Global and China Telematics-Box(T-Box) Industry Report, 2020
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T-Box Research: 46.7% of Passenger Cars Carry T-Box in 2020Q1

T-Box (Telematics-Box), also called telematics control unit (TCU), is comprised of GPS unit, outer interfaces for communications, electronic processing units, microcontrollers, mobile communication units and memory, enabling interaction between the terminal information in the car, the cloud and the roadside unit (RSU).

Around 2014, the mainstream solution of the first-generation T-BOX was a single-chip solution resorting to a combination of 2G+GPS. From 2015 to 2016, the second-generation T-BOX was added with memory, rich interfaces, and changed to employ Beidou/GPS dual-mode; also it was endowed with such new features as fault diagnosis, low power consumption design, dormant wake-up, SD card expansion, output power, RS232/485, USB and IO interfaces.

Since 2017, T-BOX communication has been upgraded to 4G, and the 4G module -- OPEN CPU technology solution has been prevailing in the industry as it boasts more powerful edge computing capabilities, supports vehicle Ethernet, over-the-air (OTA), fault diagnosis of protocols, Bluetooth, WIFI and other functions, and it even integrates gateways, CAN gateways, etc.

In 2019, 4G T-Box constituted 86% of passenger car OEM T-BOX, and the share rose to 93% in Q1 2020, according to ResearchInChina.

t-box 1_副本.png

In China, 46.7% of passenger cars were installed with T-Box in Q1 2020, 14.2 percentage points higher than 32.5% in Q1 2019.

By price, the proportion of models worth RMB100,000-150,000 with T-Box rises fastest, from 34% in Q1 2019 to 40% in Q1 2020, largely thanks to Toyota (Corolla, LEVIN), Chevrolet (MONZA), Changan CS75 PLUS, etc.

Among the new models launched in Q1 2020, GAC NE AionS has the most versatile remote functions enabling remote opening and closing of doors, windows and the trunk, remote engine start, remote air conditioning control, remote horns, remote flashing, and remote seat warming. For most models carrying T-BOX, there is universal availability of remote door control, remote horns, and remote flashing, while remote engine start-up, remote air conditioning control, remote seat warming, remote opening and closing of windows and the trunk are gaining ground.

t-box 2_副本.png

Policies and the market players are pressing ahead with T-Box as a standard configuration.

Circular of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Further Supervision over Promotion, Application and Security of New Energy Vehicles requires that the vehicles listed in the "Recommended Model Catalog for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles" must be packed with T-BOX.

On April 17, 2020, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China released Technical Specifications for Remote Emission Monitoring of Heavy Vehicles (Draft), which explicitly stipulates platform construction of remote emission system for heavy vehicles, T-BOX technology and measurement methodology, communication protocols and data formats.

With advances in Telematics, ADAS and OTA, in-vehicle systems will inevitably be interconnected with the cloud through T-BOX. At the same time, the massive data exchange between in-vehicle systems and remote terminals will beyond doubt fuel 4G T-BOX to head toward 5G T-BOX. Huawei is a leading enabler for 5G T-BOX.

In July 2019, Huawei rolled out the 5G automotive module -- MH5000.

In September 2019, Huawei unveiled the next-generation automotive T-Box platform at the Dongfeng Aeolus Smart Cockpit Conference, which substantially improves responsive agility and running speed of the smart cockpit and enabling remote start-up, air conditioning, vehicle control, and vehicle status review. Meanwhile, it features 5G capabilities like high speed and excellent reliability, allowing personalized interactivity such as intelligent scenario modes, voice via cloud, audiobooks and music.

In April 2020, BAIC BJEV's top-range brand ARCFOX installed the Huawei MH5000 T-BOX on its first production SUV -- ARCFOX α-T.

In May 2020, GAC Aion V pre-sales started. Aion V integrates 5G+C-V2X automotive intelligent communication system and Huawei MH5000.

Flaircomm Microelectronics, a leading Chinese T-BOX supplier, is conducting the IPO on the SSE STAR Market, with a plan to raise RMB239.84 million for 5G T-Box R&D and industrialization projects. The raised funds will be earmarked to develop the 5GNR technology-oriented T-BOX, a fusion of new technologies like CANFD, Ethernet and smart antennas.

However, investors have doubts about Flaircomm Microelectronics whose revenue remains on a downswing over the past two years.

t-box 3_副本.png

Like gateways, T-BOX, as a key integral of intelligent connected vehicle (ICV), involves OTA and network security. To take the initiative, OEMs tend to self-develop T-BOX software.

Amid OEMs enlarging software development teams, Tier1 hardware suppliers may turn into standard hardware vendors and have an ever weaker say. It is, indeed, a challenge not only to T-Box vendors but to Tier1 hardware suppliers.

1 T-Box
1.1 Introduction to T-Box
1.1.1 Definition of T-Box
1.1.2 Main Features of T-Box
1.1.3 T-Box Composition and Technical Principle
1.1.4 T-Box and 5G
1.1.5 5G Remote Control Driving System and Applied Scenarios
1.2 T-BOX Technology Trends
1.2.1 T-BOX Technology Trend (I)
1.2.2 T-BOX Technology Trend (II)
1.2.3 T-BOX Technology Trend (III)
1.2.4 T-BOX Technology Trend (IV)
1.2.5 T-BOX Technology Trend (V)
1.2.6 T-BOX Technology Trend (VI)
1.3 Analysis of T-BOX Patents
1.3.1 Tendency of T-BOX Patent Authorizations, 2010-2020
1.3.2 T-BOX Patent Types, Origins (Countries) of Technology, 2010-2020
1.3.3 T-BOX Patent Target Market Rankings by Country/Region, and Patent Flows
1.3.4 T-BOX Patent Technology Composition and Technology Keywords
1.3.5 Ranking of T-BOX Patent Filings by Province
1.3.6 T-BOX Patents: Geographical Distribution of Key Technology Branches
1.3.7 Ranking of T-BOX Application Units and Distribution of Technologies Applied by Key Applicants
1.3.8 T-BOX Patent Filings of New Entrants
1.3.9 Most-cited T-BOX Patents, and Innovation Word Cloud

2 T-Box Market
2.1 Global T-Box Market
2.1.1 Global T-Box Market Size
2.1.2 Global T-Box Market Features
2.1.3 T-Box Competition Pattern and Supply Relationship Worldwide
2.2 Chinese T-Box Market
2.2.1 Policies on T-Box in China
2.2.2 Chinese T-Box Market Size (Installations and Installation Rate)
2.2.3 Chinese T-Box Market Features (by Price)
2.2.4 Chinese T-Box Market Features (by Country)
2.2.5 Chinese T-Box Market Features (by Brand)
2.2.6 Chinese T-Box Market Features (by Vehicle Model)
2.2.7 T-Box Market Share at Home and Some T-Box Suppliers
2.3 T-Box Market Trends
2.3.1 Forecast for Global T-Box Market
2.3.2 Forecast for Chinese T-Box Market
2.3.3 Forecast for Global Sales and Ownership of Connected Vehicles
2.3.4 Global and Chinese Telematics Market Size and Penetration Prediction
2.3.5 Global Telematics Cellular Communication Module Shipments and Estimated Shipments of Connected Vehicles
2.3.6 Existing Bottlenecks of T-Box
2.3.7 Telematics and T-Box Development Trend
2.3.8 Next-generation T-Box Trend

3 Study on Remote Control Functions of OEMs
3.1 Comparison of Remote Control Functions between the New Vehicle Model Launches in Q1 2020 (Partial)
3.2 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Skoda in Q1 2020
3.3 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Jeep in Q1 2020
3.4 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by BMW in Q1 2020
3.5 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Mercedes-Benz in Q1 2020
3.6 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by BESTUNE in Q1 2020
3.7 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by BYD in Q1 2020
3.8 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by BUICK in Q1 2020
3.9 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Cadillac in Q1 2020
3.10 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Chevrolet in Q1 2020
3.11 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Toyota in Q1 2020
3.12 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by GAC NE in Q1 2020
3.13 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Geely in Q1 2020
3.14 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Lincoln in Q1 2020
3.15 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Land Rover in Q1 2020
3.16 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Nezha (HOZON) in Q1 2020
3.17 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Chery in Q1 2020
3.18 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle in Q1 2020
3.19 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Volvo in Q1 2020
3.20 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Hyundai in Q1 2020
3.21 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Changan OSHAN in Q1 2020
3.22 Remote Control Functions of New Model Launches by Changan Automobile in Q1 2020

4 Global T-Box Suppliers
4.1 LG Electronics
4.1.1 Profile of LG Electronics
4.1.2 Main Products (Vehicle Components) of LG Electronics
4.1.3 T-Box Products of LG Electronics
4.1.4 Latest News of LG
4.2 Continental
4.2.1 Profile of Continental
4.2.2 Total Telematics Solutions of Continental
4.2.3 T-Box Solutions of Continental
4.2.4 The Next Step of Continental
4.3 Harman
4.3.1 Profile of Harman
4.3.2 T-Box Business of Harman
4.3.3 Future Development Plan of Harman
4.3.4 Latest News of Harman
4.4 Bosch
4.4.1 Profile of Bosch
4.4.2 Connected Vehicle Service Process of Bosch
4.4.3 T-Box Products of Bosch
4.4.4 Latest News of Bosch
4.5 Denso
4.5.1 Profile of Denso
4.5.2 T-Box Products of Denso
4.6 Valeo
4.6.1 Profile of Valeo
4.6.2 T-Box Products and Latest News of Valeo
4.7.1 Profile of FICOSA
4.7.2 T-Box Products of FICOSA
4.7.3 Dynamics of FICOSA 

5 Chinese T-Box Suppliers
5.1 Huawei
5.1.1 Profile of Huawei
5.1.2 Huawei’s Presence in Automotive Sector
5.1.3 T-Box Development Course of Huawei
5.1.4 T-Box Solutions of Huawei
5.1.5 Huawei 5G In-vehicle Module MH5000
5.1.6 Application of Huawei T-Box
5.2 Shenzhen Thread Technology
5.2.1 Profile of Thread
5.2.2 Main Products of Thread
5.2.3 5G T-Box of Thread
5.2.4 Thread T-Box Applied in Time-Share Rental
5.2.5 Main Customers of Thread
5.3 Flaircomm Microelectronics, Inc.
5.3.1 Profile of Flairmicro
5.3.2 Main Products of Flairmicro
5.3.3 Flairmicro 5G Automotive Compute Communication Platform
5.3.4 T-Box Development Course of Flairmicro
5.3.5 Partners and Clients of Flairmicro
5.3.6 Main Customers and Revenue of Flairmicro
5.3.7 Technology and Product Roadmap of Flairmicro
5.4.1 Profile of INTEST
5.4.2 T-Box Products of INTEST
5.4.3 T-Box Solutions of INTEST
5.4.4 Partners of INTEST
5.4.5 Achievements
5.5.1 Profile of Soling
5.5.2 Product Lines of Soling
5.5.3 Partners of Soling
5.6.1 Profile of Pateo
5.6.2 Business Layout of Pateo
5.6.3 T-Box Products of Pateo
5.6.4 Main Customers of Pateo
5.7 Neusoft
5.7.1 Profile of Neusoft
5.7.2 T-Box Product Line of Neusoft
5.7.3 5G V2X T-Box of Neusoft
5.7.4 T-Box Business of Neusoft
5.8.1 Profile of TIAN-NET
5.8.2 Operations of TIAN-NET
5.8.3 T-Box Solutions of TIAN-NET
5.9 China TSP
5.9.1 Profile of China TSP
5.9.2 Smart Cockpit Platform Product Line of China TSP
5.9.3 China TSP: T-BOX
5.9.4 China TSP: Smart Connectivity Platform
5.10 Shanghai Changxing Software
5.10.1 Profile of CHANG XING
5.10.2 T-Box Solutions of CHANGXING
5.10.3 T-Box Related Products of CHANG XING
5.11 Steelmate
5.11.1 Profile of Steelmate
5.11.2 Product Lines and New Product Development Plan of Steelmate
5.11.3 Steelmate T-Box Products and Functions
5.11.4 Steelmate T-Box System Architecture and Internal Framework
5.12 Hangzhou Hope Chart IoT Technology
5.12.1 Profile of HOPE CHART
5.12.2 T-Box Products of HOPE CHART
5.12.3 T-Box Application and Trends of HOPE CHART
5.13 Yaxon Network
5.13.1 Profile of Yaxon
5.13.2 T-Box Products of Yaxon
5.13.3 T-Box Application and Trends of Yaxon
5.14 Gosuncn Technology
5.14.1 Profile of Gosuncn
5.14.2 T-Box Products of Gosuncn
5.14.3 5G Modules of Gosuncn
5.14.4 T-Box Application and Trends of Gosuncn
5.15 SiRun
5.15.1 Profile of SiRun
5.15.2 T-Box Products and Application


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