaste Industry
1.1 Industrial Overview and Classification 
1.1.1 Industrial Overview
1.1.2 Toothpastes Classification 
1.2 Principal Ingredients of the Toothpaste 
1.2.1 Liniment
1.2.2 Cleaner 
1.2.3 Humectant 
1.2.4 Adhesive 
1.2.5 Aromatization  
1.2.6 Medication
1.3 The Development Course of the World Toothpaste Industry
1.4 Analysis on Investment Characteristics 

2 Status Quo of the Toothpaste Market 
2.1 Overview of the Toothpaste Market in 2005 
2.1.1 Current Status of the Toothpaste Industry 
2.1.2 China, the World Largest Producing and Consuming Country of the Oral Care Products
2.1.3 Competition on the Domestic Toothpaste Market between Chinese and Foreign Companies 
2.1.4 Competition of Toothpastes Made in China on the Herbal Medicine Market 
2.1.5 Hot Propaganda of "Whiten your teeth" on the Toothpaste Market 
2.1.6 Toothpaste is Included in Cosmetics according to International Standard, China's Toothpaste Industry is in Need of Supervision 
2.2 Status Quo of the Foreign Toothpaste Market 
2.3 Status Quo of the Domestic Toothpaste Market, 2006 
2.3.1 New Concept of Green and Environmental Protection Leading the Development of Chinese Traditional Medicated Toothpaste 
2.3.2 Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA) Will Clean up the Illegal Toothpaste System in China 
2.3.3 A New Toothpaste Certification Method Is Coming out
2.4 Influence of the "National Committee for Oral Health Incident" on the Toothpaste Industry in 2006
2.4.1 Domestic Toothpaste Brands Involved in the "Faith Crisis of the National Committee for Oral Health" 
2.4.2 "National Committee for Oral Health Incident" had a Serious Impact on China's Toothpaste Industry 
2.5 Analysis on the Data of Toothpaste Import and Export in 2005 

3 Analyses on Regional Market and Brands 
3.1 Analysis on Regional Market 2005/2006 
3.2 Toothpaste Products Design 
3.2.1 Colors and Patterns of the Toothpaste Packing 
3.2.2 Similar Packing Hinders the Development of the Toothpaste Industry 
3.2.3 Status Quo of the Toothpaste Packing Design in China 
3.2.4 Status Quo of the Tube Packing Toothpaste in Use 
3.3 Research on Toothpaste Brands 
3.3.1 Development Course of Toothpaste Brands in Chinese Market 
3.3.2 Changes of Chinese Famous Brand Toothpastes within Three Years 
3.3.3 Analysis on the Competitive Strategies of Some Principal Brands 
3.3.4 Some Approaches to Win in Brand Competition 
3.3.5 Breakthrough Point for the Operation of the Domestic Single Brand Toothpastes 

4 Analyses on Toothpaste Products 
4.1 Analysis on the Structure and Prices of the Products
4.1.1 Analysis on the Structure of the Products 
4.1.2 Analysis on the Prices of the Products 
4.2 Analysis on the Fluoride Toothpaste 
4.2.1 Principles of Tooth Care of the Fluoride Toothpaste 
4.2.2 Standard of Fluoride Adding 
4.2.3 New Methods against Tooth Decay instead of Fluoride 
4.3 Analysis on the Toothpaste Production by Region
4.3.1 Analysis on the Toothpaste Production of North China 
4.3.2 Analysis on the Toothpaste Production of Northeast China 
4.3.3 Analysis on the Toothpaste Production of East China 
4.3.4 Analysis on the Toothpaste Production of South and Central China 
4.3.5 Analysis on the Toothpaste Production of Southwest China 
4.3.6 Analysis on the Toothpaste Production of Northwest China 

Part Two Analysis on the Development of Relative Industries

5 Analyses on the Relative Industries
5.1 Analysis on the Chinese Daily Chemical Industry Market 
5.1.1 Status Quo of the Chinese Daily Chemical Market 
5.1.2 Reorganization and Merger Frequently Occur
5.1.3 Embryonic Form of the Industrial Cluster 
5.1.4 Foreign Enterprises' Entry and Integration
5.1.5 Local Enterprises Accelerate Adjustment and Pluralism Becomes the Principal Strategy 
5.1.6 Development Trend of China's Daily Chemical Industry 
5.2 Analysis on the Toothpaste Raw Material Market 
5.2.1 Analysis on Calcium Carbonate Market 
5.2.2 Analysis on the Fragrance and Flavor Industry 

Part Three Analyses on the Competition Pattern and Leading Enterprises

6 Analyses on the Competition Pattern
6.1 Status Quo of the Competition Pattern
6.1.1 Competitive Characteristics of China's Oral Cleaning Supplies Market 
6.1.2 Status Quo of the Brand Structure of the Domestic Toothpaste Market 
6.1.3 Market Shares of the Major Brands 
6.1.4 Local Toothpaste Enterprises Rallied to Compete for the Market 
6.2 Forecast of the Competition Pattern in 2006 and Development in the Future 
6.2.1 Polarization of the Toothpaste Market is Hard to Change in a Short Period 
6.2.2 Toothpaste Enterprises will Reshuffle 

7 Analyses on the Leading Enterprises 
7.1 Colgate
7.1.1 Company Profile 
7.1.2 Operation Status 
7.1.3 Marketing Strategies 
7.1.4 Analysis on the SCM Implementation
7.1.5 Development Planning 
7.2 P&G 
7.2.1 Company Profile 
7.2.2 Operation Status 
7.2.3 Marketing Strategies 
7.3 Guangzhou Masson Share Co. Ltd.
7.3.1 Company Profile
7.3.2 Marketing Strategies
7.3.3 Development Planning
7.4 Shanghai White Cat Shareholding Co. Ltd.
7.4.1 Company Profile
7.4.2 Operation Status
7.4.3 Development Planning
7.5 Liuzhou Liangmianzhen Co., Ltd.
7.5.1 Company Profile 
7.5.2 Operation Status
7.5.3 Marketing Strategies
7.5.4 Development Planning
7.6 Dencare (Chongqing) Oral Care Co Ltd. 
7.6.1 Company Profile 
7.6.2 Marketing Strategies
7.6.3 Development Planning
7.7 Hawley & Hazel Chemical Co., (ZS) Ltd.
7.7.1 Company Profile
7.7.2 Operation Status
7.8 Guangxi Aoqili Co Ltd.
7.8.1 Company Profile
7.8.2 Marketing Strategies
7.9 LG Chem 
7.9.1 Company Profile 
7.9.2 Marketing Strategies
7.9.3 Development Planning
7.10 Tianjin Group inc. of Blue Sky
7.10.1 Company Profile
7.10.2 Liby Acquired Blue Sky 
7.11 Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd.
7.11.1 Company Profile
7.11.2 Operation Status
7.11.3 Yunnan Baiyao Set Foot in Daily Chemical 
7.11.4 Analysis on the Status Quo of Yunnan Baiyao Toothpaste 

Part Four Analysis on Consumer Behaviors and Marketing Strategies 

8 Analyses on Consumer Behaviors 
8.1 Analysis on Toothpaste Consumer Behaviors 
8.1.1 Analysis on the Demands of Consumers
8.1.2 Analysis on Consumer Groups
8.1.3 Analysis on the Seasonal Change of the Domestic Toothpaste Sales
8.1.4 Analysis on the Consumer Behaviors of the Toothpaste Market
8.2 Market Survey on Toothpaste Consumer Behaviors
8.2.1 Teeth' Status and Treatment Process 
8.2.2 Toothpaste Use and Purchase Habits
8.2.3 Consumers' Demands for Toothpaste and Market Chances 
8.2.4 Consumers' Comments on the Toothpaste Brands 
8.3 Analysis on the Toothpaste Consumer Behaviors in Some Cities 
8.3.1 Analysis on the Toothpaste Consumer Behaviors in Beijing 
8.3.2 Analysis on the Toothpaste Consumer Behaviors in Shanghai
8.3.3 Analysis on the Toothpaste Consumer Behaviors in Guangzhou

9 Analysis on the Marketing Strategy of China's Toothpaste Industry
9.1 Analysis on Marketing Strategy
9.1.1 Analysis on the Market Competition Environment
9.1.2 Analysis on the Structure of Marketing Channel
9.1.3 Promotion Strategy
9.1.4 Packing Strategy
9.1.5 Spreading Strategy
9.1.6 Analysis on Market Segmentation Strategy
9.1.7 Choice of Marketing Strategies of Chinese Toothpaste Enterprises 
9.2 Analysis on Marketing Cases 
9.2.1 Analysis on the Marketing Strategy of "Toothpaste Whitening" 
9.2.2 Lengsuanling Won by Benign Differences Positioning 
9.2.3 The Terminal Strategy of Certain Toothpaste Brand
9.2.4 Brief Discussion on Xinju Sanqi Toothpaste's Marketing Strategy 

Part Five Analyses on the Future Trends and Strategies

10 Analyses on the Future Trends and Strategies
10.1 Analysis on Future Trends
10.1.1 Market Development in the Future 
10.1.2 The 11th Five-year Plan of China's Oral Cleaning and Care Supplies Industry 
10.2 Development Strategies of Chinese Toothpaste Enterprises 
10.2.1 Gap between Chinese Toothpaste Enterprises and Transnational Enterprises
10.2.2 Strategies and Suggestions on the Development of China's Toothpaste Enterprises 
10.3 Conclusions
Domestic Toothpaste Total Output, Feb-Dec 2005 
Domestic Toothpaste Total Output, Feb-Mar 2006
Import and Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Jan 2005
Import Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Jan 2005
Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Jan 2005
Import and Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Feb 2005
Import Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Feb 2005
Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Feb 2005
Import and Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Mar 2005 
Import Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Mar 2005 
Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Mar 2005 
Import and Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), April 2005 
Import Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), April 2005 
Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), April 2005
Import and Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), May 2005 
Import Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), May 2005 
Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), May 2005 
Import and Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), June 2005 
Import Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), June 2005 
Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), June 2005 
Import and Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), July 2005 
Import Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), July 2005 
Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), July 2005 
Import and Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Aug 2005 
Import Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Aug 2005 
Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Aug 2005 
Import and Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Sep 2005 
Import Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Sep 2005 
Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Sep 2005 
Import and Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Oct 2005 
Import Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Oct 2005 
Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Oct 2005 
Import and Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Nov 2005 
Import Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Nov 2005 
Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Nov 2005 
Import and Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Dec 2005 
Import Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Dec 2005 
Export Data of China's Toothpaste, by Country (Region), Dec 2005 
Zhonghua Toothpaste Commodity Design 
Liangmianzhen Toothpaste Commodity Design 
Colgate Toothpaste Commodity Design 
Signal Toothpaste Commodity Design
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Dec 2005 in Beijing 
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Dec 2005 in Tianjin
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Mar 2006 in Tianjin
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Dec 2005 in Liaoning
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Mar 2006 in Liaoning 
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Dec 2005 in Shanghai
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Mar 2006 in Shanghai 
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Dec 2005 in Jiangsu
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Mar 2006 in Jiangsu
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Dec 2005 in Zhejiang
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Mar 2006 in Zhejiang
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Dec 2005 in Anhui
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Mar 2006 in Anhui
Toothpaste (Normal Tube) Total Output Feb-Dec 2005 in Fujian
Statistics & Forecast on the Development and Growth Trend of China's Daily Chemical Industry, 1991-2015 
Regional Economic Indicators of the Accumulative Industrial Gross Output of Daily Chemical Products in 2005
Regional Economic Indicators of the Accumulative Sales Income of Daily Chemical Products in 2005 
Regional Economic Indicators of the Accumulative Gross Profit of Daily Chemical Products in 2005
Regional Economic Indicators of the Accumulative Total Loss of the Daily Chemical Enterprises in Loss in 2005
Regional Economic Indicators of the Accumulative Total Taxes of Daily Chemical Products in 2005
Regional Economic Indicators of the Accumulative Industrial Gross Output of Daily Chemical Products in Jan-Mar 2006
Regional Economic Indicators of the Accumulative Sales Income of Daily Chemical Products in Jan-Mar 2006 
Regional Economic Indicators of the Accumulative Gross Profit of Daily Chemical Products in Jan-Mar 2006
Regional Economic Indicators of the Accumulative Total Loss of the Daily Chemical Enterprises in Loss in Jan-Mar 2006
Regional Economic Indicators of the Accumulative Total Taxes of Daily Chemical Products in Jan-Mar 2006
Total Domestic Output of Fragrance in Feb-Dec 2005 
Total Domestic Output of Fragrance in Feb-Mar 2006 
Ranking of the Production and Sale of the Major Toothpaste Enterprises/Brands in Q1 2005 
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