Cockpit domain controller and chip in 2023Q2: by intelligent cockpit level, L1 surged by 105% on a like-on-like basis, and L2 soared by 171%.On May 17, 2023, the “White Paper on Automotive Intelligent Cockpit Levels and Comprehensive Evaluation” prepared by China-SAE together with industry professionals was officially released. It defines five leve...More details
E/E Architecture Research: How will the zonal EEA evolve and materialize from the perspective of supply chain deployment?Through the lens of development trends, automotive EEA (Electronic/electrical Architecture) will eventually evolve to central computing architectures with functional logics centralized in one central controller. OEMs become ever ...More details
Passenger car brake-by-wire research: One-box solution takes an over 50% share. China Passenger Car Brake-by-wire Industry Report, 2023 released by ResearchInChina combs through and summarizes passenger car brake-by-wire market size, installation of OEMs, and product layout of suppliers.   Brake-by-wire can’t develop without vehicle e...More details
Vehicle OTA Research: OTA functions tend to cover a full life cycle and feature SOA and central supercomputing.In the trend for software-defined vehicles, OTA installations are surging, and software is updated far more frequently.  According to the statistics from ResearchInChina, from January to June 2023, OTA was installed in 5.274 million...More details
Multi-domain computing research: in the coming first year of cross-domain fusion, major suppliers will quicken their pace of launching new solutions. As vehicle intelligence develops, electrical/electronic architecture begins to evolve from domain control centralized architecture to multi-domain fusion computing/central computing architecture. In...More details
Automotive HUD research: in the "technology battle" in AR-HUD, who will be the champion of mass production? Automotive head-up display (HUD) works on the optical principle for real-time display of such information as speed, navigation and ADAS in front of the vehicle. Its main role is to avoid potential safety dangers caused by driver's head down...More details
Research on Automotive Cloud Services: As Dedicated Automotive Cloud Platforms Are Launched, the Market Enters A Phase of Differentiated Competition  1. The exponentially increasing amount of vehicle data makes cloud migration an inevitable choice. From the perspective of companies, the goals of digital transformation are to digitize all e...More details
Automotive gateway research: integrated gateways have become an important trend in zonal architecture. Automotive gateway is a core component in the automotive electronic/electrical architecture. As the hub of in-vehicle networks, it enables such functions as data transmission, security prevention and control, and remote diagnostics.  As E/...More details
In-vehicle communication chip research: automotive Ethernet is evolving towards high bandwidth and multiple ports, and the related chip market is growing rapidly. By communication connection form, automotive communication falls into wireless communication and wired communication.  An automotive electronic and electrical system uses a commu...More details
Data closed loop research: in the stage of Autonomous Driving 3.0, work hard on end-to-end development to control data. At present, autonomous driving has entered the stage 3.0. Differing from the software-driven stage 2.0 based on artificial rules, in the stage 3.0, the iteration of autonomous driving functions is driven by big data and foundati...More details
Research on foreign ADAS Tier 1 suppliers: 4D radar starts volume production, and CMS becomes a new battlefield. 1. Global Tier 1 suppliers boast complete ADAS/AD product matrix, and make continuous efforts to grab the Chinese market. From the ADAS/AD product matrix, it can be seen that some Tier 1 leaders have almost complete product matrix. ...More details
Research on driving-parking integration: with the declining share of the self-development model, suppliers' solutions blossom. Local suppliers lead the driving-parking integration market. The statistics of ResearchInChina show that from January to May 2023, the installations of driving-parking integrated solutions in production vehicle models wer...More details
Cockpit entertainment research: vehicle games will be the next hotspot. The Passenger Car Cockpit Entertainment Research Report, 2023 released by ResearchInChina combs through the cockpit entertainment function layout of passenger car OEMs and the cockpit entertainment product layout of suppliers, summarizes the current development of cockpit ente...More details
Roadside perception research: evolution to integration, high performance and cost control.In June 2023, at a regular policy briefing of the State Council the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) pointed out that the state will still adhere to the "vehicle-energy-road-cloud" integrated development, further improve connecti...More details
Quarterly Report on ADAS Domain Controllers: L2+ and above ADAS Domain Controller Master Chip Market Structure    This report highlights the passenger car L2+ and above (including L2+, L2.5 and L2.9) ADAS domain controller market data, the ADAS domain controller master chip market data, the status quo and layout of major suppliers, t...More details
Research on cockpit domain controllers: various forms of products are mass-produced and mounted on vehicles, and product iteration speeds up. Both quality and quantity have been improved, and the iteration of cockpit domain controller products has been accelerated. In the past two years, the mass production and adoption of cockpit domain control...More details
OEMs’ overseas layout research: automobile exports are expected to hit 7.18 million units in 2025.  1. China’s automobile export market bucked the trend. During 2021-2022, the global economy suffered an overall slump amid the severe outbreak inside and outside China, tense international geopolitical situation, a big rise in prices of bulk ...More details
Research on modular platforms: explore intelligent evolution strategy of automakers after modular platforms become widespread. By analyzing the planning of international automakers, Chinese conventional automakers and emerging car brands for modular platform architectures, autonomous driving and other technologies, the report explores the signifi...More details
Automotive Wireless Charging Research: high-power charging solutions will lead the trend, with the installations to hit more than 10 million units in 2026. Technology Trend: Qi2 Standard The automotive mobile phone wireless charging module is an integrated device that uses wireless charging technology to charge a mobile phone in the vehicle. The...More details
In 2015, NXP acquired Freescale for USD11.8 billion, hereby becoming the largest automotive semiconductor vendor. Yet NXP's development progress has not always gone smoothly. In 2021, Infineon replaced NXP as the biggest automotive semiconductor vendor.         In 2022, NXP’s revenue jumped by 19.4% on the pr...More details
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