Global and China Large-size TFT-LCD Industry Report, 2008-2009
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The economic rebound in the first quarter of 2009 was mainly due to LCD TV. The economic recession of Europe and America will only make consumers reduce the consumption on such necessities in the late phase. Although Europe and America suffered economic recession, the market shares of LCD TV did not fluctuate much because of manufacturers’ promotion strategies, WON depreciation and further development of LCD TV in the first quarter of 2009. With the push of China and other emerging countries, the market rebounded significantly. Japanese enterprises were panicked and reduced production greatly when economic recession arose, resulting in short supply. This strong rebound was still lack of powerful support, especially in emerging countries. In China, when the property market begins to rebound, real estate sales will promote the consumption on home appliances. In the mid and late rebound phase of the property market, consumers will wait and see, and real estate sales will decline, so that home appliances consumption will also drop. The unemployment rate is still rising in Europe and America and economic recession has not ended, so if consumers are aware of the fact, they will certainly cut expenditure.

Quarterly Output Growth Rate of Global Large-size TFT-LCD, Q1 2008-Q4 2010E
Source: ResearchInChina

From Q1 2005 to Q4 2010, the fluctuation of TFT-LCD industry seems to be magnified, but the fact is not. The global economy has experienced the most significant recession since the Great Depression in 1929. TFT-LCD industry is the upstream of consumer electronics and IT industry, and the two industries always follow the trend of the global economy. Excluding external factors, the fluctuation of TFT-LCD industry is lessened, especially the extent of decline shrinks, which is because LCD TVs develop rapidly, IT industry is relatively stable and notebook computers develop well. Before 2000, 80% of TFT-LCDs were used in notebooks, thus on which TFT-LCD industry was highly dependent, and then TFT-LCD industry fluctuated a lot. In the future, LCD TV industry, Netbook industry and LED notebook industry will enter the mature stage, which will make TFT-LCD industry tend to fluctuate less, but on the other hand, the industry will lack growth momentum.


TFT-LCD industry relies heavily on upstream raw materials and components. In the cost structure of TFT-LCD, upstream components account for 70-85%. Therefore, to be cost-efficient shall be supported by the strong upstream, but for Chinese enterprises, it is hard to do so. In many Chinese enterprises, including joint ventures, profit is often transferred to the upstream. In addition to glass substrates, Taiwan has nearly all of upstream industrial chains, which is the biggest driver for Taiwan's success in TFT-LCD industry. TFT-LCD industry can prompt a huge industrial chain. Japanese manufacturers occupy the top position in the industrial chain, and they usually sell their technology rather than products. Almost every Taiwanese manufacturer in the upstream industrial chain has received technical support from Japan, so do South Korea manufacturers. Taiwanese manufacturers’ success lies in fast access to market through technology licensing, while Japanese manufacturers rely on supporting Taiwanese enterprises to combat South Korea rivals. Japanese manufacturers still master the upstream firmly.

Upstream components include Glass Substrate, Color Filter, Polarizer, Backlight Module, Driver IC, CCFL Lamp and LED.

As for non-key components, these companies have adequate resources, especially AUO and Chimei. Mainland China enterprises invest on the middle and downstream which brings production value fastest, but they neglect the efficiency and quality of the investment, and thus lack cost competitiveness.

1. Introduction to Large-size TFT-LCD  
1.1. TFT-LCD 
1.2. Large-size TFT-LCD Cost Analysis

2. Large-size TFT-LCD Industry 
2.1 Industrial Chain 
2.2 Geographical Distribution 
2.3 Applications by Region
2.4 Cycle 
2.5 Industry Developments
2.6 Global TFT-LCD Industry Ranking in 2008 
2.7 Future Investment
2.8 Upstream Equipment

3. Large-size TFT-LCD Panel Manufacturers
3.1 Samsung 
3.2 LG Display 
3.3 AUO 
3.4 Chimei
3.5 Innolux 
3.6 Chunghwa Picture Tubes 
3.7 Brilliant Crystal  
3.8 BOE 
3.9 SVA-NEC 
3.10 Sharp 
3.12 Dragon Optical

4. Large-size TFT-LCD Glass Substrate 
4.1 Technology 
4.2 Industry Overview 
4.3 Asahi Glass 
4.4 AvanStrate 
4.5 Nippon Electric Glass 
4.6 Corning 
4.7 China Rainbow

5. Large-size TFT-LCD Backlight Module 
5.1 Overview 
5.2 BEF and CCFL 
5.3 Light Guide Plate 
5.4 Cost Structure 
5.5 Laptop-use Backlight LED   
5.6 Laptop-use Backlight LED
5.7 LCD TV-use Backlight LED (LED TV) 
5.7.1 Development 
5.7.2 Classification 
5.7.3 Market
5.8 Coretronic
5.9 Radiant Optoelectronics
5.10 Forhouse
5.11 K-Bridge Electronics
5.12 Nano-OP
5.13Kenmos Technology
5.14 Fuhua Electronic
5.15 Chilin Technology
5.16 Taesan LCD
5.17 Wooyoung
5.18 Hansol LCD
5.19 DS-LCD
5.20 Heesung Electronics

6. Large-size TFT-LCD color filter 
6.1 Introduction 
6.2 Industry
6.3 Toppan Printing
6.4 Dai Nippon Printing
6.5 Sintek Photronic

7. Large-size TFT-LCD Polarizer 
7.1 Introduction 
7.2 Market and Industry 
7.3 LG Chemical 
7.4 Nitto Denko 
7.5 Sumitomo Chemical 
7.6 Optimax
7.7 DAXON & Chimei Material

8. Large-size TFT-LCD Driver IC 
8.1 Overview 
8.1.1 Principle 
8.1.2 Introduction 
8.1.3 Features 
8.1.4 Packaging 
8.1.5 Cost Structure 
8.1.6 OEM 
8.2 Market and Industry 
8.3 Novatek 
8.4 Himax 
8.5 Raydium
ARRAY Manufacturing Process of TFT-LCD 
CELL Manufacturing Process of TFT-LCD
MODULE Manufacturing Process of TFT-LCD
Cost Structure of 17-inch LCD Panel (5th-Generation Line) 
Cost Structure of 32-inch LCD-TV Panel (6th-Generation Line) 
BOM Structure of 17-inch LCD Panel (5th-Generation Line)
Cost Structure of 384-pin Driver IC, 642-pin Driver IC and PCB Board
BOM Structure of 32-inch LCD-TV Panel (6th-Generation Line)
Taiwan's LCD Industrial Chain
Output Value of Global Flat Panel Display Industry by Region, 2007-2008
Shipment of Global Large-size TFT-LCD Panel by Region, 2008
Sales Volume of Global Large-size TFT-LCD Panel by Region, 2008
Sales Volume of Global Small and Medium-size-size TFT-LCD Panel by Region, 2008
Shipment of Global Notebook TFT-LCD Panel by Region, 2008
Procurement of Global Notebook Manufacturers and Notebook Panel Manufacturers, 2008
Shipment of Global TFT-LCD Panel of LCD by Region, 2008
Procurement of Global LCD Panel Manufacturers and LCD Manufacturers, 2008
Panel Procurement of Global LCD Manufacturers, 2008 
Shipment of Global TFT-LCD Panel of LCD TV by Region, 2008
Clients of LCD TV Panel, 2008
Revenue and Overall Operating Profit Rate of TFT-LCD Industry, Q1 2005-Q4 2008
Quarterly Operating Profit Rate of Six Major TFT-LCD Manufacturers in the World, Q3 2004-Q4 2008
Quarterly Growth Rate of Global Large-size TFT-LCD Output Value, Q1 2008-Q4 2010
Output Value and Growth Margin of Taiwan Flat Panel Display Industry, 1997-2008
Monthly Income of TFT-LCD Industry, June 2008 - June 2009 
Monthly Shipment of LCD-TV Panel, June 2008 - June 2009
Monthly Shipment of LCD Panel, June 2008 - June 2009
Notebook Panel Shipment, June 2008 - June 2009
Revenue Ranking of Global Large-size TFT-LCD Manufacturers, May-Jun 2009
Revenue Ranking of 14 Major Large-size TFT-LCD Manufacturers in the World, 2008
Revenue Ranking of 19 Small and Medium-size TFT-LCD Manufacturers in the World, 2008
Production Plan of Global Large-size TFT-LCD Production Line, Q1 2007-Q4 2010
Production Plan of Global Large-size TFT-LCD Production Line, Q1 2010-Q4 2011
Market Scale of Upstream TFT-LCD Equipment,1999-2012
Revenue of Samsung by Product, Q2 2008, Q1-Q2 2009
Samsung's Revenue and Operating Profit, Q3 2007-Q2 2009
Output of Samsung's Large-size TFT-LCD Production Line, Sep 2008-Apr 2009
LG Display's Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 2002-2008
LG Display's Revenue and Operating Profit,2002-2008
LG Display's Shipment and Average Price, Q2 2008-Q2 2009
LG Display's Downstream Application Products, Q3 2008-Q2 2009
Output of LG Display's Production Lines, Q2 2008-Q2 2009
LG Display's Production Lines
Clients of LG Display's TV Panels
AUO's Revenue and Operating Profit Rate, 2004-2009
AUO's Downstream Application Products, Q2 2008-Q2 2009
Average Selling Price of AUO's Large-size Panels, Q2 2008-Q2 2009
AUO's Shipment and Average Price, Q2 2008-Q2 2009
Shipment of AUO's Small and Medium-size Panels, Q2 2008-Q2 2009
Output of AUO's Production Lines, Q2-Q3 2009
Chimei's Revenue and Operating Profit Rate, 2004-2010
Shipment and Average Price of Chimei's Large-size TFT-LCD, Q2 2007-Q1 2009
Sales Volume, EBITDA and Gross Profit Margin of Chimei's TFT-LCD, Q2 2007-Q1 2009
Chimei's Downstream Application Products, Q2 2007-Q1 2009
Sizes of Chimei's Products, Q2 2007-Q1 2009
Output of Chimei's Production Lines, Q1 2009
CMO's Supporting Enterprises in Ningbo Beilun Export Processing Zone
Modes of Innolux
Innolux's Revenue and Operating Profit Rate, 2003-2010
Revenue and Operating Profit Rate of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, 2004-2009
Shipment and Average Price of Large-size Panels of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Q2 2006-Q1 2009
Shipment and Average Price of Small and Medium-size Panels of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Q2 2006-Q1 2009
Large-size Downstream Application Products of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Q4 2008-Q1 2009
Sizes of Products of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Q4 2008-Q1 2009
Output of Production Lines of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Q1 2009
Profile and Financial Data of Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Mainland China), 2007
Departments of Brilliant Crystal
Revenue and Gross Profit Rate of Brilliant Crystal, 2003-2009
Shipment and Average Price of Large-size TFT-LCD of Brilliant Crystal, Q4 2007-Q1 2009
Sizes of Products of Brilliant Crystal, Q4 2007-Q1 2009
BOE's Share Structure 
BOE's Financial Data 
BOE's Income by Region
Sharp's Sales Volume and Operating Profit, 2004-2008 
Sharp's Revenue by Product, 2004-2008 
Sharp's Revenue by Product,2009-2010 
Operating Profit of Sharp's Departments ,2009-2010 
Sharp's Overseas Income by Region, 2009-2010
Main Products of IPS Alpha
Technologies of IPS Alpha 
Prices of TFT-LCD Glass Substrate at Each Generation, Q1 2006-Q1 2011
Global Distribution of Large-size TFT-LCD Glass Substrate Furnace
Supply Volume of Glass Substrate Manufacturers and Panel Manufacturers, Q3 2007
Sales Volume and Operating Profit of Asahi Glass, Q1 2008-Q1 2009
Investment of Departments of Asahi Glass, 2007-2009
Large-size TFT-LCD Glass Substrate Production Diagram of Asahi Glass
Sales Volume of Nippon Electric Glass, 1999-2008
Operating Profit Rate of Nippon Electric Glass, 1999-2008
Sales Volume and Operating Profit of Nippon Electric Glass, Q1 2007-Q4 2008
Corning's Revenue and Gross Profit, 2004-2008
Revenue and Gross Profit of Corning's Display Technology Department, 2004-2008
Corning’s Earnings from Samsung Corning, 2004-2008
Clients of Corning, 2008
Revenue of Corning’s Departments, Q1 2008-Q1 2009 
Schematic Diagram of LCD Panel
Structure of Backlight Module
Cost Structure of Backlight Module by Size and Usage
Cost of LED Backlight and CCFL Backlight
Global Penetration Rate of Notebook LED Backlight, 2007-2013
Market Shares of World’s Major Notebook LED Panel Manufacturers, Q1 2009
Penetration Rate of LED TV, 2008-2012
Market Shares of Major LED TV Panel Manufacturers
Coretronic's Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 1999-2009
Revenue of Coretronic by Product, Q1 2008-Q4 2009
Coretronic’s Shipment of Backlight Module in Downstream Fields and Projector Shipment, Q2 2008-Q2 2009 
Revenue of Coretronic’s Backlight Module by Type, Q2 2008-Q2 2009
Shipment of Coretronic’s Backlight Module by Type, 2005-2009
Client Structure of Coretronic’s Backlight Module, 2008
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Radiant Optoelectronics, 2001-2009
Factories of Radiant Optoelectronics
Production Capacity of Backlight and Light Guide Plate of Radiant Optoelectronics, 2004-2007
Main Raw Materials Suppliers of Radiant Optoelectronics
Downstream Application Products of Radiant Optoelectronics, Q3 2006-Q4 2008
Client Structure of Radiant Optoelectronics, 2006-2009
Financial Data of Major Subsidiaries of Radiant Optoelectronics, 2008
Forhouse's Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 2000-2007
Forhouse's Associated Enterprises
K-BRIDGE's Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 1999-2008
K-BRIDGE's Main Raw Materials Suppliers
K-BRIDGE's Main Production Bases
K-BRIDGE's Client Structure, 1H 2007 
Nano-OP's Revenue and Operating Profit, 2005-2009
Education Background of Nano-OP's Staff
Shipment of Nano-OP by Product, Q1 2008-Q4 2009
Related Enterprises of Kenmos Technology
Revenue and Operating Profit Rate of Kenmos Technology, 2005-2009 
Revenue and Operating Profit Rate of Fuhua Electronic, 2000-2008
Taesan’ LCD Organization Chart
Taesan’ Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 1998-2009 
Application of Taesan’s Products, Q1 2007-Q4 2008
Taesan’s LCD Products
Wooyoung’s Revenue and Gross Profit Margin, 1996-2005
Wooyoung’s Organizational Structure
Hansol’s Organizational Structure
Shipment and Average Selling Price of Hansol’s LCD, 2006-2010
Revenue of Hansol’s LCD Products, 2006-2010
Sales Volume and Shipment of Hansol’s LCD Subsidiaries, Q1 2008-2010
Sizes of Hansol’s LCD Backlight Module, Q1 2004-Q2 2009
Revenue and Operating Profit Rate of Hansol’s LCD, 2003-2010
DS-LCD’s Revenue and Operating Profit Rate, 2003-2009
DS-LCD’s Shipment and Average Selling Price , Q1 2007-Q4 2008
Schematic Diagram of Color Filter 
Four Manufacturing Methods of Color Filter
Market Shares of Color Filter (Below 4.5-Generation Line) Manufacturers in the World, Q1 2009
Production Capacity of Toppan Printing in Color Filter, 1990-2009 
Color Filter Manufacturing Bases of Toppan Printing, 2009
Revenue and Operating Profit Rate of Sintek Photronic, 2004-2010
CANDO’s Departments
CANDO's Revenue and Operating Profit , 2004-2010
Structure of Ordinary Polarizer 
Structure Diagram of N-TAC Compensation Membrane 
Structure Diagram of X-PLATE Compensation Membrane 
Cost Structure of Polarizer
Cost Structure of Polarizer Raw Material
Downstream Application of Large-size TFT-LCD Polarizer, Q2 2008-Q1 2010
Market Shares of Major Polarizer Manufacturers in the World, 2008 
Production Capacity of Major Polarizer Manufacturers in the World, 2006-2008
Revenue of LG Chemical, 2004-2008 
EBITDA of LG Chemical, 2004-2008
Revenue and Operating Profit of LG Chemical, Q1 2006-Q2 2009
Operation of LG’s Petrochemical Sector, Q2 2008, Q1-Q2 2009
Operation of LG’s Information Materials Sector, Q1 20081-Q2 2009
Revenue and Gross Profit of Nitto Denko, 2001-2008
Revenue of Nitto Denko by Product, 2001-2008
Revenue and Gross Profit of Nitto Denko’s Electronic Materials Division, 1999-2008
Application of Downstream Polarizer,2007-2009
Revenue of Sumika Technology, 2000-2009
Optimax’s Revenue and Gross Profit, 2003-2009
Development Road of Driver IC Packaging 
Cost Structure of 384-pin and 642-pin Driven IC 
Relationship between Large-size TFT-LCD Driver IC Manufacturers and Large-size TFT-LCD Panel Manufacturers 
Global Shipment, Revenue and Average Selling Price of Large-size Driver IC, 2006-2010 
Large-size TFT-LCD Driver IC Industrial Chain 
Market Shares of Major Large-size TFT-LCD-panel Driver IC Manufacturers , 2008
Novatek’s Revenue and Operating Profit Rate, 1999-2009
Novatek’s Revenue by Product, Jan-Jun 2009
Novatek’s Revenue by Product, Jan-Dec 2009
Himax's Revenue and Gross Profit, 2004-2008 
Himax's Product Structure, 2006-2008
Himax's Client Structure, 2006-2008
Himax's Related Enterprises
Raydium’s Revenue and Gross Profit, 2005-2009

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