VW launches its crossover Beetle with a bang

More than 300 fans of the VW Beetle gathered with actor and singer Lu Han at the True Me Beetle Day festival on May 22 in Beijing to add a crossover model to the automaker's lineup of iconic Beetles. 
One hundred VW Beetles paraded through three routes around the capital as part of the inaugural nationwide gala in which Beetle tours were held in 10 other cities, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, Xi'an, Harbin and Changchun. 
Back in Beijing, dozens of Beetles over the decades were arranged in the shape of a Beetle hatchback to cap off the gala.
"The event not only displays all of these Beetles, but gives something fun for the car owners. It's very likely that we will have more events like this," said Axel Schroeder, managing director of Volkswagen Import. 
Bai Ning, founder of the Vintage Car Club and an avid Beetle collector, talked about his experiences owning a Beetle with the gala's audience. 
Chen Bige, a designer and model, explained why the Beetle has always stood at the cutting edge of fashion and artistic design. 
Singer Chen Zitong then expressed her love for the Beetle and its "true me" spirit with a dance. 
Later in the evening, visitors were treated to the launch ceremony for the new Beetle Dune. 
"The Beetle Dune is a little different from the mainstream. It's for the young and spirited people who treasure individualization and freedom," Schroeder said. 
The new Beetle Dune, the family's first crossover that combines a two-door coupe with a sport utility vehicle, is designed to be sportier and more masculine. 
The new crossover model highlights the company philosophy that a classic has to be recognized and carried on, but more importantly, it has to be recreated with freedom and individuality, the company said. 
The Beetle Dune inherits the California Baja Bug's progressiveness and presents to Chinese consumers a solid chassis as well as light and precise controls. 
Youth, vitality and innovation are not exclusive to a specific age group, and the new Beetles represent an upbeat attitude that is possible for everyone. 
Lu Han, Volkswagen Import's first ever spokesperson and an entertainment superstar, appeared at the Beetle Day celebration as well, bringing the gala to a new climax and leaving the night in sleepless excitement and youthful vitality. 
Schroeder said, "Just like Lu Han, who is both a singer and actor, the Beetle Dune crossover has an off-road capability, yet it's fun to drive." 
A "True me" spirit, shared by the Beetle family and fans around the world, make Lu Han the perfect choice as spokesman, as the performer sees fashion as a journey of displaying and embracing one's true self. 
Schroeder, who is licensed as a pilot and is an avid sailor, said: "I enjoy not only driving on the road, but diving into the water and flying in the air. 
"The Beetle Dune conveys a message: You shouldn't be limited by labels. Widen the horizon for yourself and embrace the true you." 
Fitted with an off-road package, a powerful yet environmentally friendly powertrain and high-tech connectivity, the Beetle Dune offers greater freedom, youth and vitality. 
From its exterior, the Beetle Dune easily stands out because of its 18-inch (45.7-centimenter) gold-color rims, dark chrome, sporty spoiler, bold diffuser and the great sound made by the Turbocharged Fuel Stratified Injection engine. 
It is 10 millimeters higher than the latest Beetle models, seven mm wider in the front, six mm wider in the back. 
The latest crossover comes in two variants: 180TSI at 230,800 yuan ($35,180), and 280TSI at 257,900 yuan. 

Source:China Daily

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