China Turns To Coalbed Methane Gas To Reduce Pollution


As China's energy needs grow and pollution is taking a toll on its citizens, the country is turning to an unconventional gas called coalbed methane, according to Steve Khan, executive vice president of Pacific Asia China Energy.

China receives about 70% of its energy from coal with 30,000 coal-mines releasing methane gas. The methane gas release accounts for 40% of China's air pollution. Additionally methane gas explosions take the lives of 6,000 Chinese coal miners per year explains Khan.

 "China wants to reduce its air pollution and save the lives of coal miners," said Khan. By capturing and using the gas byproduct, before coal-mines start producing, China saves lives and reduces air pollution while using the gas as a clean, reliable energy source, according to Kahn.

Recently Pacific Asia China Energy was awarded a coal-bed methane concession of 970 square kilometers in Guizhou. They are currently drilling to confirm the discovery of a large coal-bed methane source of approximately 5.2 trillion cubic feet said Kahn.



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