Guangzhou Taxies mandated to equip in-vehicle monitoring system

It’s known that all the taxies, more than 20,000 units, in Chinese city Guangzhou, will be equipped with in-vehicle camera monitoring system, so the Committee of Transport of Guangzhou Municipal will be able to monitor if the drivers have any illegal behavior, such as refusing to drive passengers. Passengers will also have better chance to find their lost items with the help of the system. Besides, passengers will also be able to hail taxies through an on-line App called “Yu Yue”, which is developed by Chinese government.
According to the newly released draft regulation regarding the management of Taxies in Guangzhou, all the taxies in the city must be equipped with the standard intelligent system that consists of a monitor displaying the certificates required for driving a taxi, an e-pay terminal, a face recognition terminal and a video camera. Besides, the monitor will also be able to function as a navigation screen and taximeter.
The system will be connected to a standard monitoring platform, so the Committee of Transport of Guangzhou Municipal could remotely monitor the taxi. The taxi should sync the audio and video data and store the recorded data for at least 7 days, thus to provide evidence for the settlement of disputes between taxi drivers and passengers.
To be noted, drivers must inform the passengers about the monitoring system in advance for privacy-related matters.


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