China Automotive Integrated Die Casting Industry Research Report, 2022
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Integrated Die Casting Research: Upstream, midstream and downstream companies are making plans and layouts in this booming field

Automotive integrated die casting is an automotive manufacturing process proposed and put into practice by Tesla. It redesigns and highly integrates multiple separate and scattered small parts in the original design, then uses a large die casting machine to perform high-pressure die casting at one time, and directly produces a complete large part without the welding process. Compared with traditional automotive manufacturing, automotive integrated die casting has advantages in manufacturing cost, production efficiency, labor cost, model development cycle, performance, materials recycling, etc.

Against the traditional concept that product and process design hinges on the existing conditions and capabilities, Tesla prefers reverse thinking. Taking automotive integrated die-casting as an example, Tesla determines how large the part can be to achieve the best effect, then deduces how much equipment, tooling and materials are needed. Afterwards, it cooperates with suppliers to develop new equipment, corresponding molds, materials and new processes. This kind of thinking has greatly inspired the innovation of the traditional industry and brought upheaval and the secondary innovation to the industry.

OEMs master the know-how of integrated die casting through independent research and development

After Tesla Model Y adopted the integrated die casting process for the first time, a new wave of integrated die casting has staged worldwide. A complete industrial chain layout has been formed between upstream die casting machine manufacturers, material manufacturers and mold manufacturers, as well as midstream die-casting companies and downstream automakers.

There are currently two main business modes:
20120114.gifIndependent research and development of OEMs: OEMs: directly purchase die casting machines, molds and materials, and then build their own factories to produce die casting parts. Tesla, Xpeng and Volvo adopt this mode.
20120114.gifProcurement: OEMs directly purchase die casting parts from die-casting manufacturers who buy relevant materials to produce die casting parts and deliver them to OEMs. HiPhi, NIO and Li Auto follow this mode.

一体化压铸 1_副本.png

In the long run, automotive integrated die casting will gradually return to the procurement mode. OEMs have to invest heavily in building their own production lines, and they may be extremely concerned about the later operation and management. Tesla, the representative of the independent R&D mode, has cooperated with die casting manufacturers in order to add new capacity by outsourcing in the future. The main purpose of the OEM's self-research is to master the know-how of integrated die-casting, which is convenient for technical communication with suppliers in the future.

Upstream: Super-large die casting machines debuted, helping vehicle-level integrated die casting

Large die casting machines are the key to realizing automotive integrated die casting. At present, integrated die casting requires 6000T (or above) die casting machines. Globally, IDRA (a wholly-owned subsidiary of L.K. Technology), Bühler Group, as well as China-based L.K. Technology, Haitian Die Casting and Guangdong Yizumi can produce die casting machines over 6000T.

一体化压铸 2_副本.png

Higher-tonnage die casting machines can facilitate breakthroughs in die casting size and structure. Now, Tesla, L.K. Technology, Guangdong Hongtu, Haitian Die Casting and other companies have started research and development of die casting machines above 12,000T. In September 2022, L.K. Technology and Guangdong Hongtu successfully released a 12,000T super-large intelligent die casting unit jointly, marking the advent of world's highest-tonnage die casting machine. This is expected to boost vehicle-level integrated die-casting.

Midstream: Die casting leaders emerged

As midstream die-casting companies, Wencan Group, Tuopu Group, Guangdong Hongtu, Xusheng Auto Technology, Millison, etc., have deployed automotive integrated die casting by purchasing large die casting equipment and cooperating with automakers.

一体化压铸 3_副本.png

Currently, Wencan Group, Tuopu Group and Guangdong Hongtu have first-mover advantages in experience accumulation and order intake. All three have established cooperation with automakers and successfully completed the trial production of integrated die casting parts. Especially, Guangdong Hongtu is superior to others thanks to its heat-treatment-free aluminum alloy patent and the yield rate of 85%-90%. So far, it has not only obtained the designation from Xpeng, but also become Tesla's only die casting partner in integrated die casting.

Downstream: Automakers scramble to deploy integrated die casting in a bid to integrate the upper and lower car body

At present, Tesla, NIO, Xpeng, HiPhi, Volvo, Great Wall and other automakers have made layout in the field of automotive integrated die casting.

20120114.gifIn terms of emerging automakers, Tesla has officially delivered Model Y with integrated die casting floors. NIO ET5 with an integrated die casting rear subframe is about to be delivered. In addition, Xpeng, Li Auto and HiPhi have put integrated die casting on the agenda, and they may apply it to vehicles in 2023.
20120114.gifAs for traditional automakers, Volkswagen and Volvo have a long-term timetable for the layout of integrated die casting, and they expect to achieve mass production around 2025. Chinese automakers Changan and Great Wall have started bidding for integrated die casting projects, and they are likely to accomplish mass production in the next two to three years.

一体化压铸 4_副本.png

Now, major OEMs mainly apply integrated die casting to the rear floor, the front cockpit, etc. With the advent of higher-tonnage die casting machines, integrated die casting is expected to spread to lower body assembly, upper body integrated casting parts, and even body-in-white in the future.

Tesla plans to replace the 370-part lower body assembly with 2-3 large die casting parts. Tesla has extended the integrated die casting to the front and rear floors. At the same time, the upper cover of the battery pack and the middle floor of the vehicle are combined into one for integrated die casting, which can reduce the vehicle weight by 10% and increase the cruising range by 14%.

一体化压铸 5.png

In addition, Wencan Group has successfully trial-manufactured large integrated casting parts on the upper body, and it will deliver samples in small batches later.

1. Overview of Automotive Integrated Die Casting Industry
1.1 Overview of Automotive Integrated Die Casting
1.1.1 Gradual Improvement of Automotive Production Efficiency
1.1.2 Production Flow of Die Casting 
1.1.3 Application of Die Casting Technology in Auto Parts
1.1.4 Comparison of Aluminum Alloy Material Processing
1.1.5 Introduction to High-pressure Die Casting
1.1.6 Comparison of Automotive Integrated Die Casting Manufacturing Advantages 
1.1.7 Parts Manufacturing Time Comparison between Integrated Die Casting and Conventional Die Casting
1.1.8 Advantages and Limitations of Automotive Integrated Die Casting
1.1.9 Development Process of Automotive Integrated Die Casting Products
1.2 Development Status of Automotive Integrated Die Casting
1.2.1 Development History of Automotive Integrated Die Casting
1.2.2 Yield Rate of Automotive Integrated Die Casting
1.2.3 Automotive Integrated Die Casting Leads to Expensive Repair Costs
1.2.4 Main Applications of Automotive Integrated Die Casting
1.2.5 Application 1: Rear Bottom Floor
1.2.6 Application 2: Front Cabin
1.2.7 Application 3: Battery Chassis Integrated Die Casting
1.2.8 Application 3: Comparison of CTC Technology of Major Automakers
1.2.9 Application 3: Tesla CTC Patent
1.2.10 Application 3: Tesla Integrated Underbody + CTC Solution
1.2.11 Application 4: Rear Auxiliary Frame
1.2.12 Automotive Integrated Die Casting Market Size Estimation
1.2.13 Automotive Integrated Die Casting Heat Treatment-free Material Market Size Estimation
1.2.14 Automotive Integrated Die Casting Large Die Casting Machine Market Size Estimation
1.2.15 Automotive Integrated Die Casting Mold Market Size Estimation
1.3 Automotive Integrated Die Casting Industry Chain Analysis
1.3.1 Automotive Integrated Die Casting Industry Chain
1.3.2 Automotive Integrated Die Casting Industry Chain: Profit Analysis
1.3.3 Automotive Integrated Die Casting Business Model
1.4 Automotive Integrated Die Casting Key Technologies
1.4.1 Integrated Die Casting Technology Barriers
1.4.2 Key Technology 1: Large Tonnage Die Casting Machine
1.4.3 Key Technology 1: Over 12000T Die Casting Machine Helps Vehicle Level Integrated Die Casting
1.4.4 Key Technology 1: Lightweight Design of Die Casting Machine
1.4.5 Key Technology 2: Die Casting Process
1.4.6 Key Technology 2: Process Requirements of Integrated Die Casting
1.4.7 Key Technology 2: Process Control of Die Casting
1.4.8 Key Technology 2: Process Evaluation of Die Casting Unit Manufacturing
1.4.9 Key Technology 3: Integrated Die Casting Mold
1.4.10 Key Technology 3: Integrated Die Casting Mold Technology Barriers
1.4.11 Key Technology 3: Integrated Die Casting Mold has Higher Requirements for Strength and Toughness
1.4.12 Key Technology 3: Major Integrated Die Casting Mold Suppliers
1.4.13 Key Technology 4: Heat Treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Materials
1.4.14 Key Technology 4: Technical Difficulties of Heat Treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Materials
1.4.15 Key Technology 4: Development of Heat Treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Materials
1.4.16 Key Technology 4: Layout of Heat Treatment Free Aluminum Alloy Materials by Several Domestic Enterprises
1.4.17 Key Technology 5: Aluminum Alloy Material Formulation
1.4.18 Key Technology 6: Die Casting Simulation Technology
1.5 Automotive Integrated Die Casting Helps Skateboard Chassis Car-making
1.5.1 Commonality of Skateboard Chassis and Automotive Integrated Die Casting
1.5.2 Combination Case of Skateboard Chassis and Integrated Die Casting: Tesla Integrated Underbody
1.5.3 Introduction of Skateboard Chassis
1.5.4 Skateboard Chassis Product Features: Similar to Non-unibody Structure
1.5.5 Skateboard Chassis Product Advantages
1.5.6 Skateboard Chassis Industry Chain

2. Development Patterns of Automotive Integrated Die Casting Market 
2.1 Overall Development Patterns of Automotive Integrated Die Casting

2.2 Automotive Integrated Die Casting: Layout of Upstream Manufacturers 
2.2.1 Layout of Heat Treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Companies
2.2.2 Comparison of Technical Routes of Heat Treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Materials by Company
2.2.3 Heat Treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Materials of Alcoa
2.2.4 Heat Treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Materials of Leifeld 
2.2.5 Heat Treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Patents of Tesla
2.2.6 Heat Treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Material Patents of Lizhong Group
2.2.7 Heat Treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Material Patents of Guangdong Hongtu Technology
2.2.8 Heat Treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Material Patents of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)
2.2.9 Layout of Automotive Integrated Die Casting Machine Production Enterprises 
2.2.10 Layout of Automotive Integrated Die Casting Mold Production Enterprises

2.3 Automotive Integrated Die Casting: Die Casting Manufacturers Layout
2.3.1 Major Chinese Automotive Die Casting Suppliers
2.3.2 Major Foreign Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Companies
2.3.3 Layout of Major Domestic Automotive Die Casting Suppliers in the Field of Integrated Die Casting (1)
2.3.4 Layout of Major Domestic Automotive Die Casting Suppliers in the Field of Integrated Die Casting (2)
2.3.5 Foreign Die Casting Enterprises Begin to Layout Integrated Die Casting

2.4 Automotive Integrated Die Casting: Layout of Automakers
2.4.1 Analysis of Layout Patterns of Integrated Die Casting of Automakers
2.4.2 Integrated Die Casting Layout of Automakers: Emerging Automakers Land Rapidly, Conventional Automakers Gradually Keep Up (1)
2.4.3 Integrated Die Casting Layout of Automakers: Emerging Automakers Land Rapidly, Conventional Automakers Gradually Keep Up (2)

3. Enterprise Research: Downstream Automakers
3.1 Tesla
3.1.1 Customized Integrated Die Casting Machine Giga Press
3.1.2 Integrated Die Casting Body
3.1.3 Development History of Integrated Die Casting
3.1.4 Integrated Die Casting Underbody Assembly
3.1.5 Integrated Die Casting Factory Layout
3.1.6 9000T Giga Press Die Casting Machine will be Used to Manufacture Cybertruck Electric Pickup
3.1.7 R&D of Integrated Die Casting Technology
3.1.8 Integrated Collapse Shrinks Energy Absorption System (1)
3.1.9 Integrated Collapse Shrinks Energy Absorption System (2)
3.1.10 Integrated Collapse Shrinks Energy Absorption System (3)
3.1.11 Integrated Collapse Shrinks Energy Absorption System (4)

3.2 Other Start-up Automakers
3.2.1 NIO Successfully Proves Development of Heat Treatment-free Large Die Casting Materials
3.2.2 NIO ET5 Adopts Integrated Die Casting Body Rear Floor
3.2.3 XPeng Will Launch New Models with Ultra-large Integrated Die Casting Bodies in 2023
3.2.4 Human Horizons Partners with SJTU to Develop Low Carbon Aluminum Alloy for TechCastTM Ultra-large Castings
3.2.5 Mass Production of Human Horizons Integrated Ultra-large Die Casting Body Rear Cabin

3.3 Other Conventional Automakers
3.3.1 Volvo Will Produce Integrated Die Casting Rear Bodies in 2025
3.3.2 Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX Concept Car Adopts Integrated Die Casting Technology
3.3.3 Volkswagen Rear Body Integrated Aluminum Die Casting Launched
3.3.4 Changan Body Integrated Die Casting Capacity Building Project
3.3.5 Great Wall Precision Die Casting Layout Integrated Die Casting

3.4 Summary of Integrated Die Casting for Automakers

4. Enterprise Research: Upstream Manufacturers of Die Casting Machines, Materials and Molds
4.1 L.K. Technology
4.1.1 Leader in Die Casting Machine Production
4.1.2 Continuous Expansion of Ultra-large Die Casting Machine Capacity
4.1.3 Development History
4.1.4 IMPRESS & D-Series (Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine)
4.1.5 Process Automation Solution of Die Casting 
4.1.6 Launch of Dreampress 9000T Intelligent Die Casting Unit
4.1.7 Launch of 12,000T Ultra-large Intelligent Die Casting Unit
4.1.8 Major Large Die Casting Machine Order Summary in 2021-2022

4.2 Haitian Die Casting
4.2.1 Die Casting Machine Base Officially Opened
4.2.2 8800T Die Casting Machine
4.2.3 Main Features of 8800T Die Casting Machine
4.2.4 Delivery of the First 8800T Die Casting Machine
4.2.5 Main Partners
4.2.6 Build 5G Remote Mold Test Center

4.3 Yizumi
4.3.1 Profile
4.3.2 Product Development Strategy
4.3.3 Production Bases
4.3.4 Start of Construction of Super Heavy Duty Die Casting Machine Plant
4.3.5 Main Die Casting Machine Products
4.3.6 Development of Ultra-large Die Casting Machine
4.3.7 Contract with FAW Die Casting for LEAP9000T Ultra-large Die Casting Machine

4.4 Bühler Group
4.4.1 Global Layout
4.4.2 Large Integrated Die Casting Solution
4.4.3 Carat Ultra-large Die Casting Machine
4.4.4 SmartCMS Intelligent Management System

4.5 Lizhong Group
4.5.1 Profile
4.5.2 Technical Characteristics and Patent Layout of Heat Treatment-free Alloys
4.5.3 Application of Heat Treatment-free Alloys

4.6 Guangzhou Die and Mould Manufacturing
4.6.1 Profile
4.6.2 Factory Facilities
4.6.3 Ultra-large Die Casting Mold to Help Automotive Integrated Die Casting

4.7.1 Profile
4.7.2 8000T Molds to be Delivered for Exquisite Automotive Systems' "Integrated Body Structure Component Project
4.7.3 Delivery of the World' s First 9000T Mold

5. Enterprise Research: Midstream Die Casting Manufacturers
5.1 Guangdong Wencan Die Casting
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Core Business
5.1.3 Advantages of Integrated Die Casting Technology
5.1.4 Main Customers
5.1.5 Distribution of Major Production Bases
5.1.6 Layout of Automotive Integrated Die Casting
5.1.7 Self-research Capability of Integrated Die Casting Mold

5.2 Guangdong Hongtu Technology
5.2.1 Development History
5.2.2 Major Customers of Die Casting Business
5.2.3 Official Mass Production of 6800T New Energy Vehicle Integrated Rear Floor Die Casting Structural Parts
5.2.4 Development of Heat Treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Material for Integrated Die Casting

5.3 Eontec
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Development History
5.3.3 Layout of Automotive Integrated Die Casting
5.3.4 Capability of Precision Mold Design

5.4 Tuopu Group
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Major Customers
5.4.3 Global Layout
5.4.4 Light Alloy Full Process One-Stop Solution
5.4.5 Mass Production of 7200T Integrated Ultra-large Die Casting Rear Cabin

5.5 Xusheng Auto Technology
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Business Scope
5.5.3 Continuous Expansion of Production Capacity after Listing
5.5.4 Major Customers
5.5.5 Integrated Die Casting Layout

5.6 Millison
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Integrated Die Casting Capability
5.6.3 Ability to Manufacture Large Die Casting Molds
5.6.4 Achieve Mass Production of 8800T Ultra-large Body Structure Parts

5.7 Asiaway Group
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Production Capacity
5.7.3 Mass Production of 6600T Automotive Ultra-large Structure Parts
5.8 Others
5.8.1 Senping Technology Layouts Integrated Die Casting
5.8.2 Huihan Precision's "Development and Production of Ultra-large Integrated Aluminum Structured Parts" Project

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