Global and China Automotive Audio and Infotainment Industry Report, 2014-2015
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Global and China Car Audio and Infotainment Industry Report, 2014-2015 covers the following:
1. Global automobile market and industry;
2. China’s automobile market and industry;
3. Automotive infotainment development trends and supply chain
4. Automotive infotainment market and industry
5. Twenty-three key automotive Infotainment vendors

The definition of Infotainment is so vague that virtually all vendors have their own definition in this respect. In a broad sense, Infotainment includes simple Audio System (also known as Audio Infotainment) in low-end models and traditional in-vehicle navigation system in mid-end models. In a narrow sense, however, Infotainment contains HMI, Connectivity (WiFi\3G\LTE\Bluetooth\Mobile Phone), Telematics (Navigation\Alerts), Entertainment (Radio\Audio\Video), and ADAS (Cameras Display\Black box), that is to say, Hi-end Infotainment.

Today’s Hi-end Infotainment is the mainstream Infotainment in the future. The design of Infotainment software is becoming more and more complicated so much so that traditional Infotainment companies began to aggressively acquire software companies to stabilize their market position. In addition, Infotainment is also getting closer to ADAS. In January 2015, Harman acquired RedBend, an Israeli software company, for USD170 million and Symphony Teleca for USD870 million.

In 2015, Delphi spun off non-core Thermal and Reception businesses, purchased Hellermann Tyton and Ottomatika, and invested two start-ups: Tula and Quanergy. Quanergy mainly specializes in Lidar. In July 2015, Continental acquired Elektrobit. In future, more software enterprises will be acquired.

With the popularity of smartphones, the traditional single navigation system market has been severely squeezed and will be eliminated rapidly. In future, Infotainment is likely to integrate with Head Unit Display and contain the content displayed by Instrument Cluster and Climate Control as the core of Cockpit Electronics. Its control range will be extremely extensive and its display size will get quickly enlarged, to at least 12 inches.

In 2014, the market size of generalized Infotainment came to USD33.8 billion, and this figure is expected to hit USD36 billion in 2015. In contrast, the narrowly-defined Infotainment saw a market size of USD18.1 billion in 2014, and the scale is estimated to reach USD22.1 billion in 2015 and USD29.1 billion in 2017. The shipments of narrowly-defined Infotainment totaled 18.9 million units in 2014, and the estimated figures will be 24 million units in 2015, 31.8 million units in 2017, and 36.5 million units in 2020.

Japanese companies, though as overlords in Infotainment, are not adept at software and therefore are declining. This, coupled with the depreciated yen, has led to an obvious drop. By contrast, the German and US companies grow rapidly.

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1 Global and China Automobile Market
1.1 Global Automobile Market
1.2 China Automobile Market
1.3 Latest Development of China Automobile Market

2 Infotainment Development Trends and Supply Chain 
2.1 Definition
2.2 Development Trends
2.3 Infotainment and E-map
2.4 China’s Infotainment and E-map
2.5 Infotainment LCD Panel
2.6 Infotainment Semiconductor

3 Automotive Infotainment Market and Industry
3.1 Automotive Infotainment Market Size
3.2 Automotive Infotainment Industry
3.3 Chinese Automotive Infotainment Market
3.4 Supply Ratio of Global Infotainment Suppliers and Auto Makers

4 Global Automotive Audio and Infotainment Vendors
4.1 Harman
4.2 Continental
4.3 Pioneer
4.4 Foryou Corporation
4.5 Alpine
4.6 Clarion
4.7 Delphi
4.8 Visteon
4.8.1 YFV
4.9 Hangsheng Electronic
4.10 Panasonic Automotive Systems
4.11 Fujitsu Ten
4.12 AisinAW
4.13 Denso
4.14 Guangzhou Panyu Juda Car Audio Equipment Co., Ltd.
4.15 Hyundai MOBIS 
4.15.1 Tianjin Mobis Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.
4.16 Coagent Electronics S & T Co., Ltd.
4.17 Shenzhen Soling Industrial Co., Ltd.
4.18 JVC Kenwood
4.19 Blaupunkt&Bosch
4.20 BOSE
4.21 Garmin
4.22 Desay SV Automotive
4.23 E-LEAD Electronic Co., Ltd. 
Global Automobile Sales Volume, 2010-2015  
Output of Global Light-duty Vehicles by Region, 2003-2015
China’s Automobile Sales Volume, 2005-2015
Annual Output of Vehicles (by Type) and YoY Growth in China, 2008-2015
Mercedes Benz S Class Cockpit
FLEXConnect In-Vehicle Infotainment Concept Car
TI’s Jacinto 6 Processor Diagram
TI’s Jacinto 6 Processor Data
Market Share of Global OEM Infotainment Map Suppliers (Excluding China), 2014 
Operating Data of HERE, 2012-2014 
Market Share of Major OEM In-vehicle Map Companies, 2015 
Market Share of Aftermarket In-vehicle Map Companies, 2015
Infotainment Vendor vs LCD Panel Suppliers
Market Share of Major In-vehicle Display Screen Manufacturers, 2015 
Market Share of Major Global Infotainment Display Screen Manufacturers, 2015  
Infotainment Semiconductor by Type, 2013  
Market Share of Infotainment Semiconductor by Suppliers, 2015
Global Automotive Infotainment Market Share, 2011-2018E 
Infotainment Shipments, 2013-2020E  
Ranking of Major Global Automotive Infotainment Vendors by Revenue, 2014-2015
Ranking of Major Global Audio Infotainment Vendors by Revenue, 2014-2015 
China’s Automotive Infotainment Shipments, 2011-2018E
Market Share of Major Chinese OEM Automotive Infotainment Vendors, 2015  
Market Share of Major Chinese OEM Audio-Infotainment Vendors, 2015
Supply Ratio of Toyota’s Major Automotive Infotainment Suppliers, 2014  
Supply Ratio of Honda’s Major Automotive Infotainment Suppliers, 2014   
Supply Ratio of Nissan’s Major Automotive Infotainment Suppliers, 2014  
Supply Ratio of GM’s Major Automotive Infotainment Suppliers, 2014
Supply Ratio of Ford’s Major Automotive Infotainment Suppliers, 2014   
Supply Ratio of Volkswagen’s Major Automotive Infotainment Suppliers, 2014
Supply Ratio of BMW’s Major Automotive Infotainment Suppliers, 2013     
Supply Ratio of Mercedes Benz’s Major Automotive Infotainment Suppliers, 2014   
Supply Ratio of Hyundai’s Major Automotive Infotainment Suppliers, 2014      
Harman’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2004-FY2015
Harman’s Quarterly Sales and EBITDA Margin, FY2013-FY2015 
Harman’s Revenue by Business, FY2010-FY2015
Harman’s Infotainment Backlog, FY2014-FY2015 
Harman’s Infotainment Milestone
Harman’s Car Audio Customers
Harman’s Car Audio Backlog, FY2014-FY2015 
Harman’s Revenue by Region, FY2006-FY2013
Structural Proportion of Harman’s Customers, FY2008-FY2015 
Harman’s Revenue in China, FY2009-FY2014  
Harman’s Major Car Audio Customers
Harman’s Manufacturing Bases Worldwide
Worldwide Distribution of Continental’s Automotive Interior 
Continental’s Revenue and Operating Margin from Automotive Interior, 2007-2015  
Revenue of Continental’s Automotive Interior by Region, 2009-2014
Continental’s Infotainment Milestone
Continental’s Infotainment Main Customer
Continental’s Infotainment Market Position
Pioneer’s Shipment by Product, FY2010-FY2016 
Pioneer’s Structure Map
Pioneer’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2006-FY2016
Pioneer’s Operation Income Structure Breakdown, FY2014-FY2015 
Pioneer’s Operation Income Structure Breakdown, FY2015/1Q-FY2016/1Q 
Pioneer’s Revenue Breakdown by Segment, FY 2007-FY 2016
Pioneer’s Revenue and Operating Margin from Automotive Electronics, FY2007-FY2016
Pioneer’s Revenue Breakdown by Region, FY 2012-FY 2015 
Pioneer’s Net Sales by Region, FY2016E
Pioneer’s Inventories, R&D Expenses, Capital Expenditures, Depreciation & Amortization, FY2016E 
Pioneer’s Sales from Overseas Consumer Car Audio Products by Region, (CD/AV/Speakers)
Pioneer’s Car Electronics Sales Plan in Emerging Markets
Capacity of Pioneer’s Global In-vehicle Audio System Production Bases
Organizational Structure of Pioneer’s Car Audio in China
Balance Sheet of Foryou Corporation, 2012-2014  
Revenue and Profits of Foryou Corporation, 2012-2014 
Key Financial Indicators of Foryou Corporation, 2012-2014 
Main Product Output of Foryou Corporation, 2012-2014
Revenue of Foryou Corporation by Business, 2012-2014 
Customer Distribution of Foryou Corporation, 2013-2014
Alpine’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2006-FY2016  
Alpine’s Revenue by Business, FY2012-FY2015 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Alpine’s Car Audio Division, FY2006-FY2015  
Alpine’s Infotainment Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2005-FY2015  
Alpine’s Revenue Breakdown by Region, FY2005-FY2013
Alpine’s Revenue Breakdown by Region, FY2014-FY2015
Overview of Alpine’s Enterprises in China
Clarion’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2006-FY2016  
Clarion’s Revenue Breakdown by Region, FY2009-FY2015  
Distribution of Clarion’s Production Bases 
Clarion’s Organizational Structure in China
Delphi’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2007-2014  
Delphi’s Revenue Breakdown by Product, 2009-2014Q1
Delphi’s Operating Margin by Segment, 2013-2014  
Delphi’s Customer Distribution, 2010-2016  
Delphi’s Revenue Breakdown by Region, 2010-2014  
Delphi Electronics & Safety Segment Revenue Mix by product
Visteon’s Revenue and EBITDA, 2013-2015 
Visteon’s Quarterly Revenue and Gross Margin, 1Q/2014-2Q/2015 
Visteon’s Quarterly EBITDA, 1Q/2014-2Q/2015 
Visteon’s Automotive Electronics Revenue by Product, 2013-2014
Visteon’s Automotive Electronics Revenue by Product, 2015
Visteon’s Automotive Electronics Revenue by Region, 2013-2015  
Visteon’s Automotive Electronics Revenue by Customer, 2013-2014
YFV Organization
YFV Structure
Yanfeng Visteon Electronics Organization
Distribution of YFVE’s Production Bases
Revenue Breakdown of Visteon Electronics in China by Customer, 2015 
Hangsheng Electronic’s Vehicle Infotainment Products
PAS’s Major Customers
PAS’s Revenue Breakdown by Region, FY2012  
Panasonic’s Automotive Revenue by Product, FY2012
PASDL’s Organizational Structure 
Fujitsu Ten’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2005-FY2015  
Fujitsu Ten’s Revenue Breakdown by Segment, FY2005-FY2016
Aisin AW’s Revenue and Operating Income, FY2007-FY2016
AisinAW’s Navigator Output, FY2008-FY2016  
AisinAw’s Car Navigation Market Share (Shipments)
Denso’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2006-FY2016  
Distribution Proportion of Denso’s OEM Customers, FY2008-FY2015
Denso’s Revenue Breakdown by Product, FY2012-FY2015  
Denso’s Revenue and Operating Income by Region, FY2014 vs FY2015
Denso’s Revenue and Operating Income by Region, FY2015 vs FY2016
Denso’s ADAS
Organizational Structure of Tianjin Mobis 
Revenue and Operating Income of Coagent Electronics S & T, 2013-2015 
Revenue Breakdown of Coagent Electronics S & T by Product, 2013-2015
Revenue Breakdown of Coagent Electronics S & T by Business, 2013-2015
Organizational Structure of Coagent Electronics S & T
Output and Sales Volume of Shenzhen Soling, 2011-2014
Revenue Breakdown of Shenzhen Soling by Channel, 2011-2014
Revenue and Operating Income of Shenzhen Soling, 2011-2015 
Shenzhen Soling’s Financial Data, 2012-2014
Revenue and Operating Income of JVC Kenwood, FY2009-FY2016
Revenue Breakdown of JVC Kenwood by Segment, FY2008-FY2013 
Revenue Breakdown of JVC Kenwood by Segment, FY2014-FY2015
Operating Income of JVC Kenwood by Segment, FY2014-FY2015
Automotive Electronics Revenue of JVC Kenwood, FY2008-FY2015  
JVC Kenwood Result and Forecast Dealer-installed Navigation (Qty), FY2014-FY2018  
Vehicle Models Using Bose Audio
Garmin’s Sales and Operating Margin, 2007-2015
Garmin’s Sales by Business, 2009-2015 
Garmin’s Operating Income by Business, 2009-2015
Garmin’s Sales by Region, 2009-2014
E-LEAD Electronic’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2009-2015
E-LEAD Electronic’s Monthly Revenue, Aug. 2013-Aug. 2015

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