Canon Announces Launch of their Flagship Camera PowerShot G1X


Canon, a world leader in digital imaging, has released a total of three compact cameras, two in its IXUS range and one in the Power Shot series, making use of the latest technologies to capture astoundingly vivid images with little effort from users.

The compact Canon 14.3 megapixel PowerShot G1X adopts powerful EOS technologies and large CMOS sensor to capture amazingly high-quality photos, for those who desire the power of an EOS camera in a smaller package. Whereas the outgoing and socially active users can look forward to the new 16.1 megapixel IXUS 125 HS and 10.1 megapixel IXUS 500 HS, which have the ability to take outstanding photos without the use of clunky accessories, while still being stylishly slim enough to slip into a tight pocket.

The new range of compact cameras features DIGIC 5 image processor. The DIGIC 5's superior image processing capabilities generate high quality images in all types of lighting conditions, with minimal noise and more accurate colors, ensuring the best-looking skin tones under any type of light. The DIGIC 5 is put together with other technologies like the HS system, so you have the freedom to snap crystal-clear photos in lowlight conditions without the use of bulky tripods.

The classic, stately look of the 14.3 megapixel POWERSHOT G1X with a 4x zoom 28mm lens says it all. This sophisticated, no-nonsense camera is designed for photography enthusiasts. Its streamlined design combines simplicity and functionality. There is even a front control dial for full manual control, and an optical viewfinder; features normally found in Digital SLRs. The versatile lens takes away the hassle of changing camera lenses allowing the user, to frame shots using the 3-inch vari-angle LCD monitor.

To make the most of all this visual data, the POWERSHOT G1X can save photos in 14-bit RAW format. Common for Digital SLR cameras, the respected RAW format is favored by professionals because it preserves more image data, and grants additional flexibility when it comes to touch-ups.

The 16.1 megapixel IXUS 125 HS's 5x zoom and the IXUS 500 HS's 12x zoom are complimented by the Intelligent IS technology which is intelligent enough to detect factors like zoom position and shooting distance to accurately counter camera shake. The IXUS 500 HS also has the distinction of being the world's slimmest 12x optical zoom camera, providing users with the versatility to capture all kinds of photos, from distant close-ups to wide-angle group shots. Auto Mode has been enhanced for the IXUS 125 HS and IXUS 500 HS, and can now detect 58 different types of scene   almost twice as many as previous models. Whether it抯 a moving subject in front of a sunset, or a macro shot in a dark environment, Smart Auto Mode can help users take unforgettable photos quickly, without fussing over camera settings. If it detects a sleeping child, it will even automatically deactivate the flash and shutter.

The new Face ID function allows users to register the names and faces of up to 12 people, and tag the photos that they appear in. Auto-focus and auto-exposure priority is also given to registered people. Face ID also lets users can quickly find photos of a specific family member or friend.

About Canon Inc.

Canon Inc. is a global leader with total revenue of about US$ 37 billion in 2010, in photographic and digital imaging solutions. Its global network now includes 240 companies, employing approximately 170,000 people. Five Technology imaging  engines of Optical, Electro photography, Bubble Jet, Semiconductor and Display drive Canon cutting-edge technology products. Canon is the world leader in office automation and digital imaging technologies. The company is dedicated to the advancement in technology and innovation and commits 10% of its total revenue each year to R&D. Canon is ranked 33rd on the Best Global Brands for the second consecutive year in Business Week's 100 Best Global Brands and amongst top 200 on the Fortune Global 500 in year 2009. Canon has consistently remained as one of the top 3 global companies to have earned the most number of patents over the last decade. Guided by its Kyosei philosophy, which focuses on "living and working together for the common good , Canon delivers high performance and user-friendly products and solutions to improve efficiency both in the office and home environment.



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