China IC Card Market Report, 2004-2005
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The report described and analyzed the current status and development of China's IC card market, and studied in detail the world's most important 6 IC card chip suppliers and about 50 Chinese manufacturers specialized in IC card chip, COS, card assembly, and IC card related equipments.

According to Eurosmart (European smart card supplier alliance), the shipment of CPU card was 880 million pieces around the world in 2004, up by 31% compared to that of 2003. And it is predicted that the figure will be 1.5 billion in 2005.

The percentage of CPU card kept increasing along with the growth of the total shipment of IC card. In 2003, the shipment of CPU card accounted for 23.4% of the total shipment, while the percentage was 29.4% in 2004, and will be 39.2% in 2005. Though memory card is still mainstream in current global IC card market, CPU card will soon replace memory card and take the dominant position in IC card market due to the higher performance requirements for IC cards.

In 2004, China's IC card market was still one of the fastest growing IC card markets in the world. The shipment of China's IC card was about 563 million pieces in 2004, increasing 1.5 times compared to that of 2000. The shipment volume reached 5.04 billion yuan, increasing 4.32 times compared to that of 2000. This showed that China's IC card not only grew rapidly in quantity, but also leaped in quality. The shipment mainly targeted at telecommunication field, and the shipment for mobile phones and public phones took more than 2/3 of the total shipment; among which, shipment of mobile phone card was over 300 million, breaking the record. The annual shipment of CPU card accounted for 57%, and contactless card took 9%.

Thanks to the ID cards' issuance on an enlarged scale, it is predicted that the IC card shipment in 2005 will be increased by 36.1% compared to the previous year, reaching 766 million pieces; while the shipment volume will reach 9.305 billion Yuan due to the increase of the percentage of high-cost ID cards.

Utilizing the data of Ministry of Information Industry (MII), and considering the plans of Gold Card Project of MII on issuing 2-generation ID card and transferring bank card EMV, and factors like the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Pday Research Center forecasts the shipment and shipment volume of China's IC card from 2006 to 2008. By 2008, China's IC card shipment will reach 1.91 billion pieces, 2.49 times of that of 2005; while the shipment volume will reach 24.73 billion yuan, 2.66 times of that of 2005.

Due to the lag of the development of China's semiconductor industry, IC card chip design is always the weak part of China's IC card industry just as other electronic products. Currently, some important IC card markets are almost dominated by international semiconductor powers like Infineon, Renesas, Philips, ST, etc. China domestic IC card chip design enterprises take small shares, and the technological level and stability of their products are hanging behind. In IC card products, chips take over half of the cost; while card packaging can only gain very few profits.

Considering the information security, 2-generation IC card project must be handed to China domestic enterprises. Thus, foreign enterprises put emphasis on other promising smart card markets. Therefore, in China's IC card market, the competition between foreign enterprises and domestic ones focuses on mobile phone card. And actually the only domestic chip manufacturer that can compete with foreign counterparts is Datang Microelectronics.


1.IC Card and Related Knowledge
1.1 Definition of IC card
1.2 Classification of IC card
1.2.1 Contact IC card Memory Card Security Card CPU card (Smart Card)
1.2.2 Contactless IC card
1.2.3 Dual interface card Three structures of dual interface card Technological difficulties of dual interface card
1.2.4 JAVA card
1.3 Radio frequency identification (RFID)
1.4 Summary of IC card security mechanism
1.4.1 Manufacturer control phase
1.4.2 Issuance unit control phase
1.4.3 Issuance unit initialization phase
1.4.4 Five safe states of IC card under Safe Mode
1.5 International standards of IC card
1.5.1 Contact IC card standard: ISO 7816
1.5.2 Contactless IC card standard
1.6 Gold Card Project
1.7 IC card quality supervision and inspection organizations
1.8 Global IC card alliances
1.8.1 APSCA (Asia-Pacific Smart Card Association)
1.8.2 EuroSmart
1.8.3 Radicchio
1.8.4 SCA (Smart Card Alliance) 

2.EMV, Development Status Transferring Magcard to Smart Card
2.1 EMV standard
2.2 Background and Status Quo of International EMV Transfer
2.2.1 Background
2.2.2 Manners of EMV transfer
2.2.3 Status quo Europe U.S Asia-Pacific region Other regions
2.3 Background, standard and plan of China's EMV transfer
2.3.1 Background factors of China's banking industry EMV transfer
2.3.2 Plans of China's bank card EMV transfer Strategies and emphases of China's bank card EMV transfer Measures to promote EMV transfer
2.4 Status quo of China's bank card EMV transfer
2.4.1 China established EMV international authorization testing lab
2.4.2 ChinaPay started EMV transfer thoroughly
2.4.3 Smart card R&D of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China v.s. EMV transfer
2.4.4 Agricultural Bank of China rebuilt system to cope with EMV transfer
2.4.5 EMV transfer strategy of Bank of China
2.4.6 China Construction Bank's IC card issuance and EMV transfer 
2.4.7 China's first pilot EMV transfer city – Shanghai Five steps of Shanghai's EMV transfer Current status of Shanghai's bank card terminal
2.4.8 Beijing started EMV transfer
2.4.9 EMV transfer of POS machine

3.Current Status and Development of IC Card Market
3.1 Current status and prospects of global IC card market
3.2 Current status and prospects of China's IC card market
3.2.1 Shipment and its development of China's IC card Shipment of China's IC card in 2004 and its development in 2005 
3.2.2 Issuance and its development of China's IC card Retrospect of the issuance of China's IC card in 2004
3.3 China telecom IC cards' current status and development 
3.3.1 Mobile phone card market
3.3.2 China domestic enterprises become main force in producing mobile phone card
3.3.3 USIM card will become a new market highlight
3.3.4 Public phone IC card market will decline
3.3.5 PHS IPIM card market has been started
3.4 Current status and development of China's non-telecom IC cards
3.4.1 2-generation ID card 2-generation ID card and related markets First batch of enterprises that are qualified to produce 2-generation ID card devices
3.4.2 Transportation card Circulation Two development trends of transportation card
3.4.3 Social security card
3.4.4 Traditional campus card evolving into “one campus card for all”
3.4.5 Electronic label Relevant laws and regulations on electronic label Main application fields of China's electronic label Markets asking for large scale electronic labels Status quo of China's electronic label industry Status of the pilot electronic label units Major problems in electronic label application Wal-Mart's electronic label regulations
3.4.6 Tax-control card and tax-control machine Relevant policies on tax-control machine Definition and classifications of tax-control IC cards Tax-control machine and tax-control card markets
3.4.7 "Multi-functions of one card" promotes dual interface card market
3.5 Competition pattern of China's IC card market
3.5.1 Competition of China's IC card market in 2004
3.5.2 Evolvement of the competition pattern of the IC card manufacturers from home and abroad
3.5.3 Problems existing in China's IC card industry Chip design needs improvement Infineon's FCOS technology heightens future IC card technologies Matching application environment needs perfection among different industries

4.Research on IC Card Upstream Industries
4.1 Issuance flow of IC card
4.2 IC card industry chain
4.3 Patterns of IC card upstream industries
4.4 International upstream manufacturers of IC card
4.4.1 Infineon
4.4.2 ATMEL
4.4.3 Samsung
4.4.4 STMicroelectronics
4.4.5 Renesas
4.4.6 Philips

5.China's IC Card-related Manufacturers
5.1 Datang Microelectronics
5.1.1 Company profile
5.1.2 Financial achievements
5.1.3 IC card R&D
5.1.4 IC products
5.2 Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics
5.2.1 Company profile
5.2.2 IC card technology advantages
5.3 Shanghai Huahong Group
5.3.1 Company profile
5.3.2 Shanghai Huahong Jitong Smart Card System Co., Ltd
5.3.3 Shanghai Huahong Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd
5.3.4 Beijing Huahong IC Design Co., Ltd
5.4 Beijing Tsinghua Tongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd
5.4.1 Company profile
5.4.2 Products
5.5 Shanghai Belling
5.5.1 Company profile
5.5.2 Financial status
5.5.3 Products
5.5.4 Clients
5.5.5 Others
5.6 Huada Electronic Design Inc. Ltd.,HED
5.6.1 Company profile
5.6.2 Products
5.6.3 Application of the products
5.7 China Integrated Circuit Design Center (CIDC)
5.7.1 Company profile
5.7.2 Products
5.8 Institute of Microelectronics of Tsinghua University
5.8.1 Company profile
5.9 Gemplus
5.9.1 Company profile
5.9.2 Client relationship
5.9.3 Joint ventures
5.9.4 Contacts
5.10 Watchdata
5.10.1 Company profile
5.10.2 Operating income
5.10.3 Products
5.10.4 Clients
5.44 Beijing Chuangfeng Jin-an
5.44.1 Company profile
5.44.2 Products
5.45 Start
5.45.1 Company profile
5.45.2 Products
5.45.3 Partners
Shipment of various IC cards worldwide, 2003-2005 
Circulation of IC cards globally, 1999-2005
Market shares of China's various IC cards by shipment, 2004
Circulation of China's IC cards, 1996-2008
Accumulated circulation of the transportation cards in major cities
Market share comparison of major manufacturers from home and abroad
China's top 10 IC card manufacturers
IC card production capacity of Datang Microelectronics
IC card products of Datang Microelectronics
IC card products of Fudan Microelectronics
List of products of Shanghai Belling
TProduct list of HED

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