Research on cockpit domain controller: Facing x86 AI PC, multi-domain computing, and domestic substitution, how can cockpit domain control differentiate and compete?  X86 architecture VS ARM architecture: AMD V2000, Intel Malibou Lake lead the x86 AI cockpit 1) ECARX · Makalu computing platform, the world's first AMD V2000 mass production i...More details
Keywords of Chinese OEMs going to Germany: electric vehicles, cost performance, intelligence, ecological construction, localization The European Union's temporary tariffs on electric vehicles in China came into effect on July 5, 2024, and will last for up to four months. SAIC Motor Group's additional tax rate is 37.6%, Geely's is 19.9%, and BYD's...More details
Research on DJI Automotive: lead the NOA market by virtue of unique technology route. In 2016, DJI Automotive’s internal technicians installed a set of stereo sensors + vision fusion positioning system into a car and made it run successfully. DJI Automotive's technologies such as perception, positioning, decision and planning accumulated in the dr...More details
Insight: BYD deploys vehicle-mounted drones, and the autonomous driving charging robot market is expected to boom. BYD and Dongfeng M-Hero make cross-border layout of drones.  In recent years, as vehicle intelligence and civilian drone technology and regulations became mature, drones have also been mentioned by ever more OEMs. They have mad...More details
Great Wall Motor (GWM) benchmarks IT giants and accelerates “Process and Digital Transformation”. In 2022, Great Wall Motor (GWM) hoped to use Haval H6's huge user base to achieve new energy transformation, selling both PHEV and fuel editions of GEN3 Haval H6. However, the fact showed that this decision was a strategic misjudgment at the marketin...More details
Cockpit AI Agent: Autonomous scenario creation becomes the first step to personalize cockpits In AI Foundation Models’ Impacts on Vehicle Intelligent Design and Development Research Report, 2024, ResearchInChina mentioned that the core of an AI Agent uses a large language model (LLM) as its core computing engine (LLM OS). In the AI service framewo...More details
Cockpit Tier1 Research: Comprehensively build a cockpit product matrix centered on users' hearing, speaking, seeing, writing and feeling. ResearchInChina released Leading Chinese Intelligent Cockpit Tier 1 Supplier Research Report, 2024. The report mainly covers: 13 Chinese intelligent cockpit Tier 1s: Desay SV, ThunderSoft, ADAYO, iFlytek, PATEO...More details
Communication module and 5G research: 5G module installation rate reaches new high, 5G-A promotes vehicle application acceleration 5G automotive communication market has exploded, and 5G FWA is evolving towards 5G-AIn 2023, 5G vehicle module installation ushered in a surge. According to statistics, China passenger car 5G module installation hits 1...More details
ADAS Tier1s Research: Suppliers enter intense competition while exploring new businesses such as robotics In China's intelligent driving market, L2 era is dominated by foreign suppliers. Entering era of L2 + and above (including L2 +, L2.5 and L2.9), domestic ADAS suppliers have begun to dominate. Therefore, compared with two years ago, the lineup...More details
Automotive gateway research: 10BASE-T1S and CAN-XL will bring more flexible gateway deployment solutions ResearchInChina released "Automotive Gateway Industry Report, 2024", analyzing and researching impact of E/E architecture evolution on gateways, new gateways for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, gateway supplier analysis, gateway chip an...More details
Research on electronic rearview mirrors: electronic internal rearview mirrors are growing rapidly, and electronic external rearview mirrors are facing growing pains ResearchInChina released "Global and China Electronic Rearview Mirror Industry Report, 2024", which summarizes the development status, loading situation, supplier product layout, and s...More details
The in-vehicle communication architecture plays a connecting role in automotive E/E architecture. With the evolution of automotive E/E architecture, in-vehicle communication technology is also developing continuously. The core of communication technology development is the communication interface protocol. In the in-vehicle communication framework ...More details
Autonomous Delivery Research: Foundation Models Promote the Normal Application of Autonomous Delivery in Multiple Scenarios Autonomous Delivery Industry Research Report, 2024 released by ResearchInChina combs and studies the status quo of autonomous delivery vehicles in the autonomous delivery industry, the application scenarios of autonomous deli...More details
Intelligent driving regulations and vehicles going overseas: research on regional markets around the world and access strategies.    "Going out”: discussion about regional markets around the world and access In 2023, China exported up to 4.14 million passenger cars. Wherein, 640,000 battery electric vehicles (BEV) were exported to E...More details
HUD research: AR-HUD accounted for 21.1%; LBS and optical waveguide solutions are about to be mass-produced.  The automotive head-up display system (HUD) uses the principle of optics to display such information as vehicle speed, navigation and ADAS in front of the vehicle in real time. By display screen, HUD can be divided into three types: C-...More details
Automotive Ecological Domain Research: How Will OEM Ecology and Peripheral Hardware Develop? Ecological Domain and Automotive Hardware Expansion Research Report, 2024 released by ResearchInChina recently delves in the dynamics of automotive ecological domain in peripheral hardware expansion, supplier ecological solutions and OEM ecological imp...More details
C-V2X and CVIS Research: In 2023, the OEM scale will exceed 270,000 units, and large-scale verification will start.The pilot application of "vehicle-road-cloud integration” commenced, and C-V2X entered a large-scale verification cycle. C-V2X has basically beaten DSRC in the global standard competition:?United States: In 2023, it was made clear tha...More details
According to the evolution trends and functions, the cockpit platform has gradually evolved into technical paths such as cockpit-only, cockpit integrated with other domains, cockpit-parking integration, cockpit-driving-parking integration, and cockpit-driving integrated central computing platform. OEMs and Tier1s are actively laying out. Layout ...More details
Analysis on Huawei's Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Sharing: Comprehensive layout in eight major fields and upgrade of Huawei Smart Selection The “Huawei Intelligent Driving Business Report 2023" released in June 2023 mentioned that Huawei sold 10,000 and 40,032 intelligent vehicles in May 2023 and January 2024 respectively, refle...More details
Li Auto overestimates the BEV market trend and returns to intensive cultivation. In the MPV market, Denza D9 DM-i with the highest sales (8,030 units) in January 2024 is a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) model. Among the top ten new energy models, Trumpchi E8 PHEV (3,470 units) and Voyah Dreamer PHEV (3,208 units) are also HEV models.  &n...More details
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