China Automotive Electronics Industry Chain Report, 2005
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This report gives a comprehensive perspective into the current market conditions of China’s automotive electronics industry, the landscape of the enterprises competition and the relationships between the industrial chains. It also helps to understand the technical bottleneck of automotive electronic products and the changes of the market, and it analyzes the relationship between upstream vendors and downstream vendors and their market performance. It shows the status of demand and supply and the macro- environment for automotive industry, and it helps to gain insight into the functionalities of automotive electronic products and into the market opportunities. In order to make all those analyses, Research In China has dug up deeply information and data on more than hundreds enterprises concerned in automobile industry, translated and organized the related foreign reports and articles; and finally compiled this report.

The automobile sales (unit:10 thousand ) and automobile electronics market scale ( unit: RMB 100 million) changes from 2001-2005


Market structure forecast of China's automotive semiconductor electronics from 2003-2007. (Unit: RMB 100 million)

There are more than 1000 Chinese automotive electronic components vendors, but most of them focus on segments with low technological contents, such as automotive audio systems and automobile communication. As too many vendors come into these segments, the supply exceeds the demand and some vendors have been suffering serious losses. However, the segments of engine electronics, chassis electronics, body electronics and others that are characterized by high technological contents and high added-value are almost all monopolized by foreign vendors and joint ventures.

At present, the government requirements for automobiles safety and environmental friendliness are increasingly strict; and the consumers expect a better driving experience, high performance vehicles, improved onboard entertainment, and appropriate facilities for office work; moreover, in China, the average expenditure on automotive electronics just accounts for 4.8% of the total value of the car, whereas the global average expenditure is 26.2%. All of this means automotive electronics need to be more and more applied in China. Therefore, the potential for China's automotive electronics is huge and attracts many giants from industries such as home electronics, communications, etc.

In March 2004, Amoi announced the establishment of a joint venture with South East (Fujian) Motor Co., Ltd, to manufacture automotive electronics;

In April 2004, Motorola announced the set-up of a factory in Tianjin for manufacturing automotive electronic accessories

In June 2004, Panasonic set up Tianjin Panasonic Automotive Electronic Development Co., Ltd, manufacturing automotive multimedia products, such as high quality audio and video products.

In June, 2004, Neusoft Group and Alpine Electronics (China) Co., Ltd jointly set up Neusoft Automotive Electronics R&D Center, providing automotive electronics products to BMW, Benz, etc.

In June, 2004, Guangdong Desay Group, who is mainly engaged in the business of disk player, audio and video, energy and optoelectronics display, announced huge investments into automotive audio industry and planned to take 2~3 years to establish a strong brand in the automotive electronic market.

In the first half of 2004, TCL stated that they would enter the automotive electronics market.


1.Overview of automotive electronic industry
1.1 Development of foreign automotive electronic industries
1.1.1 Industrial development history and current conditions
1.1.2 Market development and current conditions
1.1.3 Technological development and current conditions
1.2 China’s automotive electronic industrial development
1.2.1 Overview 
1.2.2 Current situation 
1.3 Market demand analysis 
1.3.1 Global automotive electronics market demand
1.3.2 Chinese automobile market demand
1.3.3 Chinese automotive electronic market demand

2.Car manufacturers 
2.1 Sedan manufacturers
2.1.1 Shanghai Volkswagen
2.1.2 FAW Volkswagen
2.1.3 Shanghai GM
2.1.4 Guangzhou-Honda 
2.1.5 Tianjin FAW Automobile
2.1.6 Changan Suzuki
2.1.7 Shanghai Automotive 
2.1.8 Chery Automobile 
2.1.9 Greely Automotive
2.1.10 Dongfeng Nissan diesel 
2.1.11 Other manufacturers
2.2 Passenger car manufacturers
2.2.1 Zhengzhou Yutong
2.2.2 Golden Dragon
2.2.3 King Long (Shuzhou)
2.2.4 Mudan Automobile 
2.2.5 Henan Shaolin 
2.2.6 Xiamen Golden Dragon
2.2.7 Jiangsu Youyi
2.2.8 Dandong Huanghai
2.2.9 Yangzhou Yaxing
2.2.10 Zhong Tong Bus
2.2.11 Other manufactures
2.3 Truck manufacturers
2.3.1 FAW
2.3.2 Dong Feng
2.3.3 Beiqi Foton 
2.3.4 Jianghuai 
2.3.5 Qingling
2.3.6 Liuzhou Wuling
2.3.7 Changhe
2.3.8 Jiangling Motors
2.3.9 Changan Automobile 
2.3.10 Other manufacturers

3.Car component manufacturers
3.1 Delphi
3.2 Bosch
3.3 Visteon
3.4 Denso
3.5 Other manufacturers

4.Automotive electronics manufacturers
4.1 Market overview
4.2 automotive audio manufacturers
4.2.1 Sony
4.2.2 Clarion
4.2.3 Pioneer
4.2.4 ALPINE
4.2.7 JVC
4.2.8 Rockford
4.2.9 KICKER
4.2.10 JL
4.2.30 Heyuan Haolilai Telecom., Ltd
4.2.31 Hangzhou Yusong Electronic Technology 
4.2.32 Winners Technology Development Co., Ltd.
4.2.33 Shenzhen Sunflower Technology Co., Ltd.
4.2.34 Shenzhen Kaiser Electronics Co., Ltd.
4.2.35 Bosstar Technology Co. ,Ltd.
4.2.36 Other vendors
4.3 Chinese GPS vendors
4.3.1 Shengzhen SEG Scientific Navigations Co., Ltd
4.3.2 Shanghai Yongge Electronics Tech. Co., LTD.
4.3.3 Beijing Shengji Hengxin Technology Development Co., Ltd.
4.3.4 Beijing BDStar Navigation Tech. Co., Ltd.
4.3.5 Beijing Trailhead Information Tech. Co., Ltd.
4.3.6 Shanghai Zhichuan Tech. Co., Ltd.
4.3.7 Shandong Wucheng Electronics Tech. Co., Ltd.
4.3.8 Guangzhou Zihe Electronics Tech. Co., Ltd.
4.3.9 Hangzhou Qiujing Tech. Co., Ltd.
4.3.27 Shanghai Quanrun Information
4.3.28 Shenzhen SEG Communication Co., Ltd.
4.3.29 Shanghai Llingyu Automotive Electronics
4.3.30 Shenzhen Maxwell Tech. Co., Ltd.
4.3.31 Taiwan Boshuo
4.3.32 Beijing Secugis Hitech CO., Ltd.
4.3.33 Taiwan MiTAC
4.3.34 Taiwan J&J Technology Inc.
4.3.35 Taiwan Junbang
4.4 Foreign GPS vendors
4.4.1 Clarion
4.4.2 TOPCON
4.4.3 ICOM
4.4.4 Alpine Electronics
4.4.5 Denso
4.4.6 Kenwood
4.4.7 Sony
4.4.8 Fujitsu
4.4.9 Pioneer
4.4.10 Panasonic
4.4.11 Aisin AW
4.4.25 Javad
4.4.26 CSI
4.4.27 Sychip
4.4.28 Trimble
4.4.29 Honeywell
4.4.30 DDS
4.5 Automotive communication manufacturers
4.5.1 Beijing Huaxun Goldwave Communcation Tech Co., Ltd
4.5.2 Beijing Xinghe Telecom
4.5.3 Beijing Heruitong Tech. Co., Ltd.
4.5.4 Guangzhou Shuangteng
4.5.5 Motorola(China)Electronics Co., Ltd.
4.5.6 Beifeng Electronic Communication Facility Co., Ltd
4.5.7 Texgar (Holdings) Ltd.
4.5.8 Shanghai Guanghan Telecom
4.5.9 Shenzhen Friendcom Technology Development Co. Ltd.
4.6 Walkie Talkie manufacturers
4.6.1 Shenzhen CXD company
4.6.2 Guangzhou Dibo Telecommunication Equipment
4.6.3 Fujian Quanzhou Baojia Communication Equipment
4.6.4 ICOM
4.6.5 Shenzhen HYT Science & Tech. Co., Ltd.
4.6.6 Zhejiang Rainbow Electronics CO., Ltd.
4.6.7Shenzhen Hoffer Electronics Co., Ltd.
4.6.8 Guangzhou Weierwei Electronic Science & Tech. Co. ,Ltd.
4.6.9 Fujian Quanzhou Puxing Electron
4.6.10 Shenzhen Odessa Industrial Co., Ltd.
4.6.11 Shenzhen Huatong Communication Co., Ltd.
4.7 Car phones vendors
4.7.1 Shenzhen SEG Science Navigations Co., Ltd.
4.8 Car PC vebdors
4.8.1 Microsoft
4.8.2 sun
4.8.3 WindRiver

5.Vendors of automotive semiconductors 
5.1 Overview of automotive semiconductors industry
5.2 Vendors of automotive ECU/MCU
5.2.1 Motorola
5.2.2 infineon
5.2.3 ST
5.2.4 Renesas
5.2.5 Toshiba
5.2.6 NEC
5.2.7 Philips
5.2.8 Bosch
5.2.9 TI
5.2.10 Intel
5.2.11 Beijing Hengrun Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
5.2.12 Other vendors 
5.3 Vendors of automotive transducers 
5.3.1 Honeywell Inc
5.3.2 Mianyang Weibo Electronics Co., Ltd.
5.3.3 Collilligh
5.3.4 Fujitsu
5.3.5 Maxim
5.3.6 Ningbo Galaxy Auto Electron Co., Ltd.
5.3.21 Guangzhou Taizhen Electronics Co., Ltd.
5.3.22 Wenzhou Xintian Group
5.3.23 Ningbo Shunjiang Auto Parts
5.3.24 Zhangjiagang leda Automobile Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
5.2.25 Heilongjiang Sensitivity Technology Industry
5.3.26 Liaoning Linghe Auto Engine Manufactory
5.3.27 Other vendors

6.The classification and market of automotive electronics products
6.1 Engine electroncs
6.1.1 EFI system
6.1.2 Electronic ignition system
6.1.3 EGAS system
6.1.4 Electronic Controlled Variable Displacement System
6.1.5 Electronic Controlled Variable Induction System
6.1.6 Electronic Controlled Variable Valve Timing and Lift System 
6.1.7 Electrical EGR
6.1.8 Electronic Controlled Electrical Fun
6.2 Chassis electronics
6.2.1 ABS
6.2.2 TCS
6.2.3 EPS
6.2.4 EBD
6.2.5 EBS
6.2.6 ASR
6.2.7 VDC
6.2.8 EDS
6.2.9 DSC
6.2.10 ADS
6.2.11 Tire Monitoring System 
6.3 Vehicle body electronics
6.3.1 Antenna
6.3.2 Air bag Supplemental Restraint System(SRS)
6.3.3 Three Points Safety Belt
6.3.4 Electrical Door Lock
6.3.5 Electrical Windows
6.3.6 Electronic Controlled Inside-Car Environmental Monitoring System
6.4 Communication and navigation electronics
6.4.1 GPS Receiving Devices
6.4.2 E-Map
6.4.3 GSM Receiving System
6.4.4 Communication Equipments
6.4.5 On-vehicle GPS Monitoring System
6.4.6 Automotive Software
6.4.7 Automotive System for Office Work 
6.4.8 Network Equipments
6.4.9 CCS
6.5 Entertainment and safety electronics
6.5.1 Audio and Video devices
6.5.2 Air Conditioning
6.5.3 Alarming devices
6.5.4 Anti-theft devices
6.5.5 Car Reversing Radar 
6.5.6 Anti-collision Radar
6.5.7 Video Inspection System
6.5.8 Automobile Communication System
6.5.9 Auto-driving system
6.5.10 Driver Conditions Supervision System
6.5.11 Intelligent Security System
6.6 Vehicle Maintenance, Diagnoses and Test electronis
6.6.1 Electronic Four-wheel Locator
6.6.2 Comprehensive Fault Diagnoser
6.6.3 Revolving Drum Test Table
6.6.4 Vehicle Overall Performance Tester
6.6.5 Displacement Analyzer
6.6.6 Decoder
6.6.7 Vehicle Test Line

7.The cooperative relations in the industrial chain
7.1 Relations between car manufacturers and components manufacturers
7.2 Relations between car manufacturers and automotive electronics manufacturers
7.3 Engine manufacturers and their partners
7.4 Chassis electronics manufacturers and their partners
7.5 Vehicle body electronics manufacturers and their partners
7.6 Automotive electronics manufacturers and their partners
7.7 Vehicle maintenance equipment manufacturers and their partners

8.Automobile laws and regulations
8.1 Automobile Emissions Standard and Policies
8.1.1 Standard index
8.1.2 National First Phase Motor Vehicle Emission Standard
8.1.3 National Second Phase Motor Vehicle Emission Standard
8.1.4 National Third Phase Motor Vehicle Emission Standard
8.1.5 Introductions to the main national standards on motor vehicle emission
8.1.6 Beijing Motor Vehicle Emission Standards and Implementation Time Table
8.1.7 Shanghai Motor Vehicle Emission Standards and Implementation Time Table
8.1.8 Guangzhou Motor Vehicle Emission Standards and Implementation Time Table
8.1.9 Europe Motor Vehicle Emission Standards and Implementation Time Table
8.1.10 Other countries' Motor Vehicle Emission Standards and Implementation Time Table
8.2 Car loan laws and regulations
8.2.1 Rules of law on "Car loan management measures", promulgated in 2004
8.2.2 Rules of law on "Car consuming loan management measures", promulgated in 1998
8.2.3 Analysis on the highlights of newly promulgated management measures
The development courses of global automotive electronic products
The production value trends of global automotive electronic market from 2002-2010
The sales growth trends of global automotive electronic market from 2002-2007 
Market share comparison between Chinese and foreign enterprises in China's automotive electronic market.
The market scale and growth rate of China's automotive semiconductor market from 2001-2004 
Global market share distribution for the top 10 automotive semiconductor products in 2003
The cost proportion of various automotive electronic products
Chart of Automotive electronic industrial chains
The proportions of various automobile enterprises in China
Demand and market scale growth of China’s automotive electronic market from 2000-2010
The classification of automotive electronic products
The sales revenue of Shanghai Volkswagen form 1985-2003
List of major truck manufacturers in china
Motorola's clients for automotive electronic products

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