Emerging carmaker strategy research: NIO is deploying battery swap and sub-brands for the knockout match in 2023.In 2022, the sales surged by 32.3% year on year, being concentrated in first-tier cities. In 2022, NIO sold 120,134 cars, up by 32.3% on an annual basis, specifically: ES6, ET7 and EC6 were the top three models by sales, of which 42,3...More details
Nissan CASE research: two leverages for Dongfeng Nissan to turn the tables. Introduction: since 2020, the declining sales of Dongfeng Nissan have exposed its problems in brand influence and product competitive edges. After de-stocking by "steep price cut" and "huge discount sale", how to find powerful leverages to turn the corner has posed a big ch...More details
Vehicle gesture interaction research: in 2022, the installations rocketed by 315.6% year on year.China Automotive Gesture Interaction Development Research Report, 2022-2023 released by ResearchInChina analyzes and studies four aspects: gesture interaction technology, benchmarking vehicle gesture interaction solutions, gesture interaction industry c...More details
Automotive PMIC research: the process of domestic automotive PMICs replacing foreign ones in China in the “crisis of chip shortage”. Automotive power management integrated circuits (PMIC) find broad application in vehicle intelligent cockpits, autonomous driving, body electronics, clusters and entertainment systems, lighting systems, and BMS. By p...More details
Cockpit SoC research in 2023: Can X86 solutions returning to cockpit SoC challenge the “ARM+Google” mobile solution? This report highlights the research on the products and plans of 9 overseas and 8 Chinese cockpit SoC vendors, and the installation of cockpit SoCs by more than 30 OEMs, and explores some of key issues, including: In terms of conf...More details
New infrastructures for autonomous driving: AI foundation models and intelligent computing centers are emerging. In recent years, the boom of artificial intelligence has actuated autonomous driving, and the troika of artificial intelligence is: data, algorithm, and computing power. This report highlights the research on new infrastructures for aut...More details
MCU Industry Research: Automotive high-end MCU will be still in short supply, and how OEMs can break the situation. ResearchInChina has released "Automotive Microcontroller Unit (MCU) Industry Report, 2023", highlighting the following: Automotive MCU industry (overview, market size, competitive pattern, chip shortage and response strategies, e...More details
Fuel Cell Industry Research: Hydrogen energy has been put on the national agenda with scenario application being rolled out.The hydrogen energy industry has been included into the national energy strategy. Since the 14th Five-Year Plan, ministries and commissions have intensively issued favorable policies for hydrogen energy, covering research on ...More details
Smart antenna research: the integration of automotive antennas and intelligent connected terminals tends to accelerate. The development trend of automotive antennas: tend to be intelligent, diversified and integrated. Automotive antennas have entered an era of intelligence. OEMs place a higher premium on the application of antenna functions ami...More details
Vehicle telematics system research 1: the control scope is expected to expand to the entire vehicle.From January to December 2022, Chinese independent OEMs installed telematics systems in 6.42 million vehicles, surging by 20.6% on the previous year, with the installation rate higher than 70%, up 8 percentage points from the prior-year period. By...More details
Autonomous Shuttle Research: application scenarios further extend amidst policy promotion and continuous exploration Autonomous shuttles are roughly categorized into minibuses and robobuses. Minibuses, namely micro-circulation shuttle buses, mostly work in airports, parks, scenic spots, campuses, communities and other scenarios at speeds of 25-45k...More details
Dismantling of Head Unit and Cockpit Domain Control Unit (DCU) of NIO, Toyota and Great Wall Motor The report highlights the dismantling of Toyota’s MT2712-based head unit, Fisker’s Intel A2960-based head unit, Great Wall Motor’s Qualcomm 8155-based head unit and NIO ET7 cockpit DCU, and estimates and analyzes Great Wall Motor’s head unit and NIO’s...More details
Research on automotive vision algorithms: focusing on urban scenarios, BEV evolves into three technology routes.1. What is BEV? BEV (Bird's Eye View), also known as God's Eye View, is an end-to-end technology where the neural network converts image information from image space into BEV space. Compared with conventional image space perception, BEV...More details
ResearchInChina researched and summarized China’s current mainstream high computing power ADAS domain controller products such as Huawei MDC and DJI ADAS domain controller prototype, and technical information. This paper will briefly analyze the key components of ADAS domain controller, including CPU, MCU, storage, and interface. CPU In terms of...More details
High Precision Positioning Research:  four forms of mass-produced integrated high-precision positioning products With the continuous development of autonomous driving, the demand for high-precision positioning technology is increasing. As intelligent vehicles tend to pre-embed hardware, ever more passenger cars are equipped with high-precisio...More details
AUTOSAR research: CP + AP integration, ecosystem construction, and localization will be the key directions. AUTOSAR standard technology keeps upgrading, and the willingness to build open cooperation gets ever stronger. The trend for the boom in intelligent vehicle basic software brings new development opportunities to AUTOSAR. In recent years, ne...More details
Autonomous Driving Algorithm Research: BEV Drives Algorithm Revolution, AI Large Model Promotes Algorithm Iteration The core of the autonomous driving algorithm technical framework is divided into three parts: environment perception, decision planning, and control execution. Environment perception: convert sensor data into machine language of the...More details
Dismantling Report: DJI Front View Binocular Camera and Innovusion LIDAR Recently, ResearchInChina selected two key components essential to current intelligent driving assistance systems - front view camera and LIDAR, conducted a complete dismantling, and formed "DJI Automotive Front View Binocular Camera and Innovusion LIDAR Dismantling Report, 2...More details
Automotive CIS research: three major segmentation scenarios create huge market space It is known that the biggest application market of image sensor is smartphone field. As the smartphone market becomes saturated, image sensor chip vendors are turning to booming intelligent vehicle market. The development of automotive intelligence has led to a sh...More details
Automotive Display Research: Penetration Rate of OLED, Mini LED and Other Innovative Display Technology Increased Rapidly With the penetration of new energy and intelligent driving vehicles, the trend of large-screen and multi-screen displays in vehicles is becoming more and more obvious. In addition to the central control and instrument screens, ...More details
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