Customized Research
The sustained economic development of China has created a huge amount of opportunities for investors, but due to the high complexity of the Chinese market, potential risks remain high. Since its set-up, ResearchInChina has been striving to provide investors the China-based, up-to-date and comprehensive business intelligence they need.

We have experience doing custom research projects of all sizes, all levels of complexity and all points of the research spectrum. Everything we do, from initial consultation to strategic analysis, is geared to help the client achieve their business goals. Our strength lies in following industries:

Case 1: China Online game study
Target: to identify top 50 ** games and operators in China, and the development trend.

Case 2: China Wireless Value-added Business Research
Target: to give a landscape of the five wireless value-added businesses, including mobile phone SNS, mobile phone music, mobile phone video, mobile game and mobile internet, and their development trend.

Case 3: China Digital TV Application and Development Trend
Target: analyzes related standards and technologies for oversea promotion, enterprises operation in the DTV industry chain, and go-out strategy of DTV industry.

Case 1:
Car consumer habit investigation in some first-tier cities in China for one of auto manufacturers (street interview and telephone interview);

Case 2: In car entertainment market investigation in China for one of auto manufacturers (offline questionnaire)
Target: auto audio, navigation, car TV, DVD, Bluetooth assembly, and their supply source, price, etc.

Case 3: Auto interior parts supply chain investigation
Target: total market scale, segmented market scale, such as seat, door panel, instrument panel, windshield wiper, etc for 80 models of eight car brands, including Beijing Hyundai, Nissan and SGM, etc

Case:Guarantee companies and trust companies

Case Study

Our methodology:
Both primary and secondary research methodologies were used. Like many research providers, we gather data using the latest technologies and techniques, including telephone, mails, focus groups, in-depth interviews. But what makes our difference is the way we analyze the collected information. Being a local company, we have a deep insight and an accurate understanding of the Chinese market. Beyond the facts, we deliver the analyses and the recommendations that will help you to make the right decision.

How Does Market Share Analysis Work?
Our approach to Market Share Analysis combines primary surveys and vendor briefings with secondary research such as public financial disclosures, industry trade association material and government statistics.

Multiple data points ensure that the statistics we report are objective and accurate.

Our market share methodology has quality checks in place to make sure potential double-counting across sectors doesn’t happen. It’s another process we have in place to ensure that we accurately quantify market share, helping you make the most informed decisions possible.

Any estimate of market share – whether based on revenue or another metric – is a combination of fact and expert judgment; backed by a methodologically sound research process. Clients are assured that even when we diverge from our standard of revenue-based share that our estimates are well supported.

How Do Market Forecasts Work?
Our Market Forecasts use primary surveys, inquiry analysis and secondary sources to help you fully understand a market’s future spending pattern

Forecasts track the complete industry chain, allowing us to reconcile top-down and bottom-up approaches to market forecasting. And they are more than a quantitative exercise. Quarterly data includes analysis and a summary of how we believe market trends will play out.

Means of Quality Control
In China, Quality Control can easily slip. ResearchInChina uses the following means to maintain quality control:

Feasibility of Project Design. First, the project that ResearchInChina undertakes, as detailed in this proposal, will be feasible to accomplish within the given timeline, and the Client will know what to expect from the study.

Complete understanding. This means that ResearchInChina will intensively communicate with the Client to completely understand the subject matter and the Client’ precise requirements, in order to best meet these requirements. ResearchInChina will communicate with the Client frequently, and on-demand, to ensure that the Client’ needs are being met, and that the Client is kept up-to-date on the project.

Project Management. This project will be managed by ResearchInChina principals, whose experience and qualifications are outlined above. ResearchInChina uses an established project management process proven effective in China.

The Right Team. ResearchInChina will insure that the right team of analysts is assigned to this project. All of these have worked on custom projects previously.

Analyst Education. Before the research process begins, analysts will be trained on the particularities of the project, the technical side in particular. ResearchInChina analysts are experienced in industrial research, and most have engineering backgrounds, but such training remains necessary to ensure complete familiarity in order to interview and research more effectively.

Analyst Interview Ability. All ResearchInChina analysts are trained to conduct interviews in an effective and professional manner. This applies to both phone and in-person interviews. Moreover, the majority of analysts that will be assigned to this project have experience conducting interviews in other provinces.

ResearchInChina Information Verification. Once information has been collected, ResearchInChina uses a system of verification and cross-checking to best ensure that the information is valid. In general, it is best to receive the same information from more than one source. We realize that this cannot be done for all information, but we carry out this process systematically so that all the information that can be verified is verified. Moreover, we state in the report if there is information whose reliability is questionable, and to what degree. For statistical analysis, ResearchInChina uses the most recent version of SPSS Statistical Software as well as internal Excel models and Access databases, and designs research to obtain the maximum feasible level of reliability.

Just ask us!
We would be happy to discuss your project with you, using phone or e-mail. You will receive a research proposal, featuring the objectives, the research design, the team members, the schedules and the price of the study.

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