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Revenue of World Top 14 Wafer Foundry Fabs, 2005

The wafer foundry industry can be divided into three camps. The first camp has a sole member of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC), which has first class productivity and owns good quality fame worldwide. So it is always the first choice for many large IC design houses. Whenever the semiconductor industry suffers recession or declining market demand, large-sized IC design houses tend to order from TSMC. Therefore the more recessionary the semiconductor industry is, the more orders TSMC gets and accordingly the fewer other wafer foundry fab has.

The second camp includes United Microelectronics Company (UMC), Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), CHARTERED and IBM. The four wafer foundry fabs are usually the second choice or alternative for large IC design houses and the first choice for medium IC design houses. When recession falls in the semiconductor industry, these four companies are apt to be firstly impacted. To avoid such impact, they all have their own major clients with strong loyalty. The major clients of UMC are Media Tek and NOVATEK, both are included in the UMC camp. Media Tek is the worldwide largest DVD player IC manufacturer with a stable capacity of 50,000 --- 60,000 pieces per month. NOVATEK is the largest TFT-LCD driver IC manufacturer with a stable capacity of 30,000 pieces per month. While SMIC takes Infineon and ELPIDA as its major clients and maintains a relatively stable business relationship by offering memory foundry. CHARTERED, Infineon, Samsung and IBM have built a cross platform wafer foundry ally and the market demand is also growing steadily. IBM, however, provides CPU foundry services for game machine makers with super production capacity like Microsoft XBOX and Sony PS3.

Relying on the local industry chain, manufacturers in the third camp each have their own specialties and regional advantages. MAGNACHIP and VANGURD are both specialize in LCD driver IC foundry and meanwhile they cooperate with driver IC industry in South Korea and Taiwan. MAGNACHIP is also specialized in image sensor CMOS foundry like Dongbu Anam, which is also accomplished in automobile electronics. While HHNEC is strong in the Smart card domain,and JAZZ is sophisticated in RF IC foundry services. X-FAB is adept at mixed-signal and MEMS foundry. Episil is expert in power semiconductor components and Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Limited (ASMC) is skilled in analog IC foundry.

Source: ResearchinChina

The development of wafer foundry industry in China mainland is greatly hampered by IC design houses in China Mainland. Among those 500 IC design houses, only at most 50 are able to have mass productions. Over 90% of those companies are just conceptual ones relying on loans or external investments. Considering those 50 design houses are having mass productions, more than 90% of them are focus on logical IC rather than analog IC. For logical IC, wafer size and manufacturing techniques determine the production cost. 12-inch and 90nm or 65nm wafer is the lowest-cost solution for logical IC. In logical IC field, wafer foundry fabs in China mainland are all of weak competitiveness except SMIC. 45 out of 57 wafer fabs in China mainland are still manufacturing products over 0.5nm.

In China mainland, many blindly started wafer production lines focus on foundry services. As most of the investment is from loans, it is quite hard to bring any profits.

1. The Semiconductor Market
1.1 Forecast of the Semiconductor Industry,2006-2010
1.2 Forecast of the Downstream Semiconductor Market,2006
1.3 Status Quo of Global Wafer Foundry Industry
1.4 Status Quo of Global Semiconductor Equipment Industry
1.5 China's Semiconductor Market

2. Overview of the Wafer Foundry Industry
2.1 Wafer Manufacturing Techniques
2.2 Global Wafer Industry and Main Wafer Manufacturers
2.3 Policy Environment in China's Semiconductor Industry 
2.4 Status Quo and Forecast of China's Wafer Manufacturing Industry

3. Wafer Fabs
3.1 Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)
3.2 Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Company. Limited (HHNEC)
3.3 Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (GRACE)
3.4 China Resources Microelectronics (Holdings) Limited (CRM)
3.5 Shanghai Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd (ASMC)
3.6 Hejian Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd 
3.7 BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited (BCD Semi)
3.8 Founder Microelectronics Corporation Limited
3.9 Zhongning Microelectronics Company
3.10 Nantong Green Mountain Integrated Corp.,Ltd (GMIC)
3.11 Nanotech Corporation
3.12 Zhuhai Nanker Integrated Circuit Co.,Ltd
3.13 Comfort Superpower Semiconductor (Beijing) Co.,Ltd
3.14 Technology Semiconductor Limited in Shenyang (TSLS)
3.15 Optoelectronics (Dalian) Co.,Ltd
3.16 Xi'an Xiyue Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd
3.17 Jilin Sino Microelectronics Co.,Ltd
3.18 Dandong Anshun Microelectronics Co.,Ltd
3.19 Lite-On Semiconductor Corp. 
3.20 Fujian Fushun Microelectronics Co.,Ltd
3.21 Hangzhou Lion Microelectronics Co.,Ltd
3.22 Hangzhou Silan Integrated Circuit Co.,Ltd
3.23 Hynix-ST Semiconductor Co.,Ltd
3.24 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC)
3.25 United Microelectronics Company (UMC)
3.26 Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd (Chartered)
3.27 DongbuAnam Semiconductor Co.,Ltd (DongbuAnam)
3.28 Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Limited (ASMC)
3.29 Jazz Semiconductor 
3.30 MagnaChip
3.31 Silterra 
3.32 X-Fab 
3.33 1st silicon (Malaysia)
3.34 Tower Semiconductor
3.35 Episil Technologies
3.36 IBM

Cycle Period of the Semiconductor Industry, 1960-2005
Nine Research Institutes' Growth Forecast of the Semiconductor Industry, 2006
Market Share Forecast of Globally Various Semiconductor Components, 2006
Growth Forecast of Globally Various Semiconductor Components, 2006
Investment Cycle Prosperity of Global Semiconductor, Q1, 2003-Q2, 2006
Statistics & Forecast of Semiconductor Annual Market Growth, 1990-2010
Market Share Forecast of Global Semiconductor Components, 2010
Shipment Growth of Major Terminal Electronic Products, 2006
Market Share Forecast of Semiconductor Downstream Applying, 2010
Market Share Forecast of Semiconductor by Regions, 2010 
Diameter Proportion of Global Wafer Productivity, Q1, 2000 -Q4, 2005 
Newly Put-into-production Wafer Manufacturers, 2006
Income of Global Top Five Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Manufacturers, 2000 Q1-2005 Q4
Regional Distribution of Semiconductor Equipment Market, 2004 & 2005
Regional Distribution of Wafer Equipment Market, 2004 & 2005
Regional Distribution of Testing Equipment Market, 2004 & 2005
Regional Distribution of Packaging Equipment Market, 2004 & 2005
Market Share Trend of Global Wafer, Packaging, Testing and Other Semiconductor Equipments, 2004-2008
Promising Semiconductor Manufacturers of China, 2005
Flow Chart of Processing Original Wafer 
Flow Chart of Planting Wafer into the Circuit
Demand & Supply Forecast of China's IC Market, 2005-2010
Income Statistics and Forecast of China's IC Design Companies, 2000-2009
Wafer Size Distribution of China's 57 Wafer Manufacturers
Technological Capability Distribution of China's 57 Wafer Manufacturers
Technical Route of China's Wafer Manufacturers
Income and Profit Statistics of SMIC, 2000-2005 
Organization of SMIC
Rapid Mature Course of SMIC
Productivity Analysis of SMIC, 2004-2005
Quality Standards Achieved by SMIC
Downstream Applying Structure of SMIC Products, Q1, 2005-Q1, 2006 
SMIC International Product Structure, Q1, 2005 - Q1, 2006
SMIC Client Type Structure, Q1, 2005 -Q1, 2006 
SMIC Income Regional Structure, Q1, 2005 - Q1, 2006
SMIC Wafer Delivery and Productivity Utilizing Rate, Q1, 2005- Q1, 2006
SMIC Product Technique Distribution, Q1, 2005 - Q1, 2006
SMIC Logical Product Technique Distribution, Q1, 2005 -Q1, 2006 
Technical Status of SMIC
Figure: Technical Route of Shanghai Huahong NEC Electronic Co, Ltd.
MLM Technology
Logical Techniques Development Scheme of Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
Figure: Flash Memory Techniques Development Scheme of Grace
Shareholding Structure of ASMC Pre-listed
Shareholding Structure of ASMC Post-listed
History of ASMC
BCD Product Classification
BCD Product Classification I
BCD Product Classification II
BCD Product Classification III
Sales Rate and Net Profit of Optoelectronic 1998-2002
Operation Income and Gross Profit of Sino Microelectronics, Ltd
Operation Income of Sino Microelectronics, Ltd, by Region
Company Organization of Lion Microelectronics, Co, Ltd
Income & Profit Statistics of TSMC   
TSMC Structure of Product Technology, Q1, 2005-Q1, 2006 
TSMC Product Applying Structure, Q1, 2005 -Q1, 2006 
TSMC Income Regional Structure, Q1, 2005 -Q1, 2006 
TSMC Client Structure, Q1, 2005 -Q1, 2006 
TSMC Product Technology Route Map 
TSMC Service Route Map 
TSMC Staff Educational Background 
Income and Gross Profit of UMC 2000-2005
Productivity Change of UMC 2000-2005
Educational Background of UMC Personnel 2004-2005
Regional Income Structure of UMC Q1, 2006
Client Structure of UMC Q1, 2006 
Product Structure of UMC Q1, 2006 
Technical Structure of UMC Q1, 2006 
Technical Route of UMC
Income and Net Profit of Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing1998-2005
Events of Cooperation between CSM and IBM Q 1, 2004- Q1, 2006
Partners in Various Fields of CSM
Landscape of Five Wafer Fabs of CSM
Special Technical Route of CSM
Productivity of CSM 2003-2006
Statistics of CSM 0.13-micron Technical Productivity 
Statistics of CSM Profit & Cash Flow Q2, 2005-Q2, 2006 
Statistics of CSM Income Q2, 2006-Q2, 2006 
Technical Route of DongbuAnam Semiconductor
Income, Gross Profit and Productivity Utility of VIS Q1, 2005-Q1, 2006 
Product Technical Structure of VIS Q1, 2005-Q1, 2006
Downstream Applying Structure of VIS Q1, 2005-Q1, 2006
Specific Applying Structure of VIS Q1, 2005-Q1, 2006
Quarterly Income Statistics of VIS Q2, 2003-Q1, 2006
Technical Route of VIS OTP and Flash Memory
Technical Route of VIS High Voltage 
Technical Route of VIS Logical High-precision Analog, Mixed Signal and RFCMOS
Technical Route of VIS JAZZ Semiconductor MEMS  
Technical Route of VIS JAZZ High Voltage and Analog  
Technical Route of VIS JAZZ BCD
MagnaChip Business Performance, 2003-Q1, 2006
MagnaChip R&D Input Changes, 2003-Q1, 2006
Principal Product Ratio of MagnaChip Revenue Fiscal Year 2003-2005
Regional Distribution of MagnaChip Revenue Fiscal Year 2003-2005
Technical Route of Silterra Logical and Mixed Signal 
Technical Route of Silterra High Voltage Skill 
X-FAB Technical Route
X-FAB MEMS Technical Route
1stSilicon Logical and Mixed Technical Route
1stSilicon Special Tech Route
Tower Semiconductor Technical Route
Tower Semiconductor Micro Flash Tech Route
IBM Wafer Foundry Technical Route
Global Top 20 Semiconductor Manufacturers, 2005
Output Value Distribution of China's Semiconductor Industry, 2005
Sales Income and Growth of China's IC Industry, 2001-2010
Top 20 Semiconductor Suppliers of China mainland, 2004 & 2005
China's Top Ten Semiconductor Manufacturers in 2005
Quantitative Ranking of Global 300mm Wafer Manufacturers, 2005
Mainstream R&D Technology and Client Distribution of Principal Global Wafer Foundry Fabs, 2005
Global Top 15 Wafer Foundry Fabs, 2005
China's Main 6-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch Wafer Manufacturers in Operation 
China's 6-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch Wafer Manufacturers under Construction 
China's 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch Wafer Manufacturers 
Main Wafer Foundry Fabs of Grace
Features of Grace 0.25 Micron Techniques 
Parameters of Grace 0.25 Micron Units
Parameters of Grace 0.15 Micron Units
Parameters of 0.15 Micron Units (EDR)
Product Types of China's Resources Semiconductor
BCD Productivity Overview
Electronic Product Specifications of Lion
Wafer Fabs of TSMC
Personnel Organization of TSMC
Technical Features of TSMC 90 nm
Technical Features of TSMC Mixed Signal 
Technical Features of TSMC Mems 
Technical Features of TSMC BiCMOS
Technical Features of TSMC High Voltage Skill
Wafer Fabs of UMC 
UMC Major Investors and Cash Flow
UMS Staff Structure 2004-2006
Technical Features of UMS Mixed Signal/RFCMOS
Technical Features of UMS CMOS Image Sensor
Features of UMS High Voltage Skill
Features of Dongbu-Anam High Voltage Skill
Features of VIS Logical Circuit Design
Features of VIS Mixed Circuit Design
Features of VIS High Voltage Circuit Design
Technical Features of JAZZ Semiconductor BiCMOS and SiGe Foundry
Technical Features of JAZZ Semiconductor RFCMOS and Fixed Signal Foundry
Technical Features of JAZZ Semiconductor Digital CMOS Foundry
Technical Features of 1stSilicon
Episil Profit and Lose Q2, 2004-Q1, 2006 
IBM Income from Wafer Foundry 2001-2005
Design Service Suppliers of IBM Wafer Foundry
Brief Introduction of IBM130 Nanometer Platform
Technical Features of IBM130 Nanometer Platform Logic IC 
Technical Features of IBM130 Nanometer Skill Double Pole IC
Design Tools in IBM130 Nanometer Skill Platform
Property Overview of IBM130 Nanometer CMOS Image Sensor

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