Investment Report of China Computer and Intelligent Equipment Industry , 2000-2008
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It took us half a year to collect more than 35,000 pieces of information, released by 1,500 Chinese listed companied, on investment projects financed by fund raising and non fund raising since 2000. Where have all these funds gone? What are the investment trends and characteristics of various listed companies and industries? 

After the information is processed by software and studied by analysts, the investment direction report concerning various industries is completed, which is classified by time, region (province, autonomous region and municipality), by purpose and by sector. The report makes an in-depth study on all the investments projects financed by the 21 listed companies in computer and intelligent equipment industry from 2000 to 2008, and also makes a summery on investment trends of the industry, as well as investment features and investment trends of the 21 listed companies.

Total Investment from China Listed Computer & Intelligence Equipment Companies 2000-2008


Investment Distribution of China Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry by Region 2000-2008 

Source: ResearchInChina

Top 10 Companies in Terms of Investment in China Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry, 2000-2008  (Unit: CNY1 million)



The report takes Tongfang as example to introduce the investment trends and features of an individual company.

Total Annual Investment of Tongfang, 2000-2008


Regional Distribution of Tongfang's Investment, 2000-2008 
Source: ResearchInChina

Tongfang's Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008

Tongfang's Investment Distribution by Sector, 2000-2008 

Investment Characteristics of Tongfang

 It builds industry chains with focus on two major business, information industry and energy environment industry, mainly including the production and service of products like PC, LED chip, security system, digital TV, digital city and environment protection.

 Its investment is mainly concentrated on North China, covering all large cities in China, and its investment overseas continues expanding. Tongfang entered a period of rapid growth in the year of 2007.

Besides its continued investment in PC, container inspection system, environment protection technology in recent years, it also has enlarged the investment in high-tech products, like LED chip, RFID, digital TV and e-government, making its investment projects scattered.

 Its LED chip and software outsourcing business have developed rapidly, beginning to take shape; its security system, digital TV system, military projects and e-government will maintain a fast development in the following several years, and a bright market future is foreseeable; its micro-electronics, RFID, and comprehensive utilization of fly ash (environment protection) have huge potential for business development; its digital city, building energy-saving, environment protection and building lighting will maintain the current situation of a stable growth; its e-government products will have an explosive growth to strengthen its software outsourcing business, the growth of which will speed up; its PC gross profit margin continues declining, and laptop has become the key driver of PC market, while revenue growth of computer hardware equipment manufacturing industry will slow down, and its revenue proportion to the total revenue will scale down.

Main Investment Projects of Tongfang


Latest Investment Projects of Tongfang


Main M&A of Tongfang


1. Investment Direction of Computer Equipment Industry 
1.1 Overview of Computer and Intelligence Equipment Industry 
1.2 Investment Characteristics of Computer and Intelligence Equipment Industry 
1.3 Demand & Supply Forecast 

2. Investment of Listed Companies in Computer Equipment Industry 
2.1 Huagong Tech Company Ltd. 
2.1.1 Investment Direction 
2.1.2 Investment Characteristics 
2.2 Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd 
2.2.1 Investment Direction 
2.2.2 Investment Characteristics 
2.3 Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd 
2.3.1 Investment Direction 
2.3.2 Investment Characteristics
2.4 C&T Technology Development Co., Ltd
2.4.1 Investment Direction 
2.4.2 Investment Characteristics
2.5 Tellhow Sci-Tech Co., Ltd 
2.5.1 Investment Direction 
2.5.2 Investment Characteristics
2.6 Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Co., Ltd 
2.6.1 Investment Direction 
2.6.2 Investment Characteristics
2.7 Weifang Beida Jade Bird Huaguang Technology Co., Ltd
2.7.1 Investment Direction 
2.7.2 Investment Characteristics
2.8 Beijing C&W Technology Co., Ltd  
2.8.1 Investment Direction 
2.8.2 Investment Characteristics
2.9 Shenzhen Kaifa Technology Co. Ltd 
2.9.1 Investment Direction 
2.9.2 Investment Characteristics
2.10 Great Wall Technology Company Limited 
2.10.1 Investment Direction 
2.10.2 Investment Characteristics
2.11 Great Wall Information Industry Co., Ltd
2.11.1 Investment Direction 
2.11.2 Investment Characteristics
2.12 Langchao Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd 
2.12.1 Investment Direction 
2.12.2 Investment Characteristics
2.13 Gansu Languang Science & Technology Co., Ltd 
2.13.1 Investment Direction 
2.13.2 Investment Characteristics
2.14 Hedy Holding Co., Ltd 
2.14.1 Investment Direction 
2.14.2 Investment Characteristics
2.15 Founder Technology Group Corp 
2.15.1 Investment Direction 
2.15.2 Investment Characteristics
2.16 Shanghai East China Computer Co., Ltd 
2.16.1 Investment Direction 
2.16.2 Investment Characteristics
2.17 Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited 
2.17.1 Investment Direction 
2.17.2 Investment Characteristics
2.18 Newland Group 
2.18.1 Investment Direction 
2.18.2 Investment Characteristics
2.19 GRG Banking Equipment Co., Ltd 
2.19.1 Investment Direction 
2.19.2 Investment Characteristics
2.20 Guangzhou KingTeller Technology Co., Ltd
2.20.1 Investment Direction 
2.20.2 Investment Characteristics
2.21 Shenzhen Zhengtong Electronics Co., Ltd 
2.21.1 Investment Direction 
2.21.2 Investment Characteristics
Total Annual Investment of Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry, 2000-2008 
Investment of Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry by Region, 2000-2008
Investment Distribution of Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry by Region, 2000-2008
Investment of Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry by Province/Municipality, 2000-2008
Investment Distribution of Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry by Province/ Municipality, 2000-2008 
Investment of Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry by Purpose, 2000-2008
Investment Distribution of Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry by Purpose, 2000-2008
Investment of Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry by Sector, 2000-2008
Investment Distribution of Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry by Sector, 2000-2008
Top 10 Companies in Terms of Investment in Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry, 2000-2008 
Investment by Non Fund Raising in Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry, 2006Q1-2008Q2
Investment by Non Fund Raising in Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry by Region, 2006Q1-2008Q2
Top 5 Province/Municipality in Terms of Quarterly Investment by Non Fund Raising in Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry, 2006Q1-2008Q2
Top 5 Companies in Terms of Quarterly Investment by Non Fund Raising in Computer & Intelligent Equipment Industry, 2006Q1-2008Q2
Quarterly Investment by Non Fund Raising in Computer & Intelligence Equipment Industry by Segmented Industry, 2006Q1-2008Q2
Total Annual Investment of Huagong Tech Company Ltd., 2000-2008 
Region Distribution of Total Investment of Huagong Tech Co. Ltd., 2000-2008 
Huagong Tech Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Huagong Tech Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Huagong Tech Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Huagong Tech Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Huagong Tech Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Huagong Tech Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Huagong Tech Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
Region Distribution of All Han's Laser Investment, 2000-2008 
Han's Laser Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Han's Laser Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Han's Laser Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Han's Laser Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Han's Laser Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Han's Laser Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Han's Laser Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Total Annual Investment of Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
Region Distribution of Investment of Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
Tsinghua Tongfang Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Tsinghua Tongfang Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Tsinghua Tongfang Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Tsinghua Tongfang Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Tsinghua Tongfang Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Tsinghua Tongfang Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Tsinghua Tongfang Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of C&T Technology Development Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
C&T Technology Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
C&T Technology Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
C&T Technology Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
C&T Technology Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
C&T Technology Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
C&T Technology Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
C&T Technology Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
C&T Technology Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Tellhow Sci-Tch Co. Ltd., Ltd, 2000-2008 
Tellhow Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
Tellhow Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Tellhow Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Tellhow Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Tellhow Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Tellhow Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Tellhow Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Tellhow Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
Beijing Changfeng Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
Beijing Changfeng Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Beijing Changfeng Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Beijing Changfeng Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Beijing Changfeng Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Beijing Changfeng Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Beijing Changfeng Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Beijing Changfeng Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Weifang Beida Jade Bird Huaguang Technology Co., 2000-2008 
JBHG Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
JBHG Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
JBHG Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
JBHG Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
JBHG Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
JBHG Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
JBHG Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Beijing C&W Technology Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
Beijing C&W Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
Beijing C&W Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Beijing C&W Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Beijing C&W Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Beijing C&W Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Beijing C&W Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Beijing C&W Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Beijing C&W Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Shenzhen Kaifa Technology Co. Ltd, 2000-2008 
Shenzhen Kaifa Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
Shenzhen Kaifa Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Shenzhen Kaifa Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Shenzhen Kaifa Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Shenzhen Kaifa Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Shenzhen Kaifa Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Shenzhen Kaifa Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Great Wall Technology Company Limited, 2000-2008 
GWTC Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
GWTC Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
GWTC Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
GWTC Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
GWTC Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
GWTC Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
GWTC Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
GWTC Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Great Wall Information Industry Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
GWIIC Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
GWIIC Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
GWIIC Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
GWIIC Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
GWIIC Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
GWIIC Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
GWIIC Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
GWIIC Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Langchao Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
Langchao Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
Langchao Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Langchao Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Langchao Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Langchao Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Langchao Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Langchao Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Langchao Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Gansu Languang Science & Technology Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
Gansu Languang Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
Gansu Languang Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Gansu Languang Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Gansu Languang Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Gansu Languang Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Gansu Languang Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Gansu Languang Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Gansu Languang Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Hedy Holding Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
Hedy Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
Hedy Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Hedy Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Hedy Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Hedy Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Hedy Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Hedy Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Founder Technology Group Corp, 2000-2008 
Founder Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
Founder Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Founder Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Founder Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Founder Investment Trend Segmented Industry , 2000-2008 
Founder Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Founder Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Founder Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Shanghai East China Computer Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
SECCC Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
SECCC Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
SECCC Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
SECCC Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
SECCC Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
SECCC Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
SECCC Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
SECCC Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Tsinghua Unisplendour Corp. Ltd., 2000-2008 
Tsinghua Unisplendour Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
Tsinghua Unisplendour Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Tsinghua Unisplendour Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Tsinghua Unisplendour Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Tsinghua Unisplendour Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Tsinghua Unisplendour Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Tsinghua Unisplendour Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Tsinghua Unisplendour Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Newland Group, 2000-2008 
Newland Group Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
Newland Group Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Newland Group Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Newland Group Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Newland Group Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Newland Group Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Newland Group Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Newland Group Main M&A Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of GRG Banking Equipment Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
GRG Banking Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
GRG Banking Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
GRG Banking Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
GRG Banking Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
GRG Banking Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
GRG Banking Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
GRG Banking Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Guangzhou KingTeller Technology Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
Guangzhou KingTeller Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
Guangzhou KingTeller Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Guangzhou KingTeller Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Guangzhou KingTeller Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Guangzhou KingTeller Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Guangzhou KingTeller Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Guangzhou KingTeller Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Annual Investment of Shenzhen Zhengtong Electronics Co., Ltd, 2000-2008 
Shenzhen Zhengtong Region Distribution of Investment, 2000-2008 
Shenzhen Zhengtong Investment Distribution by Purpose, 2000-2008
Shenzhen Zhengtong Investment Trend by Main Purpose, 2000-2008
Shenzhen Zhengtong Investment Distribution by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008
Shenzhen Zhengtong Investment Trend by Segmented Industry, 2000-2008 
Shenzhen Zhengtong Main Investment Projects, 2000-2008 
Shenzhen Zhengtong Latest Investment Projects, 2000-2008 

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