China Pharmaceutical Industry Report, 2006-2007
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In Jan-Feb 2007, Product sales revenue of China pharmaceutical industry rose by 17.8% year-on-year and, the gross profits increased by 29.6% from a year earlier.

It is noteworthy that the sales of chemical raw material medicine kept a fast growth and so did the Chinese traditional patent medicine. With the rising price of raw material medicine, the profit also grew rapidly. Besides, there is a sharp increase in the profit of chemical medicine and Chinese traditional patent medicine. Only the growth of the profit of biological medicine was slightly lower than that of the same period of 2006. Except for chemical preparation medicine, the profit margin of each subsidiary industry was all below the level of the year 2006 around, but higher than the same period of last year.

Monthly Sales Income and Growth of Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing, 2005-2007

Monthly Profits and Growth of Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing, 2005-2007

Statistical Production/Sales Ratio of Pharmaceutical Industry

1 Operation of Pharmaceutical Industry in 2005-2007 (by Feb)
1.1 Overall Performance
1.2 Subsidiary Industries
1.2.1 Chemical Raw Material Medicine Industry
1.2.2 Chemical Preparation Medicine Industry
1.2.3 Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine
1.2.4 Biological and Biochemical Medicine Industry

2 Major Enterprises Analysis
2.1 Huarun-associated Enterprises
2.1.1 Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2.1.2 Beijing Double-crane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2.1.3 Shanghai Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.
2.1.3 Beijing Wandong Medical Equipment
2.2 Enterprises with Overall Listing
2.2.1 Beijing Tongrentang (Group) Co., Ltd.
2.2.2 Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd.
2.2.3 East China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2.2.4 Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2.3 Small-category Raw Material Pharmaceutical Enterprises
2.3.1 Hubei Guangji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2.3.2 Zhejiang Hangzhou Xinfu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2.4 Others
2.4.1 Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2.4.2 Shandong Dong-E E-jiao Co., Ltd.
Monthly Sales Income and Growth of Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Monthly Profits and Growth of Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Profit Margin of Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing by Month, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Pharmaceutical Retailing Index in China, 2004-2007 (by Feb)
Statistical Production/Sales Ratio of Pharmaceutical Industry
Structure of Pharmaceutical Sales Revenue in China, Jan-Feb 2007
Structure of Pharmaceutical Profit in China, Jan-Feb 2007
YoY Growth Rate of Pharmaceutical Sales Revenue in China, Jan-Feb 2007
YoY Growth Rate of Pharmaceutical Profit in China, Jan-Feb 2007
Statistics on Pre-tax Profit Margin of Pharmaceutical Products, Jan-Feb 2007
Statistics on Expenditure Rate of Pharmaceutical Period in China, Jan-Feb 2007
Monthly Sales Revenue and Growth of Chemical Raw Material Medicine, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Monthly Profit and Growth of Chemical Raw Material Medicine, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Monthly Profit Margin of Chemical Raw Material Medicine, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Monthly Sales Revenue and Growth of Chemical Preparation Medicine, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Monthly Profit and Growth of Chemical Preparation Medicine, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Monthly Profit Margin of Chemical Preparation Medicine, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Monthly Sales Revenue and Growth of Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Monthly Profit and Growth of Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Monthly Profit Margin of Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Monthly Sales Revenue and Growth of Biological and Biochemical Medicine, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Monthly Profit and Growth of Biological and Biochemical Medicine, 2005-2007 (by Feb)
Monthly Profit Margin of Biological and Biochemical Medicine, 2005-2007 (by Feb)

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