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The output and sales volume of automobile in China in 2006 reached 7.2797 million units and 7.2160 million units respectively, each up by 27.32% and 25.13%,which indicated that China has become world second-largest automobile consumer market next to US, and the domestic automobile sales in 2007 is expected to grow at around 15%, exceeding 8 million units. The rapidly growing automobile market of China activates the whole automobile industry chain; car audio sector sees a good momentum, and its before-market penetration has reached 100%.

Sales Volume and Growth of Car Audio in China, 2003-2007

Car audio market is divided into two parts: one is OEM market which means that car makers take a certain OEM brand as the standard figuration of their cars during the car production; another is retail market which means the terminal retail market aiming at consumers, mainly the car audio shop. OEM has occupied majority of domestic car audio market share, and demands in car audio OEM market in 2006 were roughly 7.2 million sets and such market size is estimated to hit more than 10 million sets in 2010.

OEM for Car Audio of Leading Car Makers

The car audio retail market is small in scale but with great potentials as consumers pursue high quality of car audio and individualization. While after-sales market scale accounts for over 70% of total in the developed countries. Therefore, the after-sales market of car audio in China is expected to become larger in proportion and to witness a rapid growth.

Overall, rapidly growing automobile market in China will no doubt bring great opportunities to car audio market which tends to grow annually at around 10% on the average in the forthcoming four years.

This report has five chapters. Chapter 1 gives an introduction on car audio industry; Chapter 2 makes a detailed description of global and Chinese car audio industry and development status before a in-depth analysis; Chapter 3 presents the basic information and latest news of domestic world-class car audio makers; Chapter 4 shows an analysis on car audio's purchase and brands; and Chapter 5 summarizes and forecasts the developing trend of car audio industry.

1. Car audio system overview
1.1 Car audio system constitutions
1.1.1 Source unit
1.1.2 Amplifier
1.1.3 Speaker
1.2 Car audio summary  

2.Current status and trends of car audio market
2.1 China auto market status
2.2 World car audio market status
2.3 China car audio market status
2.3.1 OEM market status
2.3.2 Retail accessories market status
2.4 Trends of China car audio market

3. Car audio makers and brands
3.1 Japanese and South Korean manufacturers
3.1.1 Clarion
3.1.2 Pioneer
3.1.3 Panasonic
3.1.4 Alpine
3.1.5 Sony
3.1.6 Kenwood
3.1.7 JVC
3.1.8 Sanyo
3.1.9 Fujitsu Ten
3.1.10 Daewoo
3.1.11 Nakamichi
3.2 The USA car audio manufacturers
3.2.1 Kicker
3.2.2 Rockford
3.2.3 MTX
3.2.4 JL
3.2.5 Audio Control
3.2.6 McIntosh
3.2.7 Boston 
3.2.8 Dynamat
3.2.9 RODEK
3.3 European car audio manufacturers
3.3.1 Siemens VDO
3.3.2 Bosch
3.3.3 Philips
3.3.4 Mannesmann
3.3.5 Focal
3.3.6 Audison
3.3.7 Dragster
3.3.8 MBQuart
3.3.9 Heco
3.3.10 DLS
3.3.11 RENO
3.3.12 DALI
3.3.13 Dynaudio
3.3.14 DEGO 
3.3.15 Inbow
3.4 Chinese car audio manufacturers
China Mainland manufacturers
3.4.1 Hangsheng Electronics
3.4.2 Jiangsu Toppower
3.4.3 Jiangsu Orient Power
3.4.4 Foryou Group
3.4.5 Shenzhen Honyas
3.4.6 Shenzhen Baoling Electronics
3.4.7 Tianjin Hyundai Hangsheng
3.4.8 Amoi
3.4.9 skyworth-RGB
3.4.10 SVA
3.4.11 Shanghai Kaige Roadstar
3.4.12 Shenzhen Yubao
3.4.13 Shenzhen Mele Digital Technology Ltd
3.4.14 Coagent
3.4.15 Guangzhou Zhaoxing Electronics
3.4.16 Yinsheng Automobile Audio
3.4.17 Bosshifi Car Audio
3.4.18 Guangzhou Yuanzhi
3.4.19 Beijing Beimai
3.4.20 Shockwave
3.4.21 Geliang
3.4.22 Chongqing Shenyu
3.4.23 Jiangmen Zhongyi
3.4.24 Hangzhou Yusong 
3.4.25 Shenzhen Athign
3.4.26 Shenzhen East China Digital
3.4.27 Shenzhen Kovan Sound
3.4.28 Shenzhen Shengyilang
3.4.29 Shenzhen Zhongcaixing
3.4.30 Shenzhen Tiger
3.4.31 Shenzhen Sunflower 
3.4.32 Shenzhen Kaisor
3.4.33 Jieyang Tinly
3.4.34 Beijing 797 Audio
3.4.35 Liaoning No.2 Radio Factory 
3.4.36 Juda Car Audio
3.4.37 Huizhou Freeway Electronics
3.4.38 Ti88
3.4.39 Shenzhen Korex
3.4.40 Guangzhou Zefeng
3.4.41 Hedun Electrical Appliance
3.4.42 Heyuan Haolilai
3.4.43 Shenzhen Keshengda
3.4.44 Shenzhen Car Friend Electronics
3.4.45 Guangdong ZhongOu
3.4.46 Zhongshan Tanlon
3.4.47 Guangzhou Chelong
3.4.48 Shenzhen Wanhualong
3.4.49 Nansheng Electronics
3.4.50 Dongguan Yujia Electronics
3.4.51 Futer Electronics
3.4.52 Shenzhen Dechang
Taiwan manufacturers
3.4.53 Bcom
3.4.54 E-lead Electronic
3.4.55 Quanta Storage
3.4.56 Chesen
3.4.57 Bosetar
3.4.58 Khsaudio

4. Consumption analysis of car audio after-sale market
4.1 Survey of factors affecting car audio purchasing
4.2 Consumers' favorite car audio brands
4.3 Customer survey: audio system and price acceptance 
4.4 Consumer classification and demand investigation
4.5 Dealer survey: most wanted support from manufacturers
4.6 Survey on operations of car audio market
4.6.1 Overall sales
4.6.2 Popular brands
4.6.3 Refitting price
4.7 Sales channels of car audio in China
4.8 Feedback from dealers

5. Conclusions and viewpoints
Constitution of car audio system 
Sales and growth rate of car audio source units in China 2003-2007
Sales and growth rate of car amplifiers in China 2003-2007
Sales and growth rate of car speakers in China 2003-2007
Sales and growth rate of cars in China 2003-2007
Market scale of car audio, video and navigation worldwide, 2004-2010
Market share of leading car audio system manufacturers worldwide, 2005
Sales and growth rate of car audio in China 2003-2007
Price and type of mainstream products in the audio market of China, 2006
Framework of China car audio market, 2006
Sales of car DVD, CD and cassette, 2002-2006
Market scale of car DVD, CD and cassette, 2002-2006
Framework of China car audio cassette, CD/DVD market, 2006
Sales and growth rate of car audio OEM in China, 2003-2007
Retail sales and growth rate of car audio in China, 2003-2007
Structure of retail car audio market in China
Share trend of independent brands of car audio in China
Organizational structure of Baoling Electronics Co., Ltd
Motives of consumers purchasing car audio
Consumers' major considerations when purchasing car audio in 2004
Attention of consumers to product performance while purchasing car audio
Consumers' favorite car audio brands
Ratio of car audio brands in mind
Popular package for car audio sales 
Survey on consumers' price acceptance degree for car audio source unit and amplifier 
Manufacturers' supports dealers want most
Major operation models of car audio in 2004
Price list of some retail source units in China
List of global car audio makers that have set factories in China
Function list of car audio systems made in China
Major auto manufacturers' OEM sound system providers
Four trends of car audio in China
List of car makers taking Clarion as OEM
Clarion car audio system
Clarion car CD source unit
Clarion car VCD source unit
Clarion car audio amplifier products
Clarion car audio speaker products
Major products and capacity of Dongguan Dongkeng Clarion Electronics Factory
Major products and capacity of Xiamen Clarion Electronics Enterprise Co., Ltd
Pioneer car audio system
Pioneer car CD source unit
Pioneer car audio amplifier products
Pioneer car audio speaker products
Pioneer car audio companies in China
Car audio products OEM
Pioneer car source unit products
Panasonic car audio speaker products
Alpine car CD source unit
Alpine car DVD system
Alpine car audio amplifier products
Alpine car audio speaker products
Alpine car audio companies in China
Sony car DVD source unit
Sony car audio amplifier products
Sony car audio speaker products
KENWOOD car CD source unit
KENWOOD car audio amplifier products
KENWOOD car audio speaker products
JVC car CD source unit
JVC car audio speaker products
Sanyo car audio in China's market
Fujitsu Ten car audio amplifier products
Naka Michi car CD source unit
KICKER car audio amplifier products
KICKER car audio speaker products
KICKER's agents in China
Patents of Rockford
Car audio brands under Rockford
Rockford car audio speaker products
Rockford car audio amplifier products
MTX car audio speaker products
JL car audio amplifier products
Performance of Mcintosh amplifier
Mcintosh speaker system list
Characteristics of BOSTON Pro series products
Overview of BOSTON car speaker 
BOSTON car speaker products
BOSTON car amplifier products
Car VCD source unit of Siemens VDO
Ranking of PHILIPS by main product
FOCAL car speaker products
List of MBQuart car speaker products
MBQuart car amplifier products
HECO car speaker products
DLS car audio products and characteristics
DLS car speaker products
DLS car amplifier products
RENO car audio products and characteristics
DALI car speaker products
Parameters of Dynaudio car audio speaker
Parameters of Dynaudio car audio frequency divider
Package price of Dynaudio car audio
Parameters of MW150
Major clients of Shenzhen Hangsheng Electronics
List of car audio products of Shenzhen Hangsheng Electronics
List of car audio products of Jiangsu Toppower
List of car audio & video products of Jiangsu Orient Power
List of car audio & video products of Foryou Group
Amplifier products of Foryou Group
List of car audio products of Shenzhen Honyas
List of car audio products of Shenzhen Baoling Electronics
Amplifier products of Shenzhen Baoling Electronics
List of car multimedia products of Amoi
List of some car multimedia products of Skyworth
List of car audio & video products of SVA
Recommended best package of car audio & video products of SVA
List of car audio products of Shanghai Kaige Roadstar
Speaker products of Shanghai Kaige Roadstar
List of car audio products of Shenzhen Yubao
List of car audio products of Coagent
Speaker products of Coagent
List of car audio products of Guangzhou Zhaoxing Electronics
Export destination countries and export volume of car audio products of Zhaoxing Electronics
List of car audio products of Yinsheng
Amplifier products of Yinsheng
Speaker products of Yinsheng
List of car audio products of Bosshifi 
Amplifier products of Bosshifi
Speaker products of Bosshifi 
List of car multimedia products of Yuanzhi
Characteristics of car audio products of Beimai
List of car audio products of Shockwave
Speaker products of Shockwave
List of car audio products of Geliang
List of car audio products of Zhongyi
List of car audio & video products of Yusong
Characteristics and advantages of car audio products of Athign
Car digital sound products and characteristics of East China Digital
List of car digital sound products of Kovan Sound
Amplifier products of Kootail
Speaker products of Kootail
Technologies of Kootail speaker products
List of car DVD products of Zhongcaixing
List of car DVD products of Sunflower
List of car DVD products of Kaisor
Amplifier products of Tinly
Speaker products of Tinly
Ranking of Liaoning No. 2 Radio Factory at the 20th Top 100 Electronics China 2006
Detailed information on Huizhou Freeway Electronics
List of car audio products of Guangzhou Zefeng
Product list of Bcom
List of car multimedia products of E-lead Electronics
Product list of Quanta Storage
Bosetar amplifier products
Bosetar speaker products

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