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Introduction to RICDB
Based on the global and China macroeconomic data, industry data, company data, RICDB (also called ResearchInChina Economy Data Base) is a visible financial data base presented by map and graph. Currently, RICDB has 500,000 indices, and almost all indices can be shown by map.

RICDB is released in June of 2013 finally by ResearchInChina after much research, translation, processing, classification and software development, based on data accumulation of hundreds of industry reports and research experience. Featured with map presentation, tree-pattern search, keyword search, historical comparison, regional comparison, magic export, weibo login (Chinese version), RICDB can save editor & reporter, analyst, researcher, PPT and report writer much time.

RICDB closely follows Infographics trend and is devoted to economy and finance graphics. Now, the data base has Chinese and English versions.

The data of RICDB can be searched by map tree, data tree, source tree and keyword.

Macro Data of China

Macro data of China includes 28 categories like population & general survey, national economic accounts, employment & wages, investment in fixed investments, real estate, import & export, energy, government finance, cities, people’s lives, postal and telecommunication services & technology, resource & environment, agriculture, industry, construction, transportation, wholesale & retail, hotel industry, catering and tourism, finance, education, health care & social service, culture & sports, public affairs, international balance of payment, index & grading, commerce, tariff, and service industry, which are released by National Bureau of Statistics, People's Bank of China, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry Information and Technology, Ministry of Communications, China Electricity Council and Bureau of Statistics at provincial- and city-levels.

TMT Industry Data

The TMT industry data of RICDB mainly covers the employees, revenue, profit, gross margin, client and supplier, shareholding companies, production and sales, R&D investment, proportion of R&D investment in revenue, investment and acquisition, and foreign cooperation of over 1,000 listed companies of Internet, electronic semiconductor, hardware and software, communication, IT, media and other tens of sectors.

Macro Data of the World

Macro data of the world covers the annual and monthly economic data of over 180 countries and regions around the world. The data includes national economic accounts, international balance of payment, employment, price, finance, trading, education, healthcare, import & export, investment in fixed assets, agriculture, industry, transportation, resource & environment, postal and telecommunication services and technology, which are provided by statistical agencies of every country and region, the World Bank, the United Nations, WTO, Asia Development Bank, European Union, OECD and other international organizations and economic organizations.

Map Tree

Based on industry classification, Map Tree display data in the form of map more vividly and visualized. Currently Map Tree covers economic data of more than 180 countries and regions in the world, over 30 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions of China, and a dozen of prefecture-level cities in China. Totally there are more than 400,000 indices (time sequence) showed in the Map Tree.

Economic Map

It can support following types (some just can be accessed to senior member, more will be available in future.

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