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The sustained economic development of China has created a huge amount of opportunities for investors, but due to the high complexity of the Chinese market, potential risks remain high. Since its set-up, ResearchInChina has been striving to provide investors the China-based, up-to-date and comprehensive business intelligence they need.

We have experience doing custom research projects of all sizes, all levels of complexity and all points of the research spectrum. Everything we do, from initial consultation to strategic analysis, is geared to help the client achieve their business goals.

Automotive Interior Electronic Devices Function Survey
Automotive Model: Changan Ford-Mondeo (8 models in 2013), GM Buick-LA CROSSE (7 models in 2013), FAW-VW-Jetta(2 models in 2013)
Content: Decorative lighting (linkage control of lights; user-set function), door lock, wireless remote control, electric window & sunroof, trunk opener, car light, alarm system, device style, rearview mirror, A/C, central rearview mirror, seat, steering wheel adjustment, S/R, automatic windshield wiper
China Animal Health Market Research
Target: Get insight into veterinary drugs market through research on top 10 veterinary drugs and top 20 veterinary drugs companies by sales in China, including status quo, operation, products, sales & output, marketing channels, also downstream clients
Mobile Phone and Tablet PC Supply Chain and Strategic analysis of ZTE and Huawei
Target: Get insight into supply chain of mobile phone and tablet PC of ZTE and Huawei, including casing, battery, touch screen, handsfree, earphone, receiver, speaker system and microphone, and other components.
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