China Fingerprint Identification Chip Market Report, 2007
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The principles of finger identification are similar to those of other biological identification technologies. It uses fingerprints of human body to distinguish and identify individual identity. Among all biological identification technologies, the fingerprint identification technology is the most mature and most widely used. This is because it is very simple for people to collect fingerprints and fingerprint identification is highly accurate, only following iris identification by a gap of one millionth.

In 2007-2012 Global Biometric Identification Market Report issued by IBG, scale of global biometric identification market in the next five years is estimated. And it's also estimated that it will exceed USD 3 billion in 2007, reach USD 3.8 billion in 2008 and exceed USD 7.4 billion in 2012.

Meanwhile, market shares of global fingerprint identification technology in 2007 are also reported to reach 58.9% in the report (including AFIS and non-AFIS fingerprint application), being far more than that in 2006 and far exceeding that of other biometric identification technologies. Undoubtedly, it has showed that acceptance and application of fingerprint identification has stepped into a "fast lane".

According to the statistics of the domestic sale and export of the domestic biological identification products, the sales revenue of China biological identification market amounted to about RMB 860 million in 2006, and more than 97% was from the biological identification products, the domestic equipment was in the main stream, as well as a large number of products were exported. Calculating by the sales volume, the export accounted for about 28%.

From the prospective of the life cycle of market and industry, China biological identification and industry has finished the lead-in period and the most of the growth period, and going on the mature period gradually. In 2006, the domestic biological identification products not only dominated the domestic market, but also walked towards to the international market.

The fingerprint identification technology and product still situated the leading position in China biological identification industry, besides the palm identification, the other identification technologies all situated in the preliminary popularization period. While face identification and iris identification both have achieved the dramatic development and promotion, and they will have the very new market behavior in the following one to two years. According to the analysis, there was not much change of China biological identification market application in 2006 to previous years, the fingerprint lock, attendance and access control still played the leading role. The fingerprint door lock product was still the biological identification products with the largest export volume. While most of the fingerprint identification attendance and access control equipment were sold to overseas market with OEM due to lack of its own market channel now.

It is forecasted that China fingerprint identification market scale will remain the rapid increase in 2007. and the growth margin will reach 60% to RMB 960 million, and it will reach RMB 4.651 billion in 2011.

The fingerprint NB, fingerprint U disk, and fingerprint door lock became the best sellers in 2006, and their sales volume had increased dramatically, while the intelligence card with the good combination of biological identification technology had been wiped out basically. There were nearly 20 manufacturers that launched fingerprint NB successively in 2005, covering the mainstream NB manufacturers. The former PCD division of IBM issued the fingerprint NB was regarded as the most important event in the biological identification field by the large the biological identification manufacturers in the world, and in 2006, nearly all the NB brands had launched the fingerprint identification NB products, especially in the middle and high-end commercial computer field, while the desktop also started to focus on the fingerprint identification system. Tsinghua Tongfang issued the New Chaoyang series of PC with Microchip, which is the beginning of the fingerprint identification PC, and then more and more fingerprint identification PC and NB products will be launched. The fingerprint U disk was the fingerprint product with the largest change in the product shape in 2005, since the main-controlling chip manufacturers strengthened the R&D solution (there are 7 or 8 mature solutions in China now), it launched the virtual drive can install the main-controlling chip automatically, and then the usability of the product strengthened a lot. Meanwhile, the average price of the fingerprint sensor had dropped to USD 5 from USD 15, so the cost of the fingerprint U disk was just RMB 100 higher than the common U disk (with the same capacity), and it is possible to expand the large scale. In the aspect of the fingerprint door lock, although the technology of the domestic fingerprint door lock was comparatively backward, especially in the field of the combination of the fingerprint chip and control circuit, while the market recognition was improving and the export was improved rapidly.

List of Computer with Fingerprint Identification System, 2007


It is acknowledged that for the increasing demand for safety of personal data, information and capital, and imrpovement of size, cost, accuracy and technology of fingerprint identification sensor, fingerprint identification products have extended form traditional attendance, door lock and lockfast to consumer electronics field with large shipment such as mobile handset, desktop/notebook, and PC peripheral equipments, which have a large group of followers. So it is estimated that China fingerprint identification products will be increasingly applied.

1 Overview of Fingerprint Identification Systems and Products
1.1 Definition and Structure of the Industry Chain
1.2 Technical Courses and Trend
1.2.1 Fingerprint Arithmetic
1.2.2 Special Chips for Fingerprint
1.2.3 Fingerprint Control Circuit
1.3 Development Trend of Fingerprint Identification System Industry

2 Fingerprint Identification System Provider Research
2.1 International Manufacturers
2.1.1 AuthenTec
2.1.2 Symwave
2.1.3 Atmel
2.1.4 FingerPrint Card
2.1.5 UPEK
2.1.6 LighTuning
2.1.7 ATRUA
2.2 Manufacturers in Mainland China
2.2.1 ADEL
2.2.2 ZK Group Inc.
2.2.3 Shenzhen AraTek Biometrics Technology Co., Ltd
2.2.4 PKU Hi-Tech Co., Ltd
2.2.5 Miaxis Biometrics Co., Ltd
2.2.6 Changchun Hongda High-Tech Group Co., Ltd
2.2.7 Shenzhen Netsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd
2.2.8 Zhejiang Wellcom Science Technology Co., Ltd
2.2.9 Beijing ZTEway Biotech Co., Ltd
2.2.10 Beijing Hisign Technology Co., Ltd
2.2.11 Xiamen Fingerpass Smartech Co., Ltd
2.2.12 Xi'an Qingsong Technology Co., Ltd (QSTECH)

3 Fingerprint Identification System Application Field
3.1 Scratch Fingerprint Identification System Application Field
3.1.1 PC and NB Application
3.1.2 Application in Cell Phone and PDA
3.1.3 Application in Other Computer Peripherals
3.1.4 Applications in Other Digital Products
3.1.5 Application in e-commerce and mobile payment
3.1.6 Applications in Lock and Work Attendance System
3.1.7 Application in Automobile
3.1.8 Application in Bank and Other Fields
3.2 Application of Optical Fingerprint Identification System
3.2.1 Application in Access Control System
3.2.2 Application in Locks
3.2.3 Application in Other Products

4 Fingerprint Identification System Consumer Analysis
4.1 Consumer Analysis of Fingerprint Identification System Security Products
4.2 Consumer Analysis of Fingerprint Identification System Digital Products

5 Conclusion and Suggestions of Research
5.1 Conclusion
5.1.1 Output and Output Value of China Fingerprint Identification Market
5.1.2 Forecast of China Fingerprint Identification Market Scale in 2007-2011
5.1.3 Main Providers of China Fingerprint Identification Products
5.1.4 Classification of China Major Fingerprint Identification Products and the Proportion
5.1.5 Main Commercial Modes of China Fingerprint Identification System Market
5.2 Suggestions
5.2.1 Market Opportunities Analysis
5.2.2 Suggestions for Business Model Expansion
5.2.3 Market Risks & Avoidance
5.2.4 Marketing Strategy and Product Strategy
System of Fingerprint Identification
Work Flowchart of the Fingerprint Identification System
Fingerprint Indemnification Industry Chain
Hardware Structure of Fingerprint Identification Systems
Inner Control Logic Circuit Diagram of FPS200
Interface Circuit of FPS200
Circuit Sketch Map of partly Hard Wares in Memorizers
Circuit Sketch Map of Hard Wares in Sensors
Growth of Global Biometric Identification Market Scale, 2007-2010
Application Fields Distribution in Biometric Identification Market, 2007
Regional Sales Proportion of AUTHENTEC, 2004-2006
TRUEPRINT Technology Sketch Map of AUTHENTEC
Symwave's Support of Third Party Software
Working Principle of 3rd Fingerprint Identification System of Symwave
Operation Mode of ATMEL Fingerprint Identification System
Patents Held by FingerPrintCard
Major Products of FingerPrint Card
FPC System
FPC Module
Introduction to FPC1031B
Introduction to FPC2000
Introduction to FPC2020 System
Clients of UPEK in the Flash Memory and Mobile Hard Disk Field
Clients of UPEK in the PC Field
Clients of UPEK in the Computer Peripheral Equipment Field
Clients of UPEK in the Logic Access System Field
Clients of UPEK in the Physical Access System Field
Clients of UPEK in the Handheld Equipment Field
Partners of UPEK in the Algorithm Field
Partners of UPEK in the Software and Service Industry Field
Structure of the Referential Design System
TPM embed in Desktops and Notebooks contrast analyse during 1999 to 2010
TPM embed in Notebooks during 1999 to 2010
TPM embed inDesktops during 1999 to 2010
Price Trend of Fingerprint Mouse, 2006
Price Trend of Fingerprint Hard Disk, 2006
Price Trend of Fingerprint U-disk, 2006
Price of major fingerprint mouse in 2007
Price of major fingerprint keyboard in 2007
Price of major fingerprint USB-disk in 2007
Price of major fingerprint disk in 2007
Sales volume of Computer Related Fingerprint Identification Products in China, 2006-2010
Users and identification situation of part of online payment service providers in China
Payment method used by users for online shopping
Process of Bank Identity Validation before and after Applying Fingerprint Identification Reader/Writer
Forecast of China Fingerprint Identification Market Scale, 2007-2011
Classification of China Major Fingerprint Products and the Proportion, 2006
Nine Constituents of Business Model
Product/Service Priority Strategy
Customer Relationship Priority Strategy
Operations Management Priority Strategy
The Value Proposition Design Canvas
Comparison of Performance between Hong LIN and Dario Maio
List of Fingerprint Acquisition Devices
Sales Result of AUTHENTEC, 2002-2006
Delivery Statistics of Fingerprint Identification System of AUTHENTEC, 2001-2006 (Unit: million sets)
Main Products Classification of AUTHENTEC
SW6888 Specifications
Main Partners and Products Application of SYMWAVE
Overview of ATMEL's Heat-sensitization Fingerprint Sensor Chip
Identifier Products of ATMEL Fingerprint Identification System
Introduction to FPC1011C
Major Parameters of Slide Sensor LTT-SS500
Design and Manufacturing Partners
Partners of Equipment Manufacturing
Service Partners
System Integration Partners
Software Development Partners
Main Products of ADEL
Development Course of ADEL's Fingerprint Products
Main Products of ADEL
Main Products of ZK Group Inc
Main Products of AraTek
Financial Status of PKU Hi-Tech Co., Ltd
Key Product Classification of Changchun Hongda
Key Product Classification of Shenzhen Netsun
Classification of Main Products of Beijing ZTEway Biotech Co., Ltd
Classification of Main Products of Fingerpass
Classification of Main Products of QSTECH
Fingerprint Identification Products Application
Tsinghua Tongfang Desktop Sales Volume and Market Share, 2006Q1-2007Q1
Application of Scratch Fingerprint Identification System in NB Brands
Application of Scratch Fingerprint Identification System in PC Brands
Application of Scratch Fingerprint Identification System in Cell Phone and PDA Brands
Application of Sweep Fingerprint Identification System in Mouse Brands
Application of Sweep Fingerprint Identification System in U-disk Brands
Application of Sweep Fingerprint Identification System in Keyboard Brands
Introduction to DLK-5109U of DELUX
Application of Sweep Sensor in Hard disk Brands
Application of Sweep Sensor in e-Token
Application of Sweep Sensor in PCMCIA Cards
Application of Sweep Sensor in Smart Cards
Application of Sweep Fingerprint Identification System in Fingerprint Lock
Application of Sweep Fingerprint Identification System in Work Attendance System
Auto Brands and Models Equipped with Scratch-Type Fingerprint Identification System
Application of Scratch-Type Fingerprint Identification System in Auto Components
Application of Scratch-Type Fingerprint Identification System in Safe Deposit Box
Application of Scratch-Type Fingerprint Identification System in Mobile Fingerprint Identifier
Application of Scratch-Type Fingerprint Identification System in Other Fields
Application of Optical Fingerprint Products in Locks
Application of Optical Fingerprint Identification Products in Work Attendance Checking System
Market Channel of Fingerprint Identification Products

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